THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- A total makeover from the floors up! Lots of

Decorating is a s-l-o-w process here at StoneGable. As many of you know, we are gutting every room in our home and making it over from from floors up… and doing most of it ourselves! Because we try to fit our room makeovers in between living our busy lives and work and family they usually take a back seat and are a long process. Our living room is the perfect example. We began this makeover just before our son got married two years ago and we worked on it. In between knee cap surgery, my son’s pelvic surgery, golf season, hunting season, gardening and lots and lots of family and company!!! Here’s the evolution of our living room…

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of


Our living room is one of the sunniest, light-filled rooms in our home. It has great “bones”… lots of tall arched windows, a glass paneled door to the porch and french doors to the family room. It’s airy and open and is a great place to read and entertain!

My style is upscale traditional with lots of farmhouse charm. I like clean lines and LOVE neutrals with a pop of black for drama and great unique accessories. A tad on the upscale… very very  comfortable… and always ME!

Here is how our living room looked when it was gutted and we had just installed the new hardwood floors. We were very lucky to find the exact same hardwoods as the rest of our home after 18 years! I would have loved a wide plank darker wood, but putting new hardwoods in our whole home was not in the budget!

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of

The inspiration for this room was a painting I found at Eastern Market in Washington DC. It was love at first sight. The painting is called PARIS ON THE SEINE by Daniel Kessler. I loved the colors and the feel of this painting. Mr Kessler created a gilcee using our dimensions to fit the wall space.  If you look at the painting you will see all the neutral colors I adore!

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of

The first piece of furniture we purchased for the living room was a neutral Pottery Barn Comfort sofa. We chose a sofa with foam core/down wrapped cushions and the color was “FLAX”.

Because this room has sorta formal architecture it was important to decorate it a little upscale and yet relaxed! The sofa has great classic lines with a comfortable feel and the fabric has a nice dressy look.


the evolution of a living room-neutral sofa-stonegableblog.comThe next decor element to come to StoneGable were two black side table… one large and square with a black leather top and studded detail and the other a two-shelved side table in black. I found these at Ethan Allen when I was meeting with Linda, a very talented designer, to pick out chairs. Both tables were floor models and on a super sale. The leather top table retailed for almost $1,000.00 and I got it for under $300.00! And the other side table was half of that! I am a great bargain shopper! SCORE!

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of

The next decor element to come to StoneGable were the two bubble chairs. I had them upholstered in a soft white textured fabric. They came from Ethan Allen and are really know as the BRANDT CHAIR. Beautifully made!!!

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of


It was during the time we were waiting or the chairs to arrive that we chose our paint color, Sonnet by Benjamin Moore! Oh, I love this soft neutral color. It goes with everything!!!! 

Next came a very inexpensive rug from Overstocks. I knew very soon after I put the rug down that it would not stay, but I didn’t have a clear vision of exactly what I wanted. This rug is what I call a “decor rabbit trail”.  I really should have not gotten it at all because it threw off my overall vision for this room until I got rid of it. It was quite formal and had no sass. I was looking for a lot less formal and little sass!

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of

A new acid washed coffee table hid the rug for a little while!!! The coffee table also came from Ethan Allen.

the evolution of a living room-coffee

On a shopping trip to help my mom find a chair for her home I discovered the CURLACUE chest from Hooker! Oh my goodness! I was star struck!!! This was a spectacularly gorgeous chest. Covered with linen and then painted. It has a hand detailed string-of-pearl design on the front of it. But it came with a huge price tag!!!

Because it was so far out of my budget I decided to replicate it instead of buying it. I found a chest about the same size on Craig’s list and bought the paints to get started on it, when I saw the Curlacue chest on Joss & Main for 1/3 the price. I scooped it right up!!! Oh, I’m so so happy I did!

My Curlacue chest brings me such joy every time I see it in the living room! It is truly my very favorite piece!

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of


The rug was replaced with a very sassy zebra hide I found on Overstocks. Now, this is what I had been looking for! And I caught the vision for finishing the room!

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of


While I was collecting living room accessories and embellishments I was also making the living room curtains and hardware to hang them…

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of

And I was also painting a huge old, ugly, dirty hutch I got for song at a very nefarious looking thrift shop.

Here’s how it looked when it first came to StoneGable…

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of


And here’s how it looked painted and styled…

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of

Accessorizing and creating vignettes were my very favorite part of decorating the living room! I am the embellishing queen!!!!

Here are a few details…

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of



THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of


THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of inspiration-stonegableblog.comThe latest change to the living room are two huge lamps. 

THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- from gut to glam- lots of


I still have a few changes I’ll be making this fall… so stay tuned!!! 

As you can see my living room has come a long long way!!! I’m sure it will continue to “EVOLVE”!

How about you? What room would you like to makeover?

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THE EVOLUTION OF A LIVING ROOM- A total makeover from the floors up! Lots of




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  1. Karen Vargo says:

    The tall lamps are the cats meow. Enjoy your site immensely!

  2. I love your curtains – what material did you use to make them.
    And ~ did you make the curtain rods??

    Your living room is beautiful.
    Thanks Yvonne.

    1. Hi Rose! The material for the curtains came from Ethan Allen on sale. And yes I put together the curtains rod… this piece and that… and I painted them so they work together!

  3. Your living room is beyond fabulous! From your beautiful floors to your furniture, art, accessories, name it, all grand! I love your style!
    Have a wonderful day~

  4. Karen VanLoo says:

    Your living room is absolutely gorgeous! It’s the kind of room that just says “please come in and sit a spell.” LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  5. Love your room and love seeing how it came together. What color is your hutch painted? That was stunning.

  6. Marilyn Clark says:

    I love your “finished” (we all know there is no such thing) room. I have to say that I even loved some of your discards too! But the room it has evolved into is gorgeous and is just a step above the previous look! Love your style!

  7. I love everything about your gorgeous room and thanks for the close up of the curlicue dresser, I had no idea that it was covered in linen, swoon!

    1. THis piece makes me swoon too Caroline! I’ve seen it on Wayfair now and then.

  8. This is such a wonderful room! I love how you narrated the process. I have a chair similar to yours. My scheme is neutral Browns. My chair is covered in cow “hide” fabric. I love it….very sassy! Great post!

  9. Thank you for sharing how your living room evolved. I love your dining room rug. Did you consider that style for the new living room?


    1. Not really. I wanted something fun and different and very sassy to bring a little “lightness” into a somewhat formal room.

  10. Deborah Cooper says:

    I’m sure you have answered this question before, but do you have a budget before you start a room? The living room looks so very beautiful and rich! Thanks for sharing. Deborah

    1. Yes, of course!!! Bobby and I usually save BEFORE we start and then use that money to guide our purchases. Great question!!!! We saved for our living room furniture for a couple of years before we started the project.

  11. Linda Ann says:

    The living room is beautiful and so inviting! I moved 3 years ago after living in our old house for 34 years. I have to say that while I’m making progress, I’m still working on the living room. I have the same sofa that you have from Pottery Barn, but due to cat scratching issues I decided to go with the slip covered version. Most of my furniture is golden oak and from Amish shops in Lancaster County. I just hung a beautiful quilt on the wall behind the sofa and am just stuck on a new rug and possible comfy chair to replace my “tough on the butt” glider. Any advice on how to move forward to make this space a country/farmhouse room??
    Thanks for all your inspiration and generously sharing all your ideas!!

    1. Sound like you might be happy with a natural jute rug. They add texture without screaming color. As far as a chair… there are so so many options. I’d do a lot of looking.

  12. Your living room is gorgeous. I love your decorating style. Wish I had your luck at finding bargains.-a sure sign of a good shopper. The painted hutch looks so much better. I gave away one similar to that. Wish I had it back after seeing yours. Have a good day. ?

  13. As always, I absolutely LOVE this room and all your rooms that you share with us on your blog. Nice to see how it has evolved. I just ~sigh~ every time I read your posts……keep up the good work!

  14. Your living room is very pretty! Designing a room is a constantly evolving process it seems. One item can throw off the whole look…so there is a lot of trial and error. ha! Sheila

  15. Your hutch is gorgeous – what a transformation. Where did you get the beautiful plates that hang above your fantastic picture? The whole room is perfect.


    1. Hi Julie, those plates came from a small home boutique in our area.

  16. Oh how much do I love your home, this room is devine, all the things I love under one roof, beautifully done.x

  17. Absolutely gorgeous, Yvonne! Because I fell in love with your dining room chandy, I was inspired to put one in our dining room. Thanks for this new inspiration.

  18. Love your room. Could I ask where the bird pillow came from? Many thanks.

    1. I recently purchased one just like it at Target.

  19. Simply gorgeous. Love the soothing color palette. Great choices all around.

  20. I love everything about your living room except the wings ,the wings are fine just not with your decor of this room. God Bless

  21. Great post , love how your living room evolved . It looks so beautiful , but it is warm and inviting at the same time.
    Have a great day.

  22. What a stunning living room. I do love your wall colors so much. What paint grade do you paint with? egg shell? flat? Thank you for all of your expertise!

