10 Things To Do For Christmas Now


10 Things To Do For Christmas Now

Discover the ultimate get-ready guide for a memorable Christmas! Find creative ideas, tips, and festive inspiration for what to do for Christmas now.

My best advice is to make a master plan for the Holiday season! I like to use the back of my planning notebook to keep all my Christmas plans together.

Tip 1

If you want to send cards with personal pictures on them, NOW is the time to take pictures and/or pick the design of your card, etc.

Tip 2

Wrap gifts as you buy them, and keep an envelope to put all your receipts in.

Tip 3

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends. Plan your get-togethers now!

Tip 4

I’m already thinking of Christmas dinner! This Christmas, we will have all our kids, grandbabies, and other family, too!

Tip 5

Start thinking about Christmas decorations! Yes, already! Start daydreaming about how you want to decorate this year.

Tip 6

Now is the time to go through all your Christmas decorations. Purge those items that are tired or no longer being used.

Tip 7

If you wait until December to start Christmas DIY projects, you are probably already too late! Start those great DIYs you want to do for Christmas now!

Tip 8

Now is also the time to check out all the fun holiday events planned for your area! Many special Christmas events require tickets.

Tip 9

Decide on the charities you want to give to or volunteer at over the Christmas holidays! Now is the time to plan your giving and even give early!

Tip 10

Now is the time to start to get organized for Christmas!

10 Things To Do For Christmas Now