HOW TO SURVIVE A BAD DAY- Not only survive but do it with grace and fortitude

Hi friends, the last few days have been pretty rough here at StoneGable! They have been full of stress and angst and I just wanted to crawl back in bed and wait it out under the covers! We all have days like that! I’m not talking about tragic or catastrophic days here, just days that pluck at our last nerves and leave us frazzled and undone! You know those days when we are pulled in too many directions and when we try to put one foot in front of the other and move on we and we end up going backwards! Today’s practically speaking is all about surviving those bad days with grace and fortitude!

When our stress level rises, here are some things that will help to keep our cool and help us to carry on! Don’t get stuck and  wallow in yuck and stress. We have a tendency to do that. Let’s try to reset our day. Here’s a few ways to survive and thrive when having a bad day!


When I’m feeling overwhelmed I sneak away and spend time talking (or crying) to my Father! He is waiting for us and already knows how we feel. Tell Him and ask Him for His strength, mercy, comfort and peace. Let Him handle the big stuff. Continue to talk to Him and listen and look for Him working in your life! 

“Go to the THRONE and not to the phone”!

HOW TO SURVIVE A BAD DAY- Not only survive but do it with grace and fortitude



A bad day can often leave us vulnerable to spewing out awful, ugly and unproductive words. Instead fill you mind and heart with positive thoughts. It’s important to me to quietly acknowledge what is wrong and then regroup. 

I say, fix what we can and shrug off the rest. But we want to keep our words to ourself so we don’t compound our bad day and spread it onto others we love!


I am not very good at compartmentalizing things. I am a fixer! It’s difficult for me to “put something on the shelf” and deal with it when I am in a better frame of mind. But I’m learning.  So let’s try to be productive, even it it’s in the smallest way and then, if we can, put our troubles away until we are thinking more clearly.  Let’s try to do something little and productive like making our beds, organizing something, throwing a load of laundry in the washer, picking up the kid’s toys… anything thing that makes a productive and forward moving difference in our day!


I truly believe that exercise can get rid of lots of stress and tension not only in our bodies but our minds. My exercise of choice is walking our local YMCA pool. A good, fierce, splashy speed walk that leaves my muscles spent but stronger… my mind tired yet invigorated!

HOW TO SURVIVE A BAD DAY- Not only survive but do it with grace and fortitude


Oh, boy! I’m the first to admit that I want to reach for something crunchy and salty (like Doritos… my stress food of choice) when I am uber stressed! Your comfort food may be something sweet. I don’t know many people that would reach for a kale salad! Eating poorly just compounds the situation. When we eat crappy we feel crappy! Make a list of good-for-you yummy snacks and pick one of those when you are having a particularly bad day!


I’m not talking about going back to bed! But a little nap may reset our mood! Get into something comfy, turn on some soothing music, spray the pillow with linen spray and settle in!  

Even when I had babies at home and was having a stress filled day I would nap a little when they did!


I know we can’t always take time for ourselves on a stressful day, but try! Even if we can sneak in 10 minutes. Read a magazine, get on your favorite blog for inspiration (how about StoneGable?), find a hysterical youtube video (wedding mishaps send me right over the brink), buy yourself some flowers or have a great cup of coffee or drink of choice.

Don’t beat yourself up! Be kind to yourself!

HOW TO SURVIVE A BAD DAY- Not only survive but do it with grace and fortitude


There are countless things to be thankful for every day!!!! Don’t let a bad day steal your joy! Let’s make it a priority to be thankful for all the good in our lifes even on stinkin’ bad days!

Every day is a gift. Even bad days…but you already knew that didn’t you?

You can print out the “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” image at the top of the page HERE. It is suitable for framing! My little gift to your on your next bad day!

What are some ways you defuse a bad day? Please share!


HOW TO SURVIVE A BAD DAY- Not only survive but do it with grace and fortitude



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  1. KittyLuvr says:

    What an inspiring post! One of your very best and one that I just printed to keep in my work tote bag as a reminder when I travel and can’t access your blog. I keep a mental list of my very happiest days and spend time recalling those events on the very bad days. I try to remember exactly how I felt, who was with me, why it was such a special time. Time is fleeting and I remind myself of other “bad days” that I have made it through~the combo of positives and negatives seem to help me push on. I also focus on the fact that time on earth is not eternal~some days feel eternal but they really aren’t.

  2. Denise Jarrell says:

    Thank you for today’s post. I really needed some help and a reminder to pray first of all. And your other suggestions are so helpful too. God bless and keep up the good work!

