SUMMER'S BEST DECORATIVE PILLOWS- See the very best of this spring and summer's pillows all in one place!

If you love pillows you are in for such a treat today! It’s SPRING AND SUMMER PILLOW LOVE 2018. An extravaganza of simply sublime pillows! I’ve been searching the web to find the best spring and summer pillows! And I’ve found 61 gorgeous pillows that will probably suit anyone’s taste! I can’t wait for you to see what’s hot and amazing in pillows right now…

Nothing is as versatile as a pillow! It has the ability to change a whole room! What an economical home decor quick fix! Let’s get started!
 I’ve divided the pillows up by color and style. The pillows are shown first with the links at the bottom of each StoneGable collection.


First up are the neutrals. This year I’m seeing lots of caramel colors and soft golds that fit into the natural category. And I could not be happier! Buffalo checks are a classic and I’m seeing fringes and tassels everywhere! Don’t forget pillows look best when pairs or trios!


I bought #2 and #6 for my summer living room and I have #3. And I may just have to circle back and get #13. Love marigolds! You can see #3 mixed with other pillows in the title page.



|| 1  seeing stars embroidery reversible pillow  ||  2  linen and burlap colorblock pillow  ||  3  buffalo check pillow (other colors black, gray, indigo, spa )  ||  4  tassel throw pillow  ||  5  lucky stripes madison lumbar pillow   ||  6  cabana fishnet cream pillow  ||  7  dover oblong bisque pillow  ||  8  cazy slubby tassel pillow  ||  9  tova geometric down feather pillow  ||  10  10 x 20 cotton natural pillow with stripe (other color stripes red, blue)  || 11  cream tufted oversized pillow  || 12  natural striped fringe pillow  ||  13  dandilion designer pillow  ||  




If you love gray you are in luck. Gray is still going strong in home decorating this spring/summer! I’m seeing really fun geometrics and block coloring in pillows. 

Remember to get solid color pillows to work with ones with elaborate motifs!



14  charcoal mattress ticking pillow  ||  15  polka dot pillow cover  ||  16 skyline pillow  ||  17  larissa maize throw pillow  ||  18  louise gray pillow  || 19  gray and white zigzag pillow  ||  20  charcoal augustine pillow cover  ||  21  folly pillow cover  ||  22    vintage louise gray pillow  ||  23  moderian crema and chateau gray pillow  ||  24  leona medallion pillow  ||  25  gray buffalo check pillow  ||  26  caza slubby tassel pillow  ||  




Blue and white is a spring and summer favorite. This year’s blue is taking on a more saturated hue. LOVE the bold blue with crisp white! Isn’t this the quintessential summer combo?


I’m also seeing lots of batik and more intricate designs. #39 makes my heart flutter, but I spent my limit. If you buy this pillow take a picture of it and send it! I would love to see this on a sofa, chair or bed.

27  larissa pillow  ||  28  skyline blue pillow  ||  29  textured indigo striped pillow  ||  30  paper knit pillow cover  || 31  linen burlap block pillow  ||  32  araz ikat pillow  ||  33  tassel trim pillow  ||  34  spring eucalyptus pillow  ||  35  noah stripe pillow  ||  36  stitch stripe indigo pillow  ||  37  compass crewel pillow  ||  38  ellery gingham pillow (other colors green, black)  ||  39  denim bird embroidered pillow  ||




I have several flag pillows that I pull out for the All-American summer holidays. What would July 4th be without an American flag? I like to put them on my porch swing and outdoor rocking chairs.

I grabbed two pillows from the blue and white collection to work with the American flag pillow.





40  casa american flag pillow  ||  41  chupp stars and stripes pillow  ||  42  texas flag pillow cover  ||  43  american flag pillow  ||  44  flag cushion  NOT AVAILABLE ||  45  reversible star spangled and striped pillow  ||  46  linen flag pillow  ||  47  hand felted wool american flag pillow  ||  48  wool hooked usa peace flag pillow




Oh, this next collection is soooooo fun. And really fabulous too! Spring and summer pillows should be fun! These pillows have a big punch of color and sass! I have #58 and LOVE it!

I’m crazy about the marigold yellow tasseled pillow. I just might have to get it!  YIKES!!!!! I do love pillows!




