8 REASONS TO WEAR (AND LOVE) AN APRON- if you are an apron wearer you will love this. If not, start now!

If you knock on my front door chances are I will greet you in an apron. They have become part of my “uniform” at home. And even more than that, when I tie an apron on in the morning it’s like saying, “okay, let’s start this day… let’s do this thing”. It’s empowering!  An apron is to me what a cape is to Superman! I think there is a special power in wearing an apron! Today, let’s talk about 8 great reasons to wear an apron!


Now let’s talk aprons… Here are 8 reasons to wear… and LOVE… aprons!

8 REASONS TO WEAR AN APRON- why aprons are a part of my home uniform!


Just as I said above, an apron has its own kind of power it bestows on its wearer to make them a superhero of domesticity! In an apron, I am faster than a speeding toddler, more powerful than a loco garbage disposal, able to jump tall piles of the laundry in a single bound! I am the woman of steel… magnolias!

An apron is part of my business attire! And in it… I mean business!


No prissy aprons and pearls for me! Wait! What? I’m okay with the no prissy apron part. But the pearl part? I love pearls. No one should be without them. Pearls go with anything, especially aprons!

I found that an apron is a fine place to wipe hands after they’ve been washed. Much better than the sides of my jeans or leggings! And so convenient. When I am flying around the kitchen I don’t have to stop to find where I put the dish towel!

Wearing an apron is unpretentious and authentic. It’s as plain and Jane and as elegant as, well… precious pearls!




So, even with its superpowers you still might want to take the day off from doing things around the house! Or at least part of a day. If you wear an apron you won’t look lazy. You might be lazy but at least you won’t look like it! An apron is the master of disguise! I just wish it was more of a cloak of invisibility at times too!


Aprons have comforting qualities of legendary proportion! What child can continue to cry when wrapped in the arms of an apron lovin’ momma or grand? Those apron corners were made with extra absorbency for little tears. And apron strings are the perfect size to be held by little hands too!



For heaven’s sake never throw away an apron because aprons are the holders of memories! And if you have an apron with a pocket, better yet! Those pockets catch and keep the most precious memories of all! What we see as pocket fuzz are really thousands upon thousands of tiny memories all rolled up together soft and happily living at the bottom and in the corners of an apron pocket.  

And as you put your apron on it just might release a memory once in a while for you to enjoy. Memories of my Nani bubble up from my apron pocket! 


An apron’s most noteworthy quality is its helpfulness. It lives to serve. An apron will unselfishly serve till it’s threadbare and worn out. It protects us with literally every fiber of its being! They are like a magic shield guarding the wearer against the evil schmootzie and splatter of the word!

An apron’s servitude can last generations if they are passed down from mother to daughter or aunt to niece or grandmother to granddaughter or friend to friend! They should pass from well-worked hands far along in their journey of life to softer more innocent hands just beginning to know the joys of work.  Aprons get better and wiser and more valuable with age… just like their wearer!

8 REASONS TO WEAR AN APRON- why aprons are a part of my home uniform!


Aprons like to hang around their wearers! They are not catty or easily offended. They are always cheerful and give lots of hugs. Especially around our waists… no matter our size! They are not judgemental about our imperfections and literally live by the Bible verse, “Love covers a multitude of sin”. 1 Peter 4:8


Aprons are gifts of an abundant life!

Aprons symbolize the multitude of blessings underlying dirty well lived-in homes and piles of laundry and unwashed and waiting dishes and gardens that need tending. These blessings are the lifeblood of an apron!

Aprons whisper that work is good, no matter how humble and we are up to the task! 

There is a bond between women who have worn and loved and lived in aprons! 

An aproned life is a well-lived life for sure!





If you are an apron wearer leave a comment! Why do you wear an apron?


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8 REASONS TO WEAR AN APRON-Reason to make an apron part of your daily attire!


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  1. Mary Anne says:

    I love wearing Aprons too!!! I have quite a few, and like that I can put a dishcloth in the pocket to wipe my hands when needed! My aprons for some reason make me feel complete as I begin baking or cooking! I remember my mother wearing aprons, usually the half apron, my Grandma’s also wore aprons, the kind that went over their shoulders!! I recently had an apron from my mother-in-law that I turned into plastic bag holders and gave them to my sons and daughters-in laws. They love having a little piece of something that was hers. She recently passed away and now they really appreciate the little rememberance ! Only one of my 3 daughters wears an apron!
    Great post Yvonne and Happy Mother’s Day to you !!!

