Today I have some random thought and musings I’d like to update you on! And something little to brag about. It’s been awhile since I’ve told you that you are the absolute best and most wonderful blog readers a gal could ever hope for! You are faithful and kind and we collectively make up a family of sorts. A really big, chatty, fun, love-filled family! And I’m so glad you are here!  Every post I write is with you in mind! I’m answering your most asked questions today and letting you in on upcoming changes at StoneGable. I’m sharing musings on Monday!

Today episode #22 of Decorating Tips And Tricks is HOW TO CHOOSE AN ACCENT RUG. We share so much advice and tips in this episode!

You can listen to this episode below…

Or listen to any and all the episodes HERE. And don’t forget to take us on the go! Listen to DTT on the podcast app of your smart phones.

Now let’s get musing! 

Many of you have asked about my new little grandson, Anderson. Many of you know he was a “late term preemie” and on Wednesday he will be five months old. He is healthy and active and is just the most darling little boy you would ever want to meet. His favorite activity is smiling! He has found his voice and is LOUD!

Here is a picture of him taking a bath in the farmhouse sink at StoneGable. Finally, a baby has been bathed in my kitchen sink. It’s like christening my kitchen!

He looks like such a little baby in this picture. But he really is an active and very smiley little guy! He’s a bit of a party animal who loves to be in the thick of the action. He LOVES people! And he notices and loves other babies too!

Anderson was named after my father. Anderson is his middle name. It was also his mother’s maiden name. So his great grandfather and great great grandmother are memorialized in his very cool name!

The caption for the picture below should be… “Hey, Mom! I met the coolest kid in the mirror today. We are going to hang out again tomorrow.” I think Jacqueline really caught how animated Anderson is. 

My son Christopher and his darling wife Abigail are due the beginning of June with a little girl. These babies are rocking my world!!!! Being a Gigi is so much better than I ever imagined!

In other news, I have been featured in the Spring issue of AMERICAN FARMHOUSE STYLE MAGAZINE.

If you love farmhouse style in all its American glory then you would love this magazine!!!! 

This issue is full of beautiful farmhouse inspired homes and lots and lots of pictures and ideas… and my Al Fresco tablescape!

The photographs are mine taken on our patio and many of the ideas and quotes are from me too! Victoria Van Vlear did a fabulous job of capturing a StoneGable farmhouse dinner on the patio!

It’s sorta amazing to see you home in a magazine but it’s really surreal to see your photographs of your home in a magazine!


You can get your copy of this spring’s American Farmhouse Style magazine at your local bookstores or wherever they sell magazines or order it HERE.


I have other exciting news! StoneGable the blog is going to have a little “facelift” this spring! I’m very excited about this. Nothing drastic. Just a few changes to make it look fresher and a little more user friendly. 

I love to change things up for the better and I’m also smart enough to know that “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”! StoneGable will look like StoneGable with a few little improvements.


Many of you have emailed me and facebook messaged me and sent me cards to let me know that you are praying for me and thinking of me as I recover from an ankle fusion. Thank you a thousand times! I have really needed your prayers and your presence in my life. This season of life has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through physically by far!

I am still healing because it is a slow process. Just keep prayer. Every week I can see a little improvement. You are an amazing blog family and I really love you all so much! Thank you for being concerned about me!

And here are a few answers to some questions I get asked often: 

  • Yes, I am enjoying the podcast! Actually, Anita and Kelly and I are dear friends. We talk on the phone together at least once a day. And taping the podcast with these two girls is the highlight of my week.
  • I will slowly be working on my master bedroom this spring and summer. And YES, of course, I’ll share it when it’s done. 
  • Yes, our dear little dog Scamp passed away last November and I miss him terribly! He was just shy of 20 years old and gave us such joy! There is such a void in our home from his passing!
  • No,  sharing our bathrooms with you on the blog is not too private. I’ve shared one of our downstairs powder rooms and will share our upstairs main bathroom soon. As we make them over I’ll be sharing all 5 of them. No one needs 5 bathrooms!
  • Yes, I do like color. But I also would get tired of it sooner than I’d get tired of a neutral palate. I can always add pops of color to my neutral decor. Neutral, classic decor is economical and timeless.
  • Yes, we do eat out. But what fun would it be to have a weekly menu missing a day or two every now and then?  So I plan for the whole week as if we will be eating in ever night.
  • No, I don’t have any recipes for peas or pea soup. I hate peas! I ate mushy peas when I lived in Scotland as a child and cannot stand them! Sorry! Really, not sorry!
  • Yes, I am still writing a book, but it’s been on “hold” because of my foot issue!
  • Yes, I do all my own photography. Just look at my first couple years blogging. You can see the steep learning curve. Some of my early photographs are pretty rough!

