Beautiful Spring Tulip Wreath Diy

Beautiful spring wreath is easy to make and perfect to hang on your front door.

This spring my front door is dressed and drenched in color! Vivid color. This parrot tulip wreath is celebrating the saturated colors of spring! I took the brightest colors from the crayon box and used them to inspire this happy wreath. It’s so easy to make and has that WOW decor style I love! It is not a shy thing, that is for sure! Let’s get all bold, bright, and beautiful and welcome spring and anyone who comes to our door in a big way!

This tulip wreath diy is so easy! Even if you are not crafty you can make this gorgeous wreath for your front door!

SPRING TULIP WREATH DIY-orange parrot tulip-spring

 I added a big burlap bow to the wreath. The burlap is trimmed in that gorgeous citron green I love so much! 

SPRING TULIP WREATH-parrot tulips-burlap

And who can resist a monogram letter! I painted a white letter “P” green and added a little nest! I also speckled the egg with the same green paint!

SPRING TULIP WREATH DIY-one letter monogram-spring

 This is really a very easy wreath to make! So, let’s make a big bright full-of-spring wreath!!!

SPRING TULIP WREATH-tulips orange and green


  • 2 grapevine wreaths SEE IT HERE
  • zip ties or florist wires SEE THEM HERE AND HERE
  • faux tulips  They don’t have to be the best quality. I got 3 bunches for this wreath SEE THEM HERE
  • 3-4 stems of other small flowers
  • Monogram letter SEE THEM HERE
  • paint
  • a small nest with tiny egg
  • 4 yards of burlap ribbon or your ribbon of choice SEE IT HERE


SPRING TULIP WREATH DIY- instructions 1 to

 1. Double the base wreath. It’s a designer trick. Either zip tie them together or wire them. You will thank me for this tip! It really makes a difference!

2. I bought 3 bundles of tulips with 10 tulips in each stem. Cut the tulips apart as well the other flowers you choose. Arrange them in a long bouquet and when you like how they look, zip tie them together. This will save tons of hot gluing and they really stay in place!  Repeat the process again and make a second bundle.

3. Zip tie the two bundles together as shown. And zip tie the whole thing on the wreath.

SPRING TULIP WREATH DIY- instructions 4 to

 4. Paint a monogram letter to work with your wreath.

5. Hot glue a little nest to the letter. Glue the letter to the wreath.

6. Tie a ribbon in between the two bundles of tulips.


Easy-peasy, right!!!! Now, it’s your turn. Why not make a gorgeous tulip wreath?

SPRING TULIP WREATH-orange and green

What color tulips would you choose for your front door?

tulip wreath on a blue door

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  1. Yvonne, your tulip wreath is absolutely stunning! I love the burlap bow against the peachy color of the tulips. So so pretty!

  2. Joan Szwajkowski says:

    I’m loving the colors of the wreath on the front door! (Same color as my door 🙂
    I’ll be out today shopping for that ribbon trimmed in green. It is so complimentary.
    Great hint about the double wreaths. Good choices all around.
    Do you do tutorials on the fabulous bows that you make?
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter.

  3. Martha Moore says:

    Yvonne, I recently subscribed to your e-mail post alerts. I have followed your blog for a couple of years (at least) and ALWAYS find your posts to be inspiring and admirable! I have made a couple of your wreaths in the past where you’ve posted the easy to follow directions and have gotten many compliments! This Spring Wreath is gorgeous and just POPS with beautiful Spring color! So glad I stumbled across your website a couple of years ago!!!!

  4. Beaautiful, beautiful Yvonne. I so love the colors your chose…they just so wonderfully pop against that pretty door!…Have a great weekend and a most joyous Easter!

  5. Beautiful! Great colors, so bright and happy.

  6. It’s so pretty and cheery on the door. Beautiful!

  7. This wreath is gorgeous! I never thought to put two grapevine wreaths together. Have a blessed Easter.

  8. Your wreath is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents 🙂

  9. Cindy Morehead says:

    I always enjoy the ideas you share & copy many of them from trays to tabletop to mantle decor. I love the wreath, but my question today is what is the color of your front door? Our siding is taupe & the shutters & front door are dark taupe. I think the navy would be an excellent choice to bring a new pop of color! We have stained glass side lights on each side of the door which feature blue morning glories, so a deeper shade of blue would coordinate very well. Thanks for continuing to come up w/ an interesting blog day after day. Easter blessings, Cindy

    1. CINDY! This door color was a happy serendipity! We thought we bought a slate grey, but when we painted it it came out a blue/grey. So I have no idea what color was mixed! Sorry I can’t help you more!

      1. Cindy Morehead says:

        Thank you, Yvonne. I will show your door to the lady at my favorite paint store & see what she can do!

  10. This wreath is so colorful and pretty! For the week of Easter, I put a simple cross on our front door, but this tulip wreath
    would be so nice for the rest of spring.

  11. Yvonne – Your wreath may be simple to do but it is stunning. I am amazed by your many ideas and wonderful talents. i never miss a day of seeing what you have come up with. So inspiring! Have a blessed Easter!

  12. Your wreath is beautiful! Tulips are my favorite flower; part of their beauty for me is that they are somewhat illusive- gracing our gardens so briefly! Love the orange and that shade of green. I use it often to accent my black & white (in decor & fashion! ). If you have never been to the Homer Laughlin Fiestaware factory in Newell, WVA, it’s a must do! I love their Lemongrass green & buy it to accent that beloved black & white. The factory is a quick trip south for us here in NE Ohio; a fun girls day out, dressed down for bargain hunting in the dusty, treasure-filled “seconds” room! Check out their beautiful American made dishes! A blessed Easter to you!