  2. I “learned” to wear aprons when I started working part time for a kitchen company who use to require you wear a green apron every time you walked in their door. That was a few years ago, but now I wear them in my own kitchen as well. I do love the ones with pockets best. And, I do agree. The older and more worn an apron is, the more I love them! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  3. Still wearing the apron my grandmother made for me when i was married 48 years ago!♡it!

    1. I’m definitely dating myself with this one, but here goes. Back in the day, my grandmother kept chickens and made bread every day, usually several times a day. Chicken feed and flour came in large cotton sacks, plain fabric with the company logo on one side and a print on the other, usually some sort of floral pattern. Nanny saved those sacks for when we visited in the summer and made me sun dresses with the patterned fabric. As I grew out of sundress size, she made me aprons. If I had those adorable dresses
      and aprons now, I’d be sorely tempted to sell them on Ebay. They’d go like those hotcakes Nanny turned out in batches.

  4. What a lovely post. Filled me with nostalgia and makes me want to go out and buy an apron. Well, I do have one but it is boring. Now I want one of the pretty ones like my mother used to wear. She and her women’s group at church used to make and sell them as a fundraiser.

  5. Georgianne says:

    Yvonne, I enjoy your style and the blog! You have been the source of inspiration for my home decor overhaul. Thank you for this post , as it about aprons brings to mind treasured memories of my grandmother. Where did you find these lovely aprons and if you say you’ve made them, allow me to place an order!!

  6. Yvonne, can I tell you that you are one of my “besties”! Even before the apron blog, but after the apron blog, “you had me”!
    My apron story…I was. married at 19 and 49 years later, I’m still wearing an apron! Can’t live without my aprons!!! Everyone gets greeted with an apron at my door and usually I get greeted with…not flowers but an apron!
    We had a wonderful family next door to us. Our kids grew up together. I was a Mother of boys. Next door there was a Mother of 2 boys and yeah, one girl! She is is a Mother of three now.
    On one busy day, I was ready to prepare dinner and couldn’t find my fave apron. Oh yes, I had others but it was like wearing two left shoes! My little adopted daughter walked into my house at that moment and I said “I can’t find my apron”! Everyone knew THAT apron! Her look was one of horror and she meekly said “You have it on under the other apron”. I looked, and sure enough, there it was on my body uunderneath another apron I put on!
    At that little girl’s wedding shower, that apron was washed, bleached, scrubbed, ironed and wrapped. She still has it even with a hole in it!
    Aprons are a circle of love!

  7. I agree so much with your 8 reasons to wear an apron. I’ve been wearing them for years. When we were growing up my grandmother made us aprons one year for our birthday. She always wore them when she worked in the kitchen or just working in general around the house. Kleenex were always found in her pockets. When I started up housekeeping 48 years ago, I began to wear aprons. Love them and have made several over the years. My adult daughters and now granddaughters all have aprons I’ve given them and they use them as well. A few years ago I started making aprons for new brides that I knew. I even received a thank you note from one of the grooms letting me know how much he enjoyed the apron I’d made for his new bride. He knew something good was coming out of the kitchen when he saw her wearing it! Thanks for your post. My mind is full now of happy memories because of your writing this morning! Happy cooking in your aprons!

  8. Taste of France says:

    I learned the lesson the hard way: I got beet juice on a favorite top. I can’t stop grating beets–my kid loves them–so I’m careful to put on an apron first now. I put my phone in the pocket, and listen to podcasts while I cook. We have an open-plan great room (kitchen, dining area and living room all in one big space), and have a headphones rule–otherwise husband’s TV sports commentators, rock/rap from my kid, and talk from my podcasts would be a miserable cacophony, with nobody able to hear anything.

