UPSTAIRS BATHROOM RENOVATION PLANS-Here's how we plan for any renovation!

Bobby and I are in the s-l-o-w process of a bathroom renovation. We (and when I say “we” I mean Bobby) do most of the work ourselves so our projects usually take months and months. Today I want to share how we planned the bathroom renovation and how things are moving along! Some of the images of my 1990 bathroom may be quite shocking so look quickly then look away. You don’t want the big flowered wallpaper to skew you good decorating sense!

In its day, this bathroom was quite lovely and in style. And yes, it really looked like this until recently. Guest used this bathroom! It’s all about loving the home you have!

Did I tell you that we are making over every room at StoneGable.
BATHROOM MAKEOVER1-stonegableblog

We still have the this bathroom, the master bedroom and sitting area, the master bath (this will be done by professionals), the Gable suite and bathroom and the laundry room and a downstairs bathroom. These are rooms you have not seen yet. My guess is they will all be done in three years.

Right now we are working on this bathroom, the master bedroom and sitting room and I (and when I say “I” I mean I) am making over my study.

Our bathroom is a good size for a hall bathroom.

The above picture is where the cabinet and sink were.

The bathroom has a little privacy wall. We are going to replace the existing toilet with a tall one.



The floor was a black and white checked linoleum that I loved and still do but it was replaced with hardwood floors.

Oh, yes! Quintessential 1990’s!


We are working towards a pretty classically styled bathroom. If it’s too trendy we might have to reno it again before selling our home (in a thousand years!). I would love to make this bathroom very “farmhouse chic”, but I think it would look dated in a decade or so. It’s very important to know how long you plan on living with a style. That is why we are going “classic”. We may be replacing some things before we sell it but we hopefully won’t have to rip out the entire bathroom.

I thought it might be worth showing you how we planned out our new bathroom:

The first thing we did is START! You would not believe how many people get “stuck” in wanting to do a project and not doing anything to start  a project. We made our minds up that we would cross this big project off our list.

We stared looking at all kinds of bathroom images from magazines, blogs, online sources and especially Pinterest. Here are just a couple bathroom that I love. As you can see they are vastly different. I have a Pinterest board filled with bathrooms that you might like to follow HERE. It’s all about inspiration!


via: Williams & Spade 

fe60bad50c66a2519aade58698bc5a95 (1)

via: Pinterest


via: Home Bunch

Next, we discussed budget.  We have been saving for a several projects so we do not have a very big budget for this project. We are doing most of the demo and reno ourselves. That saves a ton of money!  However, we decided to s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d our budget a little more because we thought it best to rip out our fiberglass formed tub and shower and replace it with a glass tiles and porcelain tub. Not a free standing tub, that will go in the master bath. 

I want glass tile for ease of cleaning. We have terribly hard water even with our water softener. I also love the sheen glass tiles have. I love the large glass tiles in the picture below! We want the bathtub area to be subdued and not showy. And no glass doors on the tub. Oh, what a mess to clean with our well water!

Bobby and I do all the renos looking towards resale some day. We thought that it would be better for resale to have a beautiful tub.  

So the budget got a little larger for this project. 


via: One MLN Bathroom Tile Ideas

The next thing we considered was a timeline. Let’s just say our timelines are usually grossly under estimated. At least we agreed on a starting date!

Then we made a plan! We put the bathroom ideas on paper so we had a rough idea of what we were looking for. 

  • HARDWOOD FLOORS  We decided on using all the leftover flooring pieces from the family room, dining room, living room and 3 bedrooms we made over to good use. No cost and a gorgeous hardwood floor. If you are wondering about using hardwood flooring in a bathroom all I can tell you is that we have hardwood floors in our kitchen and another bathroom and have never had a problem. Our one toilet overflowed all over the hardwood floors about 8 years ago and they were fine! Gross but fine!


  • VERTICAL PLANKED WALLS   I really struggled with this. I love horizontal planking, but I just did not suite the layout of our bathroom. I’m giving vertical planking a try! (This picture was taken with my iphone) The finished product will look nothing like how it looks now!



