10+ Best Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas


10+ Best Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fall just would not be the same without pumpkins. Glorious fall pumpkins in all shapes and sizes! Let’s celebrate fall by decorating with pumpkins! Here are 10+ best fall pumpkin ideas.

I love pumpkins in all shapes and sizes because different-sized pumpkins provide a natural contrast in scale and shape.

Idea 1

Arrange mini pumpkins in a dough bowl on a tray or even on a kitchen platter. Then, add leaves and little bits of harvest organics, like acorns, to the arrangement.

Idea 2

Let’s use the same tray and the same mini white pumpkins and make them into sweet candles! This DIY project is so simple and quite impressive!

Idea 3

Three is a magic number for decorating with anything! Try lining up three pumpkins on a mantel, console table, or any flat surface in your home.

Idea 4

This is my personal favorite fall pumpkin decorating idea! I’ve been talking about adding real pumpkin stems to faux pumpkins in my posts for years!

Idea 5

Top real little baby boo fall pumpkins with little succulent clippings. Aren’t these miniature pumpkins just so darling?

Idea 6

Pumpkins and dough bowls are a fall gift! There are so many colors and textures in this dough bowl.

Idea 7

To call attention to fall pumpkins, put them on a pedestal, cake plate, or a riser of books. Elevating them gives them importance and presence!

Idea 8

Stacked pumpkins create such synergistic beauty! And there is no doubt they will get the attention they deserve!

Idea 9

Oh, these DIY pumpkins are addictive and transforms a plain white pumpkin into rockstar status!

Idea 10

Pumpkins are perfect for outdoor fall decorations. Use them on your porch and patio.

10+ Best Fall Pumpkin Decorating Ideas