I must admit I love trends! Trends in both fashion and in home decor. Sometimes to gawk at them like a train wreck and say what were you thinking but also to find that one or two amazing decor pieces that freshens up a whole room. Trends come and go and some actually stay and become a classic! But like anything “sometimes your hot and sometimes your not”! Let’s talk about adding trends to our homes!

There is a whole lot of banter about what is in and out for 2017. Depending on the source, you can find the same thing in and out! Which just strengthens my argument to keep most of the furnishings you put into your home a classic! And as my great friend and podcaster Anita said on Podcast #4 creating your own style is best because you are neither in nor out. Most of know that already, but it is such a great reminder especially if we tend to be swayed by new styles (like I do!)

The most important things to know about using trendy decor in your home is to…



For all of us who love decorating and strive for a comfortable, beautiful home use trends for something unexpected or fun! Show your fun, chic, whimsical, dramatic, and even goofy side with trendy items. But don’t over do it! 

My friend and fellow podcaster Kelly reminded me to have fun with trends. So true!



Just because I love trends does not mean I want to redo my home in them. I like my refined country style and buy investment pieces that are classic and can stand the test of time. But don’t you think even a room of neutral classics would get a little boring? I do too. So I add things like trendy pillow and decorative orbs and rustic trays… all trending right now!

One bigger accessory I chose for my living room was a zebra rug. You could say that the rug is a classic and I might agree. But since hide rugs have become so hot lately they is also on trend right now!


DECORATIVE ORB DIY-iron-orb-stonegableblog-2


Here’s my mantra on buying everything in my home and it is especially true with trends… Only spend as much as the years you are willing to keep something. So for me, trendy decor must be very reasonably priced. That’s why I am a big home diy’er. I can usually make something for much less than I can buy it for! 

Here’s an easy-peasy diy for making a decorative orb like the one above… click HERE

You can hear more of our discussion about trends for 2017 and how to use them on the 4th edition of our podcast DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS below…


And if you want the show note or to listen to the podcast editions 1 and 2 you can go HERE. A big, huge THANK YOU to all of you for taking the time to listen to our podcasts! We are having a blast and I hope you are having fun and learning some tips to incorporate in your home!

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  1. Thank you for the good reminder about not overspending on trendy items that might be in tomorrow and gone tomorrow!

  2. Anne Marie says:

    I agree 100% – fads come and go so fast!

  3. Vicki N. Martin says:

    Bonnie, I agree. There are times that I would really like something but I think twice about it. Do I really need it and is there something that maybe I would rather wait for that I might like better.

    Thanks Yvonne for all your trendy ideas. I don’t think that I would think of them.

  4. I loved chatting with you about trends Yvonne! We may not agree on the trends, but I still love you!

  5. How do we comment on your podcasts? I listened to one last nite, and then to #2 on the way to work this morning. I’m LOLing with ya’ll! 😀 When they asked you about what items you would use for your style, I yelled in my car for you before you said anything… “Pillows! Pillows!” So funny!

    1. You can leave a comment or an idea for a future podcast at 323 480-4408. I just loved your comment! You know me so well! xo

  6. Botanic Bleu says:

    Excellent advice as always. You have a gift for summarizing and demonstrating decorating tips. Your beautiful photography inspires as much as your explanations. Congratulations on the new podcast! I loved hearing you, Kelly, and Anita discussing this very topic and look forward to hearing more fun, lively discussions. You are linked on my latest French Design on Friday post.

    Good design never goes out of style. That’s why an important source for good design is the past. When designs and materials last for generations or for centuries, you can be confident they are classics, not trends.

    I was happy to hear your leg/ankle is getting better everyday, and you are making progress in becoming more mobile. Just in time for gardening season…


    1. Judith, thank you for your very sweet and kind comment. It means so much coming from you!

  7. There’s always something fun and new to decorate with.

  8. Good advice, but just as important is to edit out the latest trend when it is over!

  9. Love to do inexpensive trends..

  10. I agree,stay with the classics.I like to add pieces with
    whimsy to keep things light.

  11. Just introduced a friend to both your blog and podcast! She thinks your style tips mesh with her vision for her home.

  12. My husband and I will celebrate our 49th anniversary this year and have lived in 6 homes and 4 states. Looking back I have seen a lot of trends in decor come and go but as you so expertly put it classics are always in style. I think it is so important for our homes to reflect who we are when someone comes to visit. My style has changed over the years but I still have some pieces of furniture that always move with us . Even if dated they bring back warm memories of family or friends from who they came from. Just like pass along plants there are pass along furniture and those should be cherished. I mix the old and new and like you use accents to try new trends. Love your new podcast and am glad to hear you are healing from your recent surgery.

  13. I would like ideas on how to style a terrarium. Holiday ideas are easy to style but what about ideas for non-holiday ideas. Thanks so much!

  14. Carol Elkins says:

    Wonderful decorating advice!

  15. Maggie Nelson says:

    Thank you for the instructions to make the orbs. I love them and I will get stuff and make me one.

  16. ~ I love ❤️ the way u think ~Yvonne~!

    I’ve spent more $$$ on trends before I read your blog and your
    Reasoning makes so much “cents”!
    Thanx for always sharing your thoughts!
    Hugs ?

  17. My feeling is that if it is something you like, and you continue to love it-then pooh to it being a trend. Lol!!

    Your home is beautiful, and I am sure you’re loving most everything in it. When you tire of it-you change it. Trend, or no trend.

    Was able to listen to part of the podcast yesterday. Going to catch the other half tomorrow, hopefully. What a fun surprise!

  18. I try to use a few trends, but don’t overdue it!

  19. Thanks for the tips!

  20. Love your blog bunches. Your thoughts about trends are spot on. I look forward to reading and rereading your posts and have been reading some of your older posts too.

  21. Your home is beautiful.

  22. I loved this podcast and your article, thank you! I was wondering, what do you three think of painting furniture? Is that trendy or timeless?

  23. genie steger says:

    I love the ideas of keeping your classic things you love and if there is a trend that you like add in a small dose…..some trends last and some don’t

  24. From Pinky
    I just bought another (inexpensive) iron orb last week and added it to my hearth vignette as it is gray and I have snowy owls etc. on there for winter. I don’t follow trends per se as I want to decorate with what makes ME (and Joe) happy. I learned this lesson the hard way YEARS ago. Hope you are better each day now. XOXO

  25. I made the orbs, using wooden embroidery hoops I found for a $1 or less at thrift stores & Goodwill. I have two sizes, painted black and love them. Thanks for the inexpensive idea!

  26. I too made two of these, but did not know what color I wanted to paint them. I knew I did not want the light color, now thanks to you, I know exactly what color I want it to be.

  27. Avril Crundwell says:

    Loved this post. So very true. Keep the main pieces classic and change out the accents and have FUN… yay

  28. I love the green napkins in your tablescape! Wishing I could find some like them!!

  29. Janet Jordan says:

    Love the orb! I have some wooden barrel bands that I want to make a yard ornament from. I believe I’ll try this.

  30. Love the modern touch of the orb!

  31. Love diy trend items. I am having fun making bead and spool garlands right now. Will make an orb next.

  32. This is a great for out in the garden too.

  33. Yvonne

    Can you tell me where you purchased your wall clock?

  34. Lisa Demola says:

    In reference to your article about decorating a coffee table, can you please tell me where I can purchase woven tray. Thank you

    1. I bought that tray ages ago, Lisa. I can’t remember where I found it. So sorry!

      1. Lisa demola says:

        Thank you for getting back to me