The very first thing I decorate for Christmas every year is the mantel in our family room. And each year I try to create a different look. This year I was inspired by TREES! Trees have shown up in almost every room here at StoneGable. For the family room, I kept the trees very natural except for the garland of tiny stars that trim them. And this year I’m loving decking my halls in bright red and white with a little bit of dramatic black! Let’s take a look at my tree inspired Christmas mantel!


I’m thrilled to be part of…


A big thank you to Suzy from Worthing Court for hosting this fun blog event!


This year my mantel theme seemed to flow off the mantel and down onto the floor repeating elements such as stars, Christmas trees, and cheery colors!


But let’s start at the beginning. I began the Christmas mantel with a bed of greens. Not a garland but lots of bits and pieces of greens I’ve collected for year and years. My favorite way to dress a ledge in greenery is to use a little bit of this and that. For some reason I like the organic way it all comes together. 

I then entwined 100 little lights into the greens. I have a double outlet in the middle of my mantel that comes in handy for lighting Christmas greens!



To the greens I added dimensional stars that had little holes in the center of them so the Christmas lights could peek through! I made these last year for the big Christmas tree in the family room and recycled them on the mantel this year.

I also added a few pinecones, red ornament balls, and iron stocking holders. The week before Christmas I’ll share how I am using them! Hint: FUN stocking tutorial coming!


Each tree was placed in a white container.  The little tree on the black chippy bench was put in a 2 cup measuring cup!


The larger tree on the mantel went into a white ironstone mixing bowl.




And the tree on the floor went into a white ceramic beverage container filled with red, silver and white ornaments!



This year my mantel is decorated with a warm and cheery farmhouse feel! 


Decorating styles can vary all over North America. Enjoy visiting these other fabulous blogs to see how they’ve decorated their Christmas mantels in the region where they live!


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  1. Judy Tower says:

    Your mantel are beautiful. I don’t have a fireplace so i don’t have a mantel.
    I was hoping you could show some shelf decorations. Book shelfs, entertainment centers, side tables etc.
    I have gotten a lot of ideas from your post but need a little more help.
    Thank you.

    1. You could transfer many of these ideas to a shelf or tabletop. Stop back Friday and see how I decorated my open shelves for Christmas.

  2. Tracy Longhenry says:

    Love the movement created by the trees and pops of red and white.

  3. Annie Melillo says:

    Your lovely posts are really getting me in the Christmas spirit! Thank u for your dedication.

  4. Linda Godwin says:

    Love love love your mantel! Thanks again for sharing your tips, especially that you don’t use a garland but bits and pieces of greenery.

  5. Kim Horsey says:

    Your mantle is beautiful! So bright and cheery for when the winter days become long and dark. I love the trees in the white containers and the red accents!

  6. Karen Gamble says:

    I love small Christmas trees . Decorate separate tree for each grandchild.

    1. Marcy Leonard says:

      Was scrolling down to comment on Lisa’s post and saw yours–love the idea of tree each grandchild

  7. Patricia T says:

    I don’t have a mantel either, as one commenter said, but I use your mantel ideas on a buffet in the dining room. Works just as well. Looks like I’m going to be making star garlands for the next couple of days! I love the way the small trees look! It’s a beautiful arrangement, as usual, Yvonne. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Christmas is beautiful. I like all the white with the red color thrown in and the greenery. I am starting mine today.

  9. R the trees real- I’m doing 2 smaller tabletop ones this year. I have the large white pitcher and love how it looks. Thx

    1. Hi Sherry, the trees are faux. They would drop and get dry by Christmas if they were real.

  10. Karen Galloway says:

    I love the trees and will be incorporating those in mydecorating this year

  11. Lynn Spencer says:

    I adore your gorgeous little trees!!

  12. Love the Christmas trees!

  13. Carol Davis says:

    Love the look of the small forest of trees. This is something I would do at our office before we retired. Simple, different heights and a ‘forest’ floor of cotton snow surrounded by a small picket fence. Love all the locations you have found for your little trees.

  14. Nan, Odessa, De says:

    Just lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    How do you get the trees to stand in each of these white holders?
    Is that a chamber pot with the tallest tree? What is keeping it standing straight?
    Please answere.

    1. Hi Nan, the largest tree on the floor is in a beverage container. The trees are weighted in the bottom and that anchors them.

  15. Your home is always decorated beautifully and that is especially true this season. Thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Yvonne….you say that your geenery is artificial???? It looks so real….. Love your mantel…. beautiful. I dont have a mantel either but I certainly use your ideas for my table and shelves.Thank you..Such classy farmhouse style.?

  17. Linda Buchanan says:

    I am not very crafty but I save Christmas and birthday cards. I cut them up to use a gift tags. I use pinking shears and a hole punch. Then I thread ribbon through the hole.

