USING WHITE PITCHERS... FARMHOUSE STYLE-Great tips for using white

I bet you have a couple white pitchers or a creamers  lurking somewhere in the cupboards of your kitchen. White ironstone is an iconic farmhouse item. They are simple and utilitarian and are true workhorses of a farmhouse kitchen! Today I’m sharing some tips for using white pitchers… farmhouse style… with a twist! Let’s look white pitchers, not necessarily ironstone, for creating MODERN farmhouse appeal! 



Please take the time to visit my very good blogging friends (who are all fabulously talented) for their take on today’s topic!

White pitchers are my go-to’s for so many things!!! Let’s look at 6 ways to use our white pitchers evoking a modern spin on traditional farmhouse style! You all know these ways to use them, but it’s good to be reminded and get a little fresh farmhouse perspective. 



White pitchers are fabulous containers to store things in. I use a sleek looking, modern white farmhouse pitcher to hold some of my most used and loved wooden spoons and my whisk. Love this when I can grab a spoon right next to my stove! I also have a white pitcher filled with my go-to tools like a small hammer, screw driver, ruler etc. Upstairs I keep a white creamer to put my make-up brushes in! Think outside the box and use white farmhouse style pitchers to store things you use!!!





This is really a no-brainer! Don’t forget to make a white pitcher your everday vessel for your favorite drink! Why get water from the sink or milk from a carton when you can pour it from a pretty white pitcher?  Wouldn’t a white pitcher filled with lemons, ice and water be great to fetch out of the frig when you need a drink! Pamper yourself and make drinking water an enjoyable ritual. 

Don’t forget to use a white pitcher for

  • milk at breakfast
  • sangria
  • iced tea (my favorite)
  • your favorite drink




One of my favorite ways to display a pretty pitcher is by perching it on a stack of dishes! It elevates  (pun intended) the pitcher to art!!! And when your pitcher sits on a stack of white dishes with interesting edges… beautiful!!!! Just think what a pretty and oh, so easy centerpiece this would be on a kitchen table!



The image above show just a little portion of my large pitcher collection. YIKES! I have not met a white pitcher I don’t love! It’s a serious problem!!! But the good thing about having lots of white pitchers is that they are fabulous to decorate with. Yes, they make such striking grouping. Do you have a shelf or table you can group white pitchers on? They offer such a big punch of warmth and farmhouse style!




This is really the same concept as the “store” tip above. But think of things that you need to corral. Think of things that might be in your kitchen drawers that need a home. Like all your odds and end silver. I seem to attract odd silver pieces! Not a bad thing to attract but it can cause a lot of clutter. So when I put some in pretty creamers they are no longer clutter and become “decor”!




Flowers and white pitchers are made for each other! Who doesn’t love that combination!!!! I have gorgeous vases stashed in the bowels of my basement because when flowers come into my home they usually are plunked right into a white pitcher!  White pitchers make the best vases!!!

Now that I have reminded you about the virtues of these beautiful and humble containers get them out and USE THEM… farmhouse style!!!

How do you like to use your white pitchers?

Here are some other DIY TIPS AND TRICKS for farmhouse style living!







farmhouse style on sutton place



unnamed (2)


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USING WHITE PITCHERS... FARMHOUSE STYE- Great tips and uses for white

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  1. I too have an affection for white pitchers. Love your beautiful collection!
    Hope you’re feeling better 🙂

  2. Linda Ann says:

    Love the white pitchers! I’m always happy to see some really nice ones at Home Goods at a really reasonable price. Your post prompted me to put a little white pitcher with a spray of faux flowers on my end table and it looks great!! Thanks for the nudge!
    I do prefer my lemon water and sangria in clear pitchers, though. Love seeing the colors of the fruit!

  3. Karen VanLoo says:

    I adore white pitchers too! I’ve collected them in different sizes, and most of them I scored from Home Goods! I have found some mix-n-match antique silver spoons I like to put in them just like your photos! They just make me happy – have a wonderful day, and I hope you are feeling much better!

  4. Love all your brilliant ideas! And I have that same pitcher. 🙂 Now I’ve got so many more ways to style it!

    Have a wonderful day rock star!

  5. Melissa Leach says:

    I, too, am a fan of white pitchers, who knew so many of us are! As you proved they are so utilitarian. I love the photo of the bleeding hearts. It brings me back to childhood memories of some vacation cottages my parents owned where bleeding hearts grew wild. Thank you!

  6. Love your white pitchers. I have a few, and you have inspired me to try a vignette or two with mine. Thanks! You always show us so many nice ideas !

  7. You know I have seen a few white pitchers in the store and I’ve said to myself, ” you already have enough, what will you do with another one?” After reading your tips on using them for purposes other than flowers, I will never leave another one behind that I like!!

    P.S. – after crushing on your galvanized olive baskets for over a year, I have finally found one, actually a few, at Target this year! One is from the Smith and Hawkin line and the other 2 are from their $3.00 bins.

  8. Oh my, what wonderful ideas!!! It is always so much fun to check your blog and admire your decorating talents. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  9. Sherrill baumgardner says:

    Love your blog and also have white ware. I have Villeroy and Boch. That is discontinued. A friend in Ga. Called last week to tell me she is getting rid of some pieces of white stoneware after downsizing. She offered me the matching pitcher in her collection. to my set. So happy and looking forward to her visit end in May.
    I love the Sunday Scripture, too.

  10. Regarding the email – No apologies necessary, Yvonne!! We love how you so willing share beautiful ideas with us. We can put up with a few glitches now and then … after all, what are friends (even cyber-friends) for?? Love this piece on white pitchers !!