  • PAINT VERTICAL PLANKED WALLS  We are painting them a soft white.
  • PORCELAIN TUB WITH GLASS TILES. Not the little tiles, larger ones. I love the look of glass subway tiles. I’m working with a company right now to pick the perfect ones out.
  • RIP OFF THE WALLPAPER. Ugh! This is a horrible job. Bobby believes that wallpaper should be stuck on so good that in the minuscule chance that a hurricane would blow through our home the rooms that have been papered would still be standing! No kidding! 
  • PAINT THE UPPER WALL I love the color of my sister’s bathroom. It’s sorta Greige.  I’ll show it to you when we paint ours.
  • RELACE BASEBOARD TRIM AND PAINT IT We love Atrium White by Benjamin Moore. All the trim in our home is this color.
  • BEAUTIFUL CARRARA SINK AND CONSOLE WITH PLACE FOR BASKETS  We scored big on this one! Bought the most gorgeous sink and console! I found it at our local Pottery Barn Outlet. (no shipping cost- we hauled it ourselves) Why, oh why must I love PB so much? It really speaks to my classic styling! We had a bit of dilemma when it came to finding a cabinet that would fit. There is a little privacy wall between the sink and the toilet. Because of that wall the space for the sink  was only 58 inches. Most double sinks (what I really wanted) are at least 60 inches. But I did not want to rip out a wall! So I started looking for a single sink. And found this beauty for less than half price. It included the under mount sink and the backsplash! SCORE! And it is 54 inches.


via Pottery Barn

  • NEW TALLER TOILET WITH CLASSIC DETAILING  I’ll order this online soon. We are getting the “comfort” height. You can see it HERE.


  • NEW MIRROR FOR SINK AREA  I really have no idea yet what I’m going to use. I think I’ll wait until the sink goes in and things are painted to decide. And that’s okay! It will give me lots of time to look. I am probably leaning towards an espresso mirror rather than a silver one but who knows!
  • SCONSES ON EITHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR.  Here they are! They are milkglass and nickel. They are a touch farmhouse but still classic enough to work for a long time.


via: Pottery Barn

  • FIND A SMALL GLASS FRONT CABINET FOR TOWELS  Our bathroom has enough room for a small cabinet for towels. I’m still looking! Maybe something like this. I also have a vintage cabinet that might work if I paint it. And you know I love to paint furniture!



  • NEW FAUCET FOR SINK AND TUB  This is another decision I have not made yet. But soon. I’m looking for a nickel finish like the drawer pulls.
  • BASKETS FOR UNDER SINK  I already have them!

Bobby started the demolition and I started shopping. See how that works? We are both in our happy place!



We are hoping to be done the upstairs hall bathroom by April and begin laying hardwood floor in the bedroom. But that is just a wish, I’m sure! As I said, we work slow! But we work TOGETHER! For some reason we work wonderfully when we build things like houses, room and home decor!

I love the process and will be letting you see how it’s going on Facebook. If you want to follow me click HERE.I

I hope this has helped you understand how we go about a reno or any makeover project here at StoneGable. And I hope this inspired you to get started on the one you have been putting off!



UPSTAIRS BATHROOM RENOVATION PLANS-Here's how we plan for any renovation!

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  1. We are doing ours also. Takes a lot of time and thought. Thanks for your suggestions. We took down glass doors around the shower and put us a 96″ shower liner and one drape. We then made a cornice to cover the poles. I am happy with it, my kids not so much?

  2. Sorry but I love your bathroom as it is now. The yellow stripe is charming. Good luck

      1. I love wallpaper, but a realtor told me it’s very dated. Guess it depends on what part of the USA you live in! Being in the SW (NM) it’s always suggested to have a color scheme throughout the home. While living in PA several years ago, I noticed people had different colored carpet and walls in each room. Wasn’t appealing to me at all and would never go over well when selling a home in NM! I’m not into trends and go with what “I” like!

  3. Yvonne,

    Sounds like a Plan !! and it will look so new and fresh so exciting for you !! Someday I would love to redo our master bath, with no tub just a big walk in shower !!

    Have a sweet Valentines !
    p.s. I must be out dated, I too liked your yellow stripes 🙂

    1. I have a pretty big master bath and I hope to put in a state of the art shower! I am a shower girl!

  4. Hi Yvonne-
    It’s going to be beautiful!! I would like to redo our full bath, but the budget is always an issue. We are handi-tards! I was thinking of doing it in sections: tub, surround & floor first, then sink later; decor still later. Although I would love a big walk-in shower, I think it would be bad for resale. Very small house; only one full bath (people with kids need a tub). Do you agree?

    ps Love your blog, but oh dear, you DO need a proof-reader!

