TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

Now is the perfect time of year to transition out of all the pumpkins and fall decor we love (sniff, sniff, sniff) and pare down to just a simple few decor elements that give a nod to the current season. Earlier this week I posted Why I Love Transitional Decorating and got such a great response I knew I hit upon a topic that resonated with many of you.  You, like me, love the idea of scaling down decor between seasons and holidays to give yourself time to put all the decorations away and give your home a little “breathing room” before decorating for the next season! So, today I’m sharing my transitional dining room! This is how I decorate from now to Thanksgiving!


TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

My dining room has a cleaner, less-is-more look. This time of year it begins to sports colors that are a little darker and richer which nicely contrasts with the light neutrals in the dining room! 

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

There is something I love about stripping down my rooms after a big season like fall and getting them back to their authentic selves!

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

For November I put a transitional vignette on the concrete dining room table. Instead of using a galvanized metal tray or basket I chose a worn wooden crate/tray. It brings in the warmth I’m longing for and love this time of year.

My goal was to create a vignette that had a simple, clean look and had some elements of the season. After a dozen or more blue, green and white pumpkins tumbling down the center of my table all fall long this vignette is a much welcomed exchange.

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

Like my family room, pinecones play a role in my late fall dining room decor. Pinecones from a fall dough bowl arrangement are now scattered across the bottom of the wooden tray. Pinecones are not just for Christmas. They work beautifully with fall decor too!

I also tucked two small deer sheds in the corner of the crate. Gotta love deer sheds!

Feathers from one of my son-in-law Jonathan’s recent pheasant hunts stand tall in a glass cylinder. They are the perfect fall embellishment!

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

Mercury glass is a must in my home from fall to spring! I love its sparkle and hints of silver and gold! Especially when the nights are long, these pretty candles keep my feeling cozy with their warm glow!

Last Christmas I invested in 3 big faux boxwood plants and 3 mercury glass cache pots. I’m so glad I did! They are such a favorite of mine. And they are just the right organic looking decor for this late fall vignette! Did you notice I repeated the boxwood on the buffet behind the dining room table?

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

To vary the height of this late fall vignette I added a stack of burlap covered books to the mix and put the cache pot on it! 

This vignette has that rustic/glam look I love! How about you? What decor combinations make you swoon?
TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

And what puts the glam in rustic/glam more than a mongolian lamb skin? I’m using it in my Christmas decorations this year, but I just had to pull it our a little early!

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving


The buffet is also dressed up for late fall. Gone are the mini pumpkins and the globe amaranth and in their place is a simple creamer with smaller pheasant feathers. 

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

The dining room bar has been cleaned off and freshened up too! 


TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

Don’t you love these sparkly silver and gold pinecones? I mixed them with the real deal and put them in a pedestalled fluted bowl. You don’t need to wait until Christmas to pull out some nature-inspired decorations. Use them now!!!! Add a few pretty silver or gold ornaments with pinecone or acorns. 

TRANSITIONAL DINING ROOM DECOR- An easy way to decorate from late fall through Thanksgiving

Now, it’s your turn…  What room will you pare down for late fall?




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  1. You just gave me permission to get rid of all the pumpkins and orange colored elements, I was feeling a little bit guilty 😉

  2. I love the way you mixed real and faux pinecones. I have a lot of them and acorns too and you have inspired me to use them before the Christmas season.

  3. Love your break between seasons but I do it a little differently. I so love my autumn decor that I wait till after Thanksgiving to take it down,then I pack it up and do some deep cleaning to get ready for Christmas. I have a birthday at the beginning of Dec. and it has always been our family tradition to wake to do our Christmas decorating after this celebration. Always find Jan a hard month for me to decorate so will use some of your transitional ideas for that time of year. Thanks Evonne for all you hard work to give us fresh ideas. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. Please tell me where I can find the boxwood and caches! They are so pretty and I love your home! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Find the “get the look” towards the bottom of the post. You will find a similar one there. The exact ones I got last year are no longer available. Hope this helps.

  5. Until reading your blog it never occurred to me how many ways pinecones can be used. This fall I incorporated them into vignettes both indoors & on our front porch. I plan to use them as fillers in the bottoms of lanterns for the winter season with non burning candles. Thanks for showing us how to use economical ways to decorate!

  6. Tried to private email to you but it would not “Submit” after I passed the “test”. (no need to post this – just wanted you to know) You have an ad on your latest post that looks like it might lead to a bad website or possibly a virus. Just thought you might want to check it out. I’m afraid to click the “x” to remove the ad from the picture – don’t want to get a virus. It’s covering the close up picture of the tray on the concrete table. Says it an ad from “TruthFinder” – “CAUTION: This background report may be graphic. We do ot censor our reports. We trust you to use this information responsibly. Please do not abuse this tool or we may be forced to take it offline. The content of the report might surprise you, so please prepare yourself for the unexpected” Offers the “x” to close the ad or Enter Site in blue letters.

