A CHEST WITH A MIRROR ABOVE IT on a summer home tour

A summer home tour is one of the highlights of a blogger’s year! Today I’m opening up our front door and I hope you will come in and look around! Welcome!!! Summer is a time to lighten up and that is the buzzword for this year’s summer decorating. Come on in! I’m so glad you are here!

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A big THANK YOU to my friend Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for organizing our Summer Home Tour! Marty is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet! Please head over and thank her for all her hard work!!!! Marty, you are the best!

On a home tour I like to show you different angles and vantage points of our home you might not have see before. I hope you can get a better feel for the Tanglewood House dressed up for early summer.

This is a very long post! So grab something to drink and get in a cozy spot and enjoy!

Head this way into the foyer! Here’s where our summer home tour begins!


I’ve been waiting for you!!! I feel like we are old friends!

The front part of the foyer nearest the door opens up to the second floor. This house has lots of interesting arches and elevations and windows and high ceilings. I really love living in an open concept home.

I’m standing in the my office to take this picture. You can just get a peek at the floor on the second floor!


Our foyer is l-o-n-g and wide ! On the left side of the hall are french doors leading into my office. I’ll be sharing that soon. The heavy swinging door on the right leads to our “secret passageway”! It’s really a pass through that leads to the garage and the laundry room and opens to the kitchen on the other side of our home.

I go back and forth about pulling up the tile and laying hardwoods to match the rest of the house.

Not sure what I’ll do yet! The tile is growing on me! At least, today!


I’ve been looking for an upholstered bench for under the Scripture verse but have had no luck yet. It needs to be “the one”! When you decorate, do you look for that one piece you know will make your heart sing every time you see it?

white foyer in a summer home tour

These baskets aren’t just for pretty. They get used! I grab and go with a basket, especially in the summer. It’s a bonus they also stand in as decor! All you basket lovers raise your hands!!! I’ve loved baskets since my beloved grandmother Nani gave me one that was her mothers when I was a young teenager.

You will see lots of baskets today!


The foyer table sits just before our home opens up to the great room.

neutral color foyer table with a lamp and a sunburst mirror over it . A jug with flowers are opposite the lamp.

The Tanglewood House is sun drenched and filled with light! Which makes it bright and happy feeling but also makes it a bear to photograph!

I took over 400 images for this tour over two days and during different times of the day just to catch the rooms in their best light. I bet you can see the difference in the images. What a learning curve!

For me, summer decorating needs to be a bit stripped down and relaxed! It’s certainly about less is more and giving our home a chance to breathe!

The foyer table is a good example of my summer style. I love neutrals! But that does not mean boring! Because I add big doses of texture and nubby surfaces to our home! Baskets galore, especially in the summer!

beautiful neutral foyer highlighting a beaded box.

I’ve been foraging summer flowers and bits and pieces of greens to decorate with this summer. At the StoneGable House I could run out to the gardens and had lots and lots of flowers to pick.

Here at the Tanglewood House I have lots of flowers too in my pots and urns on our porch and patio but not lots of blooming perenials.

I’m not a huge fan of grocery store flowers so I’ve taken to foraging! I’ve been scanning the neighborhood and back country roads for great twigs and tuffs of flowers!

It’s so fun! Thank goodness I have a very supportive husband who will stop when I see a foraging opportunity! I also have very generous neighbors.

Just a side note about having new neighbors. They must think I’m a crazy lady! There is always all kinds of activity here. Delivery guys bringing furniture and pillows and other furnishings, me outside staging tables, me outside running around with my camera. My assistant hanging sheets on the outside windows so the sunlight does not “blow out” my images!

A few of the neighbors have asked me about these things when I’m on my walk… aka looking for what I can ask to borrow from my neighbor’s gardens! I love living with neighbors!

The Kousa Dogwood blooms are from a tree outside. I asked our neighbor if it was on their property but they think it’s ours so I went out with cutters and grabbed a few branches. A new find! Yippee!

Then I went to work, Bonsai style, clipping and trimming until I tamed the branch to fit in the white vase!

foyer table featuring a large white jug with Kousa dogwood branches

When I started looking for flowers and branches for our summer home tour it was amazing what had been in front of me all along! I have a post scheduled for later this month about how to forage and create beautiful arrangements with found organics for our homes.


