2023 Fall Kitchen Tour And More


2023 Fall Kitchen Tour And More

Early fall in our home is all about bringing in and enjoying what lies outside our front door. And the sink full of just-picked hydrangeas fall is literally outside our front door!

The decor in the dining room was very simple this year. When you have an open-concept home, less is best!

Idea 1

I also added a new pillow to the upholstered bench against the wall by the window.

Idea 2

Our sunroom was not on the tour. However, I did style a few fall centerpieces on the coffee table.

Idea 3

This time of year, my early fall tours always include hydrangeas. And you can see why!

Idea 4

Our U-shaped kitchen is dressed up for fall! This is the right side of the U and my cooking station.

Idea 5

I like to add a touch of the season at the coffee maker. If truth be told, this is the heartbeat of our kitchen!

Idea 6

When I was moving some furniture around in the living room last summer, I put the small round French table in the corner of our banquette.

Idea 7

I hope you have enjoyed our kitchen tour and more! Thanks for stopping by!

2023 Fall Kitchen Tour And More