I think that’s enough musings for this Monday. Thanks for being interested in what’s on my mind! Remember to stop back later today for THE SCOOP!






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  1. Teresa McKinney says:

    Anderson is so adorably cute! Grandchildren are much more fun than children! Love your featured tablescape and patio, will have to pick up a copy of American Farmhouse. Also, I’m with you on the pea thing!

  2. Love your site!
    Thanks for doing what you do and inspiring
    All of us !

    1. Mercedes Piesco says:

      Awesome ideas! The lavender checked bedding with the framed little dresses are my fave! So glad I found StoneGate!

  3. I feel like we’ve had a wonderful visit over morning coffee. Thank you for dropping by!

    1. Thanks, Marsha. Having MY coffee right now while I’m reading your comment. We really are having coffee together!

  4. Betty Hummel says:

    So glad you are healing and am so sorry for the awful ordeal. I know your faith and family have been a help and comfort to you. Anderson is so adorable. I too am a grandmother and it is pure joy. One of God’s many blessings.

  5. Well deserved -your getting published in the magazine

  6. Holley Downs says:

    Love reading your blogs! Wishing you a quick recovery with the ankle! so tickled for you and the article in Farmhouse mag.

  7. Oh my goodness, Anderson is just way too cute, he is utterly adorable and how fabulous that he can be bathed in the kitchen sink, perfection for you. Congrats on the magazine, you certainly more than deserve it. As you know this is one of my favourite blogs, I always find something interesting every single day. Enjoy the first day of Spring, huge hugs from a rather grey and dreary France today, not really springlike at all!!! Xxx

    1. Thanks, Susan. You know I live my French life vicariously through your blog!

  8. Congratulations on the magazine feature!

  9. It was so nice of you to be so personal today. You usually are but today was a little different! Your grandson is beautiful and looks happy! I always look forward to your daily posts as I always learn something new and I do feel like you are a dear friend! Thank you!

  10. Love the fact you used such beautiful colors for the magazine article. Wish the neutral faze would die out and more people would embrace color in their life! Life is way too short for blah.

  11. Candace Geldreich says:

    Congratulations! I will be looking forward to reading your magazine feature. You’re grandson is pure sweetness you can see it in his eyes.
    Thanks for answering so many questions, I adore your style.

    1. Candace Geldreich says:

      ****Your grandson. Autocorrect strikes again.

  12. Yvonne,
    You have been a busy lady for a woman who is recuperating. My goodness, Congratulations on Grandbabies Gigi! Wishing you well as you move forward with healing, projects and a mini facelift for your blog. I will have to get my copy of he magazine signed by the designer, photographer and blogger I admire.
    Prayers for a speedy recovery,
    Karen Marie

  13. Anne Marie says:

    Congrats – you deserve to be published in many magazines!! Precious little grandson – what a joy.

  14. Linda of No.Cal. says:

    Grandchildren are the best !!
    SO excited for you !!– Your Spring outdoor tablescape is fantastic .
    Glad that each day you are getting better AND better.
    Thank You for the Monday Musing. ?LInda

  15. Your grandson Andersen is getting cuter and cuter. I love his name. I know you like Ina too and perhaps the blogger who loves pea soup would like to visit her website and search for her pea soup. She makes two kinds and they are both very good.
    Thanks for all the great ideas and recipes.

  16. Congrats on ur magazine coverage! I understand ur recovery process and how tough it is. . I had a 4 level spinal fusion 6 months ago. A fusion of any type is not for sissies! Ur grandbaby is such a cutie! I am also a a Gigi! Ur the only other Gigi I know of. I know there must be others but not heard of any until ur post.

    Take it slow and easy with ur recovery. Get plenty of rest. You can never have too much PT. My opinion anyway. Wishing you all the best!

  17. So happy to hear your good news! life is wonderful with grandchildren! So much to do! Can’t wait to see what’s next for Stonegable! Thank you

  18. Anderson is an adorable little boy. I love your podcasts and listen to them at the “Y” when I am doing my workouts.

  19. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Well you answered all my musings..?The only thing I want to tell you when you change things on your PLEASE DONT CHANGE YOUR FONT!! When I read other blogs their font is so small..then you have to enlarge it. With yours it is so easy on the eyes.. no need to change it because it is always the same..It is like AH!!! so easy to read. Of course I love your photos..your pictures are always so lovely and crisp. Take a bow Yvonne you certainly deserve it!!!