  11. Such a lovely and inspiring post, Yvonne. You are such an amazing decorator! I’ve sold ironstone for years, but only just started to collect it myself. My corner cupboard is almost full now 🙂

    1. Oh my!!! I’m picking up the real deal here and there! I’m planning to put it on some new shelves in my breakfast room. Lucky you!

  12. I just look so forward to reading your blog each day! how I missed it when you weren’t feeling good,,glad you are feeling better! Yvonne,I also have some darling white pitchers,and don’t feel so bad that when I see one,I just have to pick it up,look,gaze at it,,and yes,it goes in my basket! Thanks for the ideas though,why should I just look at ’em,,I need to use ’em,,

    Thank you for your lovely ideas!!

  13. I love white ware! and your pitcher collection gets me to thinking, what can I include in my collection of white plates and where can I put them? (“Ah, ha” says the thought bubble above her head.) Thanks to you, Yvonne, I will now add white pitchers to my white plates and display them above my kitchen cabinets. Your blog is one of my very favorites, always chocked full of ideas that stimulate my imagination!

  14. Donna Kay says:

    ooohhh…I had to pin the one that is stacked on the beautiful white dishes – I love the way that looks! I’m headed to an Estate Sale as “we speak”…hope they have some white pitchers!!

  15. White pitchers are one of my very favorite things to decorate with. You have a lovely collection and sure know how to work them into your decor in a stunning way!

  16. My all time favorite way to use my pitchers is to fill them with flowers…I am so looking forward to just going out in my yard and cutting some! I love doing this with you every month and always look forward to it. 🙂

  17. I definitely know what I am on the look out for next time I go thrifting. I only have one little lonely white pitcher. You have totally inspired me! They are beautiful Yvonne.

  18. Cindy Rasley says:

    Hi again! Love your blog! I have a farmhouse in Idaho and I too use white pitchers every ware! Love ! Them! T J Max has a lot ! I mix mine along with my ironstone! One of the best things in life! Thanks for sharing! Your displays are beautiful!

  19. Yvonne,
    I have a fetish for ironstone platters, lidded sugar bowls and soup turens. . .
    however you are influencing me to consider ironstone pitchers with this enticing post!!!
    Great uses for what many consider collectibles and display items!!!

  20. What a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing your ideas for displaying with the white pitchers! I love putting fresh cut flowers in them. You are such a blessing to your readers. Happy Mother’s Day! ~Liz

  21. I love the different ones you have. hmmm….I don’t have many, because my space is limited, but something may have to go. To make room. I keep my kitchen tools next to the stove in an old silver trophy cup.
    Most of the time I have two with white roses on my tables. I like them cut shorter, no leaves, and they last a long time, so I can always have fresh flowers.

  22. Love this idea! Simply beautiful. Great way to make a country kitchen look classy.

  23. Wendy Howell says:

    You have a gorgeous collection 🙂 Love them!!

  24. Ellie LaJuett says:

    I just took 3 sets of my grandmother’s bowl and pitchers out of storage. They are all white sets. I love your ideas and use them seperatly. The are a great way to display such treasures

  25. Just started collecting white pitchers-glad to see ideas for daily use

  26. Georgianne says:

    Yvonne, you continue to inspire me daily. Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us! I’ve collected white pitchers and have them arranged above my corner cupboard when not in use.

  27. I live the white Angel wings on the wall. How did you hang them and where did you purchase them?

  28. Lynne Kloster says:

    I love the white pitcher tips!

  29. I love pitchers as well……all kinds….I have several and will have more in the future :-). My husband says that I have a problem……I have no idea what he’s talking about……?

  30. Love your post, and all the ways you use your pitchers. It will let me think twice about passing one up at the store, only if speaks to me, like the one I saw at Pottery Barn it was so pretty.

  31. Since following your amazing blog – I’ve started keeping my eyes open for white pitchers- I have found some gems!
    Love all your clever ideas of ways to use them! Oh & I’m totally head over heels in LOVE with your kitchen!!!!!

  32. Because of your lovely blog I have become obsessed with white dishes, white mugs and yes, white pitchers. I hope you will have ideas for them for the holidays or do they get put away and retrieved in January.

  33. Linda Charlton says:

    I am a recent lover of white pitchers. My favoriye is to display flowers or my sterling silverware (only a few pieces). Thanks for more ideas.

  34. ElizabethAnne says:

    Love your ideas for using White Pitchers. Adding fresh flowers and silverware takes it to another level. I have white pitchers and creamers. now I know what to do for a beautiful display! Thank You Yvonne*

  35. Bernadette says:

    You inspire me Yvonne!! In my heart and in my home!!

  36. Hi Yvonne: I have quite a few pitchers myself; right now I have five sitting on top of an old armoire in the den. I have a question re placement of them. I see yours are all in a row with the “lip” or spout of each pitcher facing in the same direction. With mine, I’ve placed three at one end (of the armoire) facing towards the center then I placed the other two pitchers at the other end of the armoire with their spouts facing towards the center. I’m wondering if your way (of having the spouts all facing the same direction) is a more current way to display them? Is my way of placement sort of out of “style” now?

  37. Karen Cadden says:

    My goal this year is to turn my master bedroom into a farmhouse bedroom. Love all the tips given here today!

  38. I Love Pitchers! I have a small collection of mine and some of my moms….you give us all so many beautiful ideas. Absolutely Love your Blog. Also my Granddaughters started their own Blog last year, and named it after their Gram, me! Isn’t that sweet. I hope you can find it. Robin Nest Design Blog, by Hannah and Makenna. Thank you, Robin

  39. Dianne Lanier says:

    Fantastic ideas, now to find those white pitchers I never use!

  40. The silver flat wear in the white pitchers is stunning!
    I’m a copy cat!

  41. Dianne Lanier says:

    Love all your white dishes! Do you have a source for the Angel wings?