STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

I collect cookbooks! And I read them like some people read romance novels. Because I’m a foodie I love to peruse most any kind of cookbook! Over the years my collection of cookbooks has become… well, let’s say a tad overwhelming! Instead of stashing my cookbooks in a cabinet or lining a bookshelf with them I put them to work! They work as part of my kitchen decor. Today, let’s style cookbooks!

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STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

In order to get my cookbooks out of all my kitchen cupboard and into the decor of my kitchen and breakfast nook, I first had to do quite a bit of purging. I had dozens and dozens of books! And with the plethora of recipes from Pinterest, foodie blogs, cooking magazines, and online cooking sites I realized I didn’t need all those cookbooks cluttering up my cupboard.

It was a little like choosing what child to give away as I love all my cookbooks but my organization and decluttering mantra is BE RUTHLESS, so I was and narrowed my collection down to about 20 cookbooks I could not part with.

STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

While I like having my cookbooks displayed in my kitchen as part of the decor I also need them to be easily ready at hand and accessible to me! 

A small cart at the end of my island was the perfect place to stow and display my favorites! I added a few white kitchen pieces to add a little kitchen style to the display!

STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

The table in the breakfast nook also holds my beloved cookbooks.

STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

The hen lamp is perched on a stack of my favorites!

STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

The cookbooks on the bottom shelf of the side table in the breakfast nook are gathered up in a wire basket. I like having them in a container that I can pull out and take with me. I often read them when I have a chance to sit down and I just take the whole basket with me!

STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

Where do you keep your cookbooks? Let’s purge, organize and display them! I’d love you to share your favorite cookbook in the comments!

STYLING COOKBOOKS-Creative ways to make your cookbooks part of your decor

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  1. So cool. I need t bring mine out of the cupboard. Love all your displays.

  2. Marilyn S. says:

    Is that cute table in your breakfast nook a new addition? I love it and just don’t remember ever seeing it …. at least not this close up. Oh and great timing on this post we are in the process of painting our kitchen cabinets and in the process of removing all my drawers and their contents I “found” some forgotten cookbooks. I’m thinking they will take a more prominent place once the kitchen is all painted and put back together

    1. Hi Marilyn, The table in the breakfast nook has been there for years. I just don’t photograph it much.

  3. My favorite book is a great cook book. I, like you, devour them. I love the idea of using them in my kitchen decor. Great post.

  4. My husband and I just recently purged our cookbooks – he also enjoys cooking. Next to sort is the old fashion recipe box people used to use. Currently sorting through all of our household items with the mindset – if it’s useful and meaningful to us it stays – if not it goes. Then incorporating the useful items as decor to cut down on clutter – just as you did with your cookbooks.

  5. Kathy Menold says:

    Just yesterday I pulled out some of my special cookbooks and put them in a basket on a small table in my kitchen. The rest of my collection is contained on a shelf on my bakers rack which other shelves are decorated seasonally and in the winter hold some of my houseplants. Yvonne sometimes I feel we are thought connected in our decorating. Thanks for joining me each morning with your wonderful blog.

  6. Sandra Barnhart says:

    I love to read cookbooks too it’s so relaxing.

  7. Anne Marie says:

    I am a cookbook lover – thanks for the display ideas!

  8. Karen VanLoo says:

    I also LOVE cookbooks. I have so many I’ve had to buy storage trunks to put them in. Some I love to display though, thank you for the cute ideas! I love your lamp, that’s one of my favorite things you have in your home!

    1. Lorri Rauscher says:

      I am afraid I am the same way with food magazines. Here in Canada the LCBO puts out beautiful foodie magazines to promote wines and liquors.The pictures are so lusciously illustrated you would like to eat the pages.Needless to say I have lovely trunks that I keep these magazines.I have to stop collecting them since all of them are full now. It is like giving away yr children like Yvonne says. LOL!!!

      1. I’m laughing read your Comment, Lorri, as the photography is so well done, isn’t it? Many times, from just browsing through those LCBO magazines, I get (vignette) ideas for my still life oil paintings. I don’t know your age but you might remember how popular The Best of Bridge ladies were in the 1970’s. I got rid of all my collection (except for one) but as soon as I had pared down, I was sorry! Years later, they introduced Volume 1 and Volume II – now all of their recipes are contained in these volumes! Another fabulous book from that time was “Food That Shmecks” by Edna Staebler – good old fashioned Mennonite cooking.

