THIS IS THE LOVE OF THE BODY OF CHRIST- Prayer is powerful and a sign of love!

As we sat in the family waiting room at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia at 6:00 am I must admit I was a bundle of nerves. My son Christopher had been through this bloodbath of a procedure only 18 months before when he had been married only a couple months. Now he and his sweet young wife were facing another serious operation and a long long recover for him. But these operations were the only way to keep him out of a life that was wheelchair bound. Christopher was stronger this time, more prepared both physically and mentally. And he and Abby were more prepared as a couple. She had grown up so much in those two short years! Their “normal” was anything but normal for a young married young couple.

Bobby was the “steady Eddie” and rock he always has been but I was not doing well at all! I knew what my beautiful son had suffered last time and the huge chunk of life and the big dreams that had been stolen from this young man!  I knew his constant pain and weeks of being bed ridden and months of wheelchair sitting and crutching and a year of a cane and a painful limp. I knew the huge tole it took on him and how he fought and scratched himself back to good health, both physically and mentally. With his scars came a wisdom and a stronger will. A dependence on God and testimony to share!

I also knew that in the end his prognosis was very good if this operation followed the last. I clung on to that hope. I clung on to God!

In the wee hours of January 25 the four of us were in our hotel room praying together. Chris, Abby, Bobby and me. I could not close my eyes in prayer… they were riveted on my son! He was more quiet than usual, steeling himself for the journey beyond the hotel doors.

I kissed my son goodbye, told him that I loved him and held on to him a little longer than I usually do. I kissed Abby and told her to call us when she was on her way from Christopher’s bedside to the family waiting room. Bobby and I laid in the dark and I cried! I cried and prayed! 

We could not sleep so we got dressed and took a cab the the hospital a block and a half away because it was still dark.  We beat Abby to the family waiting room by a solid hour. It was a solace to know that she was able to stay with Christopher until right before he went into surgery!

It was early in the morning and I knew that I had a long day ahead and no idea how I was going to get through it. I was worried and weepy and shaky.

I took out my computer and wrote a little note on facebook asking anyone and everyone who saw it to pray for my son. Pray that he would get through the operation and that his blood loss would not be as bad as the last time. Shades of the “last time” bore a pit in the bottom of my stomach!

At first a couple of dozen “likes” on facebook  and several prayers for Christopher and the rest of us trickled in. But, it was not long before the “likes” and comment and prayers started pouring in. By 10:30 am I had read over 300 prayers… real prayers for my son, Abby and for Bobby and me! I read every one! And I read them to Bobby and Abby too! Each prayer I prayed too. Facebook friends started “liking” the prayers of others. 

Jesus said:


My spirit was so lifted. I honestly could feel the prayers of  the body of Christ. Yes, Jesus was right! I KNEW He was there with me. My nerves eased and my lifeline became that little facebook page. 

By the afternoon there were over 1,000 prayers and comment and many more likes. I got scores of email and lots of texts from my friends and blogging buddies. All praying! All lifting my son up to the Great Physician asking the Lord for healing and strength and blessings and mercy and care and comfort and more! 

That day I posted two other facebook posts letting this community of prayer warriors know when Christopher had gone to recovery and then a picture of him in his hospital bed giving a thumbs up! It was good to see him looking so well (even though he could not feel a thing from his midsection down). He looked so so much better than the last operation!

When all was said and done, over 3,000 friend, most of them I have never met, prayed for a young man they had never met. It did not matter. They were a galvanized army around us using the biggest and most powerful and best weapon of all time… PRAYER! This is the love of the body of Christ!

Christopher’s surgery went much better than any of us could have ever imagined. Yes, it was still very serious and the road before him is long, but the surgery was more than a success. Christopher, who had once walked and run on dislocated legs, had his pelvis cut apart and screwed back together… twice! They were able to transfuse Christopher by filtering his own lost blood back into his body and that make a HUGE difference!