  7. I love your dining room! It’s so fresh and beautiful! I’m paring down a little for Thanksgiving as well, although I do have some Bethany Lowe paper mache pilgrims and turkeys I place about. I love how bright and beautiful your dining room is, it’s very cheerful!

  8. It’s been too long since I’ve visited! Shame on me! LOL! Yvonne, this is one of my favorite rooms in your home…everything is perfect! I notice you put a slip cover on the bench, and it looks darling! I’m slowly piecing my dining room together, and I can’t wait until it’s done. Your my hero when it comes to decorating:)

  9. I love your use of mercury glass throughout the year. It has become one of my favorite decorating finishes, too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and decor. You are so inspiring!

  10. Now I have ideas for my glass pinecones! Love how your neutral room can take on so many changes with the seasons…

  11. Your transitional decor is beautiful! Unfortunately I can’t make that happen at my house. Because of a really large function we host in early December, because our loft is huge, and because I also decorate my church, Christmas decorating begins November 1st! It takes me a month to get it all done. The only fall decor that stays up through Thanksgiving is the centerpiece on the dining table.

  12. Yvonne, thank you for the wonderful ideas! I too, like the less is more decor. I’m really can’t wait to see your Christmas decorations and your transition to January. I always have a hard time after the holidays, after all the bright, glittery, light twinkling,hoopla of Christmas, January seems really drab inside and out! My husband always says after Christmas, “the living room looks so bare” and he is even a minimal kind of guy! LOL

    1. Hi Sammi: I’m usually dying for something “live and green” so will buy a nice houseplant of some type and/or scented bulbs such as Paperwhites. I like the look of old books with their lovely rich colors and gilt lettered spines and use those in vignettes. bring out my glass insulators, blue agate bookends, old corbels and so on. There are lots of items one can use. Just think about what YOU love and bring your personality into the room. Of course, don’t forget throws and perhaps, a change in pillows on the couch.

  13. I, too, just LOVE decorating for fall! But gosh, it does feel good when lots of it gets put away again until the Christmas stuff comes out in just a short amount of time. Always love being inspired by your blog!!!

  14. My dining room is looking a little cluttered! Your idea about the tray is perfect, I will be shopping my house for one. Thanks for the inspiration, always enjoy you thing you do.

  15. So practical but so elegant!!!!!
    Yvonne.. you’re such a wonderful
    Inspiration every time I read your post!!!
    Thank you for always boasting my spirits!!

  16. I really like to pare down between early autumn and Thanksgiving. I feel like it gives our eyes a rest and then we bring out Christmas decor to enjoy.

    I love what you’ve done on your table Yvonne.

  17. Your dining room is lovely! I, too, enjoy using Mercury glass and preserved greenery. And pinecones! Including muted sparkly ones!

  18. You know what I like about the trays and crates that you use is that you can easily remove decorations before a dinner. In my ranch style house, the dining room is part of the living room. I always have seasonal decorations on it but they are usually too tall to leave on the table with dinner. I hadn’t used trays or crates until I started following your blog. It’s been wonderful!

  19. I love.mercury glass too! I own a few candleholders such as those in your photo but the cache pot is stunning! I also love the use of pine ones for winter decor. So great that it works for both fall and winter. Thanks, as always for the inspiration, Yvonne!

  20. Good Morning Yvonne! I always look forward to open your emails!! What wonderful taste and styling talent!! I’ve taken a lot of your ideas and incorporated them into my own home. I really appreciate your “Get the Look” as it makes it easier to duplicate some of your great ideas. Looking forwrd to seeing your home decked out for Christmas!!!

  21. Love the crate, pheasant feathers, and mercury glass! Will probably keep a few pumpkins around( especially the white painted faux pumpkins that you taught us how to do!). Great ideas , as always!

  22. Beautiful Yvonne! I removed my Halloweeny pumpkins but I have a number of deep orange glass ones that I’m going to continue to display through November. Plus, I have these crazy marigolds and zinnias that are still going strong in the garden so I am going to add some fresh flower arrangements to my fall vignettes. I recently read that marigolds ward off evil spirits so I am going to bring some indoors in an attempt to cleanse any bad vibes that might be remaining from this contentious election season. Ha, ha!

    P.S.: I drive my husband crazy with all of the pinecones I have in bags in our basement. We have four white pines so there is never a shortage!

  23. Your fresh and light style is so different than my Thanksgiving décor which is warmer and richer and more traditional. That being said, I really like your cleaner and more minimalist look. Thanks for the food for thought.

  24. I,ve never thought to transition between Thanksgiving and Christmas before and I love the idea! The use of mercury glass, feathers, deer sheds, and pinecones have always been favorites of mine for winter. I love, love the silver/gold pinecones. Your transitional look is elegant, soothing, and fabulous!

