SPRING AND SUMMER BEDDING TIPS- Stay cool and comfy while you sleep ;when the weather gets warm with these pretty and simple tips. #bedding, #bedding sets #bedroom #beautiful bedroom #spring bedroom #summer bedroom #springbedding #summerbedding #neutralbedding #beddingcomforters #coolbedding #linens #cottonbeddingThis post is sponsored by THIRD LIVING

I have some really smart and stylish spring and summer bedding tips for you today. Do you keep the same bedding on your bed all year round? If you do you might want to rethink it. Not only for a beautiful bedroom but for a great night’s sleep! Here at StoneGable, we live in a four seasons area so our bedding needs to be changed to meet those temperature and humidity changes. And not just our bed but our guests bed too.

Today Decorating Tips And Tips is all about ANSWERING LISTENER’S QUESTIONS! These thoughtful questions may just be what you are asking too! So, listen up we have tips and tricks for you!!!!


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Let’s talk about sweet dreaming in warm weather!

So many things can determine how to make a comfortable bed in the spring and summer. Do you have air conditioning and what is a comfortable temperature for you? Do you keep a fan on at night? Is it humid or dry in your area? Do you run hot or cold? These are just a few questions to ask yourself.

Here a few tips that might help you sleep more comfortably during those spring and summer nights!


I used to think that sheets did not matter much until I started sleeping on really well-made sheets. What a difference! Sheets do matter! Sheets are the first layer that you lay on and snuggle against your skin. You spend one-third of your life sandwiched between them. And they make a difference in the just how well you sleep!

Buy the best quality sheets you can afford! And if you get a good set of sheets from a reputable company they should last you for years and years! Beautiful sheets are a great investment and one way to get a better night’s sleep!

I’m loving my Third Living sheets! They are 100% of the highest quality hand-picked, long staple combed cotton. It’s true 500 count single thread cotton is the sweet spot for comfort and durability. These sheets get better with age!

I adore the satiny feel and sheen of the sheets. These are truly a delight to sleep under! These sheets feel luxurious!


Not being too hot or too cold at night is all about layering. Here at StoneGable, we keep our home comfortably cool. In warm weather we keep a fan going directed at the ceiling so the air is bounced off the ceiling and diffused on to the bed.

I like a sheet, coverlet and a duvet cover without the duvet. Yes, this is a big secret. You can use the duvet cover without the duvet. It is another perfect layer for warm weather sleeping.


It’s important to keep an extra layer of warmth like a thin blanket or a second coverlet on hand for guest. We like our home to stay cool in the summer but our guests may not. I keep blankets in the closet shelf within easy reach for our overnight friends. I prefer cotton or linen blankets.


There are so many creature comforts when it comes to our bedrooms and getting a great night’s sleep. Here are a few!

  • sound machine
  • diffuser with a wonderful scent
  • blackout curtains
  • perfect pillow
  • soft coverings
  • fan

And here are some things to think about putting in your bedroom if you use it for a sanctuary away from the world…

  • great reads
  • pretty bed tray
  • fluffy throw
  • water bottle
  • snacks
  • crossword puzzle books
  • outlets for phones and other tech devices
  • mini refrigerator stocked with favorites
  • great lighting



We are having a great giveaway thanks to Third Living! Decorating Tips And Tricks is proud to have Third Living as a sponsor! One lucky winner will win (your choice of color)

  • one Third Living flat sheet
  • one-Third Living fitted sheet
  • one Third Living duvet cover
  • two or four Third Living pillowcases
  • two Third Living sleep mask
  • two Third Living bedtime teas
  • Third Living sleep well linen spray

To win all you need to do is go to THIRD LIVING and choose your favorite product, return and leave a comment telling us about it! You will be entered to win!!! Easy Peasy! Giveaway will end on April 11, 2018 at 12:00 pm pst. Giveaway is eligible for all people 18 and older who live in the US, UK or Canada.

And if you can’t wait and want to order a full set (like above) you can go HERE and get $20.00 off your total by entering TIPS at checkout!


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SPRING AND SUMMER BEDDING TIPS- Stay cool and comfy while you sleep ;when the weather gets warm with these pretty and simple tips. #bedding, #bedding sets #bedroom #beautiful bedroom #spring bedroom #summer bedroom #springbedding #summerbedding #neutralbedding #beddingcomforters #coolbedding #linens #cottonbedding

Thanks, Third Living for sponsoring this post and giveaway!

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  1. Chris Baum says:

    LOVE the dot pattern. Building a new home and plan to outfit the bedroom from top to bottom, including a new bed and upgraded sheets! Have been researching sheet quality for awhile. I see this as a beautiful background, allowing for other colors to be introduced into the room as the seasons change.

  2. Teresa Caldeira Reis says:

    Oh, I love this giveaway. ❤️
    Will you send it to Portugal?! Wish I….
    Anyway…have a great day. See you soon!!

  3. Joan Reilly says:

    What a beautiful and luxurious giveaway!
    I’m torn between pebble and dot .
    Both would create a beautiful foundation for a light, airy spring/summer bedroom!
    I love your bed ruffle too!

  4. Leesa x Third looks just lovely and amazing!

  5. Great tips and what lovely items at Third! Would love the Leesa set in white for a king size bed. Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite sheets are the Linear.

