SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

Spring and StoneGable are best friends. My home loves spring and wears it well! It’s happy when it is dressed up in tulips and pretty twiggy, spring blooms. It loves to show off nests and lots of white dishes. I’m working on the kitchen and giving it a little warmer weather spit and polish! Here at StoneGable it’s all about the details. The little things that are added each season to my already-there decor. Because my farmhouse kitchen is the workhorse of my home I don’t decorate it heavily. But those little details… they make the biggest difference!

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And next week we will be talking about DECORATING SHELVES, DECORATING THE GREAT OUTDOORS and PILLOWS! 

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Today is…

And I’m sharing my spring kitchen. 

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

I’m paying extra attention to StoneGable this week, giving it a good spring cleaning and taking pictures as I go. I’m so excited to share StoneGable gussied up for spring!

Today I am sharing some fun spring details that you could incorporate into your own kitchen!

Do you have a coffee station? We do! It’s not one that has open shelves or lots of fancy coffee elements but it works for us! If you are a coffee or tea drinker think about creating a small, designated space for your morning drink of choice! 


I get so many emails about the “DAILY GRIND” sign. I found this at a local shop called THE TREASURE PLACE. They have the most interesting decor and home “stuff”!

We love our Keurig because Bobby drinks caffeinated coffee and I can’t. You can’t imagine how hard it is to be a decaf drinker. I was the girl who drank 3 strong pots of caffeinated coffee by noon.

The big galvanized canister holds caffeinated pods and the little one holds mine.

Find a fun sign or a blackboard that labels this area in your kitchen!

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

I extended the coffee station idea and used a utility rod from Ikea as wells as hooks, a cute little white pot and a fun plump plant to create a great place to hang mugs. The initial mugs are from Anthropologie. Going UP saved counter space. 

Of course, I used some of that extra counter space to display this cool wire cake pedestal from World Market. No cake until later this week. Right now the cake pedestal sports some pretty white dishes.

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

Another rod with hooks and a white planter is located across the kitchen by my cooktop. Again, going up saved lots of counter space here too. I hang silver measuring cups on the hooks as well as other assorted measuring spoons and my Polder ladle. 

I have such a thing for wooden spoons! Never spanked a kid with them… I just like cooking with them. I sorta have a collection!

And I really like the pop of green that a fun little plant brings to my white kitchen!

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

My cooktop and hood area gets so much use! Earl the StoneGable pig oversees all my cooking… even bacon! YIKES!  There’s a tiny ledge under him and I’m going to plant a few herbs in these fun, chipped pots. I always say, when I cook bacon I feel like I should throw a towel up over him to cover his eyes!

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

They’ve sat out on my potting bench through a couple harsh winters! So they have a great authentically created chippy look. I’m hoping to find some herbs ready to plant in my area. It might be a little bit too early. Hopefully, I can find some and then I’ll share them in the next couple weeks.

It’s little details like these that make a nice kitchen into an over-the-top spring kitchen! Psssssst…. did you notice that adorable green clock in the picture above?

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

What would a farmhouse kitchen be without a bread box? I remember my Nani had a bread box… and she kept bread in it wrapped up in plastic bags with a rubber band around each one! Nani would wash the plastic bread bags and reused them. She was a product of the Great Depression! She was a fabulous grandmother! I really miss her.

I think a bread box is a quintessential farmhouse kitchen detail!

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

I keep sugar, flour, granola and something seasonal in these great glass canisters on the counter. Instead of scoops or measuring cups I use 1 cup teacups to spoon out their contents.

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

One of the canisters holds colored eggs and a nest.

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

Do you like cookbooks? I say I read them like some women read romance novels! I get so inspired by them. Next to the kitchen island is a little cart that holds some of my oldie-but-goodie cookbooks. I even have a cookbook that belonged to my mother when she was a bride. 

I keep onions and shallots on the bottom shelf of the kitchen cart in a white bowl. Looks like I need to add onions to my grocery list.

SPRING FARMHOUSE KITCHEN DETAILS-Great details in a farmhouse kitchen. Lots of inspiration

Details! It’s all about the details! I hope you have found some spring or kitchen inspiration! Now check out what my blogging friends are posting about today!


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SPRING KITCHEN DETAILS- lots of ways to decorate for spring.


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  1. Thanks for for the spring spruce up ideas. My kitchen get the most touches of spring.

  2. Fran Braun says:

    So fresh and pretty!