  9. Dorinda Selke says:

    Hi Yvonne ~ First, Happy Mother’s Day to you ! I wear an apron in honor and due to my Grandmother Elizabeth always wearing one when I was small. I spent a great deal of time with her and her beautiful aprons always accompanied whatever dress she would wear that day. She would keep lots of things in those pockets too! Always prepared ! I cannot help but think of her and smile or sometimes shed a tear when I’m putting on my apron to cook etc. Memories aren’t wonderful! Hugs, Dorinda

  10. My main reason for wearing an apron – to protect my clothes from paint! As an artist, I sometimes get paint on my hands (gasp! no!) or the brush will fall into my lap, or well, you get the picture. My aprons keep that paint off my clothes so they don’t end up looking like a trashy canvas. Lol. Oh yes, I will wear one in the kitchen on holidays. You’ve made me want to wear one everyday now. I do have found memories of my mother with her apron!

  11. Love this. I have often wondered (and would love to have) about your apron rack. It’s neat as well as your so many wonderful aprons.

  12. Sue Krueger says:

    Love your aprons, home, white dishes, and philosophy of life. Have to admit that I only wear an apron if I’m dressed nicely and cooking which is usually during the holidays, but my favorite apron is one sewn by my grandmother and like so many others shared, I feel like she’s with me when I wear it.

  13. Sharon Spellman says:

    Love my aprons, I wear them mostly for special occasions while working in the kitchen. It does say I mean business, cooking, cleaning and I did thought about wearing one while gardening! I am going to make some new ones and give them as gifts!

  14. Theresak at Winterberry Lane says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Yvonne. I love to wear an apron while cleaning, cooking and painting. I feel connected to my grandmother when I wear an apron. When I was little girl I spent alot of time with her. Grandma always had an apron of the day. What wonderful memories. I still have the apron that my grandma gave me as a wedding gift 40 years ago. I now have three grandchildren and I made each one of them their own apron( two girls and one boy). Now, when they come to visit they wear their aprons in the kitchen and cook with Gramma and make memories together. Have a great weekend!

  15. I wear an apron when I’m cooking or cleaning. I love pretty aprons and I have quite a few. Last year for Christmas I gave my girls an apron and my sons and son-in-laws a bbq apron.
    I would love to know where you have purchased your aprons. You can never have too many!

  16. Love your aprons. My favorite apron was a gift from a friend. It has nice pockets and keeps me from being splattered when I cook and clean the kitchen. I have a separate apron I use when cleaning the rest of the house. Aprons remind me of my childhood as most of the ‘moms’ wore aprons when I was growing up.

  17. Becky garrison says:

    Lived this post! I am also a major apron wearer and I seem to collect them. Did you make your apron hooks or did you purchase them? I want to have some for my aprons. Thanks, becky

  18. I’m an apron lover too, takes me back to a different era and a simpler time.

  19. I am apron wearer. I love wearing them around the house. In fact, I am in England and just bought myself a new one today. (I live in Texas.) They’re cute and save your clothes from getting dirty and are great for picking up little odds and ends around the house.

  20. Ha! So many good reasons to wear an apron, other than cooking. My mom always had an apron on when cooking & cleaning up afterwards. I seldom wear one. I put it on if there is going to be grease or staining sauces ( tomato, turmeric, etc.). I guess I’m in the minority here. Can I still be a part of the StoneGable club? Please!
    Happy Mother’s Day Yvonne!

  21. I have always wore aprons to keep my clothes clean and would usually remove it if the doorbell rang. I will now look at wearing an apron differently. Who knew wearing an apron could mean so much. Loved this post. Thanks

  22. I loved your article on aprons! My grandmother always had an apron on in the kitchen and my mother gave me many of her aprons after she was gone. Every time I put one on, I think of her and her farmhouse kitchen.

  23. I never knew there were so many uses for an apron. I always remember my grandmother wearing an apron while she cooked. Great article!

    1. Love this post! I am a wearer and sewer of aprons…they are my favorite thing to make. I like to embellish aprons with pockets, lace, rick rack, buttons, ruffles, flounces, ribbon and more. I have a vendor apron, several smock type aprons, old aprons, new aprons, aprons made by my mother and aunt, one made from my husbands old band gig Texas shirt, one my little sister made on her tiny sewing machine…the list is endless. I wear an apron to cook and also to sew. I wear an apron to carry my cell phone so I can kept track of my steps each day. I keep a pencil and notepad in the pocket to wrIte down things I think of while sewing or doing chores, things to add to grocery list, to carry my lip balm, and I use the pockets to put items that are out of place as I walk through the house so I can put them where they belong later. An apron has endless uses. Aprons are a staple!

