Enjoying The Week Before Christmas


Enjoying The Week Before Christmas

The week before Christmas can be stressful. This post is part pep talk and part sage advice about how to let go of the things that steal our joy and how to find wonder in the days before Christmas.

Off my list is making my famous sugar cookies. Yes, we will all miss them this Christmas but fitting them into my schedule would increase my already busy week.

Tip 1

Off my list is cleaning the clutter in my office and cleaning the garage. I can tackle my office early in the New Year.

Tip 2

Make a list of what you have to do today, tomorrow, and until Christmas Eve, and take a ruthless look at it. Cross of absolutely everything that is not a must.

Tip 3

Trade a friend for the help you need now and repay by helping when they need it. Ask your family to pitch in.

Tip 4

Relax, concentrate on the real meaning of Christmas, and don’t miss one second of these beautiful, glorious magical days!

Enjoying The Week Before Christmas



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