SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

The kitchen at StoneGable is beginning to change every so slightly! Winter decor is being put away and daffodils are appearing here and there. I really don’t decorate my kitchen that much because the kitchen at StoneGable is the workhorse of my home! So keeping decor light and giving a nod to the season is more my style! I like my counters pretty free from anything extraneous and non-essential! The whole kitchen has gone through a thorough spring cleaning and the soapstone counters are freshly oiled so it’s the perfect time to share early spring in my farmhouse kitchen!

Did you know that I host a decoration podcast? Yes, along with Kelly from My Soulful Home and Anita from Cedar Hill Farmhouse! It’s called DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS.

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Yesterday’s episode was on updated ways to use silver, china, and crystal.  You can hear it below…

Welcome to …

Today we are celebrating KITCHEN, FOYERS, PORCHES AND OUTDOOR SPACES! I’m thrilled to be a part of Styled For Spring Home Tour! Thirteen of your favorite bloggers sharing our spring decor today! A big thank you to  Jennifer from DECOR GOLD DESIGNS and Randi from RANDI GARRETT DESIGNS for putting this home tour together! It is a whole lot of work. It would be nice if you would hop over to their blogs and say thank you!

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

My kitchen is the workhorse of my home. It’s utilitarian and a true farmhouse kitchen. It was built in my garage by a cabinetmaker, who’s father built farm kitchens, over 20 years ago. It does not have easy glide cabinet doors, but magnetic latches that click when the door closes. I love that sound. It may be authentic and have farmhouse charm, but it also is updated by rounded, fluted corners and lots of heavy molding. I love the cornices under the soapstone slab on the island! 

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

Seven years ago the kitchen went through a renovation. The cabinets weren’t touched other than to repaint them the same white. But many other things in the kitchen were updated. The latches on the cabinet doors still click and that’s the way I like it!

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

Sometime in 2017 the kitchen will get another smaller facelift. New backsplash, new refrigerator (mines 25 years old), new chandelier and a few more updates. I would really love to paint our chestnut hardwood floor white, but that will probably stay a dream for now!

The island is THE place that family and friends tend to gravitate! And it is also where I prep and cook! 

Keeping the island relatively free of clutter is so important. For spring I added a long burlap runner and a vintage tiered tray to the island. They are easy to whisk away when I’m in a major cooking mood! Simple is best in my kitchen!

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

Don’t you love little tete a tete daffodils? They are just peeking their heads out of the ground around my garden. What sweet, sunny harbingers of spring! I just couldn’t help bringing them inside too!
SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

My soapstone countertops are pure farmhouse! 

For spring I added a little bit of organic green to the kitchen. It’s too cold to put herbs on my window sill yet so I’m using both faux and real plants! The breadbox has a little ficus tree in it that will go into the dining room in another month or so!

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

Our coffee station sits just to the left of this image. We are huge coffee drinkers here! Coffee mugs hang on a little black rod with a faux plant. And in front of it is my favorite cloche with another sweet daffodil inside! 

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

The “Earl” of StoneGable oversees the cook stove. He’s my favorite pig. I always think I should throw a dish towel over his eyes when I cook bacon!

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!


Like the change in the seasons, my aprons change too! I collect aprons because I call them my “uniform”. If you ever visit StoneGable I’ll probably answer the door in an apron.  The floral apron, second from the left, was made by my friend Capi. It’s reversible and has “StoneGable” monogrammed across the top of it. It’s such a favorite! 

No time to iron them before I hang them up… they get lots and lots of use!

SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!

As late winter turns into early spring and early spring turns into a beautiful, full-blooming, season I’ll change up things in my kitchen. Adding and editing as I decorate and as the weather grows warmer!

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SPRING KITCHEN- How do you decorate your kitchen in the spring! Adding bits of what's right outside my door!



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  1. Where did you get your three tiered tray on island and galvanized items? Beautiful!! And a 25 year old fridge!!?? What a blessing!!!

    1. I know what you are saying about a 25 year old frig! The galvanized items are from local shops. Sorry I can’t give you another resource.