  24. While I don’t wear aprons, my great grandmother always wore an apron. Didn’t look right without it. Thanks for a lovely post. Your blog is the best.

  25. I wear aprons daily. I’m very messy, and I need them! I even keep them on while I eat, as I often spill while eating, as did my mother before me. 🙂

  26. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    aprons just went UP.
    I wear aprons but don’t like wearing a pretty one. I was taught to save “good” for special.
    HA! HA! Where do you buy your aprons? I find they are expensive. I like giving them as “thinking of you” gifts. Many of my friends DO NOT wear aprons. I also find the strings are NOT often long enough and I am not a large, large person. HELP! Now you have our attention, where do we shop for aprons, style of apron and how to hang them in our kitchens??????????????????
    Give us the next lesson, please. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    1. Hi, you might enjoy looking at They have pretty aprons and the ties are long enough for all sizes. I have several aprons from them and love to give them as gifts.

  27. I loved this post!!! These are the things people would cut out and save to reread and share with others. It made me want to get out all my aprons and have them ready to put on!! I like how you have a designated place to hang and display your aprons.

  28. I love wearing aprons! Thanks for the inspiration though- I need to expand my ‘apron wardrobe’ and it seems like they’d be pretty easy to make with simple sewing skills. The fabric possibilities are endless!

  29. Hi Yvonne, your post on aprons was perfect. I have never articulated my love of my aprons and the joy they bring me. As I read your post, I kept saying to myself, yes they are much more than fabric, they are also a connection to many wonderful memories.

  30. I absolutely loved this post!! I would love to print it out and give it with a special apron to family and friends!! Love it!! Think about getting those wonderful points made into a fancy frameable print!! I think every woman should have an apron of honor!!

  31. I have been a long time member of “The Apronettes.” I always have an apron on or handy. I started wearing them when I changed to an administrative position in the hospital where I worked. I would get home from work and need to have dinner in progress before everyone else got home. I felt comfortable wearing my street clothes with an apron covering to avoid messes. Prior to this my position was clinical and I never cooked in work clothes. Evan after retirement the apron is, like yours, part of my in-the-house uniform. I sew so I make most of mine and the making is just as much fun as the wearing! A nice clean, starched and pressed apron marks the beginning of each day. My like Super Woman’s Cape 🙂

  32. I LOVED this post! I wear aprons every day! I’ve always loved seeing the pictures of your aprons hanging on the plate rack too. My grandmother always wore aprons and I was lucky enough to inherit them. I pick up aprons whenever I see pretty ones at Home Goods and other stores. They’re usually in the $10-13 range so it’s a small splurge. I’ve since started giving them as shower gifts too. I think I’ll print the post and put it with my gifts now!!! Thanks so much!!!

  33. My mother always wore aprons. Aprons have been some of my favorite keepsakes. In 1953 as a thirteen year old along with about 500 other girls and all of us wearing a red and white designed apron, we served cake to those in attendance at President Eisenhower’s 63rd birthday party held in Hershey, PA. Then before I was married, my husband’s great aunt made me two beautiful smocked aprons as shower gifts. Before retirement when working in a Hallmark store, a purple cobbler apron was part of our uniform. While working on a jigsaw puzzle, I was missing one piece. Looked high and low. Days later it was found in my apron pocket! Sometimes I forget to take off my apron after I leave the kitchen.

  34. Nancy Davies says:

    I am a messy cook so an apron is a must. Just given a lovely one to a friend for her birthday.

  35. Nancy Davies says:

    Forgot to say that they are wonderful for carrying apples or other produce and pine comes for the fire or whatever. Just scoop up the bottom edges and you have a very useful pouch for carrying things.

  36. Linda Ebright says:

    Me, too! I always grab an apron the minute I walk in my kitchen. I can’t do a thing without wearing my apron. I was hosting a dinner party for 8 last night and realized after the main course that I still had my apron on…removed it for dessert. I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t wear an apron! Would love link for the checked apron in your picture.