  7. Denise Schnitzer says:

    Just went to Third Living and ordered a set of basic white sheets before I saw the discount code offered here … oh well … I am sure I will love the sheets!

  8. Rebecca Musser says:

    I am a white sheet kind of person, and the Leesa looks great to me. (But Dot looks like fun, too!)

  9. Natalie in Ohio says:

    The pure white, queen size “Leesa x Third” sheet set is my favorite THIRD LIVING product.
    I’d love to win a set of these luxurious sheets to comfort my skin’s psoriasis!

  10. Oh my! What a fabulous giveaway! I do love the polka dot set and what a treat it would be to win. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be the lucky lady!

  11. Linda Pemberton says:

    I would LOVE the plain white set of sheets! All my sheets for my bed are white, so I’m not having to keep track of complete sets on laundry day since they all match! I also use my duvet covers without the duvet. I don’t like heavy cover and prefer a few lighter layers!

  12. Michelle George says:

    Thank you Yvonne! Great sheets are soo hard to find and ones that are eco friendly?!!! Love it! Our family will definitely be trying these sheets. I’m a light sleeper and have always had issues sleeping well and my husband works those difficult 3rd shift hours, so sleep is a hot commodity around here!Thank you for the tips! P.S.-all white linens are my favorite so my top pick would be Leesa x Third:)

  13. My favorite sheets are the Leesa X Third . I like pure white.

  14. These sheet look amazing! I love white sheets – they seem so luxurious. I would love the Leesa x Third. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Thanks for the chance at the lovely giveaway. It’s hard to beat smooth white sheets. Like you, I enjoy changing my bedding throughout the seasons.

  16. Leeza x Third look like luxury for my bed. Love the crisp white 500 thread count …would get a dream sleep!!!!

  17. The sheets sound very inviting and the reviews are great! I would choose the Linear stripped bedding set. Thank you for introducing us to this vendor and the chance to win!

  18. I loved the dot. King size please. Also the linear. White would be fine. Get it? I think they were ALL beautiful!

  19. I would choose the Leesa because I use all white sheets and all white towels for our master bedroom. Thanks for the Duvet cover tip I will be doing that today on my bed! Bring on the warm weather!

  20. Cheryl Blackwell says:

    What a great giveaway! All of the sheet sets in my home are white. I would love to win the Leesa x Third sheet set. I’m dreaming of a better night’s sleep already !!

  21. Linda Dismukes says:

    Wow Yvonne! What a fabulous & generous giveaway. Since I’m redecorating our bedroom – I’d say the Leesa x Third would be my choice. Thanks to you, Kelly and Anita, I have tons of decorating ideas for our bedroom. Love the podcast.

  22. I’ve been looking for the perfect sheets to replace some I’ve had for years. Just ordered a set and can not WAIT to try them out!

  23. Chris Wells says:

    I am having a hard time deciding between the Linear and the Leesa x Third! Wow, lovely sheets!
    Your guest room is amazing, Yvonne! I may have to copy that bedding!?

  24. Good morning :),

    I would choose the midnight. I love the colour and hope I am able to check out the qualit. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such a special gift.

    Have a fabulous day 🙂

  25. Its ironic that you did this post on Third. I have have been researching good
    sheets to invest in and I love the Dot, so classy. Would love to win a great
    nights sleep!

  26. Denise Clarahan says:

    This is a great giveaway! I lovefd the tip about the duvet cover. I would love any of the dot set on Third Living. I like a little color on my sheet sets.

  27. I hope these sheets are not associated with the Leesa mattress people, I saw them on tv hating our president?

  28. Carrie Bannister says:

    I am loving polka dots right now, so of course Dot is my favorite sheet set!

  29. I’ve heard of you guys talking about these sheets for a couple of episodes now. I’m convinced with good sheets and a better pillow my husband would sleep better! Our current, old and green sheets have pills right where our feet touch at night! Would love a set of king sized Leesa’s!

  30. Love the pebble set. I like to mix it up a bit. Just looking at these sheets makes me want to go back to bed!

  31. Karen Howell says:

    Love the Leesa x Third all white sheets very classic. Thanks for the seasonal bedding tips, great advice.

  32. Rosemarie Duffy says:

    Just Love the Leeza X sheets in white. Glad you directed us to Third since I’d never come across this company. I will be ordering sheet sets for my bed in the near future. They look delightful and luxurious to end my day.

  33. Yvonne,
    I’m getting sleepy just looking at the Midnight sheet set–they look comfy-cozy!

  34. I am obsessed with comfortable sheets and bedding. The Leesa x Third would be my choice for a great nights sleep.

  35. I like the Leesa X third, but also the Dot. Not sure which I’d choose.

  36. I like the Leesa. Perfect for my new king handcrafted iron made!

  37. Gail in Florida says:

    Thank you for a chance at this generous give away! I’m smitten with the Leesa x Third!

  38. Patricia Flanagan says:

    I’m an all white fan so it would have to be Leesa. Dot and Lunar also look very chic.

  39. I would LOVE to have the Leesa x Third set in white. It even comes with the duvet cover. Thank you so much!!

  40. Carol Mann says:

    I found the site hard to use. Sheets seem very nice

  41. I love Leesa x Third! I’m an all white bedding fan! Looks amazing!

  42. Laura Ingalls Gunn says:

    My son is in desperate need of new sheets. The Linear or Dot set would be perfect for him! Thank you for the opportunity.