    1. God bless you too Denise! So thankful that you are a StoneGable reader!

  3. What a lovely helpful post. If I am having one of those days, I usually send a text to one of my granddaughters (she’s 8) that always turns into who loves who more with lots of happy imoji’s. 😀 Brightens me up every time.

  4. Boy do I appreciate this post! Things have been really rough at work. I’m in a stressful position which is tough enough, but I also deal with other employees’ daily stress. I always try to stop a minute and take a couple of deep breaths and just ask God to take control. Unfortunately, there are days I allow the stress to overwhelm me. I am going to print this out and keep it with me. God bless you!

  5. marlene alves says:

    A BAD Dau was yesterday; I did some of these that you suggest and sure enough…resolutions emerged. Thank you for this. Copying & posting as a reminder when the next one roles around.

    1. So happy you were able to turn around your bad day Marlene! Happy day today!

  6. Linda Tucker says:

    Two things.
    1)How do you keep your mouth shut all day on a bad day? I do try but it is very hard.
    2)I also remember some of my really, really bad days and then I am able to be thankful to my Heavenly Father that I am not there on this “not really so bad day”. Does that make sense?

  7. I am in my 7th decade of life and I learned a long time ago that starting my day with prayer was the best thing to do.
    If I am having a bad day I just say a quick “Jesus help me”. He never promised life without problems,but He did promise to give us the strength and grace to get through them.

  8. Thank you for all these wonderful tips on dealing with those bad days we all have. One thing that helps me is to stop and look at all of God’s magnificent creation all around me…wherever I am. Really stop…and take it all in. It helps me to keep calm and carry on. It reminds me that He is in control.

  9. Linda Tucker says:

    PS Sorry you are having a rough time. Ponder on your son’s good health.

  10. This is excellent, Yvonne! What a wonderful post! I would add – sing praises to God. There’s nothing like singing our praise and thankfulness to Him to bring His Presence and lift our spirits!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  11. Thank you for todays post! I’m stressing a bit trying to find a dress for my son’s wedding in mid June. Feeling a bit stressed, okay very frazzled. Not the size I wanted to be and some problems with my Achilles which will limit what kind of shoe I wear. I will succeed. Your timing could not have been more appreciated.

  12. Thank you for the print! The post was such and encouragement thank you! I do most of what you do and if I can I make a point to todo something for somebody or to make them smile. Sometimes when I lived closer to my friend Fran I would go see her and just being with her and getting a hug helped.

    Hugs, Be Blessed
    Love Me

    1. Pamela, I think you are the StoneGable reader that comments the most on my posts. You always have something kind and encouraging and helpful to say! I really appreciate you so much and think of you as an “across the distance” friend!
      Hugs right back at you!

  13. I’m sorry you had such a tough few days with the blog. I’m not especially tech savvy so those kinds of things are the undoing of me. Yvonne, your tips are terrific… even just doing one or two of those things can be a game changer.

    I hope and pray everything is worked out and you’ll have calmer seas and smooth sailing ahead.
    Be blessed my friend and have an extraordinary weekend! [hugs]

    p.s. pinned the golden quote – LOVE IT!

    1. You know exactly how I’m feeling Diane. When a blog crashes twice in a row it’s tear out your hair time. The second time had a much better attitude. There was nothing more I could do than I was doing already! It’s nice to know other bloggers are so supportive! Thanks!

  14. Thanks for the post Yvonne. You have some good points to ponder on. However my bad day has turned into ” bad months” and when I look back, the pessimist in me says “bad years”.Good to note to you and your readers that the years os stress I have had has turned into weight gain and hair loss :{{ And there are many situations we have no control over. Being a triple A personality does not help either. Hope your readers appreciate and pay attention to your post.

    1. Leona,
      I can relate weight gain and hair loss:( Stress creates such havoc on our bodies. Oh and I failed to mention I use to be a AAA. The past two years I have stayed true to myself and focused my energy on me.
      It is not easy and yes I have slipped. I don’t know if you have family you are responsible for – been there too. Whether you are a caregiver of an aging person or raising a family…life hits us with so many challenges. You are right so many we don’t have control over.

      I loved Yvonne’s ideas today. I also keep quotes posted by my computer…two favorite, “tell your mind to get out body’s way” and “pick yourself up and pull yourself forward”. I also have had great success with a wonderful product by Redken, Cerafil for Women. Hair loss affects the image we see every day in the mirror.
      I am working with my doctor for weight loss and I know I will get through this because she genuinely cares.
      Find a doctor who will let you come in once a month and who listens. Best thing we can do overall is to keep moving.

      I will pray for you.

