10 Ways To Add Summer To Your Home


10 Ways To Add Summer To Your Home

SUMMER is here! I hope you are all enjoying the beauty of the season! Here are 10 easy ways to add summer to your home! Let’s enjoy every ounce of this wonderful season inside and out!

Start at your front door with a summer wreath to welcome family and friends!  It’s the little things that will give a home a big punch of summer!

Idea 1

After I hang a summery wreath on my front door, the very next thing I’m all about is changing up my pillows.

Idea 2

Even if you don’t live near the beach, a few things from the sea are a great way to bring summer into your home.

Idea 3

Have fun infusing blue and white into your home. And if you already decorating with this great duo, you are right on trend!

Idea 4

Restyle your vignette. Make sure to change out some vignettes in your home to show off summer’s special charm.

Idea 5

Add summer plants! For about the amount of a nice grocery store bunch of flowers, I can get a pretty blooming potted summer plant.

Idea 6

Summerize your foyer. Keep decor at a minimum but remember to add something that represents the summer season.

Idea 7

Here’s the easiest way to bring summer into your home! How about picking (or buying) a fresh bunch of summer blooms!

Idea 8

I LOVE this idea! It’s so easy and so pretty. Adding fruit like lemons, limes, and other citrus adds a pop of color to a room!

Idea 9

One of my favorite things to do seasonally is to change the bedding. Not all the bedding but the top layer and pillows!

Idea 10

These are just a few ways to add lots of summer charm to your home. What are some other ways to bring summer into your home?

10 Ways To Add Summer To Your Home