SUMMER MANTEL 2017- Come see why I am not creating fussy mantels anymore1

Every season I decorate my mantel. I just can’t leave that fabulous horizontal real estate alone! I would love to be happy with what I put up there and not change it for awhile, but that is not the case! This spring I tried something a little different than I have ever done before! For the rest of the year am only changing out a few things and leaving the most of the mantel just as it is… for a whole year! Here’s a look at my recent mantel and how I changed it out to create a summer one! So easy! Why didn’t I think of this before?



I have to giggle! Can you see the box of K-cup coffee box behind the chair? Bobby keeps some of his papers in it. Ooops! This got away from me!

Spring mantel 2017…


Summer mantel 2017…

SUMMER MANTEL 2017- Come see why I am not creating fussy mantels anymore1

SUMMER MANTEL 2017- Come see why I am not creating fussy mantels anymore1

The clock, shutters, candles, books and black bench have all remained the same. I took down the pitcher of flowers and added 2 pots of real orchids that are not blooming right not. Instead of the white egg finial, I put another pot of orchids on some books in the center of the mantel under the clock!

I shopped StoneGable for something green and organic to put on the mantel for summer! Orchids bloomed on my dining room table this winter and instead of throwing the orchids out after they bloomed I wanted to see if I could keep them alive. So far, so good!

Take a good look under the black bench, our house mouse still sleeps there. We found him sleeping on the mantel of our first house and he has been sleeping happily on the mantels of all three of our homes ever since.

SUMMER MANTEL 2017- Come see why I am not creating fussy mantels anymore1


SUMMER MANTEL 2017- Come see why I am not creating fussy mantels anymore1

I also removed the chippy architectural corbel and replaced it with a white wooden star. I have 4 large wooden stars in different sizes that find their way around our home all throughout the year! I like the star as a salute to summer and the stars and stripes!

SUMMER MANTEL 2017- Come see why I am not creating fussy mantels anymore1

I love decor that takes under 10 minutes to create and looks like I’ve been decorating a whole lot longer!

SUMMER MANTEL 2017- Come see why I am not creating fussy mantels anymore1

What easy summer look are you creating?

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SUMMER MANTEL 2017- Come see why I am not creating fussy mantels anymore1

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  1. I have 2 mantels that I decorate seasonally, one more than the other. I like the idea of changing out a few things and leaving a few focus pieces on the mantel. I am doing a “beach” theme for summer!

  2. Denise Moraris says:

    Floors great! Thanks

  3. Denise Moraris says:

    Sorry I meant to say Looks great! The floors are great as well! ?

  4. lovely mantel !, but to many baskets on shelves bombs it, how about some glass jars, backward books, small easel art…
    love following you and super enjoy tips n tricks

    1. The shelves are my favorite, Marian! You look from my mudroom past the kitchen, breakfast nook, family room and see the mantel and shelves. Too much on the shelves would make everything look very busy!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration!i love changing my mantel with th seasons! I haven’t made the change yet as I am still giving it some thought!

  6. Carol Imler says:

    I have a big ole tv on my fireplace mantle, so I just created a focal in my kitchen/nook area – ie – your kitchen shelves you did a while back. I just did it this weekend, so I’ve been shopping the house and my favorite stores. I can see where you can’t leave your mantel alone! It’s kinda fun changing things around and getting different looks! I’m going to have so much fun playing with these shelves!
    Love the chippy star! 🙂

  7. I like the summer decor. The orchids add just the right touch of organic element to the room. I’m like you Yvonne,I purchased two orchids this past February and so far I have not killed them. Have a great day!

  8. I do love the greenery on the fireplace brings in a little more texture. After seeing the k cups which I didn’t see till you mentioned it I did see a front of a shoe on another shoot. Just proves your are human.

  9. Anne Marie says:

    Love your mantel!!

  10. Mantle looks good……nice and clean especially with the green from the orchids!

  11. I too switch out elements of my decor each season to keep things fresh. And this summer I’m using a “lighter” approach by keeping things simpler – my husband actually surprised me by commenting I was using a minimalist approach! Didn’t notice the coffee box, until I read your comment about it.

  12. You make everything seems so easy!! Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks. Looks great.

  13. You have given me so many tips and decorating advise over these last few years! Thank you for your blog. I am an avid daily reader of your blog, non-blogger, home loving decorator (only my own home), and devoted listener to Decorating Tips and Tricks. You are my favorite blogger. Thank you!!!! I look forward to every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday podcasts!!! I’m trying to get up my nerve to call you girls too!! I talk back to your podcast like I am sitting around the table with you girls!!!
    Blessings to you and yours!!!

  14. Candy Thomas says:

    Once again, you have created a masterpiece, of course!!! And on an earlier comment from another reader, I don’t agree about the baskets on the shelves. They look neat and organic and sort of cosy, not to mention organized. Again, a masterpiece!!

  15. I like the green on your mantel. Simple and fresh. I was gifted a blue pitcher and bowl set, it is now front and center on my mantel.

  16. I too like your mantel. I am a star lover! The stars you used are very special! Thanks! I do enjoy your posts!

  17. Marilyn Soto says:

    Love the nod to stars and stripes …. very clever. Is that a real pot of lavender on the coffee table ? If so could you do a post on keeping these alive? I’m on my second one and it’s not looking so great .