      1. Candace Geldreich says:

        I was looking at a similar one at Hobby Lobby yesterday.

  2. Holley Downs says:

    Wow! What a treat! Thanks for inspiring us!

  3. Beautiful – a breath of fresh air! BUT _ PLEASE do not paint that gorgeous floor! That floor adds some dimension to the room and looks like it is in perfect condition! Love reading your emails every morning over my coffee!

    1. I completely agree with Laurel. Wood floors give it the texture against the all white kitchen!

  4. Beautiful! Such wonderful ideas! I love to open your post every morning.

  5. I love the pig! The aprons and plate rack holding them are so whimsical.

  6. Loved the daffodils most of all!

  7. My daffodils are in bloom, too. They make me smile every time I go to the window and look out. By the way, good luck with finding a new refrigerator that will fit into your present cabinet configuration. A lot of changes have occurred in 25 years. We had to rebuild ours by raising the upper box and cutting back a portion of the wall! And thank you for the full view of your kitchen. I love it!

    1. Yes, I’m finding that out Marsha! We have a refrigerator in the garage too so I don’t need a very big one in the house.

  8. Oh I had to laugh about hiding the pig’s face while frying bacon!

  9. Quelle magnifique cuisine comme je les aime. Fonctionnelle et aux couleurs claires.
    Cela doit être tellement agréable de cuisiner et de pâtisser dans ces conditions.
    Merci de nois faire partager toit cela .
    Bonne journée .

  10. Babette Thurston says:

    Beautiful Yvonne!! Little by little I’m working on my kitchen. We don’t have the money to remodel so I just keep redecorating piece by piece. It is better now then when I started so that’s progress!

  11. Karen VanLoo says:

    Ahhhh…the kitchen! My favorite room in your house! Well, it’s my favorite room in my own home as well. It’s where we gather and enjoy the bounty of our blessings, good food, and I enjoy having guests and family around to cook for. I love the early spring ideas, and I am always inspired by your kitchen. Just beautiful!!!

  12. Slowly putting my winter stuff away here too. I’m ready for some Spring even though it has been a mild winter. Love your kitchen!!

  13. Love your soapstone counters – I think that’s what I want for our kitchen when I finally get to remodel! Also Love the pops of yellow with the mini daffies – gotta look for some faux plants – Its still way too early here in Maine for Daffodils to bloom!

    1. Beth, you need to listen to an upcoming DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS podcast about countertops. We have tons of information!!!!
      Here’s the link to listen to the 13 episodes we already have live: https://decoratingtipsandtricks.com/. Countertops is episode #23.

  14. Julie Maier says:

    Such a nice, soft breath of fresh air! I love the subtle, simple hints of spring. Perfect.

  15. Robin Riley says:

    Daffodils are such happy little flowers!!!!! I love using them to brighten up my spaces! They’re a feel food flower!I’m so addicted to trays and cake plates and cloches..your ideas continue to fuel my addiction! Haha

  16. Anita Hughes says:

    I just love your willingness to share your home and your ideas with us. I’ve practiced several things you’ve taught me and am loving the results!

  17. love everything about your kitchen. Clean, functional and gorgeous!!!

  18. Love the little daffodils! Here in NC mine are blooming way too early! Love all the spring elements in your home!!

  19. Yvonne, the pop of yellow from your daffodils makes your kitchen look so beautiful! I love everything about your kitchen! Thanks!

  20. Jeannie S says:

    Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I love that the appliances are white and much prefer that over stainless which seems impossible to keep looking good. I agree with the others, please don’t paint your floor. Have a blessed day!

  21. I absolutely love your kitchen! I will be remodeling soon and it gives me so much inspiration.

  22. Teresa Alexander says:

    love to see the daffodils!

  23. Anne Marie says:

    Beautiful kitchen! Love the daffodils.

  24. I love your kitchen, even the floor! I do minimal decor in my kitchen also… it’s a busy place! I am wondering where you got the metal/wire shelves on the end of the island… looks to be holding soup tureens or bowls? I could sure use one of those for my extra bowls. Spring is right around the corner… have a great day!

