Easy Summer Kitchen Ideas And Tour


Easy Summer Kitchen Ideas And Tour

Looking to refresh your kitchen for the summer season? Check out these 7 summer decorating ideas that will add a pop of color and style to your space.

Keep your kitchen clean and organized. Because no matter how nice your summer decor is, it won’t look nice in a messy kitchen!

Idea 1

Our home is very open, so it looks better with less layering and less decor. In the summer, simple decor is best, with just a hint of the season incorporated in it!

Idea 2

Whenever I decorate for a new season, I create a new color palette. It’s fun to choose a new color to celebrate a new season!

Idea 3

My kitchen has designated zones. A prep zone and a coffee station zone, a cooking zone, a clean-up zone, and a zone for setting up drinks and a pop-up bar.

Idea 4

One of the best ways to celebrate summer and decorate your kitchen for the season is to use flowers and herbs… liberally.

Idea 5

One of the zones in my kitchen is a coffee station. We get lots of company and family in the summer, so I set up a simple continental breakfast bar.

Idea 6

Summer is the time to set an easy table, inside or out!

Idea 7

I hope these 7 summer kitchen decorating ideas will inspire you when decorating your kitchen.

Easy Summer Kitchen Ideas And Tour