Although right now he is still pretty much bedridden he is recovering remarkably! And is amazingly strong and funny and optimistically hopefully. And still clinging to Jesus!

His successful surgery was not a lucky thing! It IS  the power of prayer and the direct result of God taking our prayers so seriously! And those prayers came from loving hearts who went to the throne of grace carrying our needs… and our precious son… before THE Father!

Prayer is not to get our way. It is a powerful way to let God know that we need Him and are counting on Him and that we trust Him!

God in his benevolence and in His great mercy and in His heart that listens to His beloved used those prayers and reached down to heal a young man.

I am still so totally overwhelmed by the volunteer army of prayer warriors assembled that day. And how so many of you have chosen to dig  into the trenches and built a bulwark of prayers for Christopher… still praying for us! Please keep praying, don’t tire or forget.

I want God to have an amazing testimony of renown in this one single young man’s life. I want you to see how you loved us and protected us and lifted us up and the the huge difference your prayers made!

Christopher has a “not for public knowledge” desire of his heart that he has been waiting for for over 10 years. I would so covet your prayers in this area too! He has had so many surgeries and ups and downs for a 20-something young man! Join me in praying for God to honor his desire and Christopher to honor God! 

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I praise my God because of you! 

Prayer is too often the last thing we do, when it should be the first. Satan know the power of prayer and will thwart of every way he can. 


Let’s join God’s legions and pray! Pray for everything and everyone! Never, never, never give up!

If you are reading this I am praying for YOU!

This week’s memory verse:







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  1. Yvonne… I am having that feeling of goosebumps and joy and tears… all at the same time. Our God always knows exactly what we need and HIS timing is perfect. What a powerful testimony to the power of group prayer. I am so glad that you gave us an update of that day and of Christopher’s progress. I am so thankful for your many gifts and how you bless us in so many ways. God is working through you and your family in amazing ways. Bless you all!

  2. laurie carpenter says:

    Trish so eloquently said exactly what I am feeling. I shall remain steadfast in my prayers for your family. Thank you for keeping me updated.

  3. Wow! What an amazing story!! So very thankful with you that God hears and answers prayer!! Continued prayers for your son and you!! God is good!

  4. I haven’t met you but I was on that prayer team as I saw your requests—and since I live in Europe I was up long before most people in the US. The prayer of my heart now is “for God not to change my circumstances, but to make them count for His glory, any way He chooses, I submit to His choice.” That was my prayer for Christopher & Abby & you & your husband. God hears us and when we lean into Him, we come away with new strength for the journey.
    May He continue to show your family His great purpose in such a difficult time. xoxo –a sister in Christ

  5. Karen VanLoo says:

    I truly believe in the power of prayer, and that God listens to us. He knows our needs. I am still praying for Christopher. What a beautiful family you have. May God heal Christopher so that he can continue to live his life comfortably. I deal with chronic pain from Lupus, but control it with moderate exercise, listening to my doctor, and the power of positive thinking and prayer. I’ll pray for your family! God bless you all.

  6. I too sit here with tears streaming. I have had an occasion or two to witness the healing and powerful hand of God in my life, too. Thank you for sharing this intimate event. I know God has and will continue to bless and heal you all during this recovery time. I will remember to lift your family up in my daily time with the Lord.

  7. Mary Anne Russo says:

    Wonderful news ! We are never not parents, our children will always be our babies, no matter the age. Praying for all of you , praying that your son has a speedy, health, recovery .

  8. God Bless you Yvonne, your son, your
    family, and your blogging family. I
    will pray for all of you, most especially
    your son. Thank you for this beautiful
    post. Thank you for sharing your
    insights and your beautiful soul. God

  9. Many prayers and blessings to you and your family. We really do serve an Awesome God!

  10. May God’s healing and hope continue to reveal itself as Christopher recovers and claims a victory in the name of God, our father.