    1. Hello Diane: After my husband passed away, I no longer could keep up the house and garden on my own so decided to move. Our home had a full bathroom (tub/separate shower/toilet/sink w/vanity) plus a 3-piece (toilet/shower/sink w/vanity) and a 2-piece powder room (toilet & sink) and many viewers were wanting a SECOND tub!! I never used the one we had, however, I have moved many, many times and in my opinion, keep resale in mind and always have, at least, one bath tub.

      1. Hi Diane, I agree with Elaine. A house should have at least one tub.

      2. Elaine & Yvonne: Thank you both! I needed that confirmation!

  5. you bathroom looked good, sounds like you are all going to be busy busy. I love the the 1st photo of one finished bathrooms you looking at. You and Bobby are just too cute. Love hearing about your adventures.
    Have a Blessed Day
    you all be careful


    1. I just adore the first bathroom. But a lot of it will look dated in a decade or so. We are going for timeless!

  6. I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it all together!

  7. Thanks for detail you always provide. For those of us who are planning a remodel and have never tackled one it is invaluable. I love how you plan everything out in advance – organization and a realistic budget seem to be the key. It’s going to be beautiful and I am looking forward to the posts.
    Re: the comment of the proofreader. I have a terrible time proofreading my own work. I see what I want it to read. Many of us have this problem. We should all remember that it is an awful lot of hard work, time and expense to publish a blog such as this one. We get to read this one and others for free, try a little kindness instead of the criticism.
    I hope that you and your husband have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!????

    1. JoAz: I apologize! And I agree that we always see what we want it to say instead of what’s actually there…

  8. Marilyn Clark says:

    I was sure you had somehow sneaked into my house and took a picture of my wallpaper and border!
    I have this in a bedroom /turned into an office; and I would love to say goodbye to those cheerful stripes and flowers.
    But as you stated removing the wallpaper is not an easy task. Why oh why did I think it needed all that extra paste to secure it?

    Loving the looks of the new bathroom plans. I know it will be beautiful!

  9. The roses are a bit much I agree, but I like the yellow stripes!
    And, do not take offense, but you do need a proof-reader. Good luck!

  10. Yvonne,
    It’s be 13 years since “Mr. Ed” and I renovated our 1970’s Ranch Style Homes bathrooms.
    I had forgotten just all that it entails when you go down to the bare stud walls and floors!
    This bathroom will be amazing upon completion, dear friend!
    P.S. I think I’m really going to enjoy this Stone Gable Newsletter!

  11. I love the first pic for your inspiration but it may not be to everyone’s taste and with time and selling I agree you need to make if friendly to all. I can’t wait to see the new powder room.

  12. Hi Yvonne,
    Can’t wait to see it all come together. It will be beautiful! We just finished total gut jobs of our hall and master 1980’s bathrooms. Sure can be a mess, but it’s lovely now! You should have seen the wallpaper–large flowers and birds. And there are cathedral ceilings in the bathrooms! Our contractor said he had dreams about the big birds everywhere! I went with neutral, soothing colors, large porcelain tile that looks like granite, and Quartz countertops and white cabinetry. I used Benjamin Moore “Revere Pewter” on the walls. A great neutral color. And, we took out the big Jacuzzi tub. We never used the tub and the hall bathroom has a nice new tub. We had a large bench with storage underneath built in the area where the tub had sat. We enlarged the shower, installed a bench in the shower, and a beautiful glass door, used the same marble look porcelain tile, with glass mosaic accent tile. Don’t skimp on a glass shower door. It has been super easy to maintain. I had an upholstered cushion made for the bench. The extra storage is fantastic. Our cabinet is very long, with double sinks and 3 stacks of 3 drawers each and a pull-out drawer under the sink. Pinterest and Houzz were great design inspiration. Good luck with all the work.

    1. WOW! Your bathroom sounds amazing. Thanks for the info about the Revere Pewter!

  13. judyincarefree says:

    Love all your plans. You will love the higher toilet. We have the Kohler and it is so wonderful after having low profile in the rest of the house. It was my Christmas gift a few years ago!

