USING FILLER IN FLUFF IN HOME DECOR… Making arrangements fabulous!

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and

In a recent email, a StoneGable reader asked how I fill up my dough bowls to overflowing without spending lots of money. What Cindy was asking is our topic for today’s DIY TIPS AND TRICKS! She wondered if I filled my bowls with what she’s see spilling out of a bowl or is there some secret substance underneath all the veneer of prettiness. That got me thinking about what I call “filler and fluff”. Filler and fluff is the stuff that beautiful vignettes and centerpieces are made of… and is the cheap groundwork and underpinnings of all my “filled to overflowing” arrangements! I’m sharing one of my best “filler and fluff” diy decor secrets with you today!!!

Today is DIY TIPS AND TRICKS. I love working with these wildly popular bloggers and I feel so honored to be in this fabulous group! Make sure you garner all their wisdom… and they have lots… at the bottom of this post!


There are lots of ways to fill up a bowl or arrangement. Here are a few do’s and don’t tips:


This can be very expensive!!!! And many times the smaller items fall to the bottom of an arrangement and get lost from view!


My favorite go-to filler is…

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and

PINECONES!!! Yes, pinecones. They are fabulous, wonderful, awesome, cheap fillers! I keep a big box of them handy to fill in the bottom of all kinds of home accents I create!!!

Hiding under many of my arrangements is a nice layer of pinecones. They have lots of “arms” and nooks and crannies that fit together in interesting ways. They are also strong and can hold lots of weight and they are a little “springy” and able to squeeze into tight areas! And pinecones are very light… a great bonus!

Sometimes the pinecones are visible and become part of the arrangement and sometimes they are hidden. Just know, that under all the pretty embellishments there is usually a network of hard working pinecones!

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and


Even the smallest vignettes can use a little bit of pinecone stabilizing! I keep little pinecones to use in shallow arrangements!

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and



ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and

Adding a little organic napkin ring or small grapevine or willow wreaths in the bottom of a small arrangement works like magic! It really corrals items together and if you use a brambly wreath… adds fluff!

I used a little brambly napkin ring to add some interest and to fill in the bottom of the little blue and white bowl that held white pumpkins.

Putting a napkin ring in the bottom of this nest adds a whole lot of interest and seasonal fun! Even these stylized leaves add  to the tiny vignette and take up visual space.

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and


For me, fluff means lots of little pieces of greens and berries.

My go-to fluff is this sorta-boxwood looking green that has small berries. I purchased 2 large sorta-boxwood garland on sale at AC Moore a couple years ago and ripped them apart into small clumps. I keep this fluff in a plastic box close at hand. It works fabulously in arrangements. Tucking it here and there and making vignettes extra pretty!

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and

Pinecones and my boxwood fluff work beautifully together!!!!

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and


When I arrange tall faux branches of blooms or leaves I now add some filler to the bottom of my container. My filler of choice are moss balls, willow balls and burlap covered balls. 

What a difference it makes to have the ends of the stems hidden in a very pretty organic filler!

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and

You might want to see my tutorials on TEXTURED MOSS BALLS DIY and BURLAP COVERED BALLS.

ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and


Give these ideas a try and you will create some beautiful, full, overflowing centerpieces, arrangements and vignettes! And when you do I’d love to see your creations! Email me your masterpieces!!!!

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ADDING FILLER AND FLUFF IN HOME DECOR- decorator's secret for creating full and beautiful centerpieces, vignettes and

Now, head over to my DIY blogging buddies for their great ideas and tips and decorating tricks!!!!!

Using fluff and filler in home

diy woodland frame fall on sutton place


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  1. Thanks for the great tip. I’m going to get busy this weekend! 🙂

  2. I have used many things but I never thought of pinecones. And I have plenty of those hanging around.. Literally!! Great tip!!

  3. KittyLuvr says:

    Only Yvonne could take a topic like “Filler and Fluff” and make it sound so interesting and easy! Thanks for the ideas that are easy and inexpensive.