  37. Great reminder! I love my apron, especially one I can bleach!

  38. There isn’t much I can add to this beautifully written post Yvonne. You said it all! I wore an apron for decades running restaurants to pay for my art career. I still have a few including a couple of adorable fru fru ones. The one thing I had to have on a trip to Italy was a couple of aprons. When I was still able to cook breakfast at church I donned an apron once again. How many other times when we use the word “donned”? I wonder the origin of that word. Happy Mother’s day.

  39. Yvonne,
    What a wonderful article. Yes, I sometimes wear an apron – when cooking before receiving company, if I need pockets (my aprons are mostly cobbler style) and just to have a small towel available – you’re right! I wipe my hands often.
    Both my grandmothers wore aprons all the time – from sun-up ’til bedtime. They are most certainly helpmates. Thank you for reminding me how much busy cooks can use them.

  40. Yvonne,
    My mom and grandmother wore aprons all the time. I think of this especially on Mother’s Day. I especially liked the one my mom wore with “Kiss the Cook” written on it. Will you be posting a DIY for the plate apron holder? I’ve been eyeing it in your posts for a while. Happy Mother’s Day.

  41. My mother gave me an apron about 15 years ago – she has been gone 10 years now – I wear it everyday and think of her every minute of the day. Happy Mother’s Day!

  42. Yes…Love to wear aprons! Made a denim one 20 years ago and still use it. It is soft, and since I made it I love how it fits ME perfectly. Also, since I love to cook and entertain , aprons keep my clothes nice and clean. I have purchased some new aprons…one that is a kind of material that is waterproof…which I am still not sure I like. Love holiday aprons, too !

  43. I love an apron too! there’s something so feminine about it, all the while being so very useful. Wonderful article. Thanks!

  44. My apron collection is vast because I use them not only in the kitchen, but also in my painting studio. I wear different ones to protect me while printmaking, painting with oils, watercolors, and acrylics. I never mix kitchen aprons with art ones. I especially like colorful plastic ones that are spatter-proof in the kitchen. My studio ones show my colorful media drips and drabs, made more beautiful and colorful with wear.

  45. What a lovely article and the comments are wonderful too. I love the idea of printing this artlicle to put with gifts, I do hope that is okay Yvonne.

  46. Yvonne this post is perfect. I wear aprons often and so does my Mom. I made sure to bring back aprons from my trip to Italy, gave one to Mom and cherish mine. When my husband and I were still dating, he gave me the prettiest Christmas themed, frilly apron. I just love it!! And you’re right, wearing an apron is empowering. I am only 5′ tall but when I wear my apron I feel 6 ‘ tall and in charge! After reading your post I decided to start wearing my more frilly aprons and adding to my collection. Life is much too short to wear the same apron. Thank you Yvonne.

  47. I am a PROUD apron wearer for many years…My kids consider me an apron hoarder. It is always a treasure moment for me to find one at an estate sale and try to imagine its former life. I tie on one of my aprons for each grand before we start our flour it cookies, biscuits or someone’s special birthday cake. They each have a favorite apron and I’m sure memories for a lifetime. I also love this idea for an apron “rack” with plates… Will be displaying mine like that soon. Love your posts…they make the start for a good week.
    MiMi Mary

  48. Aprons carry memories in their pockets for me.
    I love them. Have you ever posted a how to make
    the beautiful plate bejeweled apron wall hook
    yours are hung on? I want to do this. Please share.
    Thanks in advance.

  49. I almost always wear an apron when I am preparing and cooking in the kitchen. Many days I rush home @ lunch to get something started in the wonderful crockpot — and I want my work clothes to stay clean. For that matter, I always want to avoid drips, splatters & splashes so I usually put it on when I enter the kitchen for most prep — I can manage to drop something on me often enough while eating!