  13. So pretty and most certainly a welcome sign of Spring! Pinned and shared over at FB and G+! Hugs! Chloe

  14. Marianne George says:

    First of all, enjoy your posts and decorating ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them. Love the idea of doubling the wreath. Best yet, zip tying the flowers to the wreath is genius! I cannot make a wreath without a glue gun mess, let alone ending up with hot glue on my fingers. Makes me want to run right out to he craft store! Easter Blessings to you and yours!

  15. Beautiful….and my colors. Citron and tangerine. You have inspired me again! Sheila

  16. Yvonne,

    The brass welcome plate on your door is perfect! After seeing yours I am busy scouting around for a similar one. Thanks for the idea!

  17. Happy Easter, Yvonne! Your wreath is great. I love the citron trimmed burlap!
    Michelle from

  18. That is really stunning, Yvonne. Happy Easter!

  19. Stunning! Love the idea, heading to the craft store this weekend. You always give me “classy” ideas to decorate the home, not trending or kiddish. Thank you! Thank Easter and Passover to everyone!

  20. Lanita Anderson says:

    Hi Yvonne,

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tulip wreath…..the colors are beautiful and the burlap bow was the perfect addition! Thanks for sharing!


  21. I love all of your ideas. I have a question about the tulip wreath. Doubling the grapevine wreath is for dimension? I haven’t been to the store yet to pick up a second one and right now only have one. Just wondering if there was any other reason for the two wreaths. Thanks again for all you share with us!


    1. When you put 2 wreaths together it give your wreath a beautiful full look and you are right, is more dimensional. Just try it. And you will understand!

  22. Hetty Slujk says:

    Hallo Yvonne,what a beautiful wreath.
    I love your blog,thanks for sharing all these beautiful ideas and photos.
    Happy easter and greetings from Holland

  23. That is one lovely wreath! Thank you for the clear step by step instructions with photos! I never thought to double the wreath, but what a difference! I always enjoy reading your blog. Happy Easter!

  24. Gloria Chiras says:

    Beautiful wreath. I made one for a 91 year old friend .Used burlap with pearl edge. She loved it. Then made two for my soon to be 90 year old neighbor. Used plain burlap. His family is coming to celebrate his birthday. He is very pleaased.
    Thanks for the DIY

  25. Hi Yvonne,
    Just wanted to confirm the measurement on the ribbon. It seems like 4 yards is quite a lot for one bow. Thanks so much. Love love love the wreath.

  26. Linda Gardepe says:

    Could you please tell me what diameter wreath 18 or20? Where did you find that ribbon? The wreath is gorgeous!
    Thank you

  27. So beautiful!! What size wreaths did you use??

    1. HI Chelsey, I use a 20 inch wreath. But use one that fits your door.

  28. Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial! Just finished one for my grandmother’s birthday, but used roses instead of tulips (loved the orange but couldn’t find orange tulips), and I’m so happy with it!

    1. I love that you use the inspiration and took your wreath in another direction! What a great gift.

  29. Stephanie says:

    Your pin inspired me so I made one for my front door! I love it and have received many compliments!

  30. Grandmawrinkles says:

    This wreath just SCREAMS SPRING. Your ideas are the best. Always so beautiful and you give us so many ideas. Thanks so much.

  31. Oh, I love it?! I was planning to make a wreath and your tutorial has definitely inspired with many ideas. I love the bow too!

  32. Lorna klotz says:

    I’m following g your tulip wreath idea with some little changes but I now know why you’ve put two wreaths together….very poor quality in Michael’s as these are so thin, skimpy as I’ve found one in a thrift store that I took the decorations off to find that three of Michael’s wouldn’t compare. I’m off to search three thrift stores today for anymore of the “OLD good quality type”,
    Love the wreath and mine is the same coloured tulips but I had the Home Depot colour match the organge tulip as they sell small containers for $5.00 suitable for interior and exterior use ,

  33. I loved using a Spring wreath for years until local chickadees decided it made a great nesting area. The first 2 years it happened, we roped off the front door ( I know…crazy) until the babies flew away. Finally I said enough and ever since, I’ve used a pretty ribbon tied spray of Faux Forsythias. Luckily the birds have left it alone!

  34. It’s been such a long, difficult, cold winter here in Michigan
    and my hearing my front door screaming for this up-doo!
    Thank-you muchly for your wonderful inspiration.
    Wishing you a relaxing Sunday!
    Take care!

  35. Yvonne, I’ve said this on some other posts of yours, and yet love your blog! I recently shred a post with my cousin in South Carolina to follow. I’ve made two of these wreaths already – one using pink roses/white flowers and the other using red tulips and have given as gifts already. The recipients loved them! Thank you for your suggestions in how to make them because I have assembled these differently in the past, and yet prefer your way better. YOU ARE THE BEST!! Thank you again!

  36. Yvonne, your wreath is stunning! I love those coral tulips with the darling green pom-pom flowers. Your gorgeous burlap bow with it’s sunny lime trim makes the entire wreath come to life! Hanging on your lovely blue door…it’s a springtime art installation!

  37. Teresa Snipes says:

    I love your tulip wreath! We are blessed with acreage on which we have tons of grapevine growing so my husband is constantly cutting it for me to have lovely grapevine wreaths.

    I would love to know where you got your welcome pineapple brass plate for your front door. As a Charleston native, I love using pineapples, symbolizing hospitality, in my decor.


    1. I found it in a shop in Charleston but I can’t remember where. Our son spent time at the Citadel and on one of our trips I picked it up.