      1. Leona, Congrats for being proactive! And thanks for all the great tips and quotes! xo

  15. Great tips! Think I might add one more to the list: do something for someone else to brighten their day! I always find that if I start thinking of others, find something to do for them – drop off dinner, make some fresh bread and share a loaf, share flowers from the garden or farmer’s market, etc, – it makes me feel better about life in general!

    Thanks for always being here to brighten OUR days! Hugs, Pippa

  16. Lyn Williams says:

    Love this post -and so true! I turn on Christian music- loudly, to drown out the negative voices! Then I clean or do a project, that fills my soul. I also journal write; which includes scriptures that fit the situation, and I try to do something nice for someone too. Satan tries to steal our joy–but God is our joy and our peace! Sometimes I have to scream it loudly! Praise music really helps too! God bless you for sharing your heart—even on bad days! Ha

  17. Kathy Chandler says:

    Yvonne, I cannot tell you how much you have blessed me at this very moment! Thank you a million times over. I am going to go back to this post during the day for encouragement! Bless you.

  18. Our hot water heater quit on us a few days ago. We were without hot water for a day. I had to heat water on our stove to bath with and had to wash my hair in cold water ( cold well water) before heading out to work. I found myself starting to have a really bad start to the day. I stopped myself from heading into the bad to take a moment to thank God that I have a home with running water, a stove to heat the water, soap, and shampoo! I realized so many people in this world do not have these things and it could be a whole lot worse! It really changed my day from that moment forward! I also asked God for some help to deal with the mess!
    Thank you for this post!

  19. Thank you so much for this inspiring post! It comes just when I really needed it! God bless.

  20. Deborah Prichard says:

    Bless you for your honesty and openness. I had a bad day last week. I miss my daughter who moved to another state. She was and is and always will be my best friend. I have filled my days with updating my home with new furniture and remodeling the kitchen. But, as you probably already know, while we enjoy our home and should, it is best enjoyed with those we love. I still have my Christmas tree up per her request waiting for her to fly in and open her gifts in May. Drives me crazy. But knowing it means so much to her to have the Christmas at home she missed, allows me to just enjoy the tree each day. Our children are our blessing. And a bad day gets brighter because of her Christmas wish.

    1. Oh I can feel your pain Deborah! I miss my daughter so so much! I’m sorry that your days are bad because of missing her! God bless you! And how sweet of you to keep up the tree! Here’s a hug from me to you!

    2. Hi Deborah
      Our oldest daughter left for California right after Christmas. Our youngest has lived in California for 10 years and loves it there.
      When our oldest left my heart left with her.
      I told them both they have taken 1/2 my heart – I know the feeling of missing your children.

      But, on a good note – we just got back from visiting them for 3 weeks, and will do this every year.
      And they will be home for Christmas every year.
      Have a great day.

  21. Donna Heinen says:

    Dear Yvonne,
    I have been reading your blog for about a year now, and I find that I truly look forward to it everyday. You are a remarkable woman to do all that you do and I appreciate the Christian worldview that permeates everything you publish. Thanks for sending out such uplifting posts, and may God continue to bless your work.
    A friend in Oregon.


  22. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Yvonne thanks for todays post. It is amazing to me how a simple little pray can relieve stress. I begin everyday looking for your blog on my IPad. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too. Praying you have a good weekend.

  23. Boy did I need this post today. Thank you so much Yvonne. After a very stressful week and finding myself getting angry and resentful over things I have no control over whàt a great reminder to step back and don’t be hateful and say things I don’t want to . Turn it over to the Lord and take care of myself so that I can be there for others.

  24. Anella Breedlove says:

    Dearest Yvonne,Your wonderful blog today gave me the Hug from you I needed so badly today. Thank you for reminding me of all the ways to face stresses. I try to put all in practice. Always prayer 1st. For all I love. MOTHER

  25. I have been having one of those days you decribed, got a soft drink when to my room to sit for a while and read my email. Of course I opened the one to your blog! Thank you, it was just what I needed. I had already asked my Heavenly Father for help and forgiveness and I think I have gotten my reset. God Bless you for your wise reminder.

  26. James McCormick says:

    This us so great!!
    I had a really bad day yesterday, and like you said, it only last a day.
    Today is a really great day, and yesterday is long gone!
    Thanks for the words I’d advice.

  27. Carol Davis says:

    Bless you Yvonne. What to I do when I am feeling over whelmed to say the least. First, keep my mouth shout. Second look for a chore that I can do that I call ‘no brainers’. This time of the year I go out and weed, water, trim or anything that I can do without thinking. The work makes me physically energized at the same time it will tire me out. It is something you do that people leave you alone when you do it and it is my time to ‘talk’ with God. Hugs to you.

