Succulent Topped Pumpkin DIY

Hi friends! I’m so very excited to share with you a new series here at StoneGable. It’s called 10 MINUTE DECORATING.  Each month 9 very talented, fabulous bloggers and me (9 total this month) will share some easy ways to decorate our homes that take only 10 minutes! This month’s 10 Minute Decorating is the FALL EDITION! Today I’m showing you how to plant succulents in the top of a pumpkin. So so easy! And it’s such a show-stopper! Even if you are not crafty… YOU CAN DO THIS!

I’m thrilled to be a part of 1O MINUTED DECORATING!!! 


You can find all these great fall decorating ideas at the bottom of the post!

SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

I must tell you that it does take a little time to buy the succulents and pumpkin, but once you get them all together creating a pumpkin work of art is a breeze!

I used a “blue” pumpkin I had that has a nice deep depression around the stem. Pop off the stem, but don’t cut the flesh. I used the pumpkins depression as a little planter!

My pumpkin has some scars but I don’t let that bother me at all… character! And it was such a bargain at $3.00!

SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

I bought the tiniest succulents I could find at Kens Gardens, a local greenhouse in Lancaster Co.

SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

Now, we’re ready to get our hands dirty! I chose a couple larger succulent that I used to be the “anchor”plants. I used the soil around them to fill in the pumpkin depression.

SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

 I popped the succulents out of their pots and massaged off most of the dirt from around the roots of the succulents. I did this outside on my potting bench and contained the mess in a cardboard box.

SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

Then I just started planting them into the dirt in the depression of the pumpkin working around the pumpkin so that the succulents look good from all sides. So easy! Keep the succulents close together. 

SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

When you are done planting, give the succulents a little drink… and that’s it. Planting takes only a few minutes!

SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!
SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

Here is the pumpkin all decked out in it’s succulent best!

SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

If you follow 8 TIPS FOR KEEPING PUMPKINS FRESH your succulent top pumpkins should last until Thanksgiving! Just give your succulents a little drink in a few weeks.

KEEPING PUMPKINS FRESH- Easy tips for keeping pumpkins fresher

Now let’s do some 10 Minute Decorating Visiting and see what great fall projects we can all do in 10 Minutes!


















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SUCCULENT TOPPED PUMPKINS-An easy and show stopping way to decorate a pumpkin!

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  1. Lynn Schwarzkopf says:

    LOVE the pumpkin and succulents!! Do you have a tutorial on how to make cloth pumpkins?

      1. Joanne Trenholme Marosi says:

        Beautiful Fall idea.
        When you take the stem off the pumpkin, do you put some earth in the little space to plant thesucculents ? Cannot find any actual directions thanks

  2. Just so incredibly creative and beautiful! I am really moved by this gorgeous pumpkin with the succulents tucked into it and strategically draped over the curves. I have pinned this and I am sharing over at FB and Twitter! I will head over and check out the rest of the 10 minute decorating ideas. I don’t know if you have room, but I would LOVE to join your group of bloggers and share my ideas!

  3. Karen VanLoo says:

    That’s absolutely beautiful, Yvonne! A true work of art. I love it!

  4. Well I learned something new today. What a great idea and it looks fantastic.

  5. This pumpkin is beautiful and very original! Great post!

  6. This looks beautiful and I can’t wait to try one. But—- How long will this last as far as the pumpkin is concerned? Does the pumpkin begin to deteriorate? I’m stuck on this as a mushy pumpkin is one of my least favorite things to deal with! Thanks for your advice.

    1. I just added how to keep your pumpkins looking fresh above! No mushy pumpkins, here!~

  7. I have a millennial daughter who is obsessed with succulents, so showing this one to her! Thanks for the idea!

  8. So pretty, Yvonne. Great idea for a pretty centerpiece.

  9. I absolutely love what you did with the pumpkin and succulents. It is adorable. I have to try this.

  10. Super cute. I just bought a pumpkin this color and several others because who can say no to all the beautiful options??

  11. Hi Yvonne ~
    How do you think of these things ~ it’s just beautiful.
    How long do you think that will last.
    And the pumpkin – where did you find such a beautiful pumpkin??

    Have a wonderful day.