  14. Lanita Anderson says:

    Love the plans you have so far….I can’t wait to see the total transformation!!

  15. Fran Braun says:

    We are doing the same thing. Can you say a few words about lighting in the bathroom. I would love to do a hanging light along with new lights over our double vanity. Your bathroom looks similar to ours. We don’t have any windows but we do have a skylight.
    Final plans are floating around but we have not placed our final orders.


    1. I forgot to add that we do have a light fixture in the middle of our bathroom. I’m looking at chandeliers.

      1. Fran Braun says:

        Me too but it has to be rustic!

  16. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Am I the only one the doesn’t like the yellow stripes? But I like the first bathroom that you picked out but with the wood floors. You can consider yourself one lucky lady to have your husband help out with the plans & renovations. How I would love just a new bathtub! Keep us informed of your progress!

  17. Can’t wait to see how it all comes together! Can you tell me the name of the wood flooring? I see it is Casa de Colour.. but I can’t see the name/color.

    Thanks… I enjoy your blog!


  18. We are just in the process of finishing up our 1987’s bathroom, a project I’d been delaying by spending way too much time researching! So many choices! My husband did all the demo, re-plumbed, built a privacy wall and moved the electrical. The only thing we’ve contracted out is the tile. Even doing much of the work ourselves, it has been a considerable expense, but really, our old bathroom owed us nothing and we hope to stay in this house for years yet. We chose a classic look, white subway tile and marble, to stand the test of time. It will be fun to watch your renovation. Enjoy!

  19. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Can’t you put the plank walls over the paper?
    Really need to remove paper?

    1. That’s what we are doing Nan, but the planking does not go all the way up.

  20. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I cringe at the thought that farmhouse style will look dated in 10 years. I hope you’re wrong!

  21. I love classic! It is going to be beautiful! I can’t wait to see pictures.

  22. Pat Smith says:

    I think your bathroom was lovely but I know what you mean about updating! Your choices for the new bath are just gorgeous! We are still working on this 1888 home and the hubs works hard to do most of himself and yes, I get too impatient on waiting months for the finished result. Hope Your Bobby works amazingly fast on this ‘ cause I can’t wait to see the finished beautiful bathroom!!!

  23. I love these detailed posts. You give me hope. Love, love the vertical planking and the glass tile. Can’t wait to see your reveal. I know it will be gorgeous. We have one bat in our little farm house. It was remodeled 15 years ago and the hot water heater was moved to the porch. I would love to take out the bath and put in a tiled shower so I would have room for a vanity. I don’t think I will win that battle.

  24. Wow good luck with your project. My husband and I did our 2 bathrooms and guest loo for the last 10 weeks of last year. Huge job as we did it all ourselves from replacing both toilets with eco ones, replaced master washbasin, tiled all the floors, did a fancy mirror surround on both fixed mirrors in the master and tiled floors and vanity.Plus hubby replaced all the water pipes and faucets – they were 43 years old and grungy.Then both baths were re-coated. it was all worth it. So I know what you and Bobby are going through. I am dying to see the finished room.

  25. I love to live vicariously through other folk’s remodels so I’m looking forward to the updates. One thing I would insist on is a shower head placed high enough for tall people and a really nice shower head model. I hate to go into new construction of fancy homes and see where the builder “cheaper it” on the bath fixtures in the shower.

  26. DonnaMarie says:

    Yvonne – I just completed renovation on both my master and guest bathrooms. I installed the same Kohler Memoir’s Classic toilets as you’ve chosen (also comfort height). Gotta tell you, I love the toilets. Best wishes on your bathroom remodel adventure!

  27. I am so glad you have chosen wood for your bathroom. We are planning a total reno for our condo master bathroom. It is small so every detail and inch has to be planned out. So I chose bamboo of our floor. Hubby wanted marble tiles like in the shower. But I told him he’d have to pay for heated floors!!
    I have been buying everything from tiles to the stone pebble shower flooring to the vanity. I really even forgot what that looks like that was our first purchase in late 2014!
    So I just wanted to say Hurray for sticking to your design choices!
    Barbara Ann

  28. You and your husband are like my husband and I, except when we are doing a project ourselves, we don’t even set a timeline, it is just about when it gets done, it gets done so that we make sure we are happy with each decision before we move on. Your ideas and inspiration look great, I can’t wait to see the final project outcome!!

