neutral throw on a white chaise

Decorating a small room can seem like a challenge! So today I’m sharing our sunroom makeover. And the sunroom is all dressed up for S-P-R-I-N-G! How fun! Ready for a spring tour and lots of pretty ideas you will be able to recreate in your home? Let’s get started!

This post contains affiliate links. I share what I love and to help you find the things you see on each post.

I’m focusing on small room decorating, but if your rooms are larger many of these ideas will work for you too!

The sunroom is decorated for spring. I’m thrilled to share my spring decorating ideas too!

white sectional in a small room

The sunroom has been the hardest room to decorate. It’s small and very square with a cathedral ceiling and lots of windows on three sides that frame views the golf course we live on.

white sectional with chaise in the sunroom

The view is really the gorgeous focal point of this room!

So how do you decorate a room with its quirks and keep the focal point… well, the focal point?

Do you have a room that is hard to decorate? Maybe, like me, you have a small room that gets lots and lots of use! Here are a few tips for decorating a small room…

You can see the “before” plans for the sunroom HERE.



This is my decorating mantra! TIGHT COLOR PALETTE. It makes decorating so much easier!!!

I think this is the number one thing we can do to make a small room look roomier!

As you know, I love decorating with neutrals! And a neutral color palette is perfect for a small room.

Whatever colors make your heart sing, go ahead and use them. But use only two or three of them.



Wow, this is a big misconception!

A small room full of small furniture almost always looks cluttered! My hard and fast rule for decorating is…


And that goes for decorating a small room too!

Instead of small furniture think about the SCALE and PROPORTION of the furniture put in a small room!

Scale and proportion are two words every home decorator should know and use when they decorate!

You can learn all about THE ELEMENT OF DESIGN SCALE AND PROPORTION HERE. I’ve taken this somewhat difficult interior design concept and broken it down for us!


In our sunroom, I chose a low-profile neutral sectional with a chaise. Yes, a sectional!!! Sectionals are great options for small-ish rooms!

The Andres sectional from West Elm has a deep seat and a low back. Great for lounging and the low back does not fight the pretty view.

The sectional gives us lots and lots of seating and a great place to lounge too!

A sectional with a chaise is a great option for a small room. It offers lots of seating and the chaise, without a back and arm has little visual weight.

So, yes you can put a sectional in a small room! Here are a few things to consider if you might be thinking of adding a sectional to your small-ish room…

  • know all the measurements of your room
  • measure the dimensions of a sectional you are considering and map it out in the room
  • think about a slender and more contemporary profile with a low back, bolster type back pillows and sloped arms.
  • a solid color sectional is best
white chaise in a small room

The coffee table we chose for the sunroom is a bit chunky. It has a presence. But again, the scale is just right! Also, the neutral color of this coffee table keeps it from looking too heavy!

It has just the right amount of oil rubbed bronze detailing to keep it from looking boring!

coffee table and sectional in a small room

For spring I created a simple vignette in a very textural basket! Can you tell the tulips are faux? I love real tulips but faux last all spring! And every spring after!

vignette with tulips in a small room

When decorating for spring or any season, I like to give a little nod to the season at hand. So for spring I…

  • add some great spring organics, real and faux
  • lighten up textiles like pillows and throws
  • add one or two spring-inspired accessories

The little iron painted birds perched on top of white painted books are a nod to spring!


If you remember one thing about spring decorating, remember the little list above. It will help you create a beautiful spring in your home with overdoing it! This little list will help you decorate stunning spring rooms!

The chairs across the room from the sectional also have a somewhat low profile too!


The chairs, like the rug and wicker chest, came with me from StoneGable. The chairs work well in the sunroom because they are wide and comfortable but again have a low, contemporary profile and are neutral!

small sunroom decorated with neutral furnishings


For spring I added a white platter to the wicker chest and topped it off with two topiaries! Texture plays a big part in my spring decor as do plants this year!

wicker chest in a small room

This spring I’m just loving both real and faux greens! It’s a nice way to bring spring decor into a room without being too cute.

Make sure to slip your plants into interesting containers! It’s all about the container!


A little live rosemary plant sits on a round table just inside the sunroom. The family pics are whited out to keep family member’s images private.

Isn’t this a cute little pot?

The rosemary is so happy near this sunny window. Next month I’ll transplant it in a pot and put it on our patio!

Plants bring life to a room. Big or small! So make room for pretty greens and other organics, especially in the spring!


Rooms ALWAYS look better with pretty pillows! Even a small room!

For spring I lighten up my pillows. Celebrate the season with the pillows you choose for the rooms in your home.

This spring I chose light-colored pillows with texture and a little pattern. The sectional is l-o-n-g so I could use pillows liberally!

Decorating a small room is easier than you think using these savvy tips!

And decorating a small room for spring is sublime!

Please see how my friends are decorating for spring…

Here are the sources for items in the family room…

You can see the curtains HERE

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  1. Marilyn S. says:

    Just beautiful ! Please tell us about those drapes!

  2. Please give details on your drapes. The room is simply beautiful!

  3. Andrea Trueba says:

    Yvonne, why did you only put Window panels on the one set of windows?

    1. Great question Andrea! A few reasons… first I did not want to hide the view; second, there is little space from the corner to the windows frames on the side walls so the drapes would have to cover the windows. Third, the drapes were a splurge and I only wanted to get two. Sometimes we have to tweak the rules to fit our rooms. I hope this helps.

