Easy Peony Wreath DIY


Easy Peony Wreath DIY

A wreath on your front door is a big and happy first impression to all who visit and a cheery hello to everyone who passes by!

Double grapevine and evergreen an even boxwood. The top wreath should be a couple inches smaller than the bottom wreath.

Step 1

Zip tie them together with clear, long zip tips. Put the smaller wreath centered on top of the larger one and then turn them over and zip tie it from the back.

Step 2

I found a very pretty and very reasonably priced bouquet of peonies I had ordered from Etsy last year. They are really stunning!

Step 3

Make a 6 loop bow and leave enough ribbon to make a tail on either end.

Step 4

Use the ends of the pipe cleaners to fasten the bow onto the wreath at about 10:00.

Step 5

Arrange all the flower on a wreath before you hot glue them! Start by placing two LARGE flowers on the left side of the bow.

Step 6

Place another large flower on the right side of the wreath pointing slightly down, as shown. Keep it snuggling up against the bow.

Step 7

Add a medium size flower between the two large flowers on the left side of the wreath. Face it down and inward.

Step 8

Add more flowers. Position these “frilly” looking flowers in the middle of the wreath, as shown.

Step 9

Add the last smallest flower to the top of the wreath.  Fill in any whole or spaces with leaves or berries.

Step 10

That’s it! See how easy it is to create a beautiful wreath? You can now make a beautiful front door wreath for any season or holiday!

Easy Peony Wreath DIY