6 Best Home Decor DIYs


6 Best Home Decor DIYs

Add your personality and amp up your home decor’s attention to detail with these pretty and easy-to-make DIY projects. You don’t even have to be crafty to make them!

Here’s an easy way to make custom-covered books is not only pretty and easy, but it is so so addictive. Can you believe they are covered with napkins?

Idea 1

A garland is a beautiful accent to add to any vignette or display in your home. This is a super easy DIY is fun to make and a bit addictive!

Idea 2

This fall wreath was made very similar to the cherry blossom wreath above. I got more compliments on this wreath from the neighbors!

Idea 3

I saw a pillow like this in a high-end magazine and LOVED it! So I made one myself. The most fun part of this pillow is making the pom poms!

Idea 4

Growing herbs indoors to use as I cook or to rub between my fingers so their aromatic oils hit my nose is one of the small joys of life!

Idea 5

This is an oldie but goodie home decor DIY project. This is such an easy pillow to make, and it looks like one from a designer shop!

Idea 6

I hope you will choose one of these easy DIYs to make for your home!

6 Best Home Decor DIYs