  50. I love this post. When I was a little girl I remember my grandmother wearing cotton dresses and an apron. I started wearing an apron a few years back. I had collected some vintage aprons throughout the years because they reminded me of my childhood but never wore them. One day you wrote a post about hanging your aprons on beautiful hooks and that inspired me to do the same. I now have them in a special place and wear them all of the time. My 20 year old daughter found a vintage apron last year while we were out antiquing and she bought it for herself and wears it when she “cooks”. I tell her that she is releasing her inner June Cleaver – she doesn’t get the reference :O) Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

  51. Yvonne, I loved your post. Normally I only wear my aprons when I’m having a dinner party to keep my “fancy” clothes clean, but now I’m going to wear my apron every day! I even have childrens’ aprons for my grandkids when they want to bake. They are just their size! You inspired me! MaryJean from

  52. One Sunday after church I put my apron on because I was baking something quick with the kids. Later that day we went to a local restaurant to grab a quick bite. When I took my coat off my kids and my husband started laughing because I was still wearing my apron. What made it worse was it wasn’t one of my nicer aprons. Well, we all had a good laugh. Many years have passed since then, and for some reason I still use that old apron once in awhile.

  53. Ah, the memories our aprons hold!
    Love your post ~ brought back many memories of times past with my mother, grandmothers and aunts…..

  54. Terri smith says:

    I just love your hangers for the aprons could you please let me know where I can find something similar. Just love love them❤️

  55. Memories of my mom reminding me “put on an apron” is the reason I love to wear them.
    On our travels around the world, I have quite a collection of aprons as vacation “postcards”.
    Also, it seems that my meal, dessert, etc. always turn put better when I’m wearing an apron.

  56. I wear an apron because I am a messy cook. Like you said it makes a great towel. I made apron for everyone in my family one year. They were a fun gift to give… everyone loved them.

  57. Deborah Saaranen says:

    Great read and pics! I usually only wear an apron when cooking. Very first sewing project was an apron in 4-H.

  58. Raylene DeSanto says:

    Yvonne, I love your apron article and especially love your apron plate hangers!

    Did you make them or can you tell me where you found these beauties?

    Thanks much!

  59. I love aprons and don’t go into my kitchen without putting one on. My earlies memory of aprons was when I was a child, a woman came to our door selling homemade aprons and my father bought two! He jo on he woman’s face was indescribable!

  60. Beth Given says:

    I would also like to know where to purchase or how to make the plate apron hangers. I am making my daughter an apron out of her leftover blue toile fabric that she has hanging in her dining room windows. One of these plates, would be the perfect way to display it.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Beth, I found the plate hooks a few years ago at Luckett’s Spring fair. I’ll be putting the instructions in my book someday

  61. Penelope A Butterfield says:

    I do wear an apron every day! I have several- one for each season, and enjoy the many pretty different ones that are available these days. It does feel as though they have some of the properties described in your post. But, for me, the bottom line is that they are practical! I get dirty when I cook. In addition to this, apron wearing seems to be the best solution to protect my clothes when I actually eat my meals! I have even been known to wear an apron during my lunch time while at my job. This has often gotten comments. I am frank and say that I am attempting to save my white blouse from from tomato sauce, or salad dressing stains! This often gets empathetic laughs! Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I choose to eat my pride about my appearance while wearing an apron at meal time. It’s worth it to me to wear an apron to avoid having to donate yet one more blouse to the thrift store because of a food spillage on my clothing. I have even gotten my sweetheart to wear one as well at dinner!! I think there is something fairly universal about aprons. During my travels in Mexico, I observed that the women in rural villages wore them like badges of status and honor…. If you are fortune enough to be able to afford an apron, you can protect your clothing from the wear of hard work…. Aprons are a timeless tool and symbol of a labor of love.

  62. Audrey Meyer says:

    You have a wonderful way with words; I loved the pocket fuzz memories! I used to have an apron that had it’s own mini tea towel stitched into the waist – so handy dry your hands on.

  63. I used to think aprons were old fashioned but in the past few years, I have started wearing an apron to help keep my clothes protected from cleaning products when I clean and food when I cook (I have different aprons for cleaning and cooking). Love your apron hanger!

  64. Vanessa Richardson says:

    Oh Yvonne! I love your blog SO much! You are so classy! I love your taste. I found you on Pinterest a couple of years ago and then came to your blog. You are a genuine HOME-MAKER! Not only do you make your house a beautiful home but you have delicious recipes and you a sister in Christ! I really appreciate your spiritual encouragement as well! Your Apron Article was wonderful! You always inspire me!