    1. Hi Karen, the metal rack came from HomeGoods. It does hold soup tureens that hold potatoes and onion and shallots and garlic.

  25. Thank you for sharing and inspiring Yvonne. I enjoyed the early Spring tour of your beautiful kitchen! I love the warmth your floors bring to the kitchen, also the addition of the plants and daffodils, I also collect and love cloches, I loved how you used yours!! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Hi C! The mug rack came from Ikea. I have another one by my stove that has a bucket that I keep a plant and my small spoons in. Hope this helps.

  26. Theresa Winterberry Lane says:

    The little tête-à-tête daffodils are so cheerful they add such brightness to StoneGable. I love your soap stone counters. How oftened do you have to oil them and what tye of oil do you use?

  27. Candace Geldreich says:

    Love your cabinets. I love the sound too. There is something about it and the sound of an old screen door that are warm and comforting.

  28. Pam Evans says:

    So cheery! I love love love the cloche … I am looking for one exactly like that … do you happen to have a link for it? Thanks

  29. I think your kitchen is beautiful. I cant wait to see it with the new updates. I like the warmth of your wood floor and think it is perfect the way it is. But pretty much everything you do turns out great, so maybe it will be the right thing for your kitchen. I have the same type of enclosed space for my refrigerator and have found that the newer fridges don’t have the same amount of space as the older ones, even though the stated square footage is the same. There is no way I could be without my garage refrigerator anymore.

  30. Your comment about hiding the “Earl’s” eyes when you cook bacon ? really made me chuckle. I can see that your soapstone is smiling also 🙂 Beautiful kitchen, Yvonne; and not just aesthetically.

  31. I love your stools in the kitchen. What do they say? Did you make them? If so can you do a tutorial? Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. I love daffodils. Always hold such brightness and a note of promise!! I’m going to look for some for my kitchen, as well. Why didn’t I ever think of it before?? My almost 10 year old granddaughter ADORES pigs and has several stuffed pigs (toys). She will have them along side of her and if they are having bacon, she turns their faces away, so they can’t see. Her two favorites are named Hamlet and Knuckles. Such a sweet memory for this grandma to treasure forever, I am sure!

  33. I have always loved your plate holders. I only wish I had an empty wall for one.

  34. Carol Elkins says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful! I don’t think I would paint the floors – they are beautiful as is. I’m curious about your kitchen stools. Can you share a pic of them and what they say? Thanks!

  35. I love your kitchen! I wish I had a white kitchen!!!!

  36. Your kitchen is very pretty.Love the glass cabinets and the wood
    floors add warmth to the kitchen.White and black is always a classic.
    I have the same glass canisters as you in my kitchen, love them.I am
    hoping for a completely new kitchen next year then I can declare this
    home ours.

  37. Sandra Barnhart says:

    I’m so ready for spring! Brought in the flowers and spring colors yesterday to brighten things up.

  38. Just love your blog and inspirational posts! Always gets me into the mood. Thanks for a peek into your kitchen! Where/how did you do your apron hangers? I have been looking for YEARS a creative way to display my apron collection and this is just perfect! Now just an insight into how you did it or where you got them! Love, love, love it!
    My two cents – don’t paint that beautiful floor! It lends such a beautiful contrast in your beautiful kitchen. Thanks

  39. Elizabeth Roderick says:

    I love your kitchen. I am going to look up more about soap stone counters. Years ago I was in an old house where the lady used a mint green fabric with huge cabbage roses to cover an antique sofa. She had painted the wood floor in that one small parlor with mint paint mixed with polyurethane. It was pretty cute. I’m sure now days there are other paints that stand up to heavy traffic. Thank you for the great ideas.

  40. Daffodils definitely say Spring and add the perfect touch!

  41. I love your style and the cloche is to die for! Cute idea with the aprons. I need to relocate mine which are in the entryway and the plate holder is a great thought! Thank you again for inspiration!

  42. Laura Laskey says:

    This blog is making me think spring! We are starting to get some glimpses of it here in Connecticut. But, I think some more snow is on the way … LOL That is the way it goes in New England!