  43. A nice crisp white or navy blue set of sheets like the Leesa x would be wonderful on my bed! I recently started to upgrade our linens with quality products and it makes a difference! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  44. The reviews on the site for these sheets certainly make me want to start a spring project and refresh the bedroom. Repeated comments about the sheets’ durability and softness after washing, as well as seeing your lovely guest room, Yvonne, are inspiring. Such lovely bedding!

  45. Love white sheets… There is just nothing like getting into a pristine white bed, so I would choose the Leesa x Third. They look really nice!

  46. Mary Anne Cunningham says:

    Would love to win the Leesa X Third. White sheets only at our house!

  47. While I love white sheets, the Linear style “speaks” to me. It reminds me of seersucker which is so cool and comfortable in hot, muggy weather…perfect for the upcoming Carolina summer!

  48. I really stock my guest room similar to the way you describe except for the bed linen so now I think you’ve directed me to perfect sheets, they look amazing. Bet they feel amazing too.

  49. Definitely Leesa x Third!

  50. Barbara C. says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. Because I love white sheets, I would choose Leesa.

  51. Leesa x Third would be great! Also loved the Midnight, and the info about having Dark colored sheets.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  52. I am a fan of all white but I wouldn’t mind trying out some other colors for summer! These look great and the reviews really help.

  53. The Lunar set is beautiful.

  54. Hi Yvonne, I would love to win the Leesa x Third set! I like white sheets and these are really perfect! Thank you and Third Living for a wonderful opportunity to win!

  55. Terri Landschoot says:

    Would love the white duvet cover for summer!

  56. The leesa x third set is beautiful. That’s what I like. Thanks Yvonne. Great product.

  57. Kathi Cushing says:

    White sheets,sunshine,gentle breeze,Spring!

  58. Denyse Bergeron says:

    I love reading all your comments very interesting and useful, we are about the same age so I tell myself if you can do it, I should too.

  59. Diane Emerick says:

    Hi Yvonne, love the dot sheet sets. They have a fresh look!

  60. Love Leesa – can’t wait to feel them in person!

  61. I like the Leesa X Third the best.

  62. The Less a X sheets are lovely. Love the simplicity of crisp white sheets.

  63. the Leesa x third is my favorite

  64. I liked the sheets in slate.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. I like the Leesa X Third. I like solid colored bedding so I can put the pattern in the comforter and pillows!

  66. Leesa X Third would be my choice. You can’t go wrong with classic white. The older I get, the more I understand the importance of a good nights sleep and their partnership with 42nd Street is awesome!

  67. Carol Woodard says:

    I am in LOVE with the Slate sheets! And they would go beautifully with my batik quilt I am working on. The color is soothing, just what you need for a good nights sleep. Thanks for the opportunity to be apart of your give away!


  68. Hi Yvonne,
    Here in the desert, nothing says summer to me better than crisp white sheers in the windows and white bedding… so light and airy! So my pick would have to be the Leesa X third.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  69. I love a crisp white sheet. Leesa X third would be my favorite, but I also like the dot and linear duvets.

  70. Less a & Third is my preference. Listening to your podcast has influenced my recent beddding purchases!

  71. Cmletts@gmail.com says:

    The slate sheets would look AMAZING in our guest bedroom! Thank you Third Love and Stone Gable for the tips!

  72. I’m really into grey these days, so I’d choose the Stone colored ones. Absolutely gorgeous.

  73. Jan Haupt says:

    I would love to win the leesa x third. I like the clean look of white sheets. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  74. Phyllis LeBoeuf says:

    I like Leesa x Third. I just bought a new coverlet and am looking for the best sheets to go with it. I like the look of these sheets and would be willing to purschase a set to try them out.

  75. Linear is my favorite! ( even though all are beautiful)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. These look so soft and luxurious. I would pick the Lunar ones. Love the mixture of grey with white.

  77. THIRD LIVING – take me away! Nothing says Spring like crisp white sheets!
    I love the ritual of changing bedding with the season
    I may spend more than a third of my time in bed if I’m the lucky Leesa x Third winner.
    Thanks for the luxury give-a-way!

  78. Jan Fusco says:

    I believe my favorite would have to be the Leesa x Third sheets. These products sound heavenly. I long for quality sheet sets.

  79. Love the combo of the Pebble sheets. That would be my top choice.

  80. These look so elegant. I love all the colors but my most favorite would have to be the Stone.

  81. Lisa McGinnis says:

    Leesa sheet sets. Crisp white sheet is a classic and never gets old.

  82. The Dot sheets are fun and pretty! Nice sheets do make a big difference…thanks!

  83. These sheets look amazing. I would love the Midnight sheets for my cal king bed. Thank you for the giveaway.

  84. These sheets sound divine! Thank you for your post. I love buying products with a good story and quality.

  85. I went on Third Living and watched the video. The sheets sound amazing. I liked the Leeza X Third set. Thank you so much Yvonne for the chance. Love your blog in so many ways. 🙂

  86. Sandra Barnhart says:

    Love the polka dot sheets I like a small pattern on my sheets and wow these sound so comfy and durable. Who doesn’t like and need a good night’s sleep.