    1. Hi Pamela,
      We used a flat on the walls. For higher traffic areas we would probably use just one grade more durable.

  23. Tina Dodson says:

    Hi Yvonne,,
    I need something for over our bed,,it is a big wall,most people say don’t put a mirror,,do you have any ideas,or a web site I can go,too,I sure do appreciate it,,

    Thank you so much,,

  24. Anna Starner says:

    I am in love with the leather topped Ethan Allen table and that rug is fabulous. Since you bought that great chest I will be watching to see what you do with your CL chest.

  25. Beautiful! I think I love every inch of your home. I’m wondering where you’ve placed the Ethan Allen buffet server that you painted white? I remember it when you had it in your foyer.
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Love, love, love this room. If you had to to do one more thing to this room it would most likely be crown molding. Everything else is perfect!

  27. Hi Yvonne!
    I have been following your blog for some time and I have learned so much and even created some things for my home. Your home is just beautiful! Have a great evening.

  28. You are most definitely the EMBELLISHING QUEEN! Rock star quality for sure:D

  29. I love everything about this room, especially the chest and painting! They really draw you in. Can you source the bird pillow fabric?

    1. Hi Becky, The bird pillows came from Luckett’s Spring Market. Sorry, I can’t tell you any more!

  30. Stunningly beautiful, love everything about it.

  31. you living room is lovely my friend.I invite you to share at my Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. xo

  32. Love, love, love the lamps! And, the Hooker Chest. gorgeous work. I must go more towards neutral. Hopefully will be getting a solid color couch soon. Have had a gorgeous (but PLAID) one for a long time and I need a solid color so I can switch out pillows and other decor seasonally! Love your home and your style.

  33. Donna Howell says:

    I love everything about the room it is beautiful. I am glad you gave the name of your paint color. I have always loved the color you painted this room and wanted to know what it was. May I ask what color of white you used on your molding and window trim?

  34. Hi Yvonne !

    I always enjoy stopping by your lovely home, so joyful !!

    I was looking at one of your old post 2011 of your family room, and noticed some blue & white jars , I was wondering if you use them else where now? or maybe you would be willing to sell them ?

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  35. Lisa Marks says:

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I am in love with your room and your style! You have such a talent when it comes to decorating! I LOVE your site, as well!!! Every time I look at your site, I want to redo my whole house 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work!

  36. Yvonne,
    Oh, dear friend. . .you Living Room is gorgeous!!!
    I know you’ve had an adventure finding just the “right” pieces!!!
    I adore your Traditional with Farmhouse Style!!!
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us!!!

  37. While I enjoyed the pics of how your living room came together, I think – just my opinion – you gave up too early in choosing your rug. While it looks okay there and might provide the sass you say you were looking for in a rug, it’s just a another carbon copy of what we’ve seen so many times before. Surely you could come up with something more avant garde than an animal hide look-alike.

    1. The zebra rug is just what I wanted. I wanted sass… not avant garde! But again… each to his or her own!

  38. Can you tell me more about your drapes and hardware? Did you make them and or where did you find them? I love the room ! Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Sherry! The curtains in the dining room were made by me. I bought the fabric from Ethan Allen on sale. They are a pocket drape and straight sewing. Nothing fancy. I did line them. They hardware is a mish-mosh of different pieces that I glued together and painted. I hope this helps.

  39. I absolutely love that white antique glass pitcher/vase on your coffee table full of hydrangeas. I love how big it is! Where did you purchase??

    1. Hi Brittney, the pottery you are talking about is from THE POTTERY BARN OUTLET. Hope this helps!

  40. I absolutely love the white antique glass pitcher/vase on your coffee table that’s placed on the tray! ( The one that has hydrangeas in it. ) I love how big it is! Where did you purchase? 🙂

    1. Hi Brittney, the pottery was from our local Pottery Barn outlet several years ago. Hope this helps.

  41. Debbie Bakewell says:

    Where did you find the little round iron table between the Brant chairs? I love it!

  42. Marsha Le Mere says:

    I love your style and would probably describe mine as very similar. In your living room you have a painting over the Curlacue chest of buildings. May I ask where you got it? I love it!!

  43. Love the zebra rug! Replacing he mirror between the windows was a good move. Great new lamps too. I like the lighter lamp vs black on the curlicue chest and I think in all the pics of the chest there is too much covering your “inspiration” painting…might I suggest just a low wooden bowl and the lamp. You can use the bowl for seasonal fillers. And congrats on the good buys on the tables and chest and the good work on the hutch! Beautiful room!