  3. I love the fresh feeling of spring and enjoy bringing into my home. Thanks for more inspirations. Love your comment about throwing a towel over your pig while cooking bacon. Lol.

    1. Poor Earl! As I am writing this my Bobby is making bacon and eggs this morning.

  4. Anne Marie says:

    Love your kitchen.

  5. Denise Moraris says:

    Thanks again for another great article. My cookbooks are in a picnic basket on a small
    Table with a bottom shelf. I did get that idea from you a while back. My table is also on the end of my island. E
    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  6. Love your kitchen and all those specials!!!

  7. My coffee station needs some updating. I only have one shelf and thought of adding another and the counter is getting replaced. I will need before and after pictures of this project. I love yours.

  8. I love everything about your kitchen! I have the Ikea rod and hooks being installed today in my remodeled kitchen by my husband. Keep it up! So inspirational!

  9. Karen VanLoo says:

    Your kitchen is my favorite room in your home. It’s just beautiful. I promise you…I could sit in there for hours just relaxing and drinking coffee or tea and visiting. So cozy and warm.

    1. Thanks Karen! And if you lived close I would invite you over to enjoy a cup of coffee with me!

  10. A few of your kitchen things that I love are the canisters with cups for scooping. I am on the lookout at thrift stores for ones I love. Also your wall racks with cups, plants and spoons are wonderful. For now those are the two things I can’t wait to incorporate in my kitchen. Thanks.

  11. Thank you for the tour. Your kitchen is so pretty and welcoming. I have a tea station since I’m not a coffee drinker. It’s nice to have things in one spot and all together.

  12. Your beautiful kitchen was the inspiration I needed to transform our desk area into our coffee bar. The desk was a clutter catch-all. Now it houses our Keurig, Mr Coffee 12 cup, mugs & rack and K cups. Since we drink our coffee black I only bring out the cream and sugars when we have company. Your area always looked so inviting that you gave me the courage to make this change. And it freed up the area near my sink. Bonus! I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect sign for our coffee bar. No luck yet. I may just have to make my own!

  13. I love your kitchen Yvonne! There is so much inspiration for my new kitchen. Thanks!

  14. I love spring and also your kitchen. Thanks for all the inspiration. Enjoy the day!!

  15. Yvonne, Used so many of your ideas when adding spring to my kitchen. From the flowering branches held up by speckled faux eggs,lots of white dishes and pitchers, to my vignette on the counter of fresh daffodils, a small cloche with a nest inside and a dish of Ukrainian wooden eggs. Also a bowl of jelly beans just in case of a snack attack. My house would not be the same without you! Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend.

  16. Yvonne, You have the most beautiful house on the blog sites and I only need to see yours daily. My question is do the glass jars have a seal so moisture doesn’t get in and harden the sugar or flour? I live in Iowa and it can get very humid – which I love- very seldom use the air. But my sugar tends to get lumpy if kept in bag. I am looking for something to hold them. I see World Market has 2 gallon and 1 gallon online and wonder if they would work?? Thank you for your site. I learn so much!

  17. I am getting my spring decor for my kitchen out of the basement in just a short while! Thanks so much for the ideas, your kitchen is my envy!!

  18. Love the coffee station idea.

  19. I enjoyed the tour! Since my nickname is “Bunny”, can you guess what I collect? The bunnies are prancing around my home to welcome spring, as it arrives in Alabama. Now is the time to purchase some really unusual and personality filled rabbits for indoors or out! I love them in a garden! Save the special ones for ME!!!


  20. Shirley Dachille says:

    So glad I found your blog while researching an idea. Beautiful visuals with effective directions. Just what I was looking for!


  21. Peggy Thal says:

    So pretty and fresh for Spring. I have never seen books shelved backwards. It looks good. Happy spring! Your house looks beautiful.

  22. Your kitchen is spring perfection, I have copied many of your ideas and have incorporated them into my own kitchen.

  23. Linda schmidt says:

    Everything is so nicely displayed, would love the pig to keep me company as I cook

  24. Love your use of so many white & brite accent touches in the kitchen layout especially!

  25. Where did you find the square galvinized tins?

  26. Getting my spring decor out this weekend! Your kitchen is so fresh and welcoming…love it!

  27. Black and white is a favorite of mine.I have incorporated black and
    white into my kitchen, always a classic and never goes out of style.I
    also have those same glass canisters on my counter, love the clear
    glass.I like your idea of using the cups as scoops.