  87. Kathy Barton says:

    I love Leesa x Third white sheets on my bed. So nice and crisp for snuggling in. I chsnge my bed cover thru the seasons. Keeps it fresh and interesting.

  88. Thanks for sharing and the generous giveaway. I like the white Leesa X Third. Your guest room is so inviting. I continue to “curate” my home, and my bedrooms are my newest challenge.

  89. Debbie H. says:

    Looks like the Leesa X Third wins my vote. Would love to win them. Thank you so much for the chance.

  90. Love the dot sheet set, so fresh looking and different. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Kim Polzin says:

    I like simple, and the dot set does it for me!

  92. The Leesa x Third in White is my favorite! I do trust your advice Yvonne!

  93. I would pick the Leesa white sheets, since I only use white sheets. They sound wonderful and I agree that since you spend so much time in bed, you should have really nice linens.

  94. I really like the Leesa sheets… in white of course

  95. Leata Anderson says:

    The pebble sheets are my favorite. We are switching out our double mattress for a queen mattress in our master bedroom and these beautiful sheets would be a great addition to our new bed.

    Thank you!

  96. I like the Pebble Sheets.

  97. Pat Burdett says:

    The Leesa x third is my first choice. White is so looks so crisp and clean. Thank you for this opportunity to win. They all look amazing.

  98. I would love the Leesa set, as white sheets are so enticing and fresh feeling for hot summer nights. I think the sateen finish would provide comfort and the fresh finish I like. It’s also great that the company partners to provide care for troubled young people as well.

    I love all your rooms, and your bedrooms do remind me of a beautiful B&B. . Definitely a place I would enjoy for a relaxing weekend get away. Congratulations to the winner of this beautiful set.

  99. I love white sheets, so my favorite is the Leesa x Third.

    Your guest room looks so inviting!

  100. Mary Jo McGovern says:

    Leesa x Third are classic white sheets that will likely outlive me! Love a sheet that can be bleached and look fresh and new forever!

  101. Jennifer Baldwin says:

    Love good sheets and the luxurious feel so I can really sleep well! Thanks for your recommendation. Hate buying sheets and then finding out that they are not what you expect. I love the Leesa x Third sheets. Anxious to try them!

  102. I love Pebble. I also love your dust ruffle and check covered.

  103. I love the Leesa for myself. The Slate would be a great masculine look for my son. I thought the price was great!

  104. Love the Leesa sheets in white!

    Your bedrooms are so lovely! I do change my bedcovers for the seasons for the reasons you gave. I have not done some of those special extras that you have but so appreciate what you have done! Thank you!

  105. Laurene Rosen says:

    I do love the Leesa King sheet sets! Best quality ever.

  106. Diane Schultz says:

    Leesa x Third is to die for!!! I have guests too and I would love to give them this treat! I have been reading your home tips for years and will never stop! I love all things home!

  107. Leda Zelios says:

    I live the simple white Leesa x third. We are building our retirement home on our ranch property and would love new bedding to start our new phase in life. Love your blog. thanks for your design ideas and keeping it simple!

  108. Toni Foster says:

    I love my current pink and white stripe sheets but think I will try the polka dot from Third Living!

  109. I like the Linear set. There is something so chic and classic about a stripe that can be both masculine and feminine. Love it.

  110. Candy Thomas says:

    I loved all of the Third Love sets, but the Leesa+ Third was my choice because they are white. I love all of your bedroom posts! As usual, this one wasbeautiful.

  111. I would go with the white, Leesa. But the Dot is a close second. They look fabulous.

  112. Linda Hollenbeck says:

    Love the fact of the duvet cover matching the sheets and the reviews sound like these sheets are “Heavenly!” Definitely considering trying these as it is so hard to find wonderful sheets. I think I may have just come upon “stellar” ones!! Thank you so much for recommending this site!

  113. I love the pebble sheets. I’ve never invested in a good sheet set. These look divine!

  114. Ginny Ricci says:

    I LOVE Third Living’s plain white sheets! Nothing says clean, and comfort to me like air dried white sheets!

  115. This is a new business to me. I probably would choose the white Leesa X Third but I like the dot and linear designs too. And I trust your judgment!

  116. I agree a great set of sheets is an investment in a good night’s sleep for you and your guests. I would love the pin dot Third Living set…hope I win! Thanks

  117. I think I’ve found the sheets of my dreams. After visiting their website, I am so excited to try the Leesa x Third in white. The pure cotton fibers, the sateen finish, the fact that they give back to the community, and your testimony of how wonderful they are is enough for me to give them
    a try. Thank you, again for this post. In my earlier comment I had not researched the site in detail. I would be more than happy to sleep on them!

  118. LOVE LOVE LOVE Third Living’s … D O T ….. how fun is that.. and if they are comfortable.. even better!!! <3

  119. Hello, I would choose the Leesa Duvet by ThirdLivng. Crisp white is undeniably classic.
    I love the duvet you feature in this blog post, such clean and calm colors. Beautiful!

  120. Rose Anne says:

    I checked out Third Living’s website and love the sheets with the dots! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a set.

  121. I went to the Third Living website, and I like the Linear line. Within the next 2 years we plan to move to a lake house, and I think the Linear line would look really good in that environment.

