How To Decorate A Small Room


How To Decorate A Small Room

Do you have a small room in your home? Here are tips that will help you decorate it so it looks amazing and is comfortable.

Color plays a huge role, especially in a small room. And in a small room, more color means more visual weight and more of a cluttered feel.

Tip 1

Wall and ceiling color is very important in a small room. A lighter color will give the illusion of more space while a darker color will make a small room feel cozy.

Tip 2

Paying attention to size, scale, and proportion as well as the room layout is very important when you decorate.

Tip 3

A small room needs negative space just like any other room in our home. Negative space is a very important decorating concept.

Tip 4

In a small room it’s best to choose the biggest piece of furniture first. And for small living room layouts, a sofa would most likely be the largest piece of furniture.

Tip 5

The floor space in a small living space is small but that does not mean covering it with a small rug.

Tip 6

Chairs in a small room should again, be proportional to the room and the other furnishings. Slimmed down chairs work best.

Tip 7

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. Both size and shape play an important role in choosing a coffee table that works for your room.

Tip 8

It’s nice to have a table on either side of a sofa or next to a chair. Think about using slim versions of tables.

Tip 9

Lamps in a small room play an important role. Ideally light from lamps should form overlapping pools of light in a room.

Tip 10

With these savvy tips, small rooms can be decorated to meet the needs of your family and guests and look very attractive.

How To Decorate A Small Room