12 Home Decor Trends That Are Out Of Style


12 Home Decor Trends That Are Out Of Style

What decorating trends are out of style in 2024? This list will help you avoid passé designs so you can let them go to keep your home updated, classic, and inspiring.

White kitchens have been very popular as a TREND for almost a decade. Right now, black and white kitchens (high contrast) are popular, as are matte black kitchens.

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Color is coming on strong! And moody vibes are still very popular. Rooms that are all white or gray have fallen out of favor.

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Along with white-on-white decor, animal prints are now out of style. Experts say biomorphic shapes are in right now.

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Experts are saying rose gold is totally out. And gold is taking the slow boat out of the trend harbor.

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There is a lot of ambivalence about open kitchen shelves. One kitchen trend we are already seeing is no upper cabinets or shelves at all in a kitchen.

Trend 5

Millennial Pink has been a hugely popular color. It was made popular by Gen Z social media influencers like the Kardashians.

Trend 6

Since the exit of Farmhouse and Cottage Core as the on-trend design style, sliding barn doors look out of style.

Trend 7

The love affair with squiggly and squishy furnishing is over. Period.

Trend 8

Word signs are very out of style, according to many interior designers. Choose art that says something about you instead of words.

Trend 9

Although open floor plans offer lots of open space, many of us would like some of our own private space.

Trend 10

Rattan has gained fast popularity in recent years. But now, it is overexposed and ubiquitous.

Trend 11

Greige walls, especially, are heading out because they have been so overdone.

Trend 12

Trends come and go, but updated classics will always look fresh and in style.

12 Home Decor Trends That Are Out Of Style