  20. I know exactly how you feel about babies in a house. There is so much life!! The laughter fills the house like music. I’m glad you are getting better! Hopefully, you’ll be up and at it soon. Have a wonderful spring day!!

  21. Joyce Kennard says:

    Loved the post today. I think this one makes the “Real You” show thru. I see a loving, caring and concerned person sharing today. I think we all need to try harder to be this way. I really don’t know how you have continued to do what you have done, with what you have been thru. Thank You for providing your daily inspiration.

  22. What a doll baby Anderson is….yes you are blessed!!! My son is 20 therefore I miss those precious days!
    Your house is always gorgeous I truly enjoy your posts.

  23. Such a sweet and beautiful baby! I look forward to having grandbabies at some point. Enjoy and heal quickly.

  24. Anderson is adorable and I love that his name carries family history. My third grandchild, Jack Harrison, is expected in September. Jack is for Jack Kennedy and Harrison is a variation on my father-in-law and grandfather-in-law. I am sure they are proud even though they have passed on. Congratulations on the magazine feature. Your home and blog are favorite stops of mine. Fresh and happy. Sending thanks and healing thoughts. xx-hb

  25. Grandchildren are the best and yours is adorable. I only have one, but I couldn’t live without him. I share your comment on peas. I am not a lover of them and never have been! Thanks for your musings.

  26. Good morning, Yvonne! Just want you to know that I love your blog, and now I read that you are going to make it even better! In my eyes, it’s great as is, so I must be in for a real treat soon! I have learned so much from you, and you have really influenced my decorating these past months. I’ve purchased decor items for my home, based on what I’ve read and learned from you! It will take time, but I feel that my house is really starting to come together. I also feel that I have found “myself”, meaning I now have a clearer idea of what I like and the way I want my home to be styled.

    I also dearly love the podcasts! You, Kelly, and Anita do such a fantastic job! I enjoy “meeting” with all of you during each podcast!

    Congrats on your darling grandson! I have two late preemie twin grandchildren, they will be 6 months old this week. I certainly understand the love and pride you feel in having grandchildren. They are awesome!

    I’m so excited to see the Spring 2017 issue of American Farmhouse! I just ordered it off your blog. I love this magazine. Congrats on being in the new issue! You are so deserving of this honor!

    I’m also including a prayer so you continue to heal! God bless you in all your wonderful endeavors!

    1. Hi Sandi! Thank you for your very lovely note. I love when a reader/friend takes the time to chat with me in the comments! Hugs from StoneGable.

  27. My daughter was six weeks early, and so tiny, way less than 5lbs., I was so scared that I would hurt her! I named her to honor the grandparents too. Casarae, a combination of Caswell and Raymond, the grandfathers middle names, and Jean for her middle name, as both grandmothers had Jean for their middle name. They were all happy! Your little man looks absolutely perfect to me, congratulations! Grans do bring so much joy.

  28. Teresa Gonzales says:

    Lucky!!! We have 4 children -3 over 30 and no grandchildren! Anderson is a cutie pie and looks adorable in the farmhouse sink. Thanks for the visit over coffee. Hope your foot is feeling better just in time for spring.

  29. I may have written this before – so forgive me if I have. We have 6 grandchildren (15 to 24) and they are wonderful. I read somewhere that having grandchildren is like seeing a color you have never seen before. It’s so unique and beautiful, and you couldn’t have imagined it before you saw it.
    Keep up your incredible gift of sharing on all levels and continue to heal!

  30. Linda schmidt says:

    Thank you for sharing your family and musings. It would be so interesting and fun to live in your beautiful home for a day or two

  31. Susan McCoy says:

    Congratulations on being featured in American Farmhouse Style! How cool! And your grandson….sooo darling! Hang in there with the recovery. God is working in it out for your good and His glory.

  32. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Can’t wait to get the magazine and look at your pictures.

  33. Anderson is darling! Congrats on the magazine article and thank you for answering all those questions!

  34. Anne Porter says:

    Love words like “musings”…. thanks for sharing your “muses”…. and Anderson pics!