  11. Our. Prayers are with you always , somehow I missed when you 1st told all of us about your son . Since 2012 my precious husband has had PE called the Saddle both blood clots went through his heart then he had a silent heart attack and open heart surgery and then an infusion in his side to stop the fluid from going into his chest and lungs last year in Feb he had his right leg amputated and then this year the other leg amputated he is. Such an inspiration to all he shares with . He LOVES to tell all the Lord has done for him. When I read today about your son , I also wept tears for you , because it brought back all the times people were praying for Lonnie. And how our precious Jesus is always by our side , We will be praying for your sons speedy recovery ,I know it Will happen ? Lonnie wants to write a tract to tell all the Lord has done for him. He is doing well !!!!! Give your son and his wife our Love The best is yet to come Love in Jesus Lonnie & Barb. P.S. We will be praying for you too ??

  12. You are such a God fearing woman and I love that about you. I have been praying for your son and family daily. God always answers if we will be “still and listen”. He is so good! Please know I continue to pray for you all and all those in need.
    I have missed you the last two days and hope and pray the discouraging response from one reader didn’t have you have second thoughts about your blog. Yours is the only one I follow daily and love everything about it. Please continue doing what you are doing and I pray the writer of the nasty response will find the love of God! There is something very special about you and I know God gave you a very special gift! God Bless!

    1. Hi Kathy! How wonderful of you to miss me. No I’m fine. I am taking care of Christopher and working 60 hours a week and I just needed a couple days to regroup. I’m fine and all is well! xo

  13. What an amazing and glorious testiment to the power of prayer and how much God loves us. We will all continue to pray that god will continue his amazing work and wrap his arms around christopher, abby, you ,bobby and the handful of doctors as he heals and mends. Christopher is blessed to have the gift of your love and support, just as i am to have your friendship.

    1. Thank you Laura for your support and your texts during this time. I love you and am so honored by your friendship! xo

  14. Our God is so good!
    Praise you Lord and may your blessings continue to pour upon my beautiful friend and her family. In Jesus name.
    Love you Yvonne and your love for our God inspires me deeply…xoxo

  15. You are so right Yvonne. My mother in law was recently hospitalized in Columbia as she fell deathly ill while on a cruise. She was in the ICU and it did not look good. I truly believe it was the power of prayer that brought her home safely. I continue to keep your dear Christopher in prayer.

  16. Yvonne, this made me cry. I am so glad we were a small part of your prayer team. The boys and I continue to pray for Christopher. I think of you often and keep your whole family in my prayers as well. I’m so happy he is recovering. I can’t wait to have the boys read this post. They will know our prayers can make a difference. xo

    1. Hi Susan, Christopher got the darling card your family sent him. He was thrilled. Thanks so so much for being a great friend and helping me get through this tough time! LOVE to your boys,hubby and you!

  17. Cheryl Bell says:

    Yvonne, as I read this I have tears streaming down my cheeks thanking our precious Savior for answering your prayers in the steadfastness of his grace. What a wonderful testimony to him for all of the intercessory prayers that have gone up for your son and your family from people you don’t even know. Y’all will continue to be in my prayers for his healing and your care giving. Thanks for sharing with us and Blessings on you all.

  18. God does amazing things. Teaching us of His power, love, and grace. Still praying believing God has much for your son and his wife. Thank you for sharing your heart concerns and love. We pray for His will and remind Him of the hearts desire, again and againn .Expecting the very best.A great report to continue. Sending much love to you all. Blessings

  19. Just wonderful Yvonne. I will keep your family in my payers


  20. Connie Brown says:

    What a great testimony of prayer. I will pray for your Christopher. I am a believer in how prayer works also. I have had colon cancer 3 times and each time God has carried my husband and I through this with the irreverent prayers of many. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy and CT tomorrow for a checkup and would appreciate your prayers also. I know two things for sure: God is good and God loves me.

  21. I am a hyper person. Always have been. When I was young my mother used to tell me to Be still and listen. She showed me that verse in the bible as I grew.. It is simple but so true. He is hearing us, we need to just be Still. Praying for you and your son.