  12. This is just lovely! What a gorgeous centerpiece it would make! Thank you SO much for including me in the awesome group and for all your hard work!! xo

  13. Thank you for the wonderful, and free, tutorial, Yvonne. A local nursery is charging $89.00 for the class and materials. I love saving money!

  14. I love this – it marries my love of fall pumpkins and succulents together in a way I never dreamed of – thanks for the inspiration!

  15. This is stunning!!!! I have so many succulents I might just give this a try, so beautiful Thanks for sharing and throwing the party, so many great ideas! Pinned 🙂

  16. That is so beautiful!

  17. Oh my goodness, this pumpkin with the succulent plants is totally stunning. Love it!

  18. Beth Stanton says:

    This is so pretty! BUT, I noticed that one of the things that “makes” this pumpkin arrangement is the long plant that is draped over the sides…and I don’t see it in your collection of plants that you bought to plant, so can you tell me what it is? Is it real or artificial? I thought it was strange that you didn’t mention this plant at all in your tutorial. Otherwise, great tutorial!

    1. The planter was too big to put in the picture. But you get the idea!

        1. Yes it is called the string of pearls. And I love the whole ideal. Awesome. Is that a glass planter or clay and where can I find one. Thank you Opal

  19. This is absolutely beautiful, Yvonne! I love succulents although, truth be told, every single one I’ve ever bought I’ve killed 🙁 I never would have thought to do this – you are so creative!

  20. Nancy Reed says:

    This is a creative idea and I have pinned it. Photos of HOW TO are very helpful. The end result is fresh and crisp for fall!

    Thank you
    Nancy Elizabeth

  21. I like this its pretty !

  22. Valerie Tingley says:

    I will be making one (okay,multiple!) of those for around my home!

  23. Love the pumpkin and the succulents,what a great idea ….I believe I will try this ….

  24. I really like what you did. It looks spectacular.

  25. Not a huge fan of succulents, BUT this creation is Gorgeous!!! Hunting immediately for a white, or grayish, blue pumpkin! Will fit in perfectly with my dinning room tablescape!

  26. Doreen Sinclair says:

    Love the succulent top pumpkin,then again everything is beautiful !

  27. This is absolutely stunning! Wanna make it right now! Hope I can find beautiful white pumpkin that won’t break the bank! Thanks for sharing! CAN’T WAIT TO TRY IT!

  28. Love the succulent pumpkin! I have several succulent planters outside that I bring in over the winter because they’re not frost hardy like the “hens and chicks” succulents. By spring, they get leggy from stretching for more light but with a little trim and repotting, they do well over the summer. I can’t wait to make a pumpkin arrangement instead of just leaving them in pots!

    I have a rock from our farm that was sold in 2000. It had an indentation in it and my mom planted hens and chicks in the hole. It has survived every winter outside. Mom died in 2005. It makes me smile every day.

  29. Mari-Elaina Garcia says:

    This is beyond gorgeous. What are those long plants dripping down the side?

  30. You don’t take all the seeds and stuff out for this project do you? You just plant thw succulents where the stem was???

    This is probably a really dumb question. I love the pumpkin. It is beautiful!!!

    1. Great question. Don’t take anything out of your pumpkin. Just plant the succulents on top!

  31. says:

    The pumpkin looks beautiful. I was wondering what the green berries are? and where can I purchase them?

    1. Hi Mary, they are also succulents. I think if you read the comments one of my readers identifies them.

    2. They are “String of Pearls”.

  32. Jethelyn Gregory says:

    Your suggestion to not cut the pumpkin is valuable. I cut my pumpkin last year and the pumpkin rotted in a short time.

    1. Yes, once you break open the pumpkin skin the whole thing begins to break down.

  33. Ausenda Bordalo says:

    I do not know if I can comment here. But thank you so much for the pumpkin idea. I have just about all the succulents featured here, in my garden. I love your site thank you so much.

  34. Beautiful. Pumpkins can also be planted on top with succulents into spagnum moss that you get at Michaels. Use spray adhesive to hold moss to pumpkin. Put glue from glue stick on stem of succulent and stick into moss. Then light mist every few days. They will last weeks!!!