  122. IVE never heard of these sheets but I’d say they are wonderful and feel great ! I liked all of them….white would be nice but I liked the dot too

  123. That chunky cream throw…….yummy!!

  124. I would love a set of sheets…Any design…They look and sound like they would be divine!!

  125. Hi Yvonne,
    So true! It is important to have good sheets for me it matters that they are cool as I run very hot! I also, like you, have started purchasing white sheets so that I can bleach them if I need to! Therefore, I love the Leesa x Third sheets! Although, I do really like the Pebble or Dot but that is a bit more pattern and would not go well with my current comforter! Love this post1

  126. I enjoy your blog a great deal! I would be interested in the fitted sheet. Thank you for the opportunity!

  127. The “commercial” just drew me in. White would be my first choice and dots my second.

  128. Deb Wostmann says:

    I would love just the basic white Leesa x Third sheets. I’ve needed to buy a new set for a while now and will give these a try.

  129. I’ve been on a search for a light weight quilt in a neutral color for summer, still haven’t found one yet.Checked out the Third Living site and am loving the dot sheets.

  130. Thanks for sharing about what sounds like a lovely sheet experience. I love to sleep on well made sheets and have not heard of this company before. I like to switch my bedding for the summer and would love to try the Leesa x Third!

  131. Oooh, I love the polka dot sheets! I love changing linens with the seasons, but this spring it’s still just too chilly to put away the flannel sheets and winter comforter. Love the idea of t using the duvet cover without the duvet for summer!

  132. I like the Dots. My guest bed needs just a little pattern.

  133. How beautiful! I love the dot sheets!

  134. I love the dots! I love the way they add some fun to a bedding set.

  135. If love to win a queen size set of Dots! Very cute and spring like. Looks like they have an amazing 75day trial, that’s unheard of!!!! Amazing!

  136. Hilda Lavender says:

    I love fresh white sheets and the Leeds look perfect for our needs. Im excited to find this company and look forward to trying several of their products. Thank you for introducing us.

  137. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dor duvet, and i really love your tip, yvonne, about using just the duvet covwr in warmer weather. ❤️

  138. Michelle B says:

    April 4, 2018 at 08:45

    Nothing better than a great set of sheets. I love the classic white, too. The Leesa x Third looks good to me!

  139. Hilda Lavender says:

    Typo i meant Leesa, of course!

  140. The Leesa xThird white sheets would be perfect for my bed. As always your post gave me some new ideas. Thank you!

  141. I love the dot sheet set! So pretty and fun!

  142. they seem like soft, durable sheets.

  143. Julia Lette says:

    The dots just scream Spring! Went to the site – the white would be perfect for sooooo many decor styles.

  144. I’ve been hunting for a great set of sheets! I’d love to win the Lunar set.

  145. Tammie N. says:

    I’d love the Dot sheets. The pattern is so cute!

  146. The dots looks really pretty.

  147. Michelle C says:

    I like the plian white and the dots. You never have enough sheets! I’ll

  148. Rose Storm says:

    Living in Colorado, Flannel Sheet’s are a must! I am alway’s cold! but I fine between my Flannel Night gown and Sheet’s, I fine I sleep better, if I keep the temp. Low! and Keep Cozy warm in bed, I get a better night sleep! I like Clean crisp white sheet’s, for the cooler month’s, Love those White Leesa XThrid

  149. Amy Kaminski says:

    I think the slate sheets are beautiful and would love to win a set.

  150. Linda Pawlak says:

    I LOVE Linear!!! So crisp and inviting! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  151. So hard to choose! I’d be grateful for any of them! The dot and pebble look fun, but a solid may be more practical?? Thanks for a chance to win.

  152. I would love a King size Leesa X Third set. I also had not thought of using a duvet cover without the filling – I will definitely try that.

  153. I love the Pebble sheets. They have a bit of design but not too much that it is too much.

  154. Charlotte says:

    The Dot would be perfect for our newly redecorated bedroom! We put up a brick wallpaper behind the bed for a feature wall and it looks great. The sheets are a whimsical touch that I adore. We also changed out the light fixture and put on a new coat of paint on the remaining 3 walls and boy, our bedroom looks like a loft-type room now. I love it!

  155. The LeesaxThird white sheets would be perfect for my king size bed. Your bedroom is exactly the style I am going for.

  156. Patti Gencarelli says:


    Love white sheets!
    Thanks for the heads up.

  157. Love the dots……

  158. I love the Linear sheets in gray and white.

  159. I love good sheets! I’d like the Dot sheets if I win!

  160. Sharon Kyle says:

    I love white sheets so Leesa x Third in the queen size would be my pick. Thank you.

  161. I like the Leesa set. It would be perfect compliment to the new king handcrafted iron bed I just purchased.

  162. I agree with you whole heartedly Yvonne! What a difference a great set of sheets makes! I’m all about a quality set of cotton sheets against my skin. I have very sensitive skin and can’t sleep if I don’t have quality against my skin. I love the Leesa all white set. I like the colors but like to have my basics be neutral to add color for the changes of seasons in Illinois as well.

  163. Debra Kerr says:

    I am all about the look of clean white sheets. The Leesa X Third is my fav!

  164. I ❤️The Leesa sheet set! Thank you for the giveaway! And the very helpful tips —-

  165. Linda Rubin says:

    I’m all for the Leesa x Third white sheets. Just can’t go wrong with white.