  18. I too just changed out my mantel on Monday. As you say you can’t waste that prime decorating real estate! I think the best tip from you is shop your house. I don’t think I’ve bought anything new for the mantel in a long while but still have created something wonderful. Your mantel is lovely and suits your room and the season perfectly. I wanted something patriotic and pulled my red, white and blue things out. In less then 15 minutes I had a great combo that my husband liked so much he turned the mantel lights on to enhance it!

  19. Your mantel looks great and ready for summer. The mantel is a good place to change when the seasons change.

  20. Yvonne, your use of wicker and sea grass makes your rooms so warm and inviting! I also think EVERY house needs a sleeping mantle mouse!

  21. Karen VanLoo says:

    Just beautiful! Mantels can be so tricky, I’m always appreciative of ideas for my mantel for different seasons.

  22. It’s beautiful! So fresh and summery!

  23. I never did see the mouse but I saw your shoe next to the coffee table. just makes it looked lived in. Jere

  24. Correction, and a big oops..not your shoe but the leather handle to the basket trunk.. At ninety there are lots of oops. Jere

  25. The orchids add a perfect touch of green. Good luck keeping them alive!

  26. kathy olson says:

    I love the touch of that star on your mantel!

  27. Wendy Howell says:

    Beautiful as always! Love your house mouse 🙂

  28. I don’t have a mantel…have a little mantle envy…beautiful!

  29. The room and the mantel look light and airy.I like all the
    different textures you used.I am a star girl too and have them
    in several rooms in my house.

  30. The orchids really make it look summery! Your mantel is always a stunner.

  31. I love what you did to the mantel. It looks great and I love the little mouse…I had to really look for it! 🙂 I like the idea of changing it up every season…that way it makes it interesting and something new every time. Great job!

  32. Your mantel always looks fantastic! Great ideas as usual!!

  33. Please tell me where you found the fabulous large basket your using for your coffee table now??? It’s perfect in every way!!!!?

  34. Christine says:

    Hi Yvonne – this isn’t about your mantel although I love the way it looks – I wanted to share that I was at the Eastern Market street fair in Washington DC last weekend and came across Daniel’s charming booth and I recognized the painting that you called your inspiration piece that hangs in your living room. I told Daniel that I’d seen the painting in the home of a blogger that I subscribe to. He said the Stone Gable blog has this painting. I said ” Yes, Yvonne she’s the blogger I’m talking about” and he said you had bought it from him! What a coincidence. Since I’m a baseball fan, I bought a small painting of just a baseball. I love the simplicity of it and it caught my eye immediately. Thought you’d enjoy this story. Have a nice day.

  35. Annmarie Wehmann says:

    Love the mantel. The mouse looks real ?

  36. I spy a shoe, black plastic bag and Bobby’s coffee box of papers….

  37. Marcy Leonard says:

    Really like the wooden star! Do you have a source for finding one–all I’ve located so far are metal ones. Love the rich green of the orchid leaves against the white!.

  38. The live orchids look lovely on your mantel…they breathe an airy touch into the room! I missed the box, too, and I am very observant! You, apparently, do not need to confess ALL to your readers.

  39. I don’t have a mantel but I do have a large shelf that serves as my “mantel” and focal point for decorating in my livingroom….thanks for the great ideas…..makes me want to swoop in and make some summer changes this afternoon…….

  40. Robin Talley says:

    Wonderful ideas today!!! Thanks Yvonne ???

  41. I’m loving your mantle decor and especially how you incorporate the soft and hard additions to your room. I have a question, where did you find the white pottery lantern you used in your summer vignette a few weeks ago (you added spirea from you yard). I have looked high and low for something similar and haven’t had any luck. Also, I could just kick myself for not hanging on to those shudders I took down when we purchased wood blinds for our kitchen window.

  42. Carol Elkins says:

    Love your summer mantel!

  43. Fresh and clean look. Lovely as always!

  44. I think it looks very pretty and clean , not too much stuff….

  45. Like Beth mantel looks

  46. Minnie mccoy says:

    Looks wonderful!

  47. oi yvonne;parabens por ser tao simples e lindo .sempre estou na sua casae me encanto com sua criatividade.Quando voce falou sobre a imperfeiçao da nossa casa perfeita ,foi tao humano e nos acolheu ,pois estamos sempre tentando superar os defeitos da casa real.Mas voce mostrou que ha algo especial na nossa desordem; ela fala sobre nos , nossas vidas.Me faz pensar sobre parar de tentar tocar a lua e apenas me divertir.Obrigada por ser simples.Abraço;Erika Sampaio.

  48. Can’t wait to see when the orchids bloom again!
    Thanks for the podcasts. You gals are real troopers to work so hard to keep us educated and entertained!!

  49. Maggie Nelson says:

    Love your mantel and the orchids give the touch of green. The mouse look cute too.

  50. So Pretty, perfect amount of noticeable change bringing in summer. Small changes can make definite statements for sure (as seen) in comparison mantle shots. Thanks so much for sharing.

  51. Love your mantel, so cute. But what caught my eye was the basket trunk. I have been wanting one , will keep looking. Love listening to the podcast.

  52. Julie Briones says:

    I just put out some peonies and chamomile! I’m working to get the tech side of my blog up, so lagging on other things. 🙂

  53. Julie Briones says:

    Oh… and I love the pod box! Shows ya’ll are REAL! 😉

  54. What a lovely mantle! I love reading your blog- your home is so pretty and it looks so cozy. Thanks for sharing this!

  55. Simple and organic; love it.

  56. love the summer mantle. I look for your blog every morning to start the day.