10 Best Fall Pumpkin Ideas


10 Best Fall Pumpkin Ideas

Decorating with fall pumpkins is a ritual this time of year! Here are some fun and pretty ways to use pumpkins to add to your fall home decor.

I must admit I have a special place in my heart for white mini pumpkins. Grouped together they make the prettiest fall decorations!

Idea 1

Let’s use the same tray and the same mini white pumpkins and make them into sweet candles! This DIY project is so so simple and quite impressive!

Idea 2

Three is a magic number for decorating with anything! Try lining up three pumpkins on a mantel or console table or any flat surface in your home.

Idea 3

I’ve been talking about adding real pumpkin stems to faux pumpkins in my posts for years! This is one thing that makes a faux pumpkin look so real!

Idea 4

This is one of my favorite ways to decorate with pumpkins! Top real little baby boo fall pumpkins with little succulent clippings.

Idea 5

To call attention to fall pumpkins put then on a pedestal, cake plate or a riser of books. Elevating them gives them importance and pressence!

Idea 6

Stacked pumpkins create such synergistic beauty! And there is no doubt they will get the attention they deserve!

Idea 7

Oh, this is addictive and transforms a plain white pumpkin to rockstar status! And the best part of this fall pumpkin ideas is that this pumpkin diy is so so easy to do!

Idea 8

I have been putting little pumpkins above the transom over my front doors for decades! It’s just a part of fall!

Idea 9

Here’s how my blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins looked in a centerpiece with velvet pumpkins.

Idea 10

I hope you are taking away lots of fall pumpkin inspiration. Happy pumpkin decorating!

10 Best Fall Pumpkin Ideas