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Here’s an easy and fun way to entertain this fall! Create a S’more Bar that transports nicely to the fire pit! We love love love spending chilly evenings around our fire pit, wrapped up in cozy blankets… toasting marshmallows and eating S’mores. I am crazy about burnt marshmallows. So while family and friends are gently toasting and roasting their’s I’m creating marshmallow fireballs! Oh so yummy! Grab a long stick and marshmallow and join me at the fire pit!

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Here’s a view from our fire pit. The farmer just harvested the soybean field. Our views are always changing with each season!

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I set up a S’more bar on the sitting wall by our fire pit. I used big glass jars to hold the marshmallows and the graham crackers. I slid them into these soft grainsack-like baskets. They fit like they were made for each other. 

When it comes to making the best S’mores I found that 2 mini chocolates work better than a half a chocolate candy bar. How about a Mr. Goodbar S’more? Sounds yummy!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-in big jars-stonegableblog.com

My favorite S’more has 2 Dove milk chocolates, 1 jumbo marshmallow and of course graham crackers! I didn’t burn the marshmallow as much as I normally would… it would not make a very pretty picture!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-gooey s'more-stonegableblog.com

Don’t you love these sweet dishes? The red and white check as well as the blanket stitch stole my heart!!!! Perfect for a cozy fall setting!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-plates-stonegableblog.com

S'more Bar By The Firepit-stone wall-pumpkin on plate-stonegableblog.com

The dishes in this post came from Heritage Lace. Sadly they do not carry them anymore.

S'more Bar By The Firepit-leaf in cup-stonegableblog.com

S'more Bar By The Firepit-bottom of cup-stonegableblog.com

And while I’m showing off the red and white checks… look at what I am serving hot chocolate in! So precious!!!! I tied a red and burnt orange napkin around the handle just for fun!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-coffee pot-stonegableblog.com

 Marshmallows are on sticks and ready to toast!!!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-apples from our tree-stonegableblog.com


S'more Bar By The Firepit-marshmallow on apple sticks-stonegableblog.com


S'more Bar By The Firepit-bar on the wall-stonegableblog.com


S'more Bar By The Firepit-firewood-pumpkins-stonegableblog.com


I used a soft burlap storage basket to hold apples from our tree. 

I’ve come to appreciate a few imperfections on my apples! There is nothing like a juicy organic apple right off the tree. 


S'more Bar By The Firepit-apples-stonegableblog.com

When Bobby get’s home we will have dinner out here by a roaring fire! Then we will chat and have a S’more or two… and maybe an apple.

Did you know that pinecones make fabulous fire starters? I’ll show you how to make some next week. They are so pretty and they make wonderful  gifts!  I’m already thinking HOLIDAYS!

I put a soft basket of pinecones close at hand!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-pinecone-firestarters-stonegableblog.com


I originally wanted to put Adirondack chairs around the fire pit. They are sooooo romantic! However, not very practical! Director’s chairs work much better. Look at this sweet bear pillow!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-bear pillow-stonegableblog.com

S'more Bar By The Firepit-bear-pillow-stonegableblog.com

And here’s the buck…

They are filled with polyester  so they work great outdoors!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-deer pillow-stonegableblog.com

If you are in my neck of the woods and see us at the fire pit come on and join us for a S’more… or two!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-stonegableblog.com

S'more Bar By The Firepit-in basket-stonegableblog.com



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S'more Bar By The Firepit-easy entertaining and fun food-stonegableblog.com

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  1. Smors, can’t wait. You bring out the best in entertaining. Thanks

  2. Sheila Gunderson says:

    Love your red and white dishes. Great ideas for S’mores fixin’!! Who doesn’t love them???

  3. Anne Marie says:

    How fun!! This is a great idea.

  4. Karen VanLoo says:

    So cute! I’d love to sit by that fire pit and make S’mores. Love those dishes, and the Downton Abbey stuff!

  5. Theresa Kleinschmidt says:

    Good morning Yvonne, love your S’mores vinette on your patio. In two weeks we are planning our annual fall family and friends gathering and can not wait for roasted marshmellows. Happy Fall!

  6. S’mores!!!! So yummy and a perfect treat for guests to help themselves… sadly I do not have a fire pit… sounds like a future project!

  7. I wish I was in your neck of the woods! S’mores and hot chocolate sounds wonderful!

  8. If I lived in your area, I would definitely stop in for some s’mores! They are so yummy and I like the idea of using dove bars. I’m going to try that.

  9. I do love a fire pit and really miss the one we had in our back yard of our first home. Alas, we have not put one in at our present home. Your’s looks so inviting with my favorite color RED incorporated in your decor. And I really like the idea of smaller candy bars for your s’mores, how smart! I prefer a burnt marshmallow too?

    1. Hi Loryl, I love that people can choose what candy they would like to go into their S’mores. Right now the canisters are sitting on my kitchen counter. So tempting!

  10. Love this inspiration. We just redid our deck. I am going for this look! Thanks so much.

  11. Would love fabric “baskets” like these. Do you have a source?

  12. Nan, Odessa, De says:

    Warm apple cider is good around the pit also!
    Plus we have loads of candles and our torches burning.
    Your bar makes a nice appearance, like your suggestion with 2 small Dove bars.

