Fall Coffee Table Decor Ideas Using 8 Items


Fall Coffee Table Decor Ideas Using 8 Items

With just a handful of home decor accents and a few pumpkins and gourds, you can create 7 beautiful simple fall coffee table vignettes.

I was looking forward to using the fall arrangement in the white vase on the coffee table this fall.

Idea 1

I kept the candles and replaced the fall arrangement with a stoneware bowl and filled it with pumpkins and gourds.

Idea 2

I corralled everything together on a metal tray. A tray or a basket instantly creates a feeling of cohesiveness in a vignette.

Idea 3

This arrangement is probably the most balanced of all the simple fall coffee table decor.

Idea 4

This vignette is the most low-profile coffee table decor. If you have a TV that sits on a table in front of your sofa, this might be the best option for you.

Idea 5

Just as the rule of three is interesting to us, so are items grouped together that have different or varying heights.

Idea 6

The birdhouse gourd is balanced by the arrangement, and the candles give the arrangement height in the middle.

Idea 7

I would probably take away the basket and just leave the trio of books in the middle of the shelf for a more balanced look and feel.

Idea 8

Grab a handful of accent decor and create something simple and attractive for your coffee table or other flat surface.

Fall Coffee Table Decor Ideas Using 8 Items