  35. Donna Milazzo says:

    Hope you are all healed soon. I have to get that magazine. Victoria VanVlear is the daughter of a friend of mine. Our kids went to Christian school together!

  36. Congratulations on all your successes! And, grandchildren. . .they are grand indeed! To the person who asked about a pea soup recipe, check out the one from Ellie Kreiger Food Network. It is so simple and tastes like spring! Happy Monday! My Wildcats won yesterday and are in the Sweet 16 tournament. Life is good!

  37. Loved today’s chat. Thank you for sharing, as always. And, prayers will continue for your ankle. Anderson looks like a delightful baby, he will be a great friend to his little cousin when she arrives. Enjoy these days and months, they speed by so rapidly. We have seven grands and the oldest is about to turn 16 – I look at her and the baby pictures still scattered around and can’t imagine how this happened so quickly!

  38. Thanks for sharing today. Anderson is such a cutie!!He is one of God’s blessings. Enjoy the first day of spring!!

  39. Jeannie S says:

    Congratulations on being in the magazine, can’t wait to find a copy. And what a sweet, sweet baby, Anderson is adorable. You are truly blessed. I admire your patience with your healing process, that is not an easy thing to deal with, prayers you will be running around soon!

  40. Karen Cadden says:

    Happy Spring! The grandparent club is the best! All of your hard work and love that you have put into your home has really paid off. Congratulations on being featured in American Farmhouse style!

  41. Anderson is just the cutest! Know that he’s loved by all just by his smiles! Hope the road to recovery will be over soon and you will be back to your “normal”” life again. CONGRATS on being featured in American Farmhouse Style!!! Now I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of Your book whenever that will be. I’m sure it will be as awesome as your blog.

  42. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your precious Anderson. What a joy! I know you’re looking forward to a total healing in that ankle so you can chase him around. I worked for a pastor 7 years who hated peas. He said they were ‘evil, and from the devil’. I understand perfectly.. I feel that way about cucumbers. Thanks for your blog today, it seemed special and personal.

  43. Your grandson is so cute! I love being a Mimi, it is the greatest! Congratulations on the magazine post. I have not read that magazine but will look for it now. Thank you for your musings and for always sharing the Word of God with us. You are a blessing to me!

  44. Anderson is precious! I have an Anderson, too. Grandchildren are truly a gift from God! Congrats on your Al Fresco dining shoot.
    Beautiful as always. Continued prayers for the complete healing of your foot. Sometimes God puts us down so that he can be lifted up! Blessings,

  45. Thank you so much for sharing with us this morning. My grandson is due to arrive in three weeks, and I am giddy with the thought of holding him and kissing those soft new cheeks, and breathing in the smell of new life. Ohhh I can’t wait to be a grandma!
    Your little Anderson is absolutely adorable! He is definitely going to keep his Gigi busy, so I will continue to pray that your ankle heals strongly, and completely.
    Feel free to muse with us any old time. It’s quite enjoyable!

  46. May God’s face shine upon Anderson all the days of his life! He is so very precious, beautiful! And thanks for your musings… I love them.

  47. Hope you are feeling better with each passing day Yvonne.
    It is so much fun to be a Mimi to two little boys and one on the way! Anderson is a doll.
    Happy Spring to you and yours.

  48. Anderson is adorable! Being a grandparent(I’m an Oma) is so much fun. I look forward to your post every day-thank you! They are so inspirational.

  49. Congratulations on your article in the magazine! Love your blog.

  50. Gail Ellen says:

    Just getting to know you and enjoyed questions answered. Looking forward to more musings.

  51. Wendy Howell says:

    Lots of good things happening for you!!! Your grandson is adorable, and soon you will have another to spoil !!! Congrats on having your home featured in a magazine.

  52. Anderson is darling. I cannot wait to become a Nana but that is a ways out…at least three years while my dinlaw finishes residency.

    I too have wondered about your book…just didn’t ask. Excited to know it is still in the works.

    Continued prayers for healing. I need to put Barnes and Noble on my list today to pick up that magazine. Congrats on being

  53. Congratulations on being featured in American Farmhouse,very cool.
    Anderson is a cutie and looks like he has quite a personality.My Daughter
    is expecting a girl due in August,such a long road for her to get to this point.
    We are all so blessed.Can’t wait to see the facelift for your blog, don’t know
    how you can improve on perfection.Thanks for the coffee talk !!

  54. Martha Jackson says:

    Your grandson is so adorable, enjoy him , they grow up way to fast…. love your blog…keep up the good ideas….