  28. Joan Conaway says:

    Sign me u for your blog. Great ideas?

  29. I love your home but especially the kitchen counter tops. I think I first saw soapstone counters on a Lynette Jennings show. Loved her. Anyone else watched her?

  30. I love your home but your kitchen is how I found you. Cannot remember where it was featured but I am so glad I did. I love the “little” things – utility bars from Ikea, chippy pots, coffee cups for measuring and the touches of green here and there. I too have a wooden spoon obsession. Each one used and loved. My favorite are a wooden salad spoon and fork my mother bought for me in Sweden. Only special occasions for those! Keep updating, tweaking and sharing. thanks for it all – xx-hb

  31. I like the idea of a coffee station. We have one in my home and we are planning on adding a buffet to make it even bigger. My husband is a coffee enthusiast and grinds his own.

  32. If you happen to put your lampshade in your kitchen for sale would you let me know please? I love love your kitchen! Jane

  33. Carol Ostopowicz says:

    You inspire me. I love your style.

  34. So many wonderful ideas and decorations! Was hoping that at the end of your post you would list where items might be found. Seems like in one of your surveys you asked if we would like that information. I voted YES! Love everything about you and your blog. Thanks keep up the good work.

  35. Robin Talley says:

    You have such a Gorgeous kitchen!! I love your glass canisters! I’m going shopping for some today!!

  36. man, decaf would be rough!

  37. So Happy Spring is Here! Seeing all your ideas gives me motivation! Thanks!

  38. Tammy Moon says:

    love your kitchen and i love the treasure place and the corner coffee shop i spend alot of sat mornings there love it and they are friendly and nice

  39. I really love those extra little touches that you share plus you tell us where to buy them!! Love it! Great ideas!!

  40. Erin Rizzo says:

    I always have loved your kitchen and yes, I want that green clock. I have a question. Your flour and sugar that are kept in the glass jars, since they don’t seem to have the air tight seal, do you not have a problem in keeping them fresh?

  41. Avril Crundwell says:

    I love your kitchen and the coffee area is a vital part for me. My current set up is not so pretty but I’m hoping in my new home to dedicate a pretty little corner, like yours to my caffeine station. 🙂

  42. What a beautiful kitchen. I’ve often wondered, where do you store everything you use for seasonal decor? I can just imagine a storage unit filled with all those goodies just waiting for their next seasonal outing. I wish I had your ability to pull things together the way you do! Inspiring. Linda T.

  43. genie steger says:

    I, too love your kitchen and Mr. Pig!!!! and your sense of humor…but does the chalkboard get grease on it?

    I have an antique chalk board that hangs by the french door in my kitchen…I used to be faithful in putting my menu on it, will have to get back to that!!!!

  44. I love your kitchen! thanks for all the spring ideas..

  45. Yes, I think it’s asking a lot of Earl to watch you cook up and eat some of his kind! Maybe you could keep a bandana handy and tie it around his eyes. Or perhaps a hat with a brim that covers his eyes. However, those won’t keep him from smelling what you are up to! Alas, poor Earl!

    I think I would like to cook in your kitchen. Compared to mine it’s so spacious and convenient-looking, plus you have room for decor items. My counter space is so limited and I have very little wall space to hang pretty things. When we remodeled it a number of years ago I actually designed it, but after working in it I would definitely change some things. It is certainly better than it was originally, so I can’t complain too much. But, some days I do, anyway!

    Your little coffee “bar” is really cute. I do have one space that I’ve been thinking of turning into a coffee station. I don’t drink coffee but my daughter who lives with me does so we have a coffeemaker. With a little clearing out and tweaking that space could become small “coffee corner”.

    I enjoyed the post and will, of course, be back!

  46. With a few little additions, I can create a counter coffee bar beside my Keurig. I’d love to find a couple of white, ceramic canisters for my Pods. Time for a trip to Winners!
    Everything looks fresh and spring like in your kitchen. I can tell it’s your Happy Place.

  47. Oh, and I adore Earl!

  48. I like that while being decorated with beauty and charm, your kitchen is still very orderly and I would guess well lived-in!

  49. Yvonne, I really love the coffee area on your counter … and I’ll be trying to buy one of the black metal tins you have! I’m so SURE there are not more of those, certainly this far down the road, but it never hurts to ask! As always, your decor is stellar, no matter what the Season! Hugs! (Hope these latest posts mean you’re mostly mended and on two good feet again!? Teehee!)

