A Few Of My Favorite Things- The Thanksgiving Edition


A Few Of My Favorite Things- The Thanksgiving Edition

Discover fun and favorite things to do on Thanksgiving. Embrace the true meaning of this All-American holiday, revel in old traditions, and try something new.

Let’s talk weather! If you live in a four-season area, it’s chilly! And it probably won’t snow. But it’s cold enough to want to roast a turkey.

Tip 1

I’m sure you have heard of Friendsgiving! It’s a Thanksgiving celebration for friends. Many times, it’s a potluck dinner.

Tip 2

Another favorite thing to do in November is to set a Fall Thanksgiving Table. I love the idea of adding just a couple hints of the Christmas season to come.

Tip 3

I love how we personalize our menus and look forward to certain Thanksgiving food year after year! Like stuffing!

Tip 4

Mulled Cider is a holiday drink. From Thanksgiving through the new year, Mulled Cider is the drink that reminds me of the holidays.

Tip 5

Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful. Actually, every minute of every day is! But, to be thankful, this one day became a national holiday in 1863.

Tip 6

Oh yum! Make enough Thanksgiving food so you can enjoy leftovers. Leftovers are the best! Share Thanksgiving leftovers.

Tip 7

Thanksgiving weekend is a delightful time to start celebrating Christmas.

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