  25. Just the kickstarter I needed today! We have a really big–casually elegant–dinner party to host in two weeks. Didn’t really want a Thanksgiving theme for this one. Should have remembered “tis a gift to be simple”–and yet autumnal. Now, if the weather will just cooperate and get chilly enough (here in the middle of Texas) to light a fire… Now, I’m off to dust the mercury glass!

  26. I’m in love with the feathers!! And I’m also a love of the mercury glass. Just enough sparkle to feel special.

  27. Yvonne, I love your dining room. It is so welcoming and soothing in the neutral palette. The natural light is something I don’t have much of. Love all the windows.

  28. Like a breath of fresh air! I lOVE the look of textures and neutrals and accents of metal. This look is stunning and while you love it for after Fall, I could live with this all year round. I can see how you look at it as a way to ‘cleanse the palate ‘ before your Christmas decorating. This is a post to pin so I can use it year round! As always, love your look!

  29. Your transitional look is so pleasing, I m getting out my pheasant feathers and pinecones for a clean look.

  30. Your post is very timely. I’m so over Halloween orange. Soft feathers, sparkly silver and warm woods are perfect. Can’t write anymore…got to go change my decor.

  31. Oh how I wish I had your knack for styling beautiful rooms! Love it all.

    Can you tell me was your buffet purchased “as is” or did you paint it? I have an old one from my Hubby’s Grandmother, it’s a dark stained wood. I’ve been tempted to try and paint it similar to yours but I’m not sure I’m talented enough to do it and have it look that lovely.

  32. I use pinecones all year.Just bought a bag of cinnamon
    scented pinecones to use for the holidays,the aroma is so
    calming.I even put pinecones around a plant in an urn next
    to my front door also they look nice in apothecary jars.I like
    your use of them.Your living room & dining room are so
    light and airy,beautiful.

  33. Oh Yvonne! Such wonderful touches to vary décor from one season to another. I have used so many of your ideas in my own home. I do love the mercury pedestal candle sticks and keep looking for similar ones!

  34. It never occurred to me to transition from Fall decorations before Thanksgiving. I usually host Thanksgiving, but this year we will be atour daughter’s house. I think I will take the opportunity to take down the Fall decorations a little early so I can start out with a clean slate the day after Thanksgiving when I start my Christmas decorating. Your dining room is beautiful, as always .

  35. Love your tips Yvonne! I like the idea of putting the pheasant feathers in a clinder vase. Thanks and have a good evening!

  36. I dug out all of my pinecones a few days ago to use in one of my small crates. I love looking at them. There are some red painted ones in the bottom serving as filler, waiting to be brought into play once Thanksgiving is past. I’ve never considered breaking down fall into different categories, but I decorate so mildly for the whole fall seasonthat I enjoy keeping these small touches out through Thanksgiving day. I do like the direction you’re going, though, and think the transition into Christmas decor will be nice.

  37. Wonderful as always! Inspired me to make a change tomorrow.

    My Fall decor was pretty sparse this year so I am able to keep it out a while. I may, however, tweak it this week to have a fresh look for this month.

  38. One year we had a bumper crop of pinecones in our yard. I made wreaths! Yes I was crazy and scrathed up but love the wreaths.

  39. Love this beautiful room. We’ve just moved form a farm house in CA to an older brick city house in TX…hmm…it’s a challenge to decorate. I love the two chairs at either end of your dining room table. Can you share when to purchase them. Thank you

  40. Beautiful as always. I take away all halloween orange but still have some fall decor through Thanksgiving…it is the ultimate fall harvest holiday,after all. And I can’t promise a little Christmas won’t start creeping on soon, either

  41. Love your transitional dining room. I don’t have a formal dining room but my kitchen/dining area is transitional as well. I sometimes struggle to mix the transitional style of my home with the combo of syles that attract me, which are what I call sophisticated lake country with a polished yet warm feel and the crisp clean lines of transitional style. Your new dining table has given me a new idea. Thanks for a wonderful site.

  42. Nice job! I just got my pine cones out too. I get the giant ones. I sprinkled some balsam fir essential oil with clove…I am transitioning into Christmas!

  43. Love the pictures and stories of your new grand baby. He is beautiful! Looks so at peace! I have 10 grandchildren and enjoy them all so much and LOVE being their grandma!

    I so enjoy your blog! Have a wonderful time being a ? new grandma. He is blessed to have you in his life too. Congratulations to the new parents!

  44. Absolutely gorgeous! I love your dining room, with it’s neutral colors and textures with hints of rustic decor mixed in. Just love it!!

  45. I like how you mixed real pine cones with fake! You inspired me to display some of my own collection in a mercury glass bowl on the coffee table. Thanks.

  46. Yvonne, you’ve inspired me so much with your blog! I recently moved into a new house and the amount of decorating is a bit overwhelming to me. However, after finding your blog I feel like I have more direction and confidence about my style choices. Thank you.