  55. Thank you for your marvelous Monday missive. So enjoyable. Anderson is a pet and the arrival of your June Princess will take Gigi over the top!
    Congratulations on the magazine feature. How exciting and so well deserved. You and your life are so authentic and well balanced. You brighten the day for all of us.
    God bless you, your family and your healing.

  56. Your grandson is adorable! And thanks for writing your blog. I don’t get a chance to comment everyday but I do read it everyday. You always have an idea or two (or ten!) that I can use!

  57. Maureen brinkmann says:

    Still my favourite blog Yvonne. You just keep getting better and better!

  58. Grandchildren are the best! Thank YOU for being here for us!

  59. Oh Yvonne, Anderson is adorable. I enjoy seeing pictures of your family since we are “long distance” friends. I’m also enjoying the podcasts. Hearing you girls makes me feel like part of the group and the advice you dish out is spot on as least for my taste. As I’ve said many times, yours is my favorite blog and I look forward to reading every morning!

  60. Dorinda Selke says:

    Dear Yvonne. Your grandson is a living doll! So handsome and what a smile! Being a grandma is the BEST! I can’t ever have enough of my two adorable grandkids, Brooke and Myles. Have read your blog for years, it’s the first thing I do in the AM with my coffee even if I can only skim thru it and have to go back later on. And we have one more thing in common – we dislike peas immensely! LOL Hugs, Dorinda

    1. Dorinda, thanks for being an important part of our StoneGable family. Yes, little Anderson makes my heart do backflips!

  61. Marcy Leonard says:

    Your grandson definitely makes the Cutie Patootie list–and that baby girl coming in June will be a treasure. We just saw our newest grandson Christospher who is eight weeks old today! Between us the Hubs and I have 15, from 8 weeks to 22, and they are blessing in every shape and size!

  62. Nancy Bailey says:

    What a great Monday morning Blog! Love the pictures of Anderson. I love being a mother, but being a grandmother is the ultimate. If I had known how much fun grandkids would be, I would have had them first! Thanks for the link to the American Farmhouse Style magazine. I was not familiar with it and I think it will give me some great ideas for our new home. Keeping you in prayer for continued recovery. xoxo

  63. Yvonne, Thank you for sharing so much of your life today. First of all, continue to heal and you are in my prayers. Congratulations on becoming a Gigi to handsome Anderson, I enjoyed seeing the photos of him. Also congratulations, on your magazine spread, what an accomplishment.

    As for me, I love peas, just freshly cooked peas with a pat of butter, yummy! I’ve often had a bowl of peas for lunch, really! Have a great day!

  64. It’s great to hear you continue to heal. Enjoy your grandson, he is so adorable! I have 5 grandsons and 2 Great grandsons, such a blessing! Congrats on the publication it looks beautiful!

  65. Carol Elkins says:

    Your grandson is too cute! Congratulations on the new grand baby coming!

  66. Congratulations Yvonne for having your home featured in the magazine. It’ looks lovely and you are always giving me new ideas to decorate my home. I am so slow about it and I think carefully through everything before I change anything. I moved into my brand new home after a fire in 2019 and it was such a rush to get the boxes of items back from the cleaners and put them away just to get them out of the boxes, that I really didn’t take time to go through what worked in this new house and what definitely didn’t work. Now, after two children have left home and my youngest is in the middle years of high school, I have time to set things right in my world, but still am not sure of what style I want to reflect since this house s so different that my previous one which was an 106 year old Victorian style manse. I really like your farmhouse style and I wished I had looked through some of these websites before choosing the floor plan of this house because there are some things I would have changed. Thanks for all your input.

  67. Pat White says:

    Precious grandson and congratulation

  68. Robin Talley says:

    He’s adorable! Happy Spring to you!! We LOVE Stonegable!!!!!!

  69. Cynthia S. says:

    What a beautiful little baby boy!!!Anderson has been blessed with such a loving family, God knew once again what he was doing. This little fella is going to consume your life and love, it doesn’t get any better than that.. From day one I have been an ever present “Nanny” in my grandsons lives and the love they have for me is the best reward for time spent with them.

  70. Elizabeth Anne says:

    Yvonne, Congrats for your feature in American Farmhouse! All of your posts are Magazine material! I am so proud of you and your design skills and the way you present yourself. We all LOVE you too. I am praying for your healing. I have had 26 spinal fusions, four surgeries in five years, I know this is quite a long recovery. P.T. was a big help. “Anderson” is adorable!