  18. Sheila Gunderson says:

    Loving your trees and stars mantel theme!

  19. Tina Taylor says:

    It’s beautiful! Would love to see how you decorated your shelves above the tv, too.

  20. Anne Marie says:

    Simple beautiful!!! You are amazing.

  21. What great ideas! Your home is beautiful decorated for the season. Love, love, love.

  22. This is the first year we have a mantel, since we added an electric fireplace to our family room. I have been looking for decorating ideas for it and you’ve helped a lot! Thank you for sharing!

  23. I love Christmas and for the past four years, I haven’t decorated for the holy day. We always leave the day after Christmas and hubby felt that it would be futile to not appreciate the decorations for the full extent of the season. Well, I felt as if there was something missing. I am decorating this year whether I can appreciate one day or one month. Thank you for all the tips!

  24. Jennifer Cook says:

    love the tree in the beverage container…..adorbs!

  25. Beautiful mantel Yvonne! I especially love the use of white bowls and cups. It adds a unique interest to the mantel.

  26. Your mantel is very pretty I like the three trees

  27. Love the trees in the ironstone pots!

  28. I never thought to use ironstone on the mantel, but I’m going to try it now!

  29. Maggie Kent says:

    Mondays are my day off and I am perusing blogs for inspiration as my mantel is the first thing I am doing as well! Not only inspired but in awe of how pretty yet casual your seems to be, my favorite style for sure! Thanks for giving me the motivation to do something different!

  30. Ann Goulet says:

    Love all the white containers you used for trees!

  31. Yvonne, your mantel is just beautiful!! I love, love, love the trees! I’m enjoying being in the Christmas Mantels Around America tour with you!

  32. Great job! Did you make the dimensional stars? Do you have a tutorial? Can’t wait to see all your ideas for the rest of your home.

  33. I just love the trees in the different white ironstone! The addition of the white stars is simple yet so pretty.

  34. Pure delight! This styling certainly bears your signature Yvonne. Thank you.

  35. Your mantel is awesome, as always, my friend! I love your use of varying heights of trees and stars. And the little pops of red bring it to life!

  36. Linda Manuel says:

    LOVE that big star and how well it coordinates with that beautiful (call me green with envy!) clock!! Just perfect.

  37. Rosalinda DeLucia says:

    I love the look of your mantle especially the addition of the stars and inspires me to change my theme this year

  38. Such a beautiful mantel. Those large stars are gorgeous!

  39. What a gorgeous ante love, Yvonne. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful mantels, it was so fun to see all of these decorating ideas!

  40. Maureen Bancewicz says:

    Yvonne I love how you carried the star theme from the tree garland, the stars you made last year, from above to below with the larger metal stars and again the star garland on the tree on the floor. It’s a wonderful balance! You get a STAR for your creativeness!!

  41. I love this mantel Yvonne! It’s so cheery. I’m a fan of light – the lighter the better. You have achieved that wonderfully!

  42. Vicki N. Martin says:

    I love trees too Yvonne. So pretty.

  43. Marty Oravetz says:

    Love your little trees. Absolutely stunning

  44. I enjoy your blog… so many inspirational ideas. I especially like the more natural way of decorating for Christmas…. just beautiful!

  45. Love the trees and how you used the white
    ironstone for containers.I like adding the stars
    for some whimsy.

  46. OMGoodness, I so love it! Stars, mini trees, did I mention stars……giggle! You out did yourself this year and yet I can see the simplicity of it…….going to try and implement some of your wonderful ideas this year! Already got some new greenery at Small Business Saturday and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more! Thank Bunches for all you do to inspire us everyday!

  47. Nancy Carroll says:

    Love the containers you used for your trees! Great idea!

  48. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    Yvonne, thanks for the decorating inspiration.I love your mantle, especially the small star garland. My grandaughter is always coming to our home and asking what projects she can make. We will be making stars lots and lots of stars. Thanks again and have a great day!

  49. Susan Schexnayder says:

    I always get inspired to think out side the box when I visit your site. It’s always a treat and I find myself flagging not deleting your emails. 🙂 The mantle looks inviting – it makes you want to linger with a cup of coffee or cocoa.

  50. Valerie Tingley says:

    Love the idea of utilizing non-traditional containers to hold the trees!

  51. Love your blog…always gives me inspiration and new ideas.

  52. Maggie Nelson says:

    I love your ideas and also like the touch of red on the wrapped gifts.

  53. Love your decorations!

  54. Love the different sizes and shapes of trees and pots, love them all. I especially like the little star garlands. I hope you’ll show us all the trees that have shown up in all the rooms at StoneGable throughout the season. I don’t want to miss even one!

