Easy And Beautiful Decoupage Lamp DIY


Easy And Beautiful Decoupage Lamp DIY

Using Mod Podge and decorative napkins, see how a plain lamp can be turned into decor that enhances the look of a room. This is an easy craft anyone can do.

I started by taking the lampshade, and the finial off of the lamp and cleaned the lamp with a multi-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth.

Step 1

I separated the napkin layers before I began any gluing. Most decorative napkins have perforated edges. You can cut them off or use them.

Step 2

I tore one corner from the napkin, exposing the layers, and gently pulled, peeling back the printed layer from the white layers.

Step 3

I applied Mod Podge with a damp foam brush onto a small area on the lamp, the size of the berries I intended to add.

Step 4

I promptly smoothed down the sections, making sure the berry tissue adhered to the lamp and, gently smoothed out any wrinkles with my fingertips.

Step 5

As I worked, I moved around to different parts of the lamp because I did not want to get near any just decoupaged berries

Step 6

I did not need to varnish the lamp because the decoupage finish was durable for indoor’s use.

Easy And Beautiful Decoupage Lamp DIY