  22. The power of prayer is so amazing! And you, Yvonne, are amazing too! May Christopher and your entire family continue to be blessed.

  23. OH Yvonne, I too have witnessed the power of prayer for my son. Twenty three years ago, the doctor ordered an alpha fetal protein test for me at 16 weeks pregnant. It came back off the charts high, an indication of Spina Bifida, a crippling disease. It was repeated, and followed up with ten ultrasounds, but outside of an amnio, which we decided against, there was no clear picture of how disabled our child would be. During those six months of waiting, I learned the power of prayer.
    His name is Joshua. He will turn 23 on March 18th. He is beautiful beyond words. He is the pride of my heart, and the joy of my life. He was born perfectly healthy, and is an avid runner. In the fall he will enter Temple Medical School. Most importantly, he gave his heart to Jesus. For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me what I have asked of him!
    Yvonne, I had the pleasure of lifting your family to the same God who I believe, healed my son! And I continue to pray for Christopher for complete healing, strong bones, and no lasting pain.
    Sorry for the long comment, but I just get so excited about the power of prayer!

  24. Yvonne, because I don’t always look at your FB posts I somehow missed this news about your son. I didn’t recall you mentioning it in your blog as I read those daily. But a friend once told me that she believed that because God exists outside of time our prayers can be retroactive, i.e. God knew we would pray them so we can even pray after something and He will cause them to be a wonderful part of what He would do in a particular situation. Well, that’s ME! I am praying today for your son and especially for his private “hearts desire prayer request”. God is able. So thankful for the healing that God is doing and more importantly, for the man of God that is being made in the process! God does ALL THINGS WELL! Blessings, Toni

  25. You have my heart in this…. as a Mom to 2 amazing young men, I can only imagine what you went through. My youngest had to have to fix a surgery to fix a birth defect 3 days after his 3rd birthday. I, we were a MESS to say the least.
    The hospital he had his surgery in has an amazing pediatric surgical unit, a teaching hospital here in NC Florida. They were most caring with our young child and we got to hold him during prep procedures and and as soon as he stirred they encouraged us to come in the recovery and hold him and luv him. The power of prayer and touch are two strong healing tools.
    Continued prayers for healing for your son.. and for strength for his young wife and you his parents.

  26. Blessings, and prayers from me for your son. I pray for strength for you, the mother of this young man. Mothers have a worry that others do not feel. Sheila

  27. The power of prayer is so awesome. After all, our love as parents for our children is modeled after Gid’s love for us. Yvonne, I am thrilled Christopher is doing so well. I continue to hold him in my prayers.

  28. I am praying for you and your son who is in Gods hands. A mother who has Christ in her heart and soul has a strength and hope that is beyond all. . He leans his ears and hands toward us because he is our Father. A Father is who loves us., and circles us when we call out to him. I look forward to hearing about the miracles,he will provide for everyone in your fa,ily, but especially Christopher.

  29. May God bless you and your family as YOU have blessed me!

  30. Linda Tucker says:

    Precious son! And be devoted to prayer says Romans. Still praying and thank you for the update.

  31. Nancy Sennett says:

    Please know that I am holding you and yours close in my heart and in prayer. God is good and is ever faithful in his unconditional love!

  32. Amen! Praying for your courageous son!

  33. Yvonne, your Sunday Scriptures have deepen my faith and daily prayer and I thank you. I will continue to add Christopher’s name in my daily rosary intentions.

  34. The Lord is so good. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers ,

    Be Blsssed

  35. I’m sorry Yvonne, I wasn’t aware of what your family was dealing with as I don’t do facebook. Thank you so much for sharing the update on your blog. I will immediately add Christopher and your family to my prayers. Our God is an awesome God.

  36. “Victory In Jesus”, is a wonderful old song. It kept going through my thoughts as I read your post and all of the comments from Prayer Warriors. Writing in my journal for your family and more prayers for all of you.