    2. Tamara Mitchell says:

      I was planning to move out of the country about 5 years ago and I had to purge my cookbook collection. I think it went from over 100 cookbooks to about 50. That was the best I could do! I really do use almost all of them and I trust the recipes in most of them. What I find in the internet is often unreliable. And I love to cook many different cuisines, so I have cookbooks for lots of different countries. Then, of course there are dessert-only cookbooks, appetizer cookbooks, bread cookbooks, and two notebooks of organized recipes I have clipped and saved. I have a large book case in my dining room and that is where I sit when planning meals. They are all in order by type of cookbook. Thank you Elaine for sharing your favorites, but they are not ones I have in my collection. Dangerous to think of buying more cookbooks!!

  9. Kathy bruns says:

    I like to purchase really old cookbooks at garage sales. Some of the old recipes–well I get a kick out of them. Diets have changed quite a bit. Lol.

    1. Tamara Mitchell says:

      I do the same thing…and thrift shops, used book stores, and the shop in my local library. I don’t buy ones that have unhealthy recipes, though. You are right things have changed a LOT! But, an older cookbook I use constantly is Jane Brody’s “Good Food Gourmet” with lots of no-fail, healthy, really excellent recipes of all kinds.

  10. Cookbooks have been another group of items that I’ve started to collect lately. However. I struggle with how to display them, so they’re stuck in a cabinet. Your cart is a great idea, but I don’t have room for one or a side table. I’m stuck with an L shaped kitchen and my countertops are limited also. I do like the books placed into the crate or stacked on the small shelves. Where do you find all your shelving that you use to elevate items?

  11. I have a love of cookbooks too. Still use the very old Betty Crocker. Displaying them in the kitchen is something I will look into.

  12. I’m like you when it comes to cookbooks — they become friends and I have a hard time getting rid of them. I love that 3 tier wire basket. Do you remember where you got it? I need something similar. Great ideas!!

  13. I love how you display your cookbooks – very pretty! I currently keep mine on a cabinet shelf – I have very little display space – Need to get inventive!

  14. Love all your styling posts! Cookbooks are the best!

  15. I am not sure I could do as you and part with any of my cookbooks. I really enjoy the “church ladies” cookbooks, so many wonderful recipes. Now I need to figure out how to use them in my decorating. Again Yvonne, you inspire me to be creative. Thanks, have a wonderful day!

  16. I placed 3 bookcases in the end of our kitchen/dining area and the cookbooks live there. Don’t think I can purge my annual SL collection and my collected family cookbooks. Maybe I could start gifting the children ….

  17. I have very few cookbooks but over the last 40 years of my working life I have collected hand written recipe cards from co-workers at every job I’ve held and kept them in a recipe box. I enjoy using a recipe from the box from time to time, especially at Christmas, and it’s nice to see a forgotten name and their favorite recipe.

  18. Leaving them out would not only be pretty but easy to reach when you want to grab one to read. Good idea

  19. Cindy Finter says:

    Very timely post! We have just gutted our kitchen and the stove and fridge will be delivered today. Last night while I was putting things away and figuring out where to put things the cookbooks were the issue.

    I like the cart that you have them on in the kitchen and am curious to know if that was a recent find? If so, where? Also like the striped rug in your breakfast nook area, where did that come from??

    Thanks for your posts.


  20. I was delighted to read the segment about cookbooks. Over the years I have been given and have collected over 1,200 cookbooks. Finally a few years back I combined my various display areas and adopted a cookbook library complete from A to Z and within categorized by author, type of food, region etc. It has really helped having more of a resource library for quick reference.I love relaxing in the evening with a cookbook planning future meals.

  21. Denise Moraris says:

    Thanks great post again. I have a small table near my island and the shelf on the bottom I have a lunch basket where I display some of my cook books. I do have lamp like yours mad a small stole that I will try this look as well.
    Thanks again Denise

  22. i have cookbooks that I just have on display and just 4 (in a drawer) that I use + rescipes.

  23. I only have a few cookbooks from when I was first married 45 years ago
    and many recipe cards in card box.I like how yours are displayed especially
    the ones in the basket.

  24. Great post this morning,I too like to collect cook books.and my all time favorites are the ones I received from my grandma Lena. Love how you have displayed your cook books Yvonne in your kitchen and breakfast nook. Your little Hen lamp is the cutest thing. Have a great day!

  25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cookbooks.. That being said I have to really really watch how many I bring into my home LOL My most favorite are vintage bread cookbooks.

  26. Many memories are in my cookbooks and bring up happy times that don’t even involve actual food. lol! I have a bunch in a wire basket – just like yours – on the kitchen counter and others are in a cupboard. Then I have two boxes that hold my good old recipe cards and bits of paper written by friends over the years. Again, reading through them, is a trip down memory lane.

