Some love it. Some hate it. Very few have no opinion at all. Talking about burlap is like discussing politics or religion… most of us have strong opinions about the virtues of BURLAP!  It’s my humble opinion that burlap is here to stay. It’s the new classic.  So let’s embrace it… gently… and use it to embellish our homes. We don’t have to cover our walls with it, but a little accessorizing with burlap can update and breathe a little new trendy life into a room!

 Today is…

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Okay… burlap!

USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with

Burlap is a fabric woven from the skin of the jute plant or sisal fibers. It has a rough texture and a distinct odor, so it does not make a great fabric for any decor that will come in constant contact with our skin. But it is very inexpensive and simple and has a wonderful hand, so it’s perfect for home decor accents! 

Burlap can be very rustic or upscaled to something quite elegant! Because of its versatility, it’s become a decorator’s favorite go-to fabric! And the texture it brings to a room can’t be beat!

Here are some helpful tips when using burlap in our decor!


USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with

Because burlap is a very straightforward, simple fabric… it is what it is… burlap works best in accent decor. Yes, you can cover a chair or a sofa but it really shines in a more supportive decorating role. 



A great way to ease into the land of burlap is to use it as a table runner! It makes a fabulous, neutral base when we want to layer on top of it!   I like to choose a stiffer burlap that does not shed too much for table runners.

Make your own woven burlap table runner using wired burlap ribbon. It’s easy and sheds less than using burlap from the bolt.  You will love how it adds texture and interest to your decor! See how to make a WOVEN BURLAP RUNNER, HERE

USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with



USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with

Burlap pillows can add a great trendy element to our decor. I adore pillows… and burlap pillows top the list! Yes, they can be a tad rough, but mostly they play so nicely with almost any decor. And why? Because they can be up or downscaled to suit the season, our decor and our mood!

Burlap comes in so many different colors and patterns, like the burlap flower on the pillow below. So if you are not a fan of simple plain burlap try something more colorful and refined!

To learn how to make this NO SEW BURLAP FLOWER PILLOW, click HERE.


Try at least one burlap accent pillow! I bet you will love it!




Burlap is a perfect fabric for curtains. They hang well and are light filtering! And burlap curtains curtains are so neutral. Perfect backdrop for any decor! Just look at how dressy these curtains from Painted Fox look in one of my guest bedrooms. Just stunning! I would use these in any room in my home! I think they are exquisite!


I must admit, I love love love burlap lamp shades! They are my go-to shades for most any lamp. I love the way the light filters through them and how textural yet neutral they are!
If you want to use a burlap lampshade make sure to get a clear lightbulb so you don’t see the bulb through the lampshade when it’s not on.
If you want a lampshade that makes a statement try a patterned burlap lampshade! Don’t you love the ruffles? To make this very easy and sassy NO SEW RUFFLED BURLAP LAMPSHADE click HERE. I bet you have an old lampshade laying around. Here’s a great way to recycle and upcycle it!
USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with


USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with

Decorating with books is a great way to amp up your style!!! Books can work in vignettes, as risers and so much more. And if they are burlap books… WOW!  Talk about texture and versatility!
Choose a simple, neutral burlap or go a little more daring with a fun print!
 Books can be covered and still used. To learn how to COVER BOOKS WITH BURLAP click HERE.


USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with

Banners are a quick and fun way to bring a little of the season into your home! And what’s more popular than a burlap banner right now? Use them to mark a celebration like a birthday or add them to the decor you already have to call attention to the season.  If you are not ready for a lot of burlap in your home this is a great way to ease into burlap!
My favorite place to use burlap banners in my home is on my mantel and mirrors!
USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with
To see how to make these very easy and fun BURLAP BANNERS click HERE.


USING BURLAP IN HOME DECOR-Burlap is a classic and here to stay. Here are some helpful tips for decorating with

Add burlap to wall art. It makes such a fabulous, neutral background to any 3D art! There are so many possibilities!
There are so many great home accents that look fabulous dressed in burlap. Burlap is here to stay… so let’s not forget to add a piece or two to our home decor!!!
How about you? Do you love it… or not so much? What burlap home accents do you have? And what would you be willing to try?
Let’s share!


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USING BURLAP IN DECOR- Burlap is an inexpensive and beautifully textural way to use in home decor accents!


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  1. Anne Marie says:

    I agree – burlap is the best!!

  2. I also love burlap. I do like the runner. Love the idea and will have to make one one Gives wonderful texture to a room.

  3. Love it. Using burlap in our granddaughter’s graduation party today!

  4. Still on the wall with burlap. I have a few pieces I love and a few not so much.

  5. I love, love burlap too! Use touches throughout the house. It’s a durable fabric that hold up well with the grandchildren.