    1. So true! Great is Thy Faithfulness and Every Day with Jesus. Truly His grace,
      love and mercy are new every morning! He will fight the battle for us always, Penny. 🙂

      1. I do so enjoy the old songs. Wonderful thoughts. Prayers still coming.

  37. May the power, comfort and privilege of prayer continue to support, guide, heal and lift Christopher, Abby, Bobby and you, Yvonne. Strength comes in numbers as do prayer warriors. Christian to Christian, mother to mother, blogger to blogger, friend to friend- I am here for you through page and prayer.

  38. Amen! Amen! Amen!! Want HE do it, the greatest physician their is. My continued prayers for his complete healing. Our God is an awesome God! Worthy of our praises.

  39. Anne Wiggins says:

    How kind of you to share this behind-the-scenes story with all of us. The bond we share in our precious Christ Jesus is truly a miraculous and indescribable thing, isn’t it? We share each others’ burdens, and we were happy to share this one with you. Continued prayers for you all, sweet Yvonne!

  40. I will continue to pray for complete healing for your son and rest for you! I saw your post on FB but I had no idea what procedure your son had. Oh my goodness! What a strong young man he was to face such surgery! Only God could have helped him do that!

  41. Barbara Ann says:

    I’ll keep on praying for both his health and his desire. That the glory of God would be evident in his life.

    Love you for all the love the love that you pour into your blog and thus into all your readers.

  42. Yvonne, It is a privilege to pray for and with you, Bobby, Christopher and Abby. I look forward to seeing how God works in Christopher’s life and how and when He responds to his “heart’s desire”. Thank you for sharing your love for your family and God.

  43. Amen, Amen Amen! What a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness and Grace! I’m so thankful that I was one of FB friends praying for your son and the family, when I read your request that day, it was a no-brainer…PRAY and BELIEVE ! I know the power of prayer of the Body of Christ. In 1984 while singing as a guest soloist in a church in suburb Philadelphia, I had a brain aneurysm. The folks of that church, my home church and many other christians began to pray for me. After surgery and a 10 day hospital stay I was released by my Doctors to “Go and live as if it never happened.” But how could I? When God showed His faithfulness to the prayers of His people for me…I HAVE to share it! And so will your precious son! Continuing to pray for his complete and speedy recovery and for his unspoken desire…God is faithful!

  44. This is wonderful news. Please also give thanks to the Medical Staff and their years and years of training and dedication to their careers.

  45. Cheryl Masterson says:

    I was so blessed and happy to be invited to pray for your son, Yvonne! It was my privilege and pleasure! I will continue to keep Christopher in my prayers, and to thank The Lord for His love and healing for him. I will also begin to thank Him for fulfilling the desire of Christopher’s heart because it is God’s great pleasure to do so! It shall come to pass! Thank you for sharing with us your side of this story! It was such a blessing to see it through your eyes! God does exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think through Christ Jesus! You all have the victory! Praise The Lord! All is well!

  46. Patti Gencarelli says:

    There is a saved photo I have and will share tomorrow, but it goes something akin to this,
    “Because I pray, He bends low to hear”. It comforts me to tears. I know that you know that He knows your names. And He weeps and rejoices with you. Prayers and Grace over you and yours.

  47. Oh, Yvonne, I don’t know if I missed this or I knew and prayed but fibro sucked the memory out of my brain. The Lord works so marvelously through those who pray together. Praying for Christopher, Abby, you, and your husband. May the Lord bless you all with a special touch of His healing power and His presence. May He meet all your needs. <3

  48. I’m continuing to pray for Christopher’s healing and complete recovery and for peace and rest for you, his wife and Dad as well. And I’ll pray that the Lord will honor the desire of Christopher’s heart!

