Easy Summer Floral Centerpiece Diy


Easy Summer Floral Centerpiece Diy

Summer is the time to celebrate flowers! So let’s make a pretty summer flower centerpiece diy!

Gather the things needed. I found a gold tone bowl, a basket, B-Team faux flowers and some fluff, and a big 3 wick candles.

Step 1

I blew the dust out of the bowl and put the basket in it. This created a “false bottom” in the bowl and made a nice platform for my candle and flowers.

Step 2

Put a big candle into the middle of the container. If you are grouping candles group them so they are centered. Easy!

Step 3

Start arranging flowers around the the bowl and candle. I like to start with one kind of flowers first.

Step 4

After I added the big blooms I added small flowers and stems with little flowers. I also added extra leave.

Step 5

Give your new centerpiece a once over making sure there are no big holes in the arrangement!

Easy Summer Floral Centerpiece Diy