    Love the pig story … 🙂

  43. Love the white and bright of your kitchen. It is so clean and fresh and ready for spring. Love your ideas!?

  44. Dorinda Selke says:

    Yvonne loving the touches of the pretty yellow daffys. Happy almost spring ! Hugs, Dorinda

  45. Yvonne, I love your classic black and white kitchen and I say DON’t paint those gorgeous floors ever, they are so beautiful and give your kitchen the warmth that your entire home exudes!! I had to giggle about you cooking bacon. The aprons are so endearing, my Mom always wears an apron and I keep one here at my home for her when she visits. Seeing them in your kitchen gives me warm fuzzies!! Happy Spring!!

  46. Cynthia Blaylock says:

    Yvonne, your kitchen looks both beautiful and functional! I’m curious about the hooks you have your aprons hanging on. Are they attached to the plates or did you secure the hooks to the wall and then add the plates above them?

  47. Everything is so beautiful as usual, Yvonne! So great being on this tour with you.
    Hugs, Jamie

  48. Thanks for the tour of your early spring kitchen. I love the menu above your stove. Such a neat idea for family to know what’s going on, and to help the cook stay organized!

  49. I love the plate and hooks that you hang your aprons on. I would love to know where you got it or a DIY if you made it. Thank you for all the inspiration!

  50. Lana Mitchell says:

    Beautiful home, I have to admit that I am sooo thrilled you are another apron wearer. Just love how you included your aprons.

  51. Yor kitchen is so pretty, white and bright….our winter has been really mild but I still can’t wait till Spring

  52. I too would love to know about the plate hooks your aprons are hanging from 🙂

  53. Irishmimi123 says:

    I’m inspired to pick up some grocery store daffodils for my kitchen and bathrooms

  54. Can’t wait to see your update, love your style.

  55. Rita Ugrin says:

    So beautiful!! I’m getting my aprons out right now!!

  56. I have always loved your kitchen, those soapstone countertops are beautiful. I have also been bringing daffodils in to enjoy that pop of yellow.
    xo Pat

  57. I luv the look of your current kitchen so i can’t wait to see what you do with it next, i’m sure it will be spectacular !
    I enjoyed your podcast about using silver , crystal and china . I have quite a lot of it , mostly inherited from my grandparents and parents and i enjoy using it. My children aren’t at all interested in any of it so instead of letting it go to waste in the cupboard I feel i might as well use it and some of it i DO use everyday. I have a beautifully cut crystal glass i use as my water glass and totally agree with you – it truly does “elevate ” a humble thing like water to something so much more. Thanks for all the great tips and ideas.

  58. P.S. : I had never seen the tete-a tete daffodils before until I planted a bunch of them last fall in my garden to fill up some empty spots. They are new for me and i can’t wait to see them bloom this spring ! (which might be another few months away since i live in Ontario, Canada and we have lots of snow still)

  59. I love your beautiful kitchen and your pops of spring! You have a way of making each and every space in your home shine with love! Happy Spring! xo

  60. I like tete daffs too

  61. Your kitchen is gorgeous (especially those chestnut floors)!

  62. What a great kitchen. I am new to your blog and loved seeing all of your Spring touches. One thing that really caught my eye were the plate hooks for your fabulous aprons. Can you share info about them? They are so nice. And I love your idea of painting the floor white….I know that will take some nerve but I say dive in!

    1. Hi Gina, so glad you found us! Welcome to the StoneGable family! The plate hooks are a favorite around here. I found them at Luckett’s Spring Market several years ago. Luckett’s is located in Luckett’s Va.

  63. Laurie Orlando says:

    LOVE the pop of yellow with the daffodils – so pretty!

  64. Yvonne, I have been a reader of your blog for quite a while now and love your style. I have also been enjoying your podcasts!!!! I invited a friend to sit and listen with me. We laugh right along with you, Anita, and Kelly! Thank you for your inspiration. I am considering getting soapstone countertops. Do you like yours and would you advise others to get soapstone? Are they hard to maintain? Thanks again for

  65. I too love your kitchen . Farmhouse is my favorite style. Would you share what you plan to do with your back splash? I’m looking for an idea for mine too. Thanks!