  49. Annette Coppock says:

    Praying for your previous son knowing he is also previous to his Father in heaven! His love for us is so much more than I will ever understand. I’m just so grateful for it! Keeping the whole family in my prayers. Looking forward to your next post and good news to share❤️

  50. Jamie Miranda says:

    Yvonne. On December 2 I received the call every mother is afraid of getting. My son starts out by saying “Has anybody called you”.. and you know that it’s bad. My oldest child, my daughter Alijaha had mixed beer and her sleeping meds and passed out. Before her roommate found her she had vomited and inhaled, she was barely there. She ended up in ICU, in a coma on ventilator. The doctor said she had been posturing and seizing when she came in which meant brain damage, how much they couldn’t say until she woke up, but it didn’t look good. I was on a plane headed home but had contacted everyone I knew who could pray or get her on prayer lists before I left. Half way home on my first lay over I found out a brain scan had been done and her brain didn’t show much in the way of brain damage.. Right there on the plane I started crying and grabbed the poor ladies hand sitting next to me and told my daughter was still in trouble but her brain looked good. You see I was expecting to go home and have to help make the decision to take her off life support. So much to this story and my daughter was in coma for 10 days but when she woke up, she couldn’t move too good, and couldn’t talk because of the ventilator which was kept in to help her lungs heal but she was all there. The nurse which was in the room at the moment turned her back to Alijaha to adjust one of the machines hooked up to my girl and Alijaha as best she could flipped the nurse off who had been talking to her like she was a child and not an adult, and then she laughed, which caused her to gag on the vent, but my girl was there…all there. Her arms were not working well and one of her legs was not working. By the 15th she was off vent, and up using her hands and her leg was much better. She had hundreds of people praying.. Glory to God for the healing. I know that it was the power of pray which saved my girl. I wish to tell you how important a story like you have written is for people to read. It is a powerful message as to the faithfulness of Gods word. My circle is small and my testimony can only go so far. You have a much larger audience and I know there are people out there who were blessed to read your story. Prayers for you and yours dear lady.

    1. Jamie, Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony of God’s grace and healing. I hope your Alijaha is doing well!

  51. Oh Yvonne,
    So sorry to hear about your precious son’s ordeal. What a sweet and handsome young man he is, so wonderful to know he is hanging on to the Lord in these trying times. My heart and prayers are with him, and you and his wife and the rest of the family.
    May the God of Glory heal him in amazing and awesome ways, that bring honor and glory to himself…..
    Keep us posted, and I know you will be taking good care of him. They are a beautiful couple as well.
    Blessings and Prayers,

  52. Linda Hondle says:


    I read your recent post regarding your handsome son Christopher, I fought back the tears and your story hit home with me, I pray for him every day along with my brother, who became a quadriplegic after a heart procedure in October. We are all devastated and there has been no improvement but the power of prayer keeps me going. God bless you and your entire family, you and your husband are strong and your family keeps your faith alive. Christopher and Abby are an adorable couple, so young, they have their entire life ahead of them and God will provide. Prayers do get answered.

    1. OH LINDA! I am so so sorry to hear about your brother. I’m praying for him too!

  53. Laurie Davis says:

    Oh my goodness, so many tears reading this post. It brought me closer to the Lord having such a serious issue to earnestly pray over. Thank you for sharing your heart and giving us the opportunity to experience the blessing of joining other believers in prayer. The feedback was inspiring to see. Thank you for this update as I pray for Chris everyday and strength for you, Bobby & Abby. I pray God continues to give you peace that passes all understanding.

  54. What a beautiful post of the love of a mother, the support of the family of God, and the ever faithfulness of the Lord! He truly is an ever present help all the time, but especially in our time of trouble.

    I love this quote by Elisabeth Elliot, ” Anything given to God can be a pathway to joy. ” May the joy of God’s sweet presence and care for your entire family, fill you with joy overflowing….even through it all.

    Praying for your son now.

  55. I’m sitting here waiting for The Scoop to open and catching up on your recent posts! I can attest to the power of prayer in my own life and how God used my blog and social media to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people to pray for me when I was faced with a dangerous surgery not quite two years ago! I prayed that day for Chris and the entire family and continue to pray for God’s healing touch. Also, praying that God would hear Christopher’s prayer and answer in a miraculous “only God can do it” way! Thank you for sharing this story of family, faith, and the Body of Christ!