  55. Love those stars. Did you have a tutorial from last year. Great concept putting a tiny hole in middle ?!!

  56. WENDY HOWELL says:

    Love the mantel and the use of organic elements. So cheerful and inviting looking!!

  57. Babette Thurston says:

    Beautiful Yvonne! I especially love the trees!! Where did get those? I love the height and how they have space for ornaments or garland! Love it!!

  58. Your mantel is just lovely, Yvonne! It is chock full of cheery farmhouse goodness. I always enjoy seeing all of the detail you put into your decor. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your holiday home!!

  59. Love how fresh and bright your family room is decorated for Christmas!

  60. I love how your mantel theme seems to flow off the mantel and down onto the floor repeating elements such as stars, Christmas trees, and cheery colors! These are your words, but I love it when a freature flows somewhere else. We finished decorating our mantel last evening. In the center below the hung wreath are LED battery operated candles of 7 varying heights with greenery around them. The candles even have a remote control.

  61. Carol Elkins says:

    Your mantel is beautiful!

  62. Nancy Bailey says:

    Once again you are the inspiration for my Christmas decor. I LOVE the large star and notice that you use it consistently. Can you provide suggestions on where to find it? I can’t tell if it is wood or metal. Thank you!

  63. Such a pretty look – warm and welcoming, too! I like the idea of using pieces of different greenery for the natural variety they offer and for not having to wrestle with stiff and obstinate garland!

  64. Planning on replicating the idea of small trees in white containers. Makes a statement!

  65. Your beautifully decorating home is such an inspiration to me! I look forward to your post every day, and always come away with new ideas to try. My husband of 50 years is enjoying the new decor that keeps popping up here and there, and he actually tells me how pretty everything looks, without any prompting from me. Now that’s a real compliment! Thank you so much, Yvonne, for sharing your expertise with those of us who find good home decor a bit of a challenge! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  66. Barbara Adams says:

    I love the look, but I am begging you to paint some black on the clock so that it pops out from your wall. … Just the outer three inch rim…pleeeeeeze??? lol

  67. So glad to see some color in your decorations and I love the trees in the white pots! Great ideas and placements!

  68. Beautiful. Love the trees in their white pots.

  69. Margaret B. says:

    Love this look and your using the white dishes and pots to hold the trees. Also liked how you placed the ornaments around the bottom of the tree on the floor. Great ideas and thanks for sharing them!

  70. The mantel is my favourite place to start decorating and it is the one thing I really miss by far the most when the decorations have to come down. I love using natural greens as well as some twinkling lights, then with the fire burning and the lights dimmed the atmosphere is perfect!

  71. Once again your decorating style is inspiring. Thanks for all the ideas!

  72. I like the use of “white” – cannot go wrong.

  73. I love the use of the white containers. I am definitely going to copy what you’ve done. Lots of great ideas to borrow – thank you for giving me some great ideas for this year with my mantel!

  74. Your mantel is gorgeous! I bet it is even better lit up at night.

  75. Lindy mcgaughey says:

    Love, love, love your look. Darling! Where did you find the large tree on the floor,? Will you share?

  76. Laura Fredette says:

    Love it! however i think the clock should have been smaller!To me,it over powers the space! I love seeing all the stuff you do!Happy Holidays! GF !

  77. Yvonne, I love all the trees and the stars, what a fun, happy, festive theme for your home!! As always you did a wonderful job creating a happy Christmas home!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  78. Gorgeous! I can’t get over those trees. Did you buy those local?


  79. Love it! So beautiful. Wish I could do something nice with my mantel, but I have a corner mantel around my wood burning stove so it’s harder to style.

  80. Debbie DuBois says:

    Just wondering if you ever light your fireplace? We have a wood burning fireplace which we have a fire in almost every day during the winter months. No hanging stockings or putting real garland around our fireplace….fire hazard. Any suggestions on decorating a fireplace with a fire in it.

    1. Our fireplace is a gas burning fireplace. It throws off lots of heat. I do move any things in front of it when we want to use it.

  81. Haven’t started yet, but you certainly have inspired me! Thanks for all the great ideas –

  82. Diane Westbrook says:

    Hello! I just love it all!! Especially the stars! Going to see if I can copy what you have very pretty!! Thanks for the ideas and of course the generous giveaway!! Merry, Merry!

  83. Wow! I LOVE your ideas! I am inspired by the natural look and the pops of color that you chose. I have a love of Christmas stars this year and was excited to see that you have incorporated them in your decor as well. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and ideas with us!

  84. Love the mantel trees….especially using the containers that are already in the house….!

  85. Stunning! Your sense of style and color always amaze me! Thanks so very much for sharing your home 😀

  86. So inspiring! Absolutely lovely!

  87. I love the festive look. I have always adored your stars.

  88. I really like the way you used the simple, white kitchen containers. The trees all look so festive in them.

  89. This is just lovely! The trees are perfect- and I love all of the extra touches around the fireplace. I’m so happy to have joined in on this blog hop with you and discover your beautiful blog!