  28. Betty Hill says:

    Last week was a rough week for me as well. My son who is 47 started having so many weird symptoms and went thru a battery of tests trying to find out his problem. All tests came back ok. He is currently on an antibiotic and is doing much better. I thought of you and how you must have been so worried about your son. When our kids are sick or unhappy it affects our whole being. I prayed and tried to stay busy. One day I was outside in the rain pulling weeds, the neighbors probably thought I had lost it. You always have good advice and you seem to always remain upbeat even though you like all of us are not immune from worries and problems. Thanks for another great post. Great lessons for all of us.

    1. Betty I am so pleased that you son is okay! Praying for him and you. I always say… You are only as good as your worst child! No matter how old!

  29. My husband has just been diagnosed with cancer and is in for the race of his life. This seemed to put everything else in perspective. I am praying harder than I ever have and I would love if you would remember him too. Thank you.

    1. Deborah Prichard says:

      Thank you to those who have shared missing their daughters. Misery loves company 🙂
      I appreciate you taking the home to share with me your thoughts.

    2. Hi Patty, I am praying for you an your husband. I pray that God shows himself so big in your life!

  30. GwenCondit says:

    Patty I just prayed for your husband. And you. For many miracles.
    Yes this is a good pointer toward maturing to be more like Christ. If having a bad day Are we not getting enough sleep? Are cruel people taking over our lives???
    God wants us to be a witness for Him but when others rejected Him He moved on and the feeding of the 5000 occurred. Wow!!!
    Each day is a struggle with interpreting this world and others and how I am treated. But I also deal with physical ordeals too. If I can sing it helps. Or I go to sleep. My brain needs it. Or my husband helps me see it whatever it may be is NOT my fault. There are times we do need another just as Christ did …especially if we are not well. Build up the body of Christ! Do a kind deed for another. Write a short note more than once to a person who is grieving. I sing as the Lord puts into my head. Sometimes my husband sings to me. And sometimes I have to simply wait for all that unexplained daily crying to pass. God is good to give us deep Bible truths free of charge right into our in boxes. This is my favorite delight.

  31. I have been reading your blog for a very long time. I am finally taking the time to leave a comment. I just had to say thank you for this post. It was a huge blessing to me. I am a mother of teens and parenting in the world today can be so challenging. Reading the many comments brought tears to my eye. Yvonne, I want you to know that you are such a beautiful person. Keep sharing your faith and encouragement. It is definitely a gift God has given you!

    1. Thanks, Patty! Being a Mom is THE BEST AND HARDEST job in the world! I’m so glad you commented!

  32. Cindy Brown says:

    Yvonne, Thanks for this. Right now I am so overwhelmed with worry and I pray that God helps our family through my daughter’s brain tumor surgery this Monday. I feel as if I am crawling out of my skin but trying to stay strong for her.

  33. On a bad day I pray even more to my Heavenly Father. I think about the great things that He has already done for me and the fact that every day is a blessing from Him. I clean the house, exercise by walking, do something different that I enjoy, spend time with my grandchildren, rearrange furniture, work on my flower beds, admire the beauty of the surroundings about me, observe the children playing in the neighborhood and many more fun things that alter my mood and put me back on track!! I know that Our Heavenly Father works through these things and more to make my days better and me stronger!!

  34. BOBBI DUNCAN says:

    Yvonne, I am saddened to hear you have been having a bad couple of days, and I thank you for caring enough to share these inspiring words while you are facing your own challenges. I have this thing about clipping out inspiring words that I can pull out and read whenever I am having “one of those days”–it allows me not to go too deep inside myself with worry. I pray for God’s wisdom as how best to resolve my issues. Looking at my favorite blogs also helps me keep my chin up, as does doing something nice for others–gets my mind on something uplifting. On a side note, I’m sending out prayers of healing for Patty’s husband and Cindy’s daughter and their families who are overwhelmed with concern and fear. Blessings to all.

  35. Wow Yvonne- your post really came at the perfect time for me- I’ve been having several of these kinds of days lately! I’ts so nice to hear your coping strategies! I hope your weeks ahead get smoother and less hectic sweet friend! Big hugs!

  36. Great post Yvonne! Very inspirational.

  37. Jen Frank says:

    I talk a sort walk in our woods to a spot where I can see for miles around and usually I get a great pic of a sunset. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love sunsets because it serves as a reminder to be thankful that God gave me another day to enjoy His creation.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    I have always told my children and grandchildren that no matter how bad we are feeling we have no right to impose that onto anyone else. I don’t hold anything in but I do make a point of smiling at others that I come in contact with during a day. At the end of the day I find that I feel much better and I think that those that I greeted with kindness may feel better as well.