  56. KittyLuvr says:

    I have read and re-read your post and it’s just a joyous feeling to know that others are lifting you up and your even more so, your son! While I was praying during his surgery, I was computer-less at the time but so happy to know that God filled your anxious hours with the reading of many prayers and good wishes for you and your family. You give so much to your readers and we are happy to give back to you in this way! Prayers are continuing for Chris, Abby, Bobby and you…and the medical team in Philly that are caring for him.

  57. Praying for your Christopher and his beautiful wife that he will heal quickly and have the life he dreams of and that the Lord would grant the desire of his heart to serve Him in a way that only Chris can. I pray for strength, courage, and peace that God is working in his body a healing. And for you as his parents to feel His peaceful presence that all will be well. It is so hard to watch our children suffer and be in pain……..I have a Christopher too who is fighting cancer with the Lord’s mighty help. So many people are praying for his healing too. The power of prayer is great, I know this very well. Blessings on your son and his wife as they become a testimony of God’s healing and grace. Linda

  58. My prayers go up for continued healing and strength for your son, and all good things for your family.

  59. I don’t know when you posted this but came across it today. Chris is in my prayer journal and was wondering how he was!!! I will continue to pray for him. Thanks for the update! I will pray for his heart’so desire. Psalm 34:4-5. God is good all the time God is good!

  60. So Sorry I did not know your son was having surgery. He will be in my prayers for God’s perfect healing and peace for you and your family. I understand how God is the Great Healer. My husband 4 years ago went through an illness that even Mayo doesn’t understand. It’s terrible when no one know what caused or how to cure an illness. God has been good in the ups and downs. He has been there beside us all the way. My verse I cling to is John 14:1. Sometimes your heart hurts so bad you can’t even pray. Then you know the Great I AM has you in His arms. I’m so sorry your family has to go through this and I pray God will Bless you family abundantly.

  61. Praise God for the successful surgery and healing of your son! We so often forget the power of prayerful people who come and lay their requests before the throne of God. He is longing for us to come to Him and to bless us with His great riches of mercy, love and comfort. I know you could feel all of these things as you were waiting during the surgery! You’re right ~ Satan does want to rob us of hope with discouragement and fear. But he will flee when the name of Jesus is spoken! I will pray for Christopher to have complete healing and also to be given the desire of his heart. What a precious son you have!

  62. Thank you for updating us on Christopher. I do know that God performs miracles! My son in law was injured while playing football on national tv 22 years ago. He was paralyzed from the neck down and the doctors said they didn’t know if he would ever walk again. 2 1/2 months later he walked out of the hospital and was present in the delivery room 5 months later when his second daughter was born. He has had some struggles physically, but he has been able to walk. Since that time he has had 2 more healthy children. God is good! I will continue to pray for Christopher and your family!

  63. It’s just wonderful to hear that Christopher came through his surgery so well, Yvonne. In addition to the thousands of prayers you received online, please know that there were many of us praying for your son and your whole family behind the scenes!

  64. Thank you for this extraordinarily beautiful post!

  65. As a new follower, I am just now reading this. You so eloquently wrote regarding God’s faithfulness to those who pray. I have personally witnessed His healing among many of my blog friend or their family members through the power of prayer. I will add your son to my prayer list.

    1. Welcome to the StoneGable family Lauren! Thank you for praying for my son! We are seeing such magnificent works from the Lord in Christopher’s healing!

  66. I did not know your son was going through this until I read the two posts about him today. I will pray for him you,Bobby and Abigail. He is constantly with us and His arm is around us. In my Sunday school class, we have what we call our “yearning yarn”. It is just purple yarn worn either as a bracelet or as a kind of tassel on our purses. It reminds us that the Holy Spirit is always at work for us. And we write down in a little notebook where we see Him working. Prayers going up.