Here’s an easy and fun way to entertain this fall! Create a S’more Bar that transports nicely to the fire pit! We love love love spending chilly evenings around our fire pit, wrapped up in cozy blankets… toasting marshmallows and eating S’mores. I am crazy about burnt marshmallows. So while family and friends are gently toasting and roasting their’s I’m creating marshmallow fireballs! Oh so yummy! 




The views from the patio change from season to season. These summer soybeans were our companion. The fields were recently cut and a new visit awaits us!


Today is HOME STYLE SATURDAY. I’ve dug into my archives to find a post I think you might enjoy!!! Please stop by my HSS friends and visit them too!

I set up a S’more bar on the sitting wall by our fire pit. I used big glass jars to hold the marshmallows and the graham crackers. I slid them into these soft grain sack-like baskets. They fit like they were made for each other. 

When it comes to making the best S’mores I found that 2 mini chocolates work better than a half a chocolate candy bar. How about a Mr. Goodbar S’more? Sounds yummy!



My favorite S’more has 2 Dove milk chocolates, 1 jumbo marshmallow and of course graham crackers! I didn’t burn the marshmallow as much as I normally would… it would not make a very pretty picture!


Don’t you love these sweet dishes? The red and white check, as well as the blanket stitch, stole my heart!!!! Perfect for a cozy fall setting!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-plates-stonegableblog.com

S'more Bar By The Firepit-stone wall-pumpkin on plate-stonegableblog.com

S'more Bar By The Firepit-leaf in cup-stonegableblog.com

Just look at the bottom of the cups!!! So well made!!! Oh, I love attention to detail!!! I can use these for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and all the summer holidays! 

S'more Bar By The Firepit-bottom of cup-stonegableblog.com

And while I’m showing off the red and white checks… look at what I am serving hot chocolate in! So precious!!!! I tied a red and burnt orange napkin around the handle just for fun!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-coffee pot-stonegableblog.com

 Marshmallows are on sticks and ready to toast!!!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-apples from our tree-stonegableblog.com


S'more Bar By The Firepit-marshmallow on apple sticks-stonegableblog.com


S'more Bar By The Firepit-bar on the wall-stonegableblog.com


S'more Bar By The Firepit-firewood-pumpkins-stonegableblog.com


I used a soft burlap storage basket to hold apples from our tree.  I’ve come to appreciate a few imperfections on my apples! There is nothing like a juicy organic apple right off the tree. 


S'more Bar By The Firepit-apples-stonegableblog.com

When Bobby get’s home we will have dinner out here by a roaring fire! Then we will chat and have a S’more or two… and maybe an apple.

Did you know that pinecones make fabulous fire starters?  They are so pretty and they make wonderful gifts!  I’m already thinking HOLIDAYS!

I put a soft basket of pinecones close at hand!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-pinecone-firestarters-stonegableblog.com

If you are in my neck of the woods and see us at the fire pit come on and join us for a S’more… or two!

S'more Bar By The Firepit-stonegableblog.com

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  1. Oh my goodness those look delicious and what a great idea, to have them always at the ready in jars, my children are going to adore this, they love s’mores. We can’t buy Grahams crackers here in France but we have some pretty good alternatives. I have never thought of using individually wrapped chocolate bars before, but what a great idea. I might just go off today to make my s’mores bar so I have everything at the ready for these cooler nights! have a lovely weekend xx

  2. I love how you have set up the bar with your containers, plates, and essentