One of my favorite things to do is to create a vignette. And I make a lot of them here at StoneGable. They are easy and add so much personal style to any room I put them in. Today I’m sharing a very easy, filled with spring color vignette I made for my kitchen table. Hope it inspires you to bring a little bit of pretty spring into your home!

I’m itching for a little color in my home lately. Do any of you feel the same way when going from winter to spring? Maybe it’s the colors that will soon be blooming outside my door or the tulips that are in abundance right now at my local grocer’s. All of a sudden color seems so interesting and fresh to me!

I was digging around in my stash of table runners and found this beauty. It works with the fresh burst of blue I am adding to my neutrals. So it became the inspiration for the kitchen table vignette.

The big round basket I snagged at HomeGoods is my vignette corral-er of choice!

So many wonderful readers have asked about this basket. Because of the nature of HomeGoods, their product line changes often and they don’t carry the same products at all HomeGoods.

But if there is a HomeGoods near you, you might want to check their basket section now and then because they do carry some gorgeous wicker baskets and trays!

Can you see how the one handle of the basket is slightly unraveling? That’s okay. There is a hot new (actually quite ancient) Japanese trend called Wabi-sabi and it is perfectly depicted by this amazing basket not being perfect.

Actually, Wabi-sabi is the view that beauty comes out of imperfection or flaws. I’ve been a Wabi-sabi girl from way back. I tend to love things as they get worn like threadbare aprons and garden sneakers that are falling apart or old linen tablecloths with timeworn areas.

I’ve known this kind of beauty since I was a small child. I call it “a touch of the Nani”. My grandmother was a master at this art! I remember how her son’s old varsity sweater hung on a nail at the top of her basement steps. She would put it on to hang out clothes or pick mint or other outside chores. Year after year the holes in the elbows got bigger and the sweater molded more and more to her body. It was BEAUTIFUL!

My grandmother’s life was a lovely picture of Wabi-sabi. I’m sure she would be shocked to know she was way before her time.

A kitchen vignette means getting out dishes. I’ve had these darling bowls for a while and am seeing them with fresh eyes. Don’t you love the colors? And how the outside is different from the in?

Of course, I perched the colorful bowls on a stack of white dishes!

Because we eat around this table I tucked in a white pair of salt and pepper shakers with cute, exposed cork stoppers. The salty pair sits on a small rectangle dish. Such subtle layering. But it really makes a difference in the way a vignette looks.

Don’t overlook using dishes or flatware or other things you will need at the table in your vignette.

I did add a white pitcher with our everyday flatware to the vignette but it looked too heavy so I edited it out! Maybe in your vignette, flatware will look gorgeous.

Speaking about editing. Do it!!!! Don’t end up with an overly crowded kitchen vignette.

And… be still my heart… I found these beautiful orange/pink/yellow tulips at my favorite grocer’s. Two bunches and look how gracefully they drape down around the white pitcher. I’m so happy I took photos of the vignette when I first put the tulips in water.

I came downstairs this morning and they were all standing straight up at attention! That’s one of the many things I love about tulips, they are always changing!

Did you notice the tulip pitcher is sitting on a little wooden round? It blends into the basket and gives height to the pitcher. I’m all about risers. Don’t forget to add them to your vignette. They will help to vary the heights of things in a vignette!

Here are some of my favorite “risers”…

  • books
  • small stacks of dishes
  • stack of bowls
  • cake stands
  • wood slices
  • a small box

Do you like to eat by candlelight? It’s just one of those easy ways to elevate the everyday! I fished around in my basement and found a silver stained lantern. It gives off such a pretty glow!

I really love to have some kind of lantern or candle in a kitchen table vignette. Pretty and practical!

Of all the vignettes I create around StoneGable the kitchen vignette is the easiest to make. I open up my cupboards and play with my dishes!!!!

Here are some of my favorite things to include in a kitchen table vignette…

  • dishes
  • decorative bowls
  • cake stands
  • small pitchers
  • flatware
  • napkins
  • flowers
  • fruit
  • plants
  • small cloche
  • ceramic measuring cups
  • fancy measuring spoons
  • soup tureens
  • lanterns
  • candles
  • salt and pepper shaker/mill
  • oil decanters
  • cups/saucers

Now, how about creating a spring kitchen vignette for your kitchen table or island!

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  1. So glad you sent this posting again.Love this vignette and am currently working on one for my kitchen counter. Usually just use three items since my tray is not as large as yours.One of the components is always fresh flowers or a live plant along with a seasonal piece( right now a rabbit lidded casserole) and then usually a candle .either real or battery one on a timer. Occasionally I can place a small bowl of candy again seasonal like jelly beans. Such fun to put them together. Again love your use of blue with your neutrals. I have some blue bird eggs I am trying to decide how to use.Thinking of putting them in a large brandy sniffer.

  2. It’s so exciting to see you “coloring” your neutral with blue and white! The vignette is happy and refreshing.

  3. The kitchen vignette is lively! I love how you put different things together and wha—lah!! I love the little silver stained lantern!

  4. Tulips are my favorite, wish they had a longer cut life. Always on the lookout for realistic faux.

  5. How lovely! Thank you for the ideas, guide to achieving a sweet personal vignette and the beautiful photos! Spring is such an encouraging season. Love the Wabi-sabi look and your explanation of it, too. Isn’t Home Goods great?

  6. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Beautiful! Add 5-6 pennies to the tulips and they stand straight and change the water often adding florist preservative.

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Tulips are funny flowers. I was listening to a garden show on the radio and they were talking about how tulips are the only cut flower that still grows after being cut. They are definitely always changing and looking beautiful in a vase.

  8. We need tulips here in Maine right now!
    Expecting our second Nor’easter in last week or so today!

  9. You list of suggested items is always so helpful

  10. I am trying to find some Spring decorations and can’t find many shops with home interior items. I really like the low basket used in this vingette. Where did you get this?

  11. I just love the blue and white together!!! And the tulips are beautiful! Great vignette!

  12. Such a pretty grouping, and those tulips are fueling my spring fever

  13. Seeing the blue and white touches makes me excited about your family room reveal all over again!!! Does anyone not LOVE tulips??? They are probably my favorite spring flower…along with…Dutch Iris, Gerber Daisies, Daffodils, etc. Flowers are a bit of heaven on earth, I think! The flowers take your vignette to another level of perfection.

  14. Anna Belle says:

    Where did you get the salt and pepper shakers? How unique! I love them!

    1. Hi Anna, I found the salt and pepper at a local shop call Cocalico Designs.

  15. Love the Spring look….so pretty. Thanks for the great ideas !

  16. Theresa at winterberry lane says:

    I’m loving the the spring kitchen vignette Yvonne! I love the arching tulips, so simple but yet so elegant. I created a spring vignette for my kitchen table. I went to my mom’s and cut some pussy willow stems and place them in the pottery I brought back from Germany,then brought out the little ceramic rabbits and a few speckled eggs to complete my spring vignette.Thanks for all your inspiration and have a great day.

  17. Love the pops of color that have come to stay at Stone Gable. Even if it is just for the spring and summer. Although blue & white have always been a favorite and can be a permanent fixture in my home all year long!

    1. Hi Gina, Yes I’m feeling a little bit inspired by color. So for spring I may add a little.

  18. Norma Rolader says:

    Absolutely gorgeous

  19. I absolutely love the idea of a table vignette and will have to try it. Thanks Yvonne love your ideas and have so enjoyed your page since joining. Blessings.

    1. Sorry my keyboard is playing my name is not Rahel but Rachel

  20. You are the best vignette designer on the internet!! Thanks so much for all the inspiration you bring to us everyday! I have looked everywhere for a similar basket tray and cannot find one any where. In the meantime, I am using a round wooden tray with leather handles, but it is not the same. Oh well, the hunt goes on! LOL

  21. Karen VanLoo says:

    Beautiful! I love your vignettes, they’re my favorite! The tulips just shout Spring! Yay! I’m currently getting out some of my Easter things (bunnies, nests, and florals) to decorate for spring and am going to work on my kitchen table vignette. Thank you!

  22. Grace White says:

    Yvonne, I love your post. I look forward to them each day. Your talent is amazing I would love to get one of your chippy black tiny stools you use on your mantel. Could you tell me where to look for one? I’ve looked at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s but have failed to find one. Thank you.

    1. Hi Grace, I’m not sure where you can find a chippy black stool. I’ve had mine for a long time and got it at a local shop. Have you thought of looking for a raw wooden stool and painting it?

    2. Julie Briones says:

      I was inspired by your stool, as well, Yvonne. Gin Creek has unfinished ones for $18.00 right now (I got mine on sale for $14.00). Just FYI, Grace. 🙂

  23. I love it! thank you. so beautifulul

  24. Julie Briones says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Yvonne. I think I’ll get down one of my soup tureens and set it on my counter with some other vignette-ed items! 🙂

  25. Cindy Wert says:

    So inspiring! I can hardly wait for this Spring!!! I need to jump in with this. I am one woman w two men at home…so I sometimes think “Why bother?” But I should bother because it brings me joy and it may just be pleasing to them as well. The low basket is brilliant –contains it all so well yet lifts out of the way as easily for a game as for a pizza! Love it.

  26. Julia King says:

    I dearly love all of your decorating advice and ideas! Trying hard to copy your style!!!

  27. Beautiful! Please tell me where blue & white bowls from?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Susan, I found the big blue and white bowl at a local vintage shop.

  28. Thank you Yvonne! These ideas were exactly what I was looking for – to decorate my table for spring and summer.

  29. I love the term, wabi sabi….that explains my attitude of decorating my home. I like ‘elegant casual’. Don’t be too ‘up tight’.