  6. I love burlap!! I am going to make the flower pillow, how cute. Thanks for sharing and all the inspiration you provide me. Enjoy this super day.

  7. Patricia T says:

    Yvonne, I also LOVE burlap! My home decor is done with a few items that are beachy since I live in Florida but I love small touches of burlap – lampshade, picture frame mats, I covered a couple of books using your tutorial, but I went wild and made a “faux” Roman shade using burlap (lined) that doesn’t actually roll up and down, and I love the look! Keep the great ideas and tutorials coming!

  8. Wonderful and doable ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love the very first lamp shade pictured under “Burlap Lamp Shades.” Could you share where you found that?

    1. genie steger says:

      I can’t say I am a big fan of burlap, but I do like your curtains…and I love the pink peonies on the table

  10. Denise Moraris says:

    At first I wasn’t a fan of burlap. But then it started to grow on me. In my sewing room I found a printed burlap with dress forms printed on them. I added a black and white check fabric and made valance. Love them!
    Then in my bathroom I have burlap shower curtain. In Home Goods I found ready made curtain set. (Pair for $20) why make them! I added lace on the bottom four layers and then some on top. I hung them with clips. I love them!
    I also use burlap for runners as well. I must try to cover a book!
    Thanks for all the great tips!

  11. Sherrie Cowan says:

    Thank you for sharing. i absolutely love the burlap covered books.

  12. I’m on the fence with burlap but I have always loved your burlap table runner made with burlap ribbon that I am going to try that!

  13. Still loving burlap here, you have such great ideas for using it. That ruffled lampshade is really cute.

  14. Hi Yvonne
    I also love a little burlap in my home. But my question is back in March when you did the Gable Room (and it was so beautifully done) did you win the contest? I voted every day and I was on vacation in San Diego visiting my sons family! Read you every day and never heard if you won or not. You – even on a two week vacation I can’t miss. Thank you.

  15. I love burlap also. I have made the pillows and always get compliments on them. I have covered the books and made table runners also. I think burlap adds a little something to my decor.

  16. Susan Munch says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Your posts are SO inspiring!

  17. Karen Wozniak says:

    I love burlap! Thank you for all of the wonderful inspiration! I’m definitely incorporating several of these ideas into our farmhouse decor. As always, a great post! Thank you!

  18. Karen VanLoo says:

    I also LOVE burlap! The valances and bed skirt in my room are burlap, and I have touches of it around my home and also love to use it in crafts. The curtains you have are absolutely fabulous! I love the pin-tucking at the top, it gives it just the right amount of elegance. Thank you for the ideas, I love them!

  19. Marie Fritz says:

    I happen to love burlap! In fact, I recently ordered 4 yards of white (well, as white as it gets!) burlap – I suppose I’ll use it as a table covering, but you never know! It has so many fun uses!

  20. mattsgramma says:

    I am glad burlap is not a trendy thing in your opinion, therefore I will start looking for new bedroom lampshades. Currently only using burlap ribbon on a wreath and for accent ribbons on gift packages. Time to amp it up!

  21. Burlap adds texture without being over stated. Love it.

  22. Rebecca Turner says:

    My mother usually loves all of the same things that I do, but she doesn’t understand my love of burlap. In her generation it was strictly used as grain-sacks. But I love the oatmeal color, and the visual texture! I purchased a beautifully lined, Pottery Barn table runner, (with tassels!) a few years ago. I wish it was still available, and in varied sizes. This one got a grease stain on it once, (because we actually used it during a meal) but I was able to spot clean it by boiling water in a pan on the stove, and just dipping the soiled part. I hung it to dry and then ironed it. Good as new!

    I also used burlap on my brick mantle as camouflage. I’m not crazy about the brick, but I’m less crazy about PAINTED brick, or construction debris, so burlap gave me a nice neutral background for my seasonal vignettes.

    Your post gave me an idea. I have a white temple jar lap with an old shade that I don’t like. I think I’ll cover it in burlap. I hope it never goes out of style because I don’t see myself ever getting tired of burlap.

  23. You do burlap right and it’s all grown up from that prairie style of the past! Hugs Yvonne…Janet

  24. Carolyn K says:

    Although I enjoy the look of burlap as an accent, I must take the opposite view if one is working or even living in a house that has burlap in it. Burlap gives off particles of itself that circulate and irritate the skin, nasal passages and lungs. In short it is a product that should be avoided by those of us who are highly allergic as well as the very young and very old members of the population. In my view burlap should come with warning labels.