  39. Judi Johnson says:

    I was looking at Club Chica Monday Funday and was attracted to the pink floral picture. So I clicked on your sight and it was exactly what I needed. I tend to blame my life for bad days and not circumstances. I love the keep calm printable but the one I really love is the pink flower one. Any way you could share that one. Would love to make book marks for the woman’s bible study at church. Good advice and I will be sharing it at church tonight. Thank you

  40. laurie carpenter says:

    You are always a blessing Yvonne. Thank you –

  41. What a lovely post Yvonne! I truly believe in everything you wrote, but I also believe that we ALL need these reminders every once in awhile. It helps to refocus and review, so that the next time a “bad day” comes, we are better prepared. I have to say I had a short tempered day yesterday, and then snapped at my daughter even more so your “Keep your mouth shut” is particularly pertinent to me right now. I’m one who wears my heart on my sleeve (and my feelings too) so I tend to lash out (never good!) I will definitely think of you now and try to remember to shut my mouth!

    Thanks for a great post:)


  42. I’ve just got in bed and decided I would I have a quick read of your blog (traveling and not able to like I usually do) before my conversation with God. Thank you for this awesome post! I keep telling myself God promised not to give me no more than I can bear. But I still go to comfort food or a little shopping spree?. I am going to print, share with family and friends. ?

  43. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Your comments are spot on.When I have something that really is really upsetting me I clean. Bathrooms r glistening, the kitchen is clean. At least something good comes out of my!! Thanks for your ideas..?

  44. Thanks so much for the good reminders and tips. They really are helpful.

  45. I was feeling bad that you had had a bad day during the holidays, because that is just terrible! Then I noticed that this post was written in April, and that made me feel so much better! Ha! I knew this was going to be your first holiday season with your first grandchild, and it would be heartbreaking to get off to a bad start as a new grandmother! We have just returned home after having been to a cousin’s funeral, so I wasn’t having such a good day myself. But just knowing that your bad day didn’t occur during the holdsys has somehow lifted my spirits, and I thank you for your post. We just never know how something we say may have such an effect on another person. God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways! Your writings inspire so many people, and I looked forward to reading your blog every single day! Happy 2017 to you and your family!

  46. Thanks for the inspiration..I needed it today!

  47. I love all your great suggestions, i would just add smile, a big smile and sometimes i even smile while having intense eye contact with a friendly face. Smiling just changes my attitude and makes it easier to manage chaos around you. Smile while you pray?

  48. I would suggest before starting to pray, take a few deep cleansing breaths. Look up, then begin your prayer with thanksgiving for the blessings that the Lord has given you. It is hard to feel bad when you focus on the good things in your life.

  49. Go to the Throne not the phone. LOVE IT!!

  50. I reflect on the fact that I’ve survived 100% of my worst days! Then Praise God!

  51. Tammy Stedman says:

    Enjoy your blogs everyday. I am glad you are inspiring in so many ways, just not for the awesome decorating.

  52. Thanks for the inspiration. When my day is bad I start with Psalm 91, and go on from there to other uplifting scripture.

  53. Anneliese says:

    What a fabulous post. I REALLY needed this today. I’ve forwarded the message to my daughter, who is going through the same stressors I am with work and life in general. Thank you for sharing.

  54. When I have a bad day, I soak in a hot bubble bath! I make mixture Epson salt, baking soda and lavender bath soap or I use a bath ball. I light a candle and enjoy the peace and serenity.

  55. Thanks, Yvonne, I had my own bad day at the start of this December. I was not a happy camper, but I leaned hard into God, and remembered that I too need to give it time to think before I try and fix it. Sigh…having my own blog serves as an outlet to think on other things and give it to the Lord. Clearly you know this too. Thanks for the post, really appreciate the transparency- helps me grow in the right direction!

  56. Dorinda A Selke says:

    Hi Yvonne – It’s so funny, but when I have had a stressful day, the first thing I go to is to cook a meal where I am chopping a lot, like soup or veggie meatloaf with mashed potatoes. I love, love, love to cook and it actually calms me down. So on goes the apron, my black Lab is my soux chef and it’s gonna be a good supper tonight for sure. Hugs, Dorinda

    1. Dorinda, so that’s the secret to chopping. I don’t like to chop. So the next time I get mad I’ll get my chef knife out along with the cutting board and go to town on some unexpecting celery!

  57. Perfect day for me to find this posts!! Thank you for your wonderful words !! I will try to incorporate them!!?

  58. Sharon Pack says:

    Thank you….good advice!

  59. Thank you so very much. You are so right that we should think on things above and be thankful for our many blessings.