August Is A Great Month To


August Is A Great Month To

This month is both a lazy summer month and a busy back-to-school month, as well! No matter, August is a great month to celebrate!

Sweet Cream Corn Bread is a family favorite. Although it doesn’t have any garden veggies, it is full of corn goodness.

Idea 1

Now is the time to check on your hydrangeas to see if any of them are ready to dry!

Idea 2

The end of summer is the perfect time to plant lettuce! Cooler evenings and warmish days are the perfect growing condition for lettuce.

Idea 3

Late August is the best time to start to transition from summer into fall. You can easily decorate your home with August’s bounty!

Idea 4

Are you a list maker? I am! So, now is the time to make a fall to-do list! I like to keep an ongoing list of fall decorating ideas and things to make for fall!

Idea 5

August is a great time to start a fall project! It’s the month I usually make a fall wreath.

Idea 6

NOW is the time to be ferreting out any faux fall pumpkins you need for fall decorating! Believe me! I’m speaking from experience!

Idea 7

There are 31 days in the month of August. What would happen if you spent 10-15 minutes a day organizing something in your home!

August Is A Great Month To