    Best Wishes
    God Bless

  71. Mary Nell Harding says:

    Anderson is adorable! There is absolutely nothing like being a grandmother!!

  72. What a beautiful baby! You’ll have so much fun with him throughout the years.

    Congrats on your magazine feature, Yvonne. I’ll look for it in our local stores.

  73. Love your home and you sharing your faith. Blessings to you and your growing family.

  74. I can’t wait to get the new magazine and your grandson is adorable! Can you please let us know how your son is doing? I remember that he had major surgery a while back and I pray that it helped him.

    1. How thoughtful of you to remember Christopher. He is doing very very well considering how traumatic his two surgeries were. He really cannot run anymore and he was a runner. But has replaced running with crossfit. He is working on his MBA and will be done this time next year.

      He is so crazy about the idea of having a little girl. Everyone says every little girl should have a Daddy like him! This will be one luck and blessed child to have the parents she has!
      Thanks so much for remembering him. It’s been a long and often awful journey. But hopefully that season of his life is over!

  75. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    Good morning Yvonne! You, Anita, & Kelly have way too much fun. You three make quite a team. I enjoy listening to your pod cast. Congratulations on being featureed in the Farmhouse Style. You are well deserved of such an honor.Love the photos of little Anderson,he is such a cutie. This past weekend, we had our three year grandson. Myles is our pride and joy and we our proud to be his grandparents. I’m sure you and Bobby are beaming to have this little guy in your family. Happy Spring???

  76. grandchildren are the absolute best addition t all of our lives…congratulations!!! amazing how much you can love someone .

  77. Just taking a break on this beautiful first day of spring from finishing up my Easter Decorating Such fun to pull out my egg and rabbit collection What a delight to read your blog today and see your beautiful grandson.Enjoy every minute because they grow so fast. Will definitely look for the magazine and know I will love it.

  78. Beth Groff says:

    Your grandson is absolutely adorable!! Wow Congratulation to Christopher & Abby on their upcoming addition also. Congratulations to you & Bobby on your additions to the family. Love reading your posts everyday!! Looking forward to more wonderful posts!! Hugs Beth

  79. Love the baby’s picture, I know the special love with becoming a Nana. It’s soooooo wonderful, my first grandson will be 25 this summer and the special love never stops; than four years ago he gave us or first great grandchild (Caleb) love his name, and the love is even more intense. Congratulations to you for Anderson…love the name.

  80. You are blessed. And we are blessed through you. Your blog brings, not only decor inspiration, but a lovely example of how we should handle life with gratitude for all that comes into our lives. Thank you for inviting us into your lovely home, as well as sharing your beautiful family with us. Anderson is beyond precious. I especially appreciate the way you joke and tease about Bobby, while remaining respectful. You are truly a Proverbs 31 woman.

  81. GwenCondit says:

    There is much to look forward to on your blog! It feels like I went to a staff meeting to hear about the next few months!!! And a recap of the past months–the difficult and the joy. A happy blog.
    Thank you!!

  82. Anderson is adorable! He must bring so much joy into all your lives. And, another due soon! That farmhouse of yours is meant to be full of laughing, happy people.

  83. Anita Dillard says:

    I have come to the end of all the great comments from today, and everything that can be said has been said, and so I add my name to all the comments!!! I don’t comment very much, but when I get so much out of reading a blog, I have to say something–I love reading your blog–there’s always something new–I really love the Sunday lessons!!! Learning about God’s names is helping me understand so much about who God is and how He interacts with us–Thank you for those lessons–Anderson is precious and so blessed to have been born into your family–He will go in the right direction–so glad your ankle is healing–God is good and I’m glad I have your blog–it is beautiful—

    1. Hi Anita! I am thrilled to see your comment today! I love to hear what you have to say!

  84. Earlier I read that you plan to change your kitchen backsplash. I am currently planning a kitchen remodel and would like to know what you plan to do. Would you share your idea for the material you want to use, now so I could consider it?
    Thank you.

  85. Congrats on you new little Grandson, there nothing sweeter than being a Grandma

  86. Love the pics of Anderson! Being a grandparent is just…. GRAND!

    Thanks for the answers to questions we have posted. It’s nice to hear answers that we may have been waiting for. Would love to see this as a regular feature each week or month. Just a thought. 🙂

    Congrats on the magazine spread… What a THRILL! And, so beautiful!