  166. Lin Harper says:

    I really love the dotted THIRD sheets! What a sweet look! I especially like the fact you can choose a gray background. Such a pretty combination. Polka dots are so whimsical. Thanks also for the great tips, Yvonne. I am a nurse who works 12 hour night shifts so many days I am sleeping. Great sheets make such a difference. The right temperature really matters. A great sleep mask and some Lavender oil diffusing also really helps me to drift off to dreamland…zzzzzzzzzzz!!

  167. Beautiful blog! You’ve just gained a new subscriber!

    I love the Leesa & Third sheets in white. So classic!

  168. I like the Leesa x Third sheet set …. Love the simplicity of white. Thank you for the opportunity to win 🙂

  169. Donna Oates says:

    I loved the polka dot sheet set because I love polka dots. They are cheerful and make me feel happy.
    I would LOVE to win so that I could have the duvet cover. Keep up the charming podcasts, please.

  170. Definitely the Leesa sheets. I only do white sheets throughout my house for simplicity and ease of cleaning. I may have learned that from you!

  171. Gail Hamaker says:

    Third Living sheets look amazing & are reasonably priced too!

  172. I like the leesa x third white sheets

  173. Thank you for this great post. I’m a white sheets gal, so the LeesaX in a king would be my choice if I’m selected.

  174. Cat Griego says:

    My husband says i am a bedroom freak and not a freak in the bedroom….lol….because I change sheets with the seasons and my pillows about every three months…but I think nothing shows love like a comfortable bed and nothing is better for the soul. Love Third Living

  175. Carolyn Briley says:

    I too love the Leesa x Third white sheets. Have been using
    A duvet without the filling, it works great. Love all the tips you share. Thank-You.

  176. Ginny Bryan says:

    I can really see the hubby and I spending a lazy morning in bed surrounded by these Third Dot sheets (Queen size). Or maybe even the white ones with a pop of the color turquoise added in a cool and comfy throw. Such sweet dreams!

  177. Susan Jackson says:

    Went to the Third site; both Dot and Pebble look fun but I’d probably go with the the plain white Leesa x because of the versatility.

  178. I am in the middle of trying to change my bedroom from cozy to spring. I want to use my Grandmother’s 1929 sun quilt on display for six months (and then rest the quilt for six months) and the Leesa x Third white sheets and comforter cover would be perfect to use with it!

  179. Love your sources… Can’t wait to use your sources.

  180. Love the Leesa x Third sheets – classic.

  181. I tend to always buy white sheets; easier to switch out accessories, but I fell in love with the Pebble ensemble with polka dots! I do love polka dots in spring and summer!

  182. I love the simple look of the pure white Leesa sheets from Third. White goes with every color and love the idea of using a duvet without the insert for Summer.

  183. Jill Miglin says:

    Love the Leesa x Third sheets. White does indeed go with everything. Also like your idea of using the duvet without the inset.

  184. Slate! I have never slept on striped sheets and I’m sure I am missing out!

  185. Is your duvet cover from Third Living as well?

  186. I love white sheets so Leesa x Third would be the ones for me!

  187. Carolyn Melillo says:

    I totally agree that the sheets make the night’s sleep and my sound machine and black out shades. I have a lot of trouble sleeping so all these things make the difference. I chose the Leesa because I really need a new pair of crisp white sheets. I have had my current ones so long they are starting to get holes, that and my cat playing around with them when I make the bed.

  188. Jeannette Wiggins says:

    I love the Stone sheets. I’m really into the Greys right now, and this sheet set looks so luxurious and the color is a perfect neutral for anytime of the year.

  189. Melanie Winter says:

    I love white sheets and the Leesa x Third sets looks wonderful!!!

  190. Elizabeth Welch says:

    Leesa x Third – I love white sheets – would love to feel these!

  191. I like the Dot sheets. They look fun, but I would definitely have to add something more masculine to it for my husband. He would like the Pebble sheets I think. I would love to try them out!

  192. The Leesa X Third is lovely and classic in that wonderful white. I would love a king set with four regular pillow cases!
    Thank you for sharing the news!

  193. Hard to decide between Leesa X Third and Slate! Thanks for the tip of just using the duvet cover without the insert.

  194. I love, love, love The Dots!

  195. Barb PERCY says:

    Love the leesa sheets! Love your ideas for the guest room !

  196. Marilyn S. says:

    Love the Lunar set -I prefer a mix and match set over the entire set being the same color – I can also use the top sheet on 1 bed and the bottom on another if I wanted to spread the luxury around.

  197. Laura Laskey says:

    I would love the Leesa sheets – such a classic crisp white! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  198. Never even thought of using a duvet cover alone….thanks.
    I love a great white sheet set….The Leesa x Third look amazing.

  199. Love the Dots! may have to try these beautiful sheets

  200. I love the Leesa x Third sheets

  201. Alissa L. says:

    Love the Leesa sheet set.

  202. Barb Patterson says:

    Leesa x Third

  203. The Slate set is my fav! I love a little pattern.

  204. Debbie Reynolds says:

    Linear, queen for me!

  205. Midnight sheet set looks like it would go beautifully in my bedroom. I am having a hard time finding fitted sheets that slip off, even though they supposedly have deep pockets. I would love to try these!