  13. It all looks so yummy, love your grain sack baskets they are just too cute.

  14. Perfect to enjoy autumn’s beautiful evenings. I love these dishes, they mix and match so well with other patterns (they are our best selling dish pattern, we still have some available in red and blue in my shop) and the way you have combined them is gorgeous! Xo Lidy

  15. How fun! I can see that this is more than a photo shoot. You are a serious S’Mores gourmand. I’m with you, Yvonne on flaming the marshmallow. No wimpy golden marshmallow for us. I must introduce my family to using mini chocolate bars for this experience and Dove bars sound too wonderful. Thanks!

  16. Yvonne shafer says:

    Very inviting! Love your suggestion of using two small bars. Better for grandkids to use too. I just found your sweet dishes at Farmhouse Wares but mine are blue. Love the red too!

    1. Yvonne, this is so unusual. Your name is Yvonne Shafer… mine was Yvonne Shaffer! Wow!

  17. Bernadette says:

    Love the idea of a s’mores bar!! Yvonne you put a lot of thought into your arrangement!!

  18. I would love to stop by for a s’more! Your fire pit looks so inviting!

  19. Beautiful outdoor setting.You have the perfect backyard.

  20. Teresa Alexander says:

    great idea, once again! I sure enjoy your blog!

    I would like to know where you purchased your soft baskets for fruit, etc. or did you make them?!

  21. Carol Elkins says:

    I love that you use the two smaller candy/chocolate bars for your S’mores! Great ideas, as always!

  22. judyincarefree says:

    Fun! Love the checks…I have a Ralph Lauren set of red and white checks from years ago and treasure them!

  23. Love Love Love the checked dishes! Wish they were still available because I’d be getting a set!! Best fireplace area I’ve ever seen! Just perfect!

  24. Diane Walters says:

    You always do it up so beautifully!!

  25. I think you should take some of those lovely apples & make baked apples in the fire pit in alufoil w/brown sugar, butter, cinnamon & a little salt. Oh YUM!

  26. Every picture looks straight out of a magazine! Love each one and the ideas you share are wonderful. Thank you.

  27. Ruth Harris says:

    Everything looks great! I’m sure it taste great too.. my mouth is drooling. haha

  28. Absolutely love the napkin tied to the carafe Yvonne. Clever and cute!
    I also love your bear and buck pillows. Might you have a source for them please? They would be a great addition to our north woods cabin.
    Have a fabulous fall weekend.

  29. Jonne Molesky says:

    Since we live in Northern Minnesota and closed our cabin for the winter, we won’t be having s’mores until next April. But every time we light a fire in the summer, we bring out the grahams, marshmallows and chocolate bars! Love them!

  30. We just had s’mores with delicious large pumpkin marshmallows from William Sonoma…so Delish..next time I’ll pair with mini candy bars..thanks for that tip!….Smiles……Anne

  31. Kelly gallo says:

    Looks great. Now I just need the fire pit!

  32. This looks so yumy ! And so inviting by the fire. Iam not on Facebook….just wondered who won the gift card ?

  33. Your smores post is irresistible! I love everything about the pictures & the red & while check dishes are wonderful! It would be so fun to be a guest or a host with a display like that!

  34. Yvonne, you have the best ideas! I’ve never subscribed to any magazine that comes up with as many innovative, doable, and fun ideas as you!!!! Love this one!!!

  35. Really enjoyed the s’more post….I will show this to my husband as I am wanting a fire pit and really like yours with the built in bench. This post has given me lots of ideas for a Fall outing in our backyard.
    I’ll try the dove chocolate too…yum!

  36. What a great, fun idea. Love the use of 2 small Hershey candies instead of 1 big bar. Thanks for sharing your party ideas.

  37. Karen Cadden says:

    This would be an amazing way to get everyone away from the electronics for an evening!

  38. Your outdoor s’mores setting is gorgeous! The red and white dishes, cloth napkins, and I especially love the homemade s’mores sticks. Your fire pit and patio. Everything is so relaxing and inviting.

  39. From my friend Pinky! You may not believe this but I have never had a smore!!! It’s true. However, I would LOVE to stop by and have one and visit with you. We never got to get together in August OR Sept., where does the time go????? I know you are loving the wonderful Fall weather….well except for the rain. Have a great weekend!!! XOXO

  40. What a beautiful and inviting way to serve smores! Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  41. Sherry Pelle says:

    Love the dishes! I’ve put the s’mores bar on the back burner for too long. We are gonna have them for dessert this this weekend!

  42. Kelly Sanchez says:

    The set up is beautiful. I could look at your photos all day. I am going to try those mini candy bars at my next fire pit. We do fire pits all of the time.

  43. WENDY HOWELL says:

    So inviting! I love the blanket stitch plates, and those baskets!!!

  44. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I’ve never had a S’More 🙁 terrible, isn’t it? I just found your blog today and noticed you mentioned Lancaster county in another post. Lancaster county, PA, perhaps? I live in York county. Even though I’m not a Pennsylvania native, I find the Pennsylvania countryside to be some of the prettiest, especially in Fall!!

    1. Hi Rebecca, Welcome to the StoneGable family! Yes, I am from Lancaster Pa! Small world!

  45. I’ll have to remember this!! I want a fire pit for our next yard!! My husband received a corn hole game
    for his birthday, so my gang is in the yard more now, and the kiddos would
    Love smore while the parents play.

    I love the dishes!! You make
    Everything look so elegant!! 🙂

  46. Will definitely be trying your s’more recipe since my family camps all the time:) Seeing those red dishes gave me an idea to maybe “paint” a blanket stitch on a few pottery dishes! Thanks for an entertaining blog!