How To Add Contrast To Your Decor


How To Add Contrast To Your Decor

Contrast is a design concept that plays a big part in creating interest and beauty in a room. Learn how to use contrast when you decorate your home.

One of the easiest contrasts to add to our homes is color. Light colors and dark colors create such high contrast!

Tip 1

This is such an easy way to add artistry and elegance to a room. I’ve been using the high/low contrast for years.

Tip 2

We should have a mix of textures in our homes. Bumpy, soft, rough, smooth all mixed into a room. Because our eyes are crazy about texture.

Tip 3

Our eyes and minds are always trying to make sense of what they see and one big way they do this is by looking for repeated elements in a room.

Tip 4

There is also contrast in mixing and matching other things as well.

Tip 5

Try adding contrast to a room in your home. Evaluate the type of contrast that would look nice in a room and work on adding it in.

How To Add Contrast To Your Decor