  27. Love the cookbooks, but my first LOVE is the galvanized cake stand. Any ideas where I might find one?

    Thank so much for all your wonderful ideas


  28. Janie Landis says:

    Timely post here…I began the project of purging some of my cookbooks recently. I am a huge collector and probably have 200 plus cookbooks (at one time, had over 400). I’m planning to donate some of my less favorites to the local library. Love your ideas of displaying your favorites. Thanks – love your posts.

    1. Oh my you are a collector! You will have one lucky library. Good for you!

  29. Love the cookbook idea. Of course, mine are in a cabinet. My favorite thing in your pics is the rooster lamp. Where did he come from? I just love him and his coloring.

    1. The hen is an old gal. She has been with me for a couple decades. I found her at a shop in Alexandria Va. Sorry, I have no source.

  30. I don’t have quite the collection of cookbooks that you do but the few I have are in a drawer right now. You’ve inspired me to display them and use them in my decor. Thanks for another great idea!

  31. Carol Elkins says:

    I love cookbooks! After seeing how you use yours in your decor, I am going to get them out of the bookcase and try some of your ideas. Thank you!

  32. Oh I love my cookbooks so much…happy to see you are a fan of Ina too! I have most of her books and a few signed. Met her at my local Barnes and Noble early on in her career. The most genuine lady ever.

    I love your kitchen and wish I had room in my kitchen to display some of my beautiful books. I have a large peninsula attached to a wall because I could not float it as an island due to space issues. Would love to display on the wall but then this 5’5″ girl could not get to them. So for now I have a beautiful cabinet in my foyer just off my kitchen area storing them.

    Love those beautiful flowers your daughter is creating for her baby’s nursery. My niece did a huge backdrop of flowers just like this for her wedding last year. It was breathtaking. The hotel management walked in and offered to buy it following the reception but she turned them down as a friend was going to use. Flowers like this are absolutely gorgeous!

  33. Kay Jenne says:

    I too am a cookbook hoarder. We recently had our entire house painted, cookbooks were hiding in every corner, closet and pantry. I do decorate with the prettiest and take them on road trips to read and dream of the fabulous things I will make on my return.?

  34. I love to read cookbooks as well! Do you have Ina’s book, Cookin For Jeffery, and if so is it as marvelous as I imagine?

    1. I have Cooking for Jeffrey and like her other books, it is wonderful.

    2. It’s a great cookbook Cindy. You wint be disappointed.

  35. I am a collector of cookbooks also. I have them in various places in my kitchen (and beyond)! I have a few on a stand on my countertop, but I think you had some great ideas for working them into my decor that I may have to try.

  36. I love cookbooks also. To me they are books of art – the beautiful still life of food photos, the bright and wonderful colors…..
    I’ve moved cookbooks around the house for years to various locations and finally found my place for them after having kitchen cabinets painted from outdated oak to white. I have one kitchen cabinet on the end of a section that is a little different size than the others and I’ve taken off the door, painted the inside white and adjusted the shelf so as to hold many of my cookbooks. The cookbook spines and covers provide a bright, colorful spot in my kitchen that wasn’t there before and using that cabinet for cookbooks has forced me to purge some of the things that I stored there but seldom used. A win-win for me.

  37. I would love to display some of my mother and grandmother’s cookbooks which I’ve inherited. I’m looking for just the right size stand with shelves and can’t wait to put them out where everyone can see their history!

  38. My husband and I both love to collect cookbooks. When we built our house 24 years ago we had a cabinet above the desk built with a shelf attached just for our cookbooks. We need to purge too as we’ve set aside a shelf in the family room bookcase for more cookbooks. I also have a file drawer for recipes and love to do Pinterest! We usually collect books from travels or cooking classes we’ve been to.

  39. Would love to style with my cookbooks! I love them and read them also… I will have to rethink my kitchen and change some things! Thanks for the inspiration!! My wheels are turning!

  40. Several years ago I removed infrequently used cookbooks, put them in the attic for a year, and if I didn’t have to retrieve a book for a particular recipe, after that year, I donated those books to a ministry I support. I continued with this system until I was down to my most treasured books. I will confess to ripping out a page or two for some recipes I wanted to save from outgoing books!

  41. Minnie mccoy says:

    Such fun idea! I love my vintage cookbooks!