  29. Bren Allen says:

    Yvonne I just love your sense of color and style! I struggle with making decisions, but guess what! Back in the 90’s I chose almost the same stripe & floral wallpaper as your bathroom for our master bath too! This makes me feel so much better about my choices as I really admire your decorating expertise! I was going to share a picture with you- but not sure how to. Anyway, I can’t wait to see your renovations! We will be downsizing and selling our house in about a year to retire, so I know we will have to redo all the baths. We were just up in your area at the American Music Theater, and we stopped in to Wilbur Chocolates and wow- what a lovely shop and their chocolate is so good! Did not know they actually invented the kiss shape way before Hershey’s did! I bought their cocoa powder to make homemade hot chocolate! Sorry to ramble on– still praying for your handsome son! xoxo

  30. Frankie Wright says:

    Thanks for showing the “dated” rooms in your house. After looking at all of these beautiful rooms, I begin to feel that I am the only one with “dated” rooms. It’s nice to know that I am not alone.
    Keep up the good work!

  31. bobbi duncan says:

    I can empathize, Yvonne–we are in the long process of redoing two of our three bathrooms, and we are doing them ourselves as well. We’re getting the higher toilets, too–know my tall hubby will enjoy that! Your bathroom will be amazing–can’t wait to see the finished look. We got a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift yesterday–our second grandchild, Evelyn Kimberly, arrived and we are ecstatic! Grands are the best–get to do lots of spoiling.

  32. Judy Lincicum says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful, detailed post. I am really interested in those bamboo shades you were talking about for your window. I am looking at them to go under my drapes in the living room, because I just love the look of filtered light coming in the windows and casting beautiful shadows. Here in Arizona we are easily entertained indoors by small things like this, because we can’t go outside in the summer! LOL! But I have not found a good source for bamboo shades that do not look cheap. Any suggestions yet?

  33. Kay McDowell says:

    Yvonne, you are amazing! I just don’t know how you write a blog everyday, teach seminars, go to conventions, teach a Bible Study every week, take care of family members who are having health issues, stay up to date with trends, and redecorate a room (and not a minor redecorate!) Oh yes there is the cooking and hosting too!! Anyone who criticizes your blog just does not understand how busy you are, and how blessed we are to be able to have access to your insight and words of wisdom. Hang in there and keep up the good work. We love what you share and we are truly inspired each time we open up your blog. Any mistake you make helps me remember you are not perfect, and that too encourages me.

  34. Please think twice about getting a free standing tub when you do your master bath.. We just got home from vacation and there was one in the house and it was so hard to get in and out of . As we get older it is something we all need to think about. I am pretty limber, in my 50’s, but I just didn’t feel safe getting in and out of it.

  35. I equate remodeling similar to giving birth! It is painful when going through it, but afterwards you sort of forget all of that for the joy that comes to follow! We spent many, many months on our kitchen remodel and can relate!

    I love your inspiration pictures, especially the Carrara marble tub. That one is especially gorgeous! I’m a fan of keeping things classic, as well.

    I’m sure whatever you finally decide on will be beautiful. I’m looking forward to seeing the “after” bathroom.

    Enjoy the process!

  36. First of all I appreciate you for the beautiful work, house looking very gorgeous and I surprise after seeing such beautiful wall. Thanks for creating and sharing superb information of home decor.

  37. John Britton says:

    We were refurbishing our bathroom and were looking for some ideas to ace the idea. I went through the blog and found so many versatile ideas that helped us in completion of the task. Also, thanks for sharing the complete details on walls and detailing. Best Blog! Thanks!

  38. Love how you decorate! We have to update 3 bathrooms and I was wondering – did you finish your bathroom? Can you provide a link to pictures? I would love to see the finished bath!

    1. I’m still working on the finishing touches. Look for it this fall.

  39. Cheryl A Looke says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I love reading your bathroom blog, do you have any photos of the finished upstairs bathroom that you can share. I am starting to remodel our bathroom and it looks like your bathroom is very similar and I am curious of the finished look.

    Thank you.

  40. Alisa Hutchins says:

    Can I see the shower that is shown next to the beautiful tub with the chandelier and glass shelves?