Let’s make a winter wreath! I’m sharing three winter wreath DIY’s that will give a cozy, wooly and warm welcome to all who come to your front door! And they are so easy to make! Let’s get started!


The first winter wreath is as easy as making a ball of yarn…

If you can roll a ball of yarn onto a styrofoam ball you can make this wreath! It’s really fun and therapeutic!

Wouldn’t you love this on your front OR back door? 

You do not need to be crafty to make this fluffy wreath. Go HERE to find the tutorial!


The next winter wreath diy is one you can make from scraps of old sweaters…

I have to admit this is my favorite winter wreath for a bunch of reasons. First, the images don’t do it justice AT ALL!!!! It is so so pretty!!!! And I love that I reused old sweaters from my closet and Goodwill. And it was beyond easy to make!!!!! 

To see this easy-peasy tutorial click HERE.


And here is the winter wreath that started it all…

The Anthropologie Pom-Pom Wreath. I love its lush, lush look!


I saw this wreath at Anthropologie and loved it and then thought… “I bet I could make this”. And so I did! To see an easy peasy tutorial for this wreath click HERE.

I made the pom pom’s with a pom pom maker you can find HERE.

Choose one of these winter wreath diy’s for your home!

If you make one of these please send me a picture!!!!

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  1. Hi Elaine—All three wreaths are so pretty and wintry. I am wondering if I can use an evergreen wreath that is not just holly but different kinds of greenery leaves— but no ivy? It is not fresh therefore well last year around. I can try to hang three pinecones on it like your wreath! Would appreciate a real honest answer!

  2. Happy New Year Yvonne!
    Hope you are completely recovered and enjoying this frigid weather! I love it too!! Hoping for snow here in Virginia!! The wreaths are beautiful and so creative. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I LOVE everything about it!! Your spiritual thoughts, menu planning, tablescapes, decor and your joyful disposition!!
    Thank you, Thank you!!

  3. Yvonne, I love your tutorials, and these wreaths are just great. I am making that Pom Pom wreath this weekend. Thanks for sharing great tips and ideas.

  4. Love the wintery goodness of these wreaths! I would love to do the winter sweater one or the the one with the yarn made into balls! So cute! xoxo

  5. These wreaths are so pretty – now the hard part….which one should I choose to make?? I so look forward to your wonderful posts – thank you Yvonne!

  6. Have to have the pom pom wreath now! I was just pondering on what to hang until mild weather. I made your summer/fall wreath and just love it.

  7. Your blog is the 1st I look at every morning. You are an inspiration and so talented. So many great ideas. I live in Southern California and so far it’s been a warm dry fall and winter. Not to my liking but your ideas help make my home a winter wonderland. I love all 3 wreaths , I have to say your pom-pom is my favorite. And I will certainly try it.
    I also think it’s a perfect gift to give someone.

    Keep up these amazing ideas.

    And send a little of your cold weather my way.

  8. I’ve always struggled with what to put on my front door for January. These wreaths are perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Love the Pom Pom wreath! Now I have to figure out a new tablescape. I’m having a brunch in a couple of weeks and not sure what to do!

    1. Check out her Easy Soup Bar post attached to this one! If your brunch is a casual affair, Yvonne’s table fits the bill beautifully! Good Luck and Enjoy!!

  10. You could make a wreath out of the tops of some gray & neutral colored thick wool socks! Would be similar to the sweater wreath!

  11. Thanks you so much for the sweater wreath idea, I made several for the holiday, and one small pink one, for my granddaughters room. I even bought a Pom Pom maker, to make pompoms instead of the pinecones, but ended up using a kids size set of mittens. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and your pod cast too!!!

  12. Yvonne, I can’t believe you posted this piece on winter wreaths today. Just yesterday after reviewing your transitional decorating article I was wondering what to do for the front door. As if you heard my thoughts! Thank you for these adorable options!

  13. I love that pompom wreath! Please post a picture of that wreath on your front door with your dog and that lovely girl from a previous post…I assume she’s your daughter?? The pictures were absolutely breathing and lovely…they didn’t give off that posed look at Christmas. They were so good that they could of been a postcard!

  14. Yvonne, you clever girl! I was not quite ready to put the Valentine wreath on the kitchen door. Today’s post is what I needed for inspiration. Thanks and try to stay warm. We are finally up to 10 degrees above zero in Illinois.

  15. I am trying to play catch-up, after being sick during Christmas and the New Year. A fuzzy, soft wreath sounds like a good RX to get though these frigid temps we are having in the deep South. At least we can “think” it is warm and cozy!!! BRRRR! Thank you for the ideas.

  16. Good Evening, To a lady wreath maker like myself. although I have to admit i only work so far with
    Hydrangeas. I started about five years ago just giving them away as it seemed to bless me so much,
    seeing how happy people were when they received them.
    Then, one lady said to me Pam, these are so lovely, why don’t you try & sell them. Well that idea quickly went out the window, i did find a very nice lady who would allow me to show my craft two
    days a week & not charge me too do ao. I have them hanging in my living room, & entry way. I just love them. I try in my garden to plant plants that remind me of my Grandmother’s.—Blessings, Pamela

  17. Love the pom pom wreath. I hope it’s as easy as it looks because I’m going to have to try making that!

    1. I loved the pom pom great also. Please share pictures. Would love to know if it was easy and what you thought of it. Thanks

  18. The pom pom wreath caught my eye, so I went to order and I did, buttttt I have to wait till February till it ships. I think everyone after seeing your post thought the same as me.It is gorgeous. Thank you so much for always sharing your beautiful ideas, always looking forward to them.

  19. Oh, I am a little disappointed in my wreath that I made like your tufted wool one! I copied your wool sweater one with the pine cones hanging down last year and it actually looks just like yours. However, this year I so badly wanted the wooly one. First of all, the yarn is not made any more so I looked up what is the closest yarn to that type and bought it instead. In case anyone else wants to know it is the Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick in “Dove”. The problem first of all with that is that it does have that sort of speckled quality to it. Then, I am such an orderly person that I don’t seem to be able to just randomly glue the pom poms on! So I have rows of them on the wreath form. Everyone that sees it loves until I show them yours! LOL. Anyway, thank you for continuing to inspire us all everyday!!

  20. I planned to make a Valentine wreath until I saw these three cozy ones. Now I have a new conundrum…which do I like best?

  21. I adore these ideas Yvonne! My favorite is the yarn ball…the colors just draw me in. I love it! Thanks for sharing an always amazing, always entertaining, always inspiring blog. I enjoy your posts so much.


  22. Hello Yvonne,
    These wreaths are lovely. My 95 year old mother lives with me and knits for charity. I thought the pom Pom wreath would be a fun project for her and I to do together and give as gifts for her knitting group. Unfortunately the Red Hear Light and Lofty Yarn is discontinued so I’ll have to find a similar substitute. Would you by chance know of something similar? Thank you from a loyal fan! I appreciate your blog and you!