  65. I wish you would tell us how to make the rack that you hang the aprons on. It can’t be hard.

  66. Yvonne, thank you for bringing back such joyful memories of my mother bustling in our kitchen wearing her apron plus the times we visited my Polish grandmother and she had her apron as well as her babushka!

    I bought an apron as a Christmas gift for a dear friend this year and would love to know where you found your beautiful plate hangers you use to hang your aprons.

    Happy holidays to you and your lovely family!

  67. I get to wear an apron at work, home decor retail. Love it for so many reasons. I also wear one at home when I’m in serious cooking mode. Beautifully written ode to an apron!

  68. I don’t always wear an apron like you, but I love aprons. I think I will make it a tradition and put it on my Christmas gift list for my daughter and daughter-in-law.

  69. Hi, I love an apron, too! My Grandmother made my apron, it has apples on it and each apple says, “I like you.” The background of the apron is blue gingham. There are two pockets and the thread she used is bright green. Every time I wear it I feel loved and safe. My Grandmother has been gone for over 40 years. I’m sixty, now, and each time I wear my apron I feel like a young girl, again.

    When I read your blog, Yvonne, I feel happy and loved! Your blog is like my “happy” apron. You’re SO great! Happy weekend!

  70. Yes, I too, am an apron wearer, and I agree with you 100% about aprons! I mostly wear my apron when I am cooking to protect my clothes, but once it’s on, it’s on! I have a weakness for buying yet another pretty apron, too! Just got a lovely floral one for Easter yesterday! I have seasonal aprons that I only wear at the appropriate time, and all colors and patterns for in between. My one bad habit is to wipe my hands on them, as you do, but my hands are not always clean, so then I have to do some scrubbing on laundry day. And I’m always finding a stray Kleenex and tube of Burt’s Bees in the pockets! Loved this post, Yvonne!

  71. Oh, Yvonne, this brings back so many memories. My grandmother lived in her apron. My mother often wore one to make dinner and always for baking. One Christmas my mom gifted homemade aprons to nieces and her sisters. They were made from a soft red ticking fabric, and had a full front and back that slipped over the head and tied on the sides, with a cute pocket across the belly. They had a special name that I cannot remember. Thanks for the sweet trip down memory lane. My Mom passed before my grandmother, at age 51, and my grandmother lived to be well in her eighties. I could write a book about her.

  72. PS May I also mention that one year for my oldest granddaughter’s birthday party, I had a dear friend sew a little floral/calico apron for the guests. They wore them at the party and took them home as a favor. It was October, so my daughter helped them make apple butter to put in pretty jars to take home, as well. It was sort of a little House on the Prairie theme and was enjoyed by all, especially this grandma.

  73. What a delightful blog! I absolutely LOVE IT! Someone was so kind to share the link on the subject of aprons in our Old House group and your blog was the icing on the cake!

  74. I stumbled across your apron blog while searching “apron display ideas” because I make aprons! I love all kinds but mine are specifically made from recycled jeans. My very first apron was made for me by my great-grandma with loads of cross-stitch across the bottom of it (it might fit one leg now!) and my first sewing project in 4-H was an apron which I still have. Thank you for reinforcing the value of a good apron.

    1. Aprons tell stories, just like your very first apron. I think they hoard memories in their pockets!

  75. Cindy Dacey says:

    When I put my apron on I feel a sense of peace, because I am where I feel the most happy , in my kitchen cooking & baking fir those I love.

  76. Your blog is so wonderful and I look forward to it each and every day! I have been a follower for years.
    I too love aprons but unfortunately I often forget to put one on, sooooo……..I love your plate hanger for the aprons. Do you have or have you ever posted about how to make one? I seem to remember something like it, but alas I am not sure.

  77. Ode to the apron! I so enjoyed what you shared about the power of an apron. I wear aprons because of my grandmother, she wore them everyday for everything! I have 2 of hers but they are so fragile now I can’t wear them, they are over 50 years old.

  78. Hi Yvonne, I just love your post on aprons. I wear them often when I’m in the kitchen and I started collecting them too. Last year I gave a bride to be a beautiful apron, along with a printed (condensed) version of your apron post. I made a printable kind of verse and it turned out beautifully. I don’t know if she appreciated the gift, but maybe someday she’ll be inspired to wear the apron and make memories of her own.