    1. You are very smart to consider that Carolyn. But rugs and other upholstery does the same… and even worse if it is chemically treated. Good to know!

  25. I have some old burlap feed bags/coffee bags. Any suggestions how to use them? Thanks!

  26. I like the look of all the things here but I don’t have any of it in my house

  27. I ,too, love to accent with burlap! When my husband made me bath lights using mason jars I used wired burlap instead of shower curtain rings and I love the small amount of texture it added! I think I will try the burlap flower on a pillow next. Thanks!

    1. Brilliant… literally! Thanks for sharing that fabulous idea Sally!

  28. Love anything burlap and linen.Your curtains are
    beautiful and I love the pillows and lamp shades.

  29. I like burlap and have some in my home. I want burlap shades and saw a bed skirt I want for my son’s room.

  30. I like burlap. My two favorites for it is lampshades and pillows


  31. I really love the texture burlap brings to neutral decor. I bought the supplies to make your burlap table runner back when you first posted it, but still haven’t made it. (I’m not very crafty!) Thanks for refreshing my memory!

  32. Carol Elkins says:

    I love how you’ve used burlap in your home. I especially love your burlap curtains!

  33. Shannon Pappas says:

    Im doin our Wedding with Burlap and mason jars its such a beautiful material that can be used for many different occasions

    1. Best of wishes and prayers for God’s blessing on your marriage Shannon! Using burlap and mason jars sounds so lovely! I love that rustic refined look!

  34. I already have a burlap table runner in my dining room but I’m loving the lampshade, wall art and banner ideas!

  35. Robin Talley says:

    I really love your curtains!!! Oh my gosh ? they’re amazing!! And I also love the lampshade!!! How beautiful ? Going to have a big project to try!! Thanks so much for

  36. Marcy Leonard says:

    Inspired by your blogs, I have added burlap lampshades to freshen the look of several lamps. You didn’t picture them this time around, but awhile back you featured updating some sheer curtains with burlap tops. Can those curtainsbe laundered later on as needed? Have bought some printed burlap and some plain, but have lingering doubts…

  37. Love your blog. I use burlap for lampshades. I think that will always be a classic look. But I have to say, all the design “experts” I read and follow say burlap has had its time. Of course what you use in your home should be what you love but personally I think burlap is not a good choice for pillows. They need to be a fabric you don’t mind having next to your skin. I have kind of fazed out burlap from my home in favor of what I feel are more updated fabrics, with the exception of those wonderful lamp shades. Sorry, can’t agree on this one.

  38. I love burlap! I made a burlap table runner, but I like your woven one much better. Now I just have to make one too. Also on my list of things to make will be the covered books…those are adorable. You give me so many great ideas!

  39. Thank you for the post. I have a bit of burlap I may just pull out for an accent too. Glad to know it’s not out of style.

  40. Love that burlap…great texture and great versatility! Thank you for your inspirational ideas!

  41. Gail Young says:

    So many wonderful ideas to incorporate burlap!!! Especially love those smocked curtains, I am sure they are stunning in a guest bedroom! ?

  42. Have not tried it yet, always felt it was a little too country for my home. But your ideas just debunked that and I would consider using some small touches.

  43. I love all the ways you use burlap in your home decor. Doesn’t matter what the season it always looks right and adds a layer of texture that really makes a difference!

  44. love, love, love burlap…thanks for the great ideas!

  45. Julie Briones says:

    Love these ideas. I love the burlap shades! And, books… and pillows!

  46. Love the book idea! I have tons of readers digest books I use for decor, but the colors don’t always work and this is a simple solution! Thanks so much for sharing!
    ❤️ Crafty but clumsy

  47. Barb Paulus says:

    I love the cupboard under the white clock with the scrollwork. How can I get one?

    1. Hi Barb, I call this my Curlacue chest. It’s from Hooker. I checked if Wayfair still carries it and they don’t. Go to Hooker to find it! Hope this helps.

  48. I love burlap too and have been looking for ways to use it in my home. So glad I found this post! Think I’m gonna make the woven table runner, and definitely the lampshade! I have a vintage mason jar that’s been turned into a lamp, and a burlap shade I think will be perfect for it. Your home is GORGEOUS, I always look forward to seeing what new ideas you have come up with!

  49. Thank you for the creative and lovely burlap ideas. I plan on trying the burlap runner and book covers. Your home is so lovely, Thank you for sharing with us.

  50. I have many touches of burlap and absolutely love it. A few lamp shades, covered books thanks to your tutorial, a table runner and some pillows. I plan on making some more projects as well such as your curtains.