  206. Elizabeth Logan says:

    Leesa x Third would probably be my choice. I’m in need of new bedding so this is very good timing!

    And a duvet cover without the duvet! Who knew?!? Not me. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  207. Priscilla Yvonne Foster says:

    I love the Leesa x Third – white in king size. They are my absolute favorite. I love a crisp, clean, white sheet. They are so inviting and ‘warm’. I like the slate, ones, too because I have bedding a room that will match them, but I really, really like the white! 🙂

  208. phyllis e henry says:

    I adore the slate set. What’s not to love about simple stripes in my favorite colorway?

  209. I have always been a fan of solid colored sheets. The Leesa x Third set looks luxurious! I have never thought to use the duvet cover without the duvet! What a clever idea! You always make the prettiest bed dressings. They always say, “Welcome home.”

  210. Melissa Storms says:

    I really love the Slate set, just lovely. I also still adore you silk open weave bed skirt since I first saw it.

  211. Diana Heist says:

    I would choose a king size sheet set in the Leesa x Third. They look devine!

  212. I love the Slate – they look so comfy and would make you want to
    fall in love with your bed!! Thanks for a chance to win.

  213. I love the classic look of white, the Leesa x Third looks great. Thank you Yvonne.

  214. I love your blog!! Never thought about using duvet cover by itself!! I love the Dot sheets!! In summer I love using white or light colored sheets it just seems comfy and cool!! I am going to have to give Third living sheets a try!! Than k you, Yvonne!!

  215. Carol Hopfner says:

    Wow! Who wouldn’t just love to own a set of those beautiful sheets. A Queen white Leesa set would be for me!

  216. Barbara Shane says:

    I love the Leesa x Third sheets, they look amazing!!!! And they carry California King which is sometimes hard to find!

  217. I’ve been looking for good quality sheets for a few years now. Many years ago I bought two pair of queen cotton sheets while living in Colorado. I’ve had visitors ask me where I bought my sheets. They are a nice weight and have lasted. I’d love to find sheets of equal quality for my new King bed and a spare for the guest rooms.
    I love white sheets so the Lessa X third appeal to me. I’d love an opportunity to test out a set. If they are anything like my others I would be outfitting all three bedrooms with them. I wish the stripe came in other colours. It is so easy to mix stripes in with other patterns.
    I lay my duvet cover on the bottom of my bed, too. My husband prefers the duvet without a cover.
    Where did you purchase your guest room bed? It would be perfect in one of my guest rooms.

  218. Love these sheets! Can’t decide which I like best…Dots or Pebbles!

  219. Leesa x Third sheet set in white would be fabulous!! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  220. Love the lesa sheet sets. I would love to win a beautiful set.

    Thank you for all your wonderful and informative posts. I look forward with great anticipation to reading them

  221. Slate for me. I love me some ticking for a cool casual summer look. And I hang my sheets out to dry all summer long. Nothing smells better than fresh air on sheets!

  222. Anne Marie says:

    I love the third sheets in white. Thanks for the chance to win some lovely sheets!

  223. Teresa Ogg says:

    I’m loving the pebble set. my spring project is to freshen up my guest bedrooms so this discount comes at a great time. Don’t think I can wait to see if I won 🙂

  224. Mary Christianson says:

    I would choose the Lessa x third queen size sheet set. They sound very comfortable.

  225. Jenny Young says:

    I love the gray set called stone.

  226. The Dot set is my favorite! Such a wonderful giveaway. I’ve had a hard time finding good sheets that last.

  227. Carolyn Foxworthy says:

    Thank you for this post. I am like you and I am always looking for the best sheets because that is where the “good nights” sleep begins. I went to the Third Living website. I like the plain white sheets Leesa x Third. I am just a plain white sheet girl. I will mix in color with pillow cases or pillows. Love the idea of the duvet cover without the duvet. Great tip. Thanks again for all your wonderful ideas and tips.

  228. Katherine Marshall says:

    I am in love with the pebble sheets. Having these sheets would be awesome!

  229. I love the idea of a duvet with no “stuffing”. My favorite sheets are the white ones.

  230. Cynthia Miller says:

    I have never heard of using a first without a quilt in side of it. Wow i have passed up so many that would have worked out. Thanks for the great tip!

  231. Love the leesa white sheet set. It makes sense to spend more on good sheets.

  232. All of the sheets looked wonderful, but I think Leesa x Third would be what I would choose. Thank you!

  233. It was fun looking at all the different sets and learning about the company. Difficult to make a choice but I think I’d like the Dots set. Fresh and summery. Thanks for offering this lovely giveaway.

  234. Debbie Cheser says:

    Love the dots!

  235. I would pick the Leesa X Third. I love the fresh clean look of the all white set.

  236. Love textiles and the classic look of the white Leesa sheets. Thanks for introducing a quality source and all the great tips!

  237. I love the all white Leesa X Third.

  238. Twyla plett says:

    I have a question re bedding…. you did not refer to linen sheets… what are your thoughts on linen bedding?

  239. Michelle A says:

    I would LOVE to try the Leesa x Third. I am new to these products and they look amazing. Thanks for sharing, Yvonne!

  240. I would choose the Stone all-one-color set, in king. Thanks!

  241. I love the pebble sheets in king. Thank you – these look yummy!

  242. Lashanda A Tucker says:

    First of all, thank you for this post with bedding tips.