The great room is ready for early summer. As summer heat and humidity build, I’ll be adding a bit more color with bright flowers from all the container gardens we planted. But for now, summer decorating has a lighter hand!

overview of a living room with a big fireplace as a focal point

This summer I replace the dramatic fern pictures above the mantel with a “gather” sign and a white painted tobacco basket. I love the idea of gathering together in this sunny room.

a white fireplace with a big sign that says "gather"
a white fireplace with a gather sign above it as part of a summer home tour

Again I used a light hand to decorate the mantel. I really love symmetry but I love balance in decorating even more! Every home decorator should know the interior design concept of BALANCE. You can learn about THE DESIGN ELEMENT OF BALANCE HERE.

One side of the mantel is balanced with the other but not the same! It’s all about visual weight! And for summer I wanted to sweep the mantel clean of any heavy wood or dark colors and have it feel light!

large clear jar filled with moss balls and twigs with green leaves on a summer home tour

Another foraged sprig of green to repeat the green branch on the other side of the mantel! This little stem came from the landscaping in front of our home. I can’t remember what it is. When it starts blooming then I’ll know.

I’ve had the chairs that sit on either side fo the fireplace for almost a decade now! And I love them just as much as the first day they came to live with us! Remember what I said about finding “the one”. Works for furniture and husbands too!

Pillows are my favorite way to change the look of a room! I found these pillows HERE and thought they would be fun for summer!!!


I love yellow and gold and saturated burnt yellow. The color of these pillows spoke to me. I thought they would be a bit whimsical but they have a little air of elegance too! Whimsically elegant, now that’s a combination!!!!

I’m planning a knock-off pillow diy using them for my inspiration! I just put it on the calendar for later this month.


The vignette on the coffee table has a white urn of forages Kousa dogwood. They are a long lasting flower. And as they age the tips of the petals turn a pretty sepia color and they look even more beautiful!

They look far different from when I first cut them off the tree. They were loaded with leaves. And leaves are often the firs to show signs of fatigue. I can’t wait to show you how I clipped and snipped them!



Originally, I had 40 peony blooms on the buffet for the summer home tour! However, they did not last but a couple days.

Here is how they looked on the buffet…


The house smelled heavenly! Because they wilted very quickly I had to go with plan B. I’ve gotten quite good at plan B since I’ve been blogging!

Life most often does not go the way we plan. I love this adage and try to live by it too… “Hope for the best plan for the worst”… and I add… pray at all times!


Digging around in the basement I found my stash of faux sunflowers. They usually don’t make an appearance for another month but they are showing up a bit early this year!

A tall wooden vase filled with sunflowers for a summer home tour

I’m very pro faux flowers. I buy the best and most real I can afford (on sale) and take good care of them. The sunflower are another oldie but goodie StoneGable favorite! I’ve had these pretty blooms for years! Good faux flower can be an investment but they are an investment that pays off big time!

Tucked on the other side of the great room on a small wall is the Curlacue chest! I think this piece of furniture more than any other really defines StoneGable! It was (again) something I found and knew I would love it every day! And that too was almost a decade ago.

This season summer stacking baskets, a beaded basket on a wooden riser and a little faux green plant make up a decorative summery trio! Did you know that the number three is a very important number when we decorate?


A stack of white baskets and other summer decor on a chest.

Next to the sofa is a round, French-inspired table. It’s really a small bistro table but works as an end table in the great room. When our breakfast nook is finished in August it might find its way there.

A long view of a living room and dining area decorated for summer

Using my newly found foraging skills, I filled small bottles with organic treasures of the summer! A summer home tour should have lots of flowers, real or faux.

four little glass vases on a round table with tiny flowers in them and decorated for summer

Our dining area is just off the great room between the kitchen and our sun room. It’s a small area and I’ve learned so much as I decorate it!

Because of our open concept, less is certainly best in the dining area! The rug defines this area and brings a bit of fun into this space! It’s from Ruggable. You can see it HERE. We also have a pretty Ruggable in our Master bathroom. They are amazing!

The chairs are new. These are the third set of chairs at the table. They are still on probation but things are looking promising! I bet I can slipcover them. That possibility really appeals to me!

modern upholstered chairs in the dining area

Mixing styles is one of my favorite ways to decorate. It keeps the rooms in our homes interesting and not matchy-matchy.