49  cheetah pillow (also in blue cheetah)  ||  50  noir pillows  ||  51  yellow brushstroke pillow  ||  52  nadia tassel accent pillow  ||  53   serengeti pillow  (two sizes)  ||  54   geo circle embroidered pillow  ||  55  tasseled eyelet pillow  (lavender and aqua)  ||  56  nautical pillow   ||  57  chill dog pillow  ||  58  personalized established pillow  ||  59  antelope needlepoint pillow  ||  60  batik fish pillow  ||  61  watercolor triangle pillow  || 


Okay, now you have 61 reasons to have new pillows this spring and summer! Do you have a favorite or three or six?

You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see what I’m finding to pin every day HERE.

SUMMER'S BEST DECORATIVE PILLOWS- See the very best of this spring and summer's pillows all in one place!

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  1. What are your favorite pillow inserts? Where do you purchase? Thanks and Happy Easter!

    1. My favorite inserts are from Pottery Barn. I sometimes us Ikea’s inserts too.

  2. So where did you get #2 and #6?

    1. Nancy below the collection are links to each pillow. Just click on the pillow you want to see and it will take you to the link. Hope this helps.

  3. That was a great post. Nice to have all the info in one place. Thanks!

  4. I think you just gave us an explosion of pillows!! What a great post! Thank you for taking the time to list & picture all of these beautiful pillows!! This really helps to see everything together!

  5. So many beautiful pillows!!! I love the blue collection!!!

  6. Tracy Mays says:

    I love throw pillows. I have so many. Finding storage for all of them is a hassle. Now I’m just searching for covers. I need a navy with just a hint of rust/orange.

  7. Sandi from Wisconsin says:

    Love the pillow post! I have a cottage industry and make pillows in my home. I sell at craft shows and my summer Farmer’s Market. Love all the wonderful fabrics! I am like a kid in a candy store when I shop for fabric! I especially love the blue pillows you shared and the embroidered pillow. So lovely!

  8. Your reign as “Pillow Queen” may continue, Yvonne! I love the monogrammed lumbar pillow, the bright nadia tassel accent pillow (sold out), and many of the blue selections. I, also, enjoy having a personal shopper!!!

    Easter is almost here…I hope yours is wonderful!

  9. Nothing like good old pillow talk! I love to make pillows and you have some great ideas for me today. I have them all over and the men in my family fuss about having to move them when they visit….SORRY FELLAS! Thanks for all your lovely ideas and posts. Enjoy your Easter with all your family.

  10. Kristy Seibert says:

    As a self-professed pillow addict, thank you for this pillow post! I LOVE all of them, I even own a few of them already. All the best, Kristy from Starfish Cottage

  11. Your tutorial about how to select pillows has been invaluable. We are just completing a complete update of our main floor – family room, dining, and kitchen. We are going with creams and blues in shades of a soft grey blue and navy, new leather club chairs, and keeping our neutral taupe sofa. I had quite a time selecting our “base” pillows – 7 in all! I plan on buying a large lumbar style pillow for the middle of the sofa and changing it seasonally. I never thought selecting a whole room of new pillows would be so nerve wracking and fun!

  12. Julie Briones says:

    Love your pillow collection posts! They are the best!

  13. Wow what a great collection of interesting pillows. Your DTT podcasts are something I really look forward to. Love the garden stool idea, and for everything BUT the garden. I’m starting over at 63 with basically nothing so your design ideas are very welcome for me right now! Your home is pretty and cozy. Your ideas about living in a space for a while before decorating, about not buying a stand-in piece, what to splurge on, designs every home needs, how to add elegance to your home, design mistakes and how to fix them, etc., etc. are so interesting and educational. I can’t wait to get started decorating! Thank you so much.

  14. Stacy Burke says:

    I really enjoyed your pillow post! I love finding a great pillow at a good price. Some of my favorite pillows have come from Ballard Designs. They have a quilted white one that’s gorgeous. It previously came in a large rectangular size that is perfect for a sofa center but they no longer offer that one. Thank you for the leads on great summer pillows.

  15. Paula Vivian says:

    Came across your blog in search of a certain Pier 1 pillow, which you have posted as #6 in your 2018 Spring 2018 Neutral Collection! Love your taste, style and sense of design! Much to my husband’s chagrin, I LOVE throw pillows!! It truly makes a room.

    If, and when, you ever sell that particular pillow, I am in need of one. I have three and need a fourth and it is a discontinued pillow called Cabana Fish Net Pillow.

    Wish you all the best Yvonne!

    Paula Vivian