16 No-Fail Ideas For Decorating Kitchen Countertops


16 No-Fail Ideas For Decorating Kitchen Countertops

Elevate your culinary space with creative ideas for decorating kitchen countertops. Create a kitchen that is functional and beautiful, and infused with your own personal style.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to spend a little time and clear everything off of your countertops. And give them a good cleaning.

Idea 1

When possible, find a home for small kitchen appliances other than your countertops.

Idea 2

A kitchen looks messy when the counters are messy, and it also looks messy when dishes are piled up in the sink!

Idea 3

I like to keep something decorative behind our sink, like fresh herbs in little pots, like above, or cut herbs in a little measuring cup.

Idea 4

A bowl of fruit is a work of art and looks so pretty on a counter! Fruit is a pretty and healthy way to decorate your kitchen!

Idea 5

If you have the room, think about adding a statement piece to your kitchen. It could be a large bouquet of real or faux flowers, a piece of art,

Idea 6

If you are a coffee (or tea) drinker, it is a good idea to create a simple and small area to corral your coffee maker and other things you might need.

Idea 7

Most kitchens have an area next to their stove to keep things they use to cook food. It is so important to keep the most basic things you used every day at your fingertips.

Idea 8

If you have countertop materials like granite, stone, quartz, or other stone-like countertops, you might want to add a bit of wood to your countertop decor!

Idea 9

If you have the room, think about leaving cookies or biscotti standing tall in glass jars on the counter.

Idea 10

Containing things on countertops is a great way to save space, decorate your kitchen countertops, and still have things at your fingertips.

Idea 11

I hope you are inspired to clean and clear off your countertops and use them in a way that helps you be more efficient in your kitchen and enjoy a lovely aesthetic!

16 No-Fail Ideas For Decorating Kitchen Countertops