  42. Portia Read says:

    Thank you for your post. I need to deal with them. Mine are out of control. One kitchen cabinet, two shelves in the china cabinet and two shelves in my office hold most of them. There’s also a box lurking in the basement. Maybe this summer…

  43. A few years ago I pulled my cookbooks out of the pantry and started displaying them on a Baker’s rack that had been used to house an “old fashioned” TV in a guest/woman cave room. I change the art/decorations seasonally and right now I’m using your all white theme. Love it! I haven’t been able to part with any cookbooks yet, so some are still in the pantry and in a cabinet in our sunroom that also houses gifts from my children and friends.

    Thanks again for your inspiring blog. Look forward each day to seeing what decorating tip you post next.

    ??Flag Day??

  44. Love the cookbook displays! Could you tell me where you purchased the metal cart?

  45. I keep my cookbooks in my dining room hutch. I am a messy cook so I have to keep my cookbooks in a safe, food free space. I just purged a few cookbooks… I only kept the ones that I actually cook from and got rid of my candy and cookie books as I have become diabetic. My favorite cookbook is a better homes and gardens that I got when I graduated from high school. The pages are falling out.

  46. Jan Fusco says:

    I love cookbooks too! I love the wire storage basket idea. Gonna have to hunt one up. Thanks for sharing.

  47. I can so relate because I finally had to purge my cookbooks after our last house move. I’ve been collecting them for 50 years of marriage as well. Today there are just too many online recipes so I keep just a few as you did. Wonderful ideas for displaying them.

  48. I to love cookbooks. Have about 20. Use to buy them all the time, but stop since anything you want to bake, cook etc, all you have to do is google it. However, I still love the ones I do have. I am sure if I saw an interesting book, I would buy it. Thanks for sharing.
    I to love your hen lamp, it’s gorgeous.

  49. Great ideas. You are soooo creative !

  50. I needed and wanted this post. I got a small bookshelf from my folks and envisioned purging cookbooks and displaying others. I have that basket. I do pull cookbooks out for risers on my kitchen eating area hutch shelves. I would do it more often if my books weren’t so high and not accessible anymore. I’m inspired! Thank you!! PS. Now I want to cover a few books I just put in that bookcase to move to another spot!! Your idea too. I feel like junior high when it was our assignment to cover our books with grocery bags. ?

  51. love cookbooks…fun ideas to make them part of dĂ©cor!!!

  52. I too love cookbooks and have way too many. I love your hen lamp! Wish I had a spot for one in my kitchen.

  53. Love this post Yvonne. I too have a plethora of cook books and a binder of recipes I have collected over the years. My Mother had a spiral notebook of her favorite recipes from family and friends along with some from my grandmothers collection. They are dear to my heart. Your display and creativity is amazing. Where did you get that sweet hen lamp, I would love to have one.

  54. Love the sideboard with the two drawers!! Did you do it with that finish or did it come that way? If you did it, share your method?
    Thanks! Always enjoy your posts!

  55. Julie Briones says:

    Right now, I keep my cookbooks in my baker’s cabinet (aka Hoosier). However, after reading this post, I may be corralling them in a basket and placing them on top of my fridge. Surface space and cupboard space are prime real estate in My Wee Abode. So, if they are pretty in a basket on top of my fridge, that leaves cupboard space for other items. 🙂 Yay!

  56. This is so ironic because I just posted this on one of my Facebook pages asking everyone what they did with their cookbooks!!

    Currently, mine are in a wooden crate style handled basket, on top of my fridge! Not ideal, but can’t find anywhere else. Maybe you’ve given me some ideas! Thank you.

  57. Erica Thomas says:

    My new favorite is Pioneer Woman but I have to say my old standbys are always Joy of Cooking and Betty Crocker cookies. I have my moms and she wrote in the margins and the cover is coming off the spiral but now that she’s gone it’s endearing every time I open it up.

  58. Peggy Born says:

    I need to get mine out and start decorating!

  59. Renee Wimberly says:

    I’m constantly clipping or printing recipes from magazines or on line. I do have quite a few cook books and never really know what to do with them; where to keep them. They do take up considerable space! This is a good idea; and I must say I love your “hen” lamp!

  60. Carol Thompson says:

    My favorite cookbook is Deep Run Roots by Vivian Howard of PBS’s A Chef’s Life. It is big, thick and gorgeous and I display it on my coffee table. It is as much a storybook (of my hometown) as it is a cookbook. I LOVE the Watermelon Tea recipe for summer.

  61. Brenda Grisham says:

    I love your blog! I have looked at many but yours is the only one I follow. What was the source for the fabulous “hen lamp”. I am working with a french country motif. I would appreciate your guidance.

  62. Love the hen lamp. Where did you get it? Thanks.