Brambly And Bright Leafy Fall Wreath DIY


Brambly And Bright Leafy Fall Wreath DIY

Need a pretty fall wreath for your front door? Make this very easy and fall diy wreath diy to welcome guests to your home. This is a wreath that will get noticed!

I started out by foraging around in a container or two of fall leaves and other bits and pieces I had in the basement.

Tip 1

I chose two different kinds of leaves for my fall wreath DIY…

Tip 2

Cut them apart to make small clusters of leaves that are easy to hot glue on the grapevine wreath.

Tip 3

Gather all your material and begin. Think of your fall wreath as a clock. The top center of the wealth is 12:00.

Tip 4

First start by attaching the two grapevine wreaths together at 10, 2, and 6 o’clock on your wreath.

Tip 5

Leaves can be added to part of the wreath or the whole thing. It’s up to you and your vision for this wreath.

Tip 6

Going back to the left side of the wreath, add more leaves where you stopped and continue around the wreath to about 4:00. Adjust and glue.

Tip 7

The wreath could be finished without adding any accents however why not embellish it?

Tip 8

Check that the leaves are spread apart and there are no big holes in them so parts of the grapevine wreath show through.

Tip 9

Then stand back on your front porch or walk and enjoy your pretty fall wreath!

Brambly And Bright Leafy Fall Wreath DIY