    Now concerning Third Living, at first I thought, $130 for sheets. We are a big family on a budget. However, after reading about “sweet sleep,” the “strongest, softest cotton,” their durability, and the possibility of better sleep for someone like myself who has some trouble sleeping, I thought it might be worth it once I can make such an investment. When possible, I would get the Leesa X or Stone. Thank you for introducing me to Third Living. And, thank you for the many posts that give me so much insight into keeping a clean, comfortable, beautiful home. I have many strides to make, but I am learning.

  243. Susan Dumont says:

    I love the dark cool richness of the stone color sheets. I also use “empty” duvets as coverlets on my beds, often mixing patterns and colors…..thank you for sharing some great ideas.

  244. I would love the comfy all white king set with 4 standard pillowcases.. Thanks for a chance to win, Yvonne.

  245. Wow, what a great giveaway! I would love the Leesa X Third in the Queen size-they are beautiful!

  246. I love the Leesa X white sheets in King.

  247. I love the SLATE line! *le sigh….* I am all about my bedroom and especially my bed being a luxurious treat.

  248. Lura Wilson says:

    It seems as though my comment went astray or maybe it was operator error??? so I’m leaving another comment. I love Third’s philosophy! Simply put…Fair price, high quality, ego friendly, and giving back! since I’ve only ever used white sheets I would love to branch out and try either the Linear or Dot. Fingers crossed and thanks for the opportunity to throw my name in the hat!

  249. Thanks so much Yvonne for this wonderful chance to win these lovely sheets. I would love the white Leesa X King size with 4 standard pillow cases. They would be wonderful on our cozy bed.

  250. Thank you so much for this timely giveaway.
    I’m in the process of redoing my master bedroom.
    Last week I tore up my carpet to expose hardwood floor (original to the house built in 1936). All the floors on the second floor will be refinished in a natural tone.
    The bedroom is painted a warm golden color but that’s gotta go in favor of a creamy white (kinda a coffee with lots of cream).
    I’d love the Leesa x Third collection as white is so versatile and I can play with color with pillows (love them) and artwork.

    As always Yvonne you are such an inspiration
    Thanks for all you do
    Love ❤️

  251. Love the white Leesa x third sheet set!

  252. Kathy Sturgeon says:

    I love the dotted sheets! So summery and fresh looking!

  253. I like the Slate complete sheet set.

  254. Dots!!!!! I adore all things with dots!!!

  255. I love white sheets so the Leesa x Third set really appeals to me!

  256. Carol Jandreau says:

    I love the all white Leesa X Third

  257. CLean, crisp, fresh sheets. Nothing says a good night’s sleep better. The Leesa X Third says all of these things to me.
    Oh, how I would love to snuggle up in a bed made with such luxurious comfort!!

  258. Jenny Graber says:

    I’m in desperate need of some new sheets (mine are from my wedding 20 years ago!) The dot and slate patterns caught my eye.

  259. I like the Waves duvet cover.

  260. I love the Third Living sheets in the Linear pattern. I’m obsessed with stripes right now and these would look great on my bed! Thanks for your great post about bedding. I always learn so much from you!

  261. I would love to have these comfy sheets! The queen size pebble design would work perfect on our bed!

  262. Lisa Veasey says:

    I love the white queen set!

  263. Love the look and simplicity of all white bedding. The Leesa X 3 white looks perfect. Currently switching to a King size mattress, and need all new bedding 🙂

  264. The Leesa X Third would be my choice..King size. Thanks for a chance to win .

  265. Renee' Shackelford says:

    I have been a devotee of all white bedding for years. We have recently moved into a new house and I find myself wanting to try new things. I would have to choose either Pebble or Slate sheets. They just look fun!

  266. I would love the Leesa X sheets! Yum!

  267. Great advice and tips Yvonne. I love the idea of a duvet cover only. Clever and practical.
    Thank you for the generous give away. I love the Leesa X Third linens. Crisp white is serene and timeless.

  268. We recently moved to a different state. I really miss my friends but fortunately they visit often. Can’t wait to see how they like the new guest room Leesa queen sheets. Thanks for the giveaway, Yvonne!

  269. Would love king size Lessa x third sheets!!!

  270. I like the Dots collection.

  271. Yvonne, What a treat for one lucky winner. I think I would go with the stone in king size. I am in the process of updating my linen for my bed and that would be amazing. Thanks

  272. Kim Jarriel says:

    I would love to win and choose the Stone sheets! Thank you for the chance yo win!

  273. Thanks for all the tips!!

    I love the Slate….I’m a sucker for stripes!!

  274. Thank you for introducing us to a new company providing quality sheets! I am appreciating the versatility and classic look of white so the Leesa x Third is my favorite! Here’s to a winner!

  275. Erin Prohaska says:

    Your bed looks so nice and inviting! Likely partially because I’m just recovering from influenza which lasted throughout me preparing our home for Easter hosting and my son’s birthday the following day…lots of cooking, cleaning & cake making but not a lot of rest! ? I am partial to the ‘Slate’ set. Such a pretty paring of the grey sheets with the ticking stripe (I’m a sucker for a good stripe!) Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity! ?

  276. Pamela Smith says:

    I love the dots! They give a fun look that is easy to mix and match!