  87. Anderson is soo precious! Thx for sharing pics that lift our spirits with smiles and joy! Congrats on mag spread! Esp like “make every day special” this is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!

  88. Anne Marie Petralia says:

    Welcome to the world of grandmothers. Anderson is so beautiful. I have 7 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren and can’t begin to tell you how much they have added to my world. I also LOVE your blog.

  89. Marijean Jenson says:

    Congratulations on all! Your grandson is so cute! Can’t wait to see pictures of your new little bundle. I’ll be looking for the magazine on the news stand !

  90. I am so happy for you on your feature in the magazine, while I am not surprised you have a wonderful blog! Your writing and decorating skills shows throughout. I can’t express enough how much I enjoy the Podcast, I truly feel like we are all sitting around a table or kitchen island chatting about featured topics and I am part of the conversation. Thanks for your hospitality!

    1. Paula thanks for all your very kind comments! I am so happy you are enjoying our podcast. We really love one another and enjoy being together!

      I like to think that comes through!

  91. Your grandson is just so beautiful! It was such a delight to see such wonderful pictures of him and so great to hear that he is growing into a very active baby!

  92. Congrats on getting your home featured in the magazine. Glad to hear your ankle is getting better.Your grandson is so cute! Isn’t being a grand parent just the best!


    So enjoy reading your blog….for just too many reasons to mention…I don’t know where to start.
    PS – grandson is adorable, blessings for the new baby, I broke my ankle years ago, I feel your pain,

  94. Anderson is just adorable! Grandchildren are such a blessing. We have six.

  95. Your little grandson is adorable! We had a grandson who was born much too soon and unfortunately, he only lived for about a week. Enjoy your time with him as much as you can. Love you musings!

    1. Bless your heart, Carol! I can’t imagine your heartache. I just prayed for your family. Hugs from me to you!

  96. I love his name! Anderson sounds so smart!! I thank you for always sending fabulous ideas our way!!

  97. Teresa Alexander says:

    thank you for sharing Anderson’s pics! he is adorable!

  98. Congrats!! on your magazine spread, it looks just beautiful!!! That Grand baby is just too cute!!! Such a sweet face that I bet you just kiss all over!! Glad to hear your healing good. I know it sucks when it takes long, but ya know its a process, small chuckle… I will keep in my prayers. I so enjoy listing to the podcast, it is so full of info and fun, it like you three are right there with me. looking forward to seeing your small changes.I sure get a lot of inspiration from you. Thank you so much for that. I also can agree with you about pea’s they make me gag, i can eat a stray one in pot pie but that’s my limit. 🙂
    So excited to hear about your newest grand baby coming this summer, did i get that right , I hope so. I sure love my gran babies I have three girls.11,9, 2 the littlest loves to say hi on the phone, and bye, love you, thats the best when you hear love you.. I so enjoy reading your blog. Love the Sunday post they are so up lifting. Give your little man a hug and extra kiss from this grandma.
    Big Hugs
    Love to you and Bobbie

    1. LOVE giving kisses to Anderson. I think children should be kissed at least 100 times a day! Probably more by me!

  99. You have a precious grandson. Being a Grammy has been a grand adventure of fun and love. We have 3 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and her baby sister who is due today. Just waiting for the news of her arrival. A fall in January resulting in 3 broken bones in 2 legs and rehab means we can’t be there for her arrival. So glad we at least have FaceTime since they live across the country from us. Thanks for sharing your musings today.

    1. Facetime is a miracle for parents and grandparents that live far away. Oh, no!!! I’m praying for your healing too, Mary! And for the new arrival! What a blessing!

  100. Martha Durick says:

    What a darling boy! Keep up the great work on your blog .It really is a treat.

  101. Dianne Lanier says:

    What a beautiful baby! Anderson couldn’t be more perfect! Thank you for sharing this precious part of your life.

  102. I so adore all of your wonderful and insightful podcasts! It is a gathering of friends who are just shooting the breeze in such a charming style!! I pour myself of iced tea (half & half with lemon) and enjoy sitting a spell with you three charmers!
    If you made these into a book with pics from all of your three homes, it would be a best seller for sure. I would so buy a copy!1

    I totally agree being a Gigi and a Mimi rock! Anderson is such a darling babe! I love spending time with my five grands so much too!

    You so inspire me daily in your Christian walk and I have prayed daily for your speedy and thorough recovery. You so bless us!