    1. Oh Wow! Susan how wonderful! Thanks for thinking of doing something so kind and including a bit of StoneGable!

  79. I love this! I think it’s fun to have a signature item you wear regularly. These are beautiful aprons too. I think you may have convinced me!

  80. A good reminder that sometimes the simplest things are special. I have seasonal aprons as well as everyday ones. My treasures are those from my mother and grandmother; they’re too precious to wear. I have given my daughter aprons, but she doesn’t wear them. However, I wear them when I visit her.

  81. Veronica K Nightingale says:

    I LOVE this post! I’m old enough to remember my mother and grandmother wearing aprons. When I was a child, cobbler aprons were coming into fashion and my mom and I had matching ones. I wear aprons every once in a while but I am going to wear them more often.

  82. Veronica K Nightingale says:

    I have several and I will wear them more often. I LOVE this post! My mother and my grandmother wore them (I am dating myself) and you are right. They give us power! Thanks for this-my aprons will get worn instead of just hanging in my kitchen.

  83. Nancy Gaspari says:

    Good morning! I love aprons and always wear one when rolling out my pie crust. I always seem to end up covered in flour! I love the plates w/hooks you have the aprons hanging on. Do you have a tutorial on how to make them? Just wondering.

  84. My dear grandmother put on her apron every morning just as surely as she dressed every day. Everything she did was inspiration to me. Needless to say, she was a remarkable woman. Everytime I put on any of my aprons, I think of her.

  85. I’ve only just started to wear this apron. I’ve carried it with me for quite a few years. My Mom wore it at her factory job. She left it due to a car accident, not willingly. She had no use for it ,so I asked and she gave it to me. I used it for awhile during ceramic classes. It went unused but hung in my kitchen on a hook. Lately I have found myself wearing it more often when I do I think of my home and my Grandma who was never without. ❤️

    1. Every time I put on an apron it blesses me with such sweet memories too! They are like a sweet hug!

  86. Penny Coerver says:

    I love wearing aprons. My grandmother always wore them and mine remind me of her. I loved being in her kitchen with her, making mini pies in peanut butter jar lids or helping make sweet tea in her blue pitcher (which sits proudly in my kitchen now). I remember summer days sitting on the front porch with her and snapping green beans while she wore one of her aprons. I got a new aprons for Christmas this year from my son and his family. His 6 year old stepdaughter said it’s because I always wear them, then my son asks her to tell me what else she said about me. She said that I was magical! I asked how and she said because I wear aprons and always have cake and that she loves coming to my house. Believe me, I’ll always wear aprons if it helps keep the magic alive. ❤

  87. I love aprons for the reasons you mention, plus one other. I get to have more fun with dressing. Aprons don’t have to follow any style. I can wear any style and any fabric print in an apron and it is just fine. A plain denim skirt, for example, is suddenly dressed up with a pretty apron.

  88. I’ve been an Early Childhood Educator for 28+ yrs and I wear an apron every day. I always have a pen and Sharpie in my pocket. Along with tissues. Working with infants/toddlers an apron helps to protect my clothing from art splashes, food splatters and lots of sneezes and sniffs. I’m in ‘work’ mode when I wear my aprons. And maybe my little friends think I’m another Gramma. 😉

  89. Kathrine Grimm says:

    My Mother passed away last year and when we went through her things I found an apron I made when I was @ 11 years old.
    It was my 1st sewing project.
    It just warms my heart that she saved it. Now every time I use it I think of my Mom with her arms wrapped around me.

  90. Steph Seibert says:

    An Apron is like a wearable basket. Helpful in the garden to carry veggies, the coop to gather eggs, or in the house to help at pickup time. I can always carry more when I have on my apron.

  91. Petticoatprincess says:

    I love my aprons. I do living history at historic sites and I have used my aprons to protect me from sparks from the fire (wool apron). I have used it to receive hot loaves of bread out of an horno oven; to carry a load of firewood and gather kindling. I have used it to hide items from prying eyes, and I have used it to wrap a baby on a cold evening. So many uses. So many memories.
    Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of aprons.

    1. Your comment, although, work intense sound so romantic! Aprons are a wonder.