TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM-Ideas and tips for adding a little fall to a guest

Having guest here at StoneGable is always such a treat! And fall is my very favorite time to open our doors to overnight guests. This area is so beautiful and the quintessential picture of what fall should be!  I love to bring a little touch of all the outside beauty into the guest rooms as a special treat for my guests. Here are some fun, fabulous and oh, so fall ways to decorate a guest bedroom!

The room I am featuring today is not my primary guest bedroom. So, because I don’t share it very often I thought you would like to see it dressed up for fall.

Today we are talking about tucking a tad of fall into our guest rooms, not dumping the fall haywagon into the room. A little goes a long, long way!

I believe that a guest room should be very uncluttered to give my guest room to move around in their room. So, I’m very discriminating in adding bits of fall to the room!

TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest


This room has a distinctly farmhouse/cottage feel. To work with the room I used white, blue and orange fall elements.

Just something to think about, make sure your guest don’t have allergies to anything that you bring in from the outdoors. 


TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest

Mini pumpkins are perfect for guest bedrooms! They are small and unobtrusive and who doesn’t love these darling fall veggies-turned-decoration!

I added a baby boo pumpkin to the top of the books stacked on the bench. It’s so cute and a very fun way to add a little fall to the room.

I tucked a blue pumpkin (they sorta look green to me) in the scale of the clock. It wouldn’t be my decor if I didn’t add a little “fluff” around the bottom of the pumpkin! I like to add a little orange to blue and white in the fall. Orange and blue are complimentary colors and look amazing together!

TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest

Did you notice the oops in the image above? If you found it tell me in the comments of this post!

TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest


I say, “Any excuse to buy more pillows”! If you add one seasonal element to your guest room, or any room this fall, make it a fall inspired pillow! There are so many wonderful ones to choose from. Click HERE to see FALL PILLOW LOVE. A post that has lots of resources for fall pillows!

TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest

These over-the-top gorgeous pumpkin pillows are made from paintings by the very talented Lucy from Craftberry Bush. I love love love her blog and her too! What a sweet spirit! I purchased these pillows from SOCIETY 6. Their pillow covers are very reasonably priced.

TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest


TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest

Flowers are a must in my guest rooms. Just a small vase or pitcher of them on the bedside table makes any guest feel very cared for and special!

Mums that are transplanted in cute pots or marigolds from the garden would be a lovely way to let your guests know you are happy they are visiting you.


TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest

When my family comes to visit they love to go through my magazines and enjoy them! I try to stock up the guest room with some favorite fall reads!

I keep hunting and golfing magazines for the men.


TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest


This is the time of year I get out throws and tartans and put a couple in each guest room. Our guests can cover their laps as they sit in a chair or grab a throw and cover themselves if they want to take a little nap. Throws add a great layer of texture and color to a room too!

The blue tartan that is pared with the white quilt was bought in England when I was a little girl! Wool tartan “car rugs” wear like iron and a very warm. I love having them around the house in chilly weather!

TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest

Warm, cozy and so inviting! 5 easy ways to bring a little of the fall season we all love into our guest rooms! 

TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM- Easy ways to add a tad of the season to your geuest

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TIPS FOR A FABULOUS FALL GUEST ROOM-Ideas and tips for adding a little fall to a guest

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  1. Oops! Forgot to take the lense cap when you took the pic! Aside from that little faux pas, you achieved perfection! The room is every bit the cozy retreat that anyone would be blessed to snuggle into for a comfortable fall night.

  2. Your guest room was so inviting…I could easily slip into it comfortably. The fall touches are perfect… love the oranges and blues together.
    The lens cap “oops” was perfect…shows normalcy?
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love that look, the blues are beautiful and the pumpkins really are a great pairing. Looks like your lens cap made it into your photo shoot?

  4. LOL! Everybody’s teasing about the lens cap I didn’t even notice it. What I do notice are those lovely pillows. I LOVE them! I also love the bath robes hanging up, what a lovely thing to do for your guests. I would love to come stay in that guest room!

  5. Love this cozy inviting room for fall in shades of blue! Thank you for the link to the pillow covers; I’ve been searching for fall pillows that don’t scream burnt orange, rust and red.

    I missed the lens cover; thought there was tag on that frame but cannot really see it clearly from the angle.

    I love the way you softened the mums with other flowers; great way to add a touch of fall with a neutral color palette.

  6. Beautifully adorned for Fall, the guest room is perfection. I have the pillow cover you have on the chair, and it really surpassed my expectations. Will definitely be selecting more designs in the future. Thanks for sharing your beautiful room and providing great tips too. Always look forward to your posts.