  4. I have followed your site for a couple of years now and have been inspired as a fellow Christian and decorator.
    Today in looking at your sunroom reveal I found my eyes yearning for some of God’s beautiful spring colors. A splash of daffodil yellow in a pillow or throw or delightful tulip pink. Neutral is the backdrop to show case a pop of a floral print or eye appealing color .
    I would also suggest your window trim a tone darker than your walls to better frame your windows and highlight the lovely views. The color could then be repeated in a planked ceiling.
    The little stand in front of the main window and side chair is sweet, yet oddly out of place there.
    Perhaps beside the other side chair on the other side of the room.
    Just a few thoughts to ponder.

  5. The sunroom looks lovely,so light and airy ! I love the tulips, wicker chest and beaded frames.

  6. Did you decide not to plank the ceiling? You previously mentioned you watch TV in this room. Where is the TV?

    1. We still have a planked ceiling in our plans but with social distancing, we canceled the planking until all this coronavirus “stuff” blows over. We are very excited to have the ceiling planked!

  7. I love the drapes. Can you tell me what rod you used and size of your rings?

  8. You have made very speedy progress with decorating your sunroom! I really like the drapes you selected from Ballard Designs! They soften the room and add texture, as well…a great combination in decor! Will you be showing us the TV wall? I am anxious to see how you made a wall mounted TV look its best!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all and prayers for our world!!!

    1. I keep forgetting to show it. Right now I have my son and his family with us and a fisher-price zoo is in the sunroom under the tv. My little granddaughter has redecorated it! LOVE having toys lying around!

  9. I love this bright room. It’s so happy and fresh, but I’ll bet it’s also a wonderful place to be cozy on a rainy day with all of those windows getting the pit-pat-pat of raindrops!

  10. Franz F. Braun says:

    Lovely! I want to curl up with a good book! Tranquil!

    1. Hi sweet friend. I hope you are hunkering down with a good book where you are!

  11. Yvonne, this room is beautiful!! You’ve out done yourself and I didn’t think that was possible. I can’t wait to see were the TV is…I hope you do show us that. I fell in love with the tall lamp when I saw you post what you were putting in the room last week. So much so that I had to order it…and it’s on it’s way!! I can hardly wait! My next favorite are your window coverings…awesome choice!!

    1. Thanks so much Vivian! I really went back and forth about curtains. I thought I’d give them a try and then if I didn’t like them I could return them. My readers were right! The room needed curtains!

  12. The room looks great! I’m so glad you decided to use the stationary panels on your vaulted wall. They just add that extra layer.

  13. Yvonne,
    Oh, my . . .I do l o v e all the textures within your monochromatic color palette!
    Great tips on using larger pieces of furniture within a small room!
    Thank you for sharing and always inspiring!

  14. Love how pretty and fresh this whole space looks Yvonne! And I’m totally crushing on that wicker chest – and the topiaries on top!! So, so adorable!

    Happy Spring to you!


    1. Thank you, Sheila! Your spring home with all the plants and blooms is just gorgeous!

  15. Peggy Parsons says:

    Hi Yvonne, Your new room is decorated so beautiful and very relaxing with the gorgeous golf course view!! I am wondering if you have a link for the throw on your sectional, it is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your inspiration and talent!!

    1. Hi Peggy, thank you for your kind comments. The throw was from a local shop.

      1. I bought the same throw on Target’s website but it’s not available in stores. Hope that helps.

        1. Peggy Parsons says:

          Thank you Sheri & Yvonne, I have placed my order for the throw from Target!! I appreciate your help & kindness, so sweet!!

  16. So pretty – but those beaded photo frames are gorgeous!

  17. Three favorite things in your sunroom: that couch is SO pretty, the throw, and the birds perched on the books. I would love to see a picture with the blinds down, too! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  18. Yvonne, this room came out beautiful!! I just love your textures and yet your clean color palette keeps everything so delightfully crisp and fresh!! Wonderful!

  19. Love all of the textures bringing warmth to your room!

  20. Kathy Merriman says:

    I love your sofa. What is the fabric and color?

    1. You can see the source in the post. The fabric is a performance fabric- linen weave stone white. Hope this helps. We love how wide and solid the sectional is. We prefer a harder seat and this certainly is!

  21. Just love your style! So happy I found your blog!

  22. Lorraine Wicklund says:

    Good morning, Everything you do is beautiful….
    I was wondering if you could tell me what color your walls were at Stonegable???

    1. Hi Lorraine, thank you so much. We loved the wall color at StoneGable. It is Sonnet by Benjamin Moore. Hope this is helpful

  23. I love the sectional in your room. Even though it is big it works because of the low profile and light color. If it was a big, dark sectional it would overwhelm the room. In that case, Bigger is not Always Better. I just thought I would note that so readers do not make the mistake of buying huge furniture for a small room. I see that all too often in realtor listings.

  24. Cindy Throne says:

    Love this room;. Where did you get the beautiful rug?

    1. Hi Cindy, I had this rug for years and years. I found it on Wayfair. But I’m sure it is no longer in stock. Sorry!

  25. Charlotte Cockrell says:

    I can’t get my pillows to stand up on my leather sofa. My pillows are made of different fabrics, but nothing works. Is there another way to arrange them?

    1. One idea is to add a throw to the pillow mix! Drape a throw over your sofa and then arrange pillows on top of them. You can also try bigger pillows with down inserts. They seem to stand up best. Hope this helps, Charlotte!

      1. Charlotte Cockrell says:

        Great ideas! I have a throw that will work, and I will shop for down pillows in the future. I love your articles!!!

  26. I love this! Beautiful! All the serene tones are just wonderful.

  27. Do youu know the fabric choice on your sunroom sectional? It looks like the perfect neutral!