  90. Warm, cheerful and simple. I love your mantle!!!Gives me an idea. Thanks!

  91. says:

    Yvonne, your emails and photos are what I look at each morning that they arrive, with my first cup of coffee!! I re read them, take notes and study your photos! I love your tree and star theme! For me, Christmas really is represented by trees! I adore them and they make me so happy! I love the ironstone containers in which you put your trees! My Mom left me her collection and I plan to use them creatively like you!! I am also bored with my walls and I’m thinking very seriously of trying sonnet in my living room and dining room! It looks like a warm, joyful color and I love how it works with your neutrals and black! Tomorrow, my mission is to look for some faux boxwood accessories! Thank-you for your beautiful step by step directions! I can’t wait until your next post!

  92. Ann Black says:

    ‘Another display of gorgeous decor.

  93. I adore your trees! I’m using “borrowing” some of your ideas for my mantle! The look is beautiful!!

  94. Cathy Murphy says:

    Love all you do. I think you will be my virtual Christmas!

  95. Your mantel looks beautiful! You can’t beat classic white for Christmas decor. Merry Christmas to you & your family.

  96. i look forward to your Christmas mantel every year….every year as beautiful as the next…Love the tree inspired theme!…Beautiful and cozy!!

  97. Gorgeous as always my friend and I think we had the same love affair of trees going on this year with our mantels! So fun being apart of this tour with you!

  98. Love using ornaments as filler in the base of your xmas tree pottery. Colorful and creative.

  99. Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration! Stars have been my Christmas decorating go-to for years. Last year, I used paper whites on my mantle and although I love them, I found them too droopy and I was constantly spinning them to keep them upright. Thanks for the tree idea! I already have the mini star garlands so now I just need to find trees to fit the space since my mantle is on the small side. I’m jealous of your double outlet!

  100. This is one of the loveliest mantels I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  101. Marilyn Gillis says:

    Love the mantel and the little black stool! I love doing my mantel each year as well. A home without a fireplace is a deal breaker for me!!

  102. I love all the elements you use in your mantel. Absolultely beautiful! The shutters add a great touch!
    So creative!

  103. Gorgeous and so inspiring. Those shutters are the bomb.

  104. Great tips and inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  105. I enjoy looking at your Christmas decorating ideas in your home. Your presents are beautifully wrapped too.

  106. Oh, I bet it looks magical at night. It is so simple and yet elegant. I so enjoy seeing what clever ideas you come up with.

  107. Thanks so much for your wonderful ideas, especially today, since I am “working” on my mantle.

  108. Shirley Brayman says:

    Your mantel is gorgeous! I love decorating with trees also!

  109. Avril Crundwell says:

    I love fireplaces and mantels. I grew up with several in my parents home. Sadly it has never been my pleasure to live in a home with a fireplace or mantel. I’ve moved tooooo many times.(48 X and counting) Sigh. The up side is I get to keep using my creativity in a new space regularly. Hahaha

  110. Karen Webster says:

    Love your beautiful mantle Yvonne. As always your creativity iinspires me.

  111. I so love your mantel!! Love how you used the white mixing bowl and pitcher and all the star’s are those 1inch stars?

  112. Emily Garvey says:

    Thank you for the fresh ideas. I usually do my mantel the same way every year but anxious to try something different this year thanks to you!

  113. Lanita Anderson says:

    Love your Christmas mantel, Yvonne!! So festive…..I especially love the small tree in the white dish with red ornaments at the base!! What a great idea…. Thanks for sharing – very much enjoying all of your Christmas posts!

  114. Your Xmas decoration is breathing, especially your mantel.

  115. I love everything about your festive mantle. It surely gets me in the spirit of Christmas.

  116. Your mantle is lovely. Thanks for all the tips and ideas.

  117. JOYCE MAXWELL says:

    Yvonne, I Love the simplicity and attention to detail — I have been following you for awhile and have recently entered the ”blogging world” myself. I pray I inspire and motive people to ”love” their homes the way you so obviously do.

    1. WELCOME to the wonderful world of blogging, Joyce! What is your blog?

  118. I love your mantel, it is beautiful. Please tell me where you found your great clock, it would be perfect for my mantel.

  119. I love your mantel! I too stocked up on trees to decorate with this season and am so glad I saw your post. You have such great ideas for placing your trees in interesting containers.
    Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait to get started.

  120. Laura Harrie says:

    The white stars tie everything together, lovely

  121. Sally Anderson says:

    Such a beautiful Blog. I love all of your ideas! The curtain rod stocking holder is spot on! Thank you.