  7. The camera lens cap! I always had a problem with my defiant lens cap too, until I spotted one ATTACHED to my brother-in-laws camera. I purchased my little ‘attachment thingie’ for under $10. at Best Buy, but you can probably get one anywhere cameras/equipment are sold. Problem solved.

  8. Where did you purchase the adorable rabbit above the bed? Love it!!! Second….your pictures are wonderful and I am not sure why people need to pick the shots apart and worry about the lens cap. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for sticking up for me, you are so kind. I asked all of your to tell me what was out of place in one of my images. So sweet of you though! The rabbit came from a local shop FRESH VINTAGE BY AMY. If you are ever in Strasburb, Pa it’s a must stop!

  9. Since everyone has spotted the “oops”….then I will move on. I always love how you decorate and add your own charm to rooms. I am on my way to the pillow website, too! Love those colors!

  10. So glad to see the lense cover in the photos. Love when people are comfortable enough with themselves that they don’t go crazy being perfect. You home and you are just wonderfully made. Enjoyed the guest room.

  11. I love the way you decorate and you have some of the best ideas. It makes me want to get busy and do all these beautiful things in my home. May God bless you in every endeavor you persue.

  12. I love blues, whites, and oranges together. The little pop of yellow in the floral arrangement is nice too. You know how to do it, Yvonne. Such a sweet place for your guests. Who would not want to visit?
    Happy Autumn!

  13. Somebody forgot their lens cap maybe. LOL! I’m in love with your guest room. I would love to spend the night or two there. Loving on the fall pillows. Simply gorgeous.

  14. The oops is your camera lens. I kept looking at it, thinking to myself that it was some kind of décor that I could not identify. I enlarged the picture to get a better look, then starting laughing because I have done that very thing so many times. Before my health caused me to close my photography business, my “famous” camera lens was a joke with my clients. It became a kind of “Find the Lens” game to my clients and started being something I purposely put in one of their photos. If they found it and told me about doing so, I offered a free framed photo of their choosing. Fun way to get clients to really “notice” their photos, and an advertising help for my small photography shop. Things such as this advertising “find me”, are great for any business, so feel free to use it, or other similar ones, to boost your business, by having some fun that clients will enjoy and remember.

  15. Yvonne, You could scatter all your lens caps around that room and I would still LOVE to stay there! How peaceful and inviting for tired guests! Your little extra touches of the robes and throws and fresh flowers give guests such a sense of welcome and you are so right about giving people room to move about and put their own luggage. I love it all! Linda

  16. So beautiful but yet so cozy and welcoming. Great tips that not only work for a guest room but any bedroom where you want just a touch of the season. Thanks Yvonne.

  17. Love your guest room – it looks bright and very cozy! I’m redoing a guest room now -looking forward to using some of your great ideas!

  18. It looks like you left the camera lens cover laying on the chest.
    By the way, I’m new to SG and I’m enjoying your blog. In fact, I’m new to blogging, so thanks for sharing and getting me started. Your blog inspires and reminds me of my blessings.

  19. We are still enjoying our hot summer here, not sure I am ready to start decorating for fall yet, but absolutely love these pillows. This bedroom is beautiful, so warm and inviting. I will definitely be making a trip to Pier 1 …hope they have the blue pumpkin here at our store …love it.

  20. Yvonne, I thank you so much for turning me on to Elliott-Heath Designs and Society 6 for ordering pillows! I have always bought my pillows from Pottery Barn (I love that you can just buy the covers there) and Pier 1. But thanks to you, I got the blue pumpkin pillows last year that you featured, and they are perfect in my guest room. I got several new fall pillows from these two sites and just love them. I try to get a new cover each year, too, but since I bought several last year, I’ll keep my itchy finger off the keyboard when viewing pillows this fall!.

  21. Oops or not, what a beautiful room. I too love an excuse wink to buy pillows! The camera lens – a little bonus. Where did you find your clock scale?

  22. Camera lens cover? 😉

    I would not have thought to have paired such a deep blue with the room as soft as it feels, but I like it!

  23. Yvonne, I love your decorating. I am not a prude but I went on Society 6 to view pillows and I was aghast at some of the wording and surprised that you would recommend this site. Now their ad keeps popping up on my computer and the poster that is being shone is as racy as it can be. Please be aware before you recommend sites. I usually go right to your recommendations because they
    are normally exceptional- in a GOOD WAY. Please take a look at their pillow page and delete the advice. I know you are above this.