Beautiful Dining Room Centerpiece Ideas

A centerpiece can be the focal point of your dining room and kitchen! Here are easy and doable centerpieces you can create for your home.

Beautiful centerpieces are easy to create if you follow these simple tips...

Keep Your Table Clear Of Clutter Doing this one thing is not only freeing but will make your whole room look better instantly!

-  TIP 1 -

Go Big This is the area in your home to make a HUGE statement and an eye-catching design.

- TIP 2 -

- TIP 3 -

Candles, Candlesticks And Lanterns Candles are perfect additions to a dining room table! Think of them as decor that supports the focal point centerpiece.

- TIP 4 -

Create A Vignette A few big items corralled in a tray or basket will really be a standout on your dining room table! It’s also a place to show off your personality!

- TIP 5 -

Use Organics Another very pretty and easy centerpiece idea is to use a bowl of single fruit or vegetables on your table. Enjoy displaying these organics and then eating them!

Get more ideas for beautiful and easy ways to create centerpieces for your dining room and kitchen tables.