Fall Harvest Buffet


Fall Harvest Buffet

A soup buffet is one of the easiest, coziest, and most fun ways to get together in the fall. And a soup bar gives us a reason to celebrate with our friends and family!

If you can’t afford the countertop space set a soup bar on a kitchen or dining room table!

Tip 1

I love to make soup so it’s most often the thing I make. And I usually make it in the slow cooker or make it ahead a day or two and warm it up before serving.

Tip 2

I make homemade soup all year long but there is something about a warm and filling fall soup or chili!

Tip 3

I keep a Soup Bar very simple. It’s all about a perfectly scrumptious soup and bread!

Tip 4

Even soup can make wonderful memories! So remember to take pictures!

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