  66. oops! Thanks again for your encouragement and wonderful ideas!!

  67. Maggie Nelson says:

    Thank you for showing us your beautiful kitchen. I love it and like you I like to get fresh flowers that I get at Trader’s Joe. I just heard your last post and love it and also is so much fun to heard your histories and heard you laughing and tease each other. I have white stone pitchers in different sizes and like to put the flowers in them.

  68. Tracy Plucker says:

    Love the daffodils! They add such happiness to your kitchen:)

  69. Absolutely enchanting, just love every inch! Great work Yvonne thanks for sharing.

  70. Love your kitchen Style! Have you ever use rugs in front of the kitchen sink or stove? I have wood floors also, and I feel I need to have those rugs there, but I like the way yours looks without them.

  71. I love your kitchen. It’s a happy place and so homey.

  72. mattsgramma says:

    Hope I can find a nice size cloche like you have…so pretty with the tete daffs!

  73. I have admired your kitchen for years and it still looks great! Everything looks so shiny and clean. I had to laugh a bit when I noticed your reflection in the first photo. It looks as if you are standing inside the vase almost like a garden fairy. Cute!

  74. Georgianne says:

    Yvonne, thank you for the ongoing inspiration. You’ve guided my decor changes for a couple of years now. I look forward to your updates!

  75. Portia Read says:

    I don’t know if it’s really time here for spring but you’re getting me excited. I do love the coziness of winter so don’t like to see it go away just yet. mgid bless you Yvonne. Hope your foot is healing well.

  76. Linda Godwin says:

    Yvonne, your kitchen is beautiful. The little daffodils add just the right amount of color and everything looks so fresh and clean!

  77. You have such a beautiful home & thanks for sharing it with us & your tips.

  78. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Yvonne, your kitchen is lovely! You do such a great job of decorating. God has given you so many wonderful gifts!

    I always look forward to your posts.

    Bless you!

  79. Just love everything about your kitchen. Look forward to seeing the changes you will make. Love the contrast of the wood floors with your white and black kitchen.

  80. Love your beautiful home! Can you share details about your stools? Keep making blog land happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ann I painted these old stools years ago and I don’t have a tutorial. So sorry!

  81. My daffodils are blooming so early this year. I cut a few and brought them into the kitchen. It sure brightens up the room and my spirits!

  82. Norma Middendorf says:

    Love the cloche in the basket!

  83. Hiding the pig’s face! Too cute!! Don’t expect to get 25 years out of a new fridge. They just don’t make them to last like they used to! I had to replace mine in December & it was only 17 yrs old! We also could only find one reliable model that would fit height wise as I have a cabinet over mine too. Please don’t paint your floor. The wood is beautiful with all the white you have. Besides, white floors show every little crumb! Btw, you are so informative, glad I found your blog.?

  84. I love, love, love your bright, white kitchen!!!! My seems dark and gloomy! I’m hoping to use your kitchen as inspiration for mine!
    Thanks for sharing!

  85. Tonya Vakser says:

    That pop of color the daffodils bring in is just wonderful!

  86. Barbara Harilaou says:

    Spring is in the air…. Yvonne beautiful as all ways. So inspiring.. love your home .

  87. Gorgeous kitchen! Love the daffodils! One of my favorite flowers and a sure fire way for me to get excited about spring!

  88. I have the cow head. I named her Bessie. Not very original, but my Granddaughter loveso the name and loves to rub her nose, just like a real one!

  89. love love love the daffodils!! sunshine smiles!!

  90. Just a few touches to update with the changes in the seasons is all I can do because I am so limited with countertop space. The bit of space I have I need for prep and cooking space but I do like those seasonal touches and you do it so well. Thanks for the glimpse into your kitchen. I’m looking forward to the refresh you give it this year.

  91. Spring is indeed in the air. I am looking forward to doing some refresh projects. I never think about incorporating faux and real plants into the decor, but you have reminded me that they are great decor refreshers. I am also planning to paint my kitchen cabinets and change out my last appliance to stainless steel (the refrigerator)

    Happy Spring!