My style is TRANSITIONAL. You can read about WHAT IS TRANSITIONAL STYLE AND HOW TO GET IT HERE and see more.

I really love classical furniture that has been updated, made a bit sleeker and less fussy, and lightened up with amazing fabric.

Here are three reasons I’m drawn to Modern Classic (Modern Traditional) styling…

First, it does not easily go out of style! It may not always be the hot trend on the decorating scene but it always looks fresh! And nice things that last longer are really economical!

Second, I love most things classic and I am so comfortable living with updated classic furnishings!

And third, Modern Classic looks so good with so many other styles! I like to say it plays well with others!

With Transitional Style, one style is predominant (mine is New Traditional or New Classic) and other styles are sprinkled into the decor. My secondary style is Farmhouse. I am a farmhouse country girl at heart!

So really Transitional Style is very eclectic and inclusive!

Dining area ready for summer

My nod to summer in this area is a carved bowl of succulents. And that is quite enough!

I don’t have much of a green thumb indoors but succulents seem to love the lack of attention I give them. Bless their hearts!

A big wooden bowl of succulents on a concrete table ready for summer

The sunroom comes by its name honestly! We sit on the 7th tee of our country golf club and we can see the 5th and 6th greens. I love the views from this room.


There are windows on three sides of our sunroom and not a lot of walls and a cathedral ceiling. It was quite tricky to decorate!


Because I want to keep this room open and airy feeling a bar cart stands in for a bookshelf or dresser or other piece that is heavier.

This bar cart like so many well-loved things here has lived in so many different room. The mirrored top lifts off and can be a large tray too!

I’m keeping with my summer less is more mantra decorating it.

Summer in the sunroom is all about slouchy pillows in a variety of colors and a comfortable place to stretch out. I love to think it is quite Bohemian because I love the look of that style! But really, this is about as Bohemian as this girl gets!

The biggest gold patterned pillows are really euro bed pillows. But they work just fine here too!

We looked a long time before we found a sectional that would not hide our view and be sleek enough to look proportionally nice in our smallish room.

The chaise is amazing! I sit with my back against the window, stretch out, and blog!

sectional with summery pillows on it

The white pottery lanterns have lived in quite a few rooms in our StoneGable Home and now at Tanglewood. This summer they are being used as lanterns. The are usually makeshift vases. So using them for the purpose they were made is novel!

Evenings have always been the most special thing about summer, to me. A adore long light evenings! Unless the weather chases us indoors we are most often grilling or sitting on the back patio enjoying this beautiful time of day. When we come in, usually at dusk or beyond, and I love being met by the flickering of candles.

My candles are all battery operated now and on timers so they all come on at a certain time and go off after I go to bed. So so pretty! I no longer am awakened at night with that nagging question, “did I blow out the candles?”.

These hefty lanterns give off such a pretty glow in the evening!


Well, my friend I bet you are ready to move on to the next summer home tour! There is still lots to see here but I’ll be posting the other summer decorated rooms in our home in the next few weeks.

And in about a month we start our kitchen renovation and makeover! It would have been done but there was that whole Covid thing!!!!!

I’ll be renovation posting here and on Instagram.

Have a wonderful summer and stop by anytime for a visit!!





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White buffet with a big base of sunflowers on it.


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    1. Rose, how kind of you! All of my new furniture is on probation! Some make it and some, sadly not! I sorta feel like I’m Heidi Kluhm on Project Runway. “You are out”! LOL!

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    1. Oh, Sherry you and I love baskets!!! And I just can’t get enough of them. You are welcome to come and sit in my sunroom. However you won’t be able to leave until I count all my baskets. LOL!

    1. Hi Mary, the tabletop is concrete. We had a gorgeous concrete table in our StoneGable Home’s dining room. I missed it so much and found a version of it to work in our Tanglewood home. Hope this helps.

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    1. Hi Barbara, yes Tanglewood is smaller than StoneGable. Tanglewood is 27,000 sq feet (just a little over) and StoneGable was about 4,000 sq feet.

      After 11 surgeries on my left ankle I just could not enjoy all the gardens and porch as much as I used to!

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    1. Did you know that you were the first blogger I had to my Tanglewood home and when you said I “StoneGabled” it I felt such a relief. I just hoped other readers would like it and think we brought enough of StoneGable with us to our new home. Thank you so much dear Doreen!

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