    1. Penny, Thank you so so much! I need prayers. I’ve had a few rough days. Some days are better than others. I am thrilled you are enjoying our podcast. We love taping it!

      You can now listen to it on Echo. Just say “Alexa, decorating tips”! We are over the moon about this latest addition!

  103. Karen VanLoo says:

    Your grandson is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! I can sure tell he is a happy and healthy baby. I am so happy for you and your entire family, and now you have a little girl on the way. You are very blessed. I am also excited to see you’re in a magazine, and now I am going to go find that magazine. I must have that! I am just now catching up on yesterday’s post.

  104. Today’s “Musings” was so much fun! Anderson is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of him. Our oldest son carries my maiden name in honor of my father who passed 3 months before our son’s birth. He and my precious daughter-in-love carried that forward in naming their first son with her maiden name as his middle name. Such a sweet way to honor the maternal grandfathers. You have many new, exciting things coming in your wonderful blog/ministry! I pray that all that your hands touch will prosper. 🙂

    1. Thank you Deb! What a wonderful prayer! I love the idea of using family names. Anderson’s middle name is a family last name as well.

    1. Your magazine is just gorgeous! I wish you much success! I’m certainly hooked!

  105. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, congrats on the magazine! Your home is so special — just like you! Thanks for all you do for all of us. We appreciate you so very much!

    Your little Anderson is so precious! What a blessing he is — and what a blessing the new little granddaughter will be as well!

    Just pray that God will continue to bless you and make you a blessing to all those you come in contact with! You are loved!

    Blessings! Enjoy your day!

  106. Congratulations on the magazine feature; you certainly deserve it. Also, I hope Christopher has been doing well. I know he’s had a rough time with his surgeries and I certainly hope all of that is behind him now.

  107. Jenny Graber says:

    Congrats on being a Gigi. What a cutie pie! I found your podcast about a month ago and I’m loving every episode. In 2 weeks my family will move into a house built in the 1870’s. I’ve got so many great ideas from listening to you ladies. Keep up the good work!

  108. Shirley Graham says:

    Thank you for sharing Anderson’s picture. He’s beautiful! I have 5 grands & each one is precious. We just found out today that my husband’s PET/Scan turned out great & it looks like he only has two places that are cancerous and they can be removed. We are so grateful to God. I hope your ankle is almost healed all the way & that you can enjoy Spring! Congratulations on the magazine publishing. Will look for it! It seems our cup runneth over!

  109. I love this post! I felt like I was chatting with a friend about all life’s blessing & woes. Your precious grandson is just adorable & congrats on that baby girl who is soon due to arrive. I hope your son is healing from his surgery as he looks forward to being a daddy.
    I understand about the ankle fusion. A friend had that done & it really is a grueling recovery. So happy to hear you are healing and will pray all continues to go well.

    The news of the magazine feature is so exciting. I will be buying that issue for sure. Your home is so lovely & the talent you have for
    settting a table is pure perfection. I am anxious to see the pictures & just know I will be drooling over them all!

  110. First I did not realize you had an ankle fusion, so sorry and hope you recovery happens sooner than later. Second it is always a pleasure to read your blog. you have always been true to who you are and it is reflected in your blog. Thirdly Congratulations on your magazine article, that is so exciting and well deserved, I might add. Love the pod cast I think you gals are doing a marvelous job, fun hearing you interact,
    xo Kathysue

  111. Yvonne, what a great blog today. I love seeing pictures of little Anderson, he is so precious. And soon to be blessed with a granddaughter…how exciting! Answers to questions that I have also wondered about but didn’t feel that I should ask. Thank you for sharing.

    Your blog is one of my favorites, and I cannot wait each day to see what you have for us. But I think Sunday’s are my favorite. I never fail to receive a blessing from the Sunday lessons.

    Congrats on the magazine article, I can’t wait to pick one up.

    Prayers for your continued healing. I hope you are all well soon.

  112. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your grandson. He is absolutely adorable. Please continue to take care of yourself to let your ankle heal.

  113. From my friend Pinky: Good morning my dear, sweet friend! CONGRATULATIONS on the feature!!! I will search for a copy of the magazine. Anderson is SO adorable and I KNOW that being a Gigi is the best thing in the world!!!! I told you!!! Looking forward to the changes and am happy to hear you are recovering, slowly though:( Let’s get together!!!!! I can pick you up if you need me to. Miss you a lot!!! HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!