  92. Kelley Garner says:

    Spring! I love the feelings of new beginnings! I am inspired to go dig up some of those early blooming crocus and hyacinths. Today I am inspired to make a Spring tables ape and update my pillows on my window seat. It’s time to change over from wool, sweatered cozy to linen, vintage needlework and spring colors.

  93. Hi Yvonne! This is another inspirational post, thank you! “I always think I should throw a dish towel over his eyes when I cook bacon!” Oh what a funny lady you are too!

  94. I must say, your seasonal tours and some of my absolute favorites! You effortlessly style your rooms to have such an inviting look. Your daffodils and that tier tray are so special. Glad you could share this room and join us!

  95. Karen Cadden says:

    Always look forward to you seasonal décor. I would live to know if you can pass along a source for the cloche with wicker bottom and the plate hangers with hooks !

  96. Wonderful kitchen!! I adore that chestnut floor!!! I tend to think painting wood is fine if it is terrible shape and ugly. But these are luscious…..

  97. I just started following your blog and absolutely love it. You are so talented. I am now listening to the podcast – I have a lot of catching up to do. Where did you purchase the pig head – I love it.

    1. Hi Beth, I’m so happy you are enjoying the podcast! The pig’s head came from an online shop that is no longer on the web. Sorry, I can’t help you more!

  98. I like your daffodils indoors. They do definitely bring a touch of Spring inside. I would like to paint my oak cabinets white, but I’m not sure if I can convince my husband. They need to be refinished anyway after 25 years of use and maybe not enough sealer to protect them from cleaning. Look forward to seeing the changes that are upcoming in your kitchen

  99. Connie Fowler says:

    I’m so happy to see more of your kitchen. I’ve seen little bits and corners, but I wasn’t able to put it all together. It’s really lovely. Hmm, I don’t know about the floor–I wonder if you’d miss it if you painted it white? I personally think it’s a nice contrast. Regardless, it’s all beautiful, and I do love your soapstone counters as well.

  100. Love, love, your kitchen ! It is definitely my style!! So spacious too!! I love the soapstone counter tops. I was talked out of them & so sorry now. Beautiful!!

  101. No specific comment today – I just want to thank you for greeting me each morning and inspiring my day!

  102. I love your kitchen…..PLEASE don’t paint your beautiful floors. I think you’ll be sorry. Way too much white. It’s perfect like it is! Just my thoughts.

  103. Deb McNelly says:

    Hi Yvonne, I love the little black rods with hooks that you hang your mugs on and different items. Could you tell me where you bought them please? I enjoy them every time I see them. Happy Spring, almost. We got 8 inches of snow yesterday here in Michigan. Deb
    P.S. Are the plates and aprons on all one special hook rack or did you put something together yourself? Thanks!

    1. Hi Deb, The little black rods came from Ikea. The plate hook that holds my apron was found at Luckett’s spring market in VA. I am planning to make one myself and share it.

  104. Having lived in Florida for three decades, I still miss the seasons of Tennessee and gathering the first yellow blossoms to brighten the gloom of winter! The buttercups, as we called them, look so pretty in your kitchen! I studied your wonderful kitchen a lot when we remodeled ours, and I also have a beadboard backsplash. It’s a wonderful thing, but not so friendly with water. I need to come up with plan B, too! I have to vote with your other readers in favor of keeping the wood floor. It’s gorgeous and adds warmth, and you will HATE the scratches if you paint it. Love your blog and often send others to it who have decorating questions, because you’re the pro!

  105. Lana Nicol says:

    Your kitchen is lovely! I’m inspired! Thanks.

  106. Susan Joiner says:

    I love your black and white check lampshades! Would you mind sharing where you found them?
    Thank you so much!
    Susan Joiner

    1. Hi Susan, I found them at Ballard Designs. However I don’t see them lately.

  107. Did you buy the plates with the hooks attached? If not how are they attached to the wall. I would be afraid they would get knocked off.