  50. Dianne Lanier says:

    Showroom perfection!

  51. Martha Durick says:

    I admire your abilities to do so much and keep an immaculate kitchen!

  52. Carol Elkins says:

    I love your kitchen!!!

  53. I love all your beautiful touches in your kitchen. Everything is so gorgeous!

  54. I really like the way you decorated above your range. I’ve never seen anyone do it as well as you did.

  55. Marcy Leonard says:

    Love the canister with the eggs and the nest in amongst your other canisters. Our coffee bar is crammed into a small corner right now, but you’ve given me some inspiration for moving it to a more spacious area. Thanks!

  56. I love your IKEA hanging hook bars. I am wondering if you will still use them once you replace the beadboard with a hard surface backsplash?

  57. Kathryn Barton says:

    I am thinking about creating a coffee bar for my husband, so seeing yours gives some great ideas.

  58. Great details, Yvonne. I’m hoping to incorporate for of the wall bars to my Wee Abode, too. 🙂

  59. Your kitchen always looks so warm and cozy all with your added touches. Waiting to see your new reveal!

  60. Carol Davis says:

    If you use subway tile for a backsplash how will you attach the rods holding the mugs and measuring spoons. I am facing the same dilemma.

  61. IAM trying to come up with an idea for my backsplash

  62. I’ve gotten some great ideas that I’m going to incorporate into my kitchen!!

    Thanks again!

  63. mattsgramma says:

    Wish I was as ambitious as you Yvonne. Thanks for all the ideas. Love your kitchen.

  64. Love your Spring kitchen spruce up! Bet some delicious meals are prepared there.

  65. I like the idea of creating a coffee area. I did that awhile back really like it. I’d still like to add a little to it like a cute sign but overall I’m pleased.

  66. Maggie Nelson says:

    I like the glass canisters on the counter. Thanks for the suggestions how to update rooms in the podcast.

  67. It’s not just spring — your home wears every season well!! Love all the spring-y touches. Great advice and inspiration as always. By the way, I bought the exact same bread box after seeing it in your kitchen and decorated it in a similar fashion for Christmas, too, as I saw you do!

  68. Pam Fogal says:

    I’m getting my kitchen cabinets Refaced so I’m excited to see some Spring changes in my kitchen. Thank you for the wonderful ideas.

  69. sherri Irwin says:

    Love your kitchen.

  70. Great ideas! I wish I could come and just sit in this kitchen for a bit!

  71. As always, a feast for the eyes! Thank you for the inspiration!

  72. Susan McLain says:

    I love your ideas and the repurposing of items, such as the teacups in the glass canisters. I love English China and have several cups that don’t have any saucers, so this would be a great way to in operate them and get them out of hiding in the cabinet.

  73. Dorinda Selke says:

    No matter how many times I see your kitchen, Yvonne, I always see something I’ve never seen before – and I love it Hugs, Dorinda

  74. Lanita Anderson says:

    I love the little touches of spring that you’ve added to your farmhouse kitchen. Your kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in your house, and I always enjoy seeing how you decorate it for the seasons. It just goes to show that it doesn’t have to be fussy, or a lot, to make a huge impact! Thanks for sharing…..

  75. I love your kitchen! I love the cupboards, countertops and hardware! I have been wanting a bread box just like your’s. I love the MacKenzie Child’s dishes in your cupboards! Love black and white too!

  76. I love your coffee bar
    ! Where did you find the square galvanized canisters? I have wanted some for awhile and have ever found them. I’m still looking. You always have such great ideas!!

    1. Hi Alicia, The square canisters came from Decor Steals. Hope this was helpful.

  77. Barbara T Whitaker says:

    Before you 3 ladies became Podcasters; I became obsessed with your house. Oddly enough, I also began to follow another lovely house (Anita’s) because my daughter lived a year in Paris, and I adored her style. And oddly enough, I started to follow this girl who was bravely renovating a 1880’s house lived in by a hoarder (thank the lord for hoarders). So it was like a perfect match made in heaven, my 3 favorite bloggers became a couple (ménage à trois; don’t take it the wrong way). Please tell the other 2 how great it is that you became the perfect couple (exceptI would love to be a part of it!) Toodles!

    1. Well, Barbara you are a part of it! You are our precious listener! I hope you learn and laugh right along with us. Kelly and Anita will be thrilled to hear from you! xo