Isaiah 41-10

Isaiah 41:10 is the memorization verse for this week! It’s a beautiful verse full of God’s caring and love and protection for us. God tells us over and over in the bible DO NOT FEAR! Even though our bodies might give way and react to fear, God wants us to so concentrate on Him that our souls; mind, will, emotion, intellect and character stay firm.

God is with us and He will strengthen us and help us. He will support us with His RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND, His just perfection. In ancient times the “right hand” was considered the hand of strength and authority. It is God himself that will by take care of us. 

What an amazing bible verser to memorize and have tucked in our hearts for when we need to remember this.

I have included the amplified version of this verse to encourage you!

If you would like a printable copy of this chalkboard art click HERE.

Let’s memorize this verse of promise together this week.


Isaiah 41-10

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  1. Judy Truex Reed says:

    Beautiful, what a Praise that you provide this for us.

  2. I love this verse. Back in 2001, I saw this verse in a magazine I was reading and it grabbed hold of me and I didn’t know why. As I kept paging through the magazine, I kept turning back to this verse and felt compelled to make copies of it (and put them in different places in my home). Several months later my mother was diagnosed with cancer and had only months to live. Months after she died,
    I came across the copy I made and realized how much God had helped me take care of her and her estate. How great He is, for He gave me this promise before I even knew I needed it. He gave me so much strength and worked things out for me to make it easier during and after her death. Praise be to God!!

  3. Yo one,
    This is one of my favorite bible verses,I have it on a card on my desk. Thank you,as always,for posting these beautiful
    Continued blessings

  4. Love this verse! Thank you!

  5. I really needed this today!

  6. Avis Cooper says:

    So precious and so true. Thanks for your Sunday encouragement. In today’s unsettledness it is a comfort to KNOW that in God there is stability and everything else we may need in our daily circumstances. You bless me more than you can know.

  7. Great verse , !! Thank you for the printable ,
    Happy Valentine’s Day
    Be Blessed

  8. Thank you for the encouragement – memorizing scripture is an area I certainly need to grow. Enjoy your day!

  9. Thank you for this. Beautiful.

  10. Beautiful and just what I need

  11. Patricia Culbreth says:

    I love this verse. My sister is going through chemo treatments right now for pancreatic cancer. I would love to print this for her in this beautiful format. Every time I try to print your printable they come out on two pages. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Patricia, I’m not sure. Maybe you can size it differently on your computer settings. I prayed for your sister.

      1. Patricia Culbreth says:

        Thank you so much.6

  12. GwenCondi says:

    I love how you expanded the verse. In my injury I easily get afraid. A pastor of thirty years ago, now retired, reminded me that I know many verses of God telling me not to fear. He is with me. I love this one.
    But today it is so good to read. Something very wrong happened just as a procedure was going to start. Which did not get done. And I had to go to the hospital. It’s been going so well lately. My sweet husband has had the strange things going wrong. And in my weakness it’s just comforting to be comforted by the Lord through Hqis Word. Your choice was perfect timing and you did not know a reader had a life/death experience and comfort in this verse expanded brings extra comfort. In Christ

  13. Hi! I am new to your site and am LOVING it! All the inspiration will be an incredible resource to me as I am redoing my home. For these printables, is the idea that we print them with our computer on chalkboard paper? I’m not quite sure I understand! Thanks for your help! God bless!

    1. Welcome to the StoneGable family Jacki! Just print them out on regular paper and they will look like a chalkboard print.