Easy Designer Tips For Decorating With Neutrals

Neutral decor is classic. Use these designer secrets for decorating with neutrals that strike the right balance of visual interest and harmony in any space.

This post is for you if you have been thinking about creating a neutral color palette for your home.

Pair Neutrals With Texture One of the keys to successfully decorating with neutrals is to incorporate various textures into your design space.

Use Light Layers Adding light layers of decor will enhance a room with a neutral color palette. Subtle layers add beauty and interest to a space without overwhelming it.

Add A Pop Of Color Adding an unexpected color in an otherwise neutral space creates a striking contrast and instantly creates a focal point that our eyes are drawn to.

Add Something Organic Choosing one organic element for a room with a neutral color scheme creates a pretty effect while maintaining overall balance and harmony within the room.

Keep Large Furniture Neutral Keeping large furniture neutral is important because it creates a versatile and timeless foundation in a room.

Neutral decor is classic and will look updated and fresh for years! If you like neutral decor click the link below for more ideas.