  4. BettyAnne says:

    Depending on the container, I have used crumpled newspaper or paper towels, old kitchen towels or hand towels, or small bowels and juice glasses turned upside down. Now I will be looking for faux pine cones at the dollar store that I can spray paint white to blend with my white faux pumpkins!!!!

  5. Carol Davis says:

    Cannot compliment you enough on all the helpful ideas you share with your loyal followers. We are blessed to have someone like you to get our creative juices flowing. One of the things I use for filler in arrangements, especially in the autumn and winter is old potpourri that has lost almost all of its fragrance. It still has enough fragrance that there is a subtle hint of fragrance but nothing overwhelming.

    1. Wow, Carol what a fabulous idea! Now I wish I had not thrown out all my old potpourri!

  6. Thanks for these great tips, and just in time for Fall!

  7. Thanks for these very inspiring and do-able tips!

  8. You have the BEST IDEAS! Wish we were neighbors.

  9. Ha! Could that have come at a better time?! I’m having a dinner party Saturday night and was going to use two dough bowls with hydrangeas for my centerpiece. Bringing out the pinecones. Thank you!

  10. I love your idea of using pinecones as filler! I have never thought of that. I use, old washcloths, paper towels and newspaper,but all those things eventually get smooshed down into the container. Now I know what to do with those 2 bags of pinecones I bought at an after Christmas sale for 50 cents.

  11. Karen VanLoo says:

    I love everything you do too! Everyday! Your blog makes me HAPPY! I love pinecones, they’re great to use fall through Christmas and winter. I love to find the ones that smell like cinnamon! I also love boxwood fluff, I found mine last year after reading this tip at Hobby Lobby. It was actually a garland, and of course I scored it when it was 50% off (the only way to go) and just cut it up! I started doing that other seasons as well, even spring. I found the best soft-leaf garlands and I cut them into pieces and use around my vignettes and decorations. It adds softness and fills in beautifully! This is one of the best tips I got from you. Thanks!!!

    1. Me too! I always feel happy after looking thru this blog. And excited!

  12. Jo Ann Bohannon says:

    You can inspire us every time you write….a great idea today. Best of all that you do is that you share our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on your blog. We are sisters by choice.

  13. Lynn Knight says:

    Bramble napkin rings?? No clue what those are. Any chance you could dissect an arrangement further and link a photo of just that for me? Is it just a twiggy kind of ring? Looking at the photo of the white pumpkins in a bowl, that is the only thing I could guess it was.

    I love your “stuff” and recommend others follow you fairly often. Most of all I love your heart and your unashamed sharing of your faith. Be blessed today Yvonne.

  14. Wow – pinecones in my glass vase to hold my fall stems with berries on them – why did I never think of this – they look great. Always struggle trying to get them to stay where I want them – guess this is why you have the blog and not me.

  15. Lynn Knight says:

    I love all your “stuff”! Mostly I love your ❤️ And your unashamed sharing if your faith.

    My question is what is a brambly napkin ring? A picture of an arrangement dissected into parts would be really helpful. Is it a twiggy ring kind of like a wreath? I can’t figure it out based on the images shown.

    Have you ever been approached by or have you contacted HGTV on doing a show? I think with all the home renovation shows, a “finishing touches” show showing the how to’s is in order. And your decorating flair bridges many style types.

    Glad I found you to bring inspiration to my home-making.

    1. Hi Lynn, Glad you found me too! A brambly napkin ring has lots of stems and berries and such! As far a HGTV… that would be a dream!!! KNOW anyone?

      1. Lynn Knight says:

        No. Sorry I don’t have any contacts for you. Bet you could pitch it to SOMEONE though!
        Thanks for the info about the brambly ring.
        Also, sorry about the double posting of the same question. I didn’t think my comment had posted.
        Blessings ~

  16. Judy Lincicum says:

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas you share with us, Yvonne! I just love every one of them!

  17. Arlene Romero says:

    The best info thank you for this! The hunt is on for pine cones and moss balls!

  18. FILLER & FLUFF is what it is all about! The details create texture, interest & beauty. Well done Yvonne!

  19. Great post! Thanks for the filler idea will be looking at end of season vines a little differently ?
    Such awesome looking vignettes !
    Have a great day!

  20. Yvonne, your ideas are much better than mine so I’m tucking them away for future reference. I’ve used wadded up plastic bags for years, newspapers, etc. I am mindful of them showing though so I only use them in things where they don’t show but give my vignettes a nice “rise”. I have also used potpourri (sp?) which gives off a good scent to arrangements as well as visual interest. I learn something from you everytime I visit….you are such a good “teacher”!

  21. If my container is solid-no see through- and I only need the very top layer showing I grab whatever paper material is handy and stuff the container with it..just did that with a ceramic pumpkin I needed to show off some [natural material] small balls -over flowing from the top of the pumpkin-it works! Just remember my friend Shirley always reminded us not to allow the hardware to show-

  22. It’s a wonderful idea! And here’s something funny: I do the same things with my container plants on the patio! I put pine cones in the bottom. They will break down over time, and are natural. Your arrangements are just gorgeous!

  23. I really like the way that white ceramic bowl looks with the pumpkins! So beautiful:)

  24. You are truly an inspiration, Yvonne! I love the rag balls in autumn tones with the flowers and reed balls. I also like using your fillers in the bottom of bowls instead of taking so many fruits/ etc/ to fill the bowl. I could just move into your home!

  25. Yvonne,
    Great tip about using pine cones in the bottom of large container, dear friend!!!
    I, too, buy large “bushes” of greenery and then take them apart for my floral arrangements!!!
    Love, LOVE, L O V E the pine cones, pumpkins and gourds Autumnal Arrangement!!!
    Thank you for sharing and always inspiring!!!

  26. Lorri Rauscher says:

    I love your idea. I also use old potpourri, sometimes old floral foam as well if I am using seasonal picks. I save your posts and use them frequently when I am decorating. Thanks for sharing all your helpful hints .very much appreciated!!!


  27. Love the pinecone idea!I recently started picking them up on my walks, and now I know what I can do with them!

  28. wonderful post, great tips too. I invite you to share at the Thursday blog hop ( you can link up until Sat midnight) Hugs

  29. Mary Ellen says:

    We went to Colorado in Subject to visit our new grandson! Then we went into the mountains to camp and every time we took a walk I collected pinecones. I have them all around and every time I spy them it brings back wonderful memories! Always so fun to read and have ideas validated and embellish on new ideas! Thank you!

  30. Mary Ellen says:

    Subject should be August that darn auto correct 🙂

  31. Love the use of pine cones! But mostly, I whole heartedly second the comment about you having your own show on HGTV! With all the renovation and remodeling shows they definitely need, as the previous poster called it, a “finishing touches” show. They often show them staging a home but never devote much time to it and never show how to make the house a home. Wouldn’t it be so much fun for all of us to be able to “see” you and your home “in person”? I would record every show and watch and re-watch every one! Have a wonderful weekend!

  32. I love your blog so much and I love it even more that you are a Christian sharing your faith.

  33. Martha Durick says:

    Another great tip !

  34. Awesome blog… My very very favorite!!! Thank you for sharing great ideas!!!

  35. Thank you for all the simple yet beautiful ideas to inspire us to decorate our homes.
    God bless!

  36. Terrific ideas! Thanks so much. I always have a supply of pinecones on hand.

  37. Dianne Lanier says:

    Gosh, you out did yourself!! I love, LOVE the white pumpkins!! I am helping with an October wedding, and will definitely be using some of your ideas!!!

  38. What wonderful advice. I’m on my way to scour the neighborhood for pine cones!!!!

  39. Great post Yvonne this is most definitely your forte!
    Thanking you sweet lady for sharing from your ♥️

  40. Norma Rolader says:

    I love filler and fluff

  41. Nwver thought if pinecones-thanks!

  42. Love, love, love the textured moss arrangement and want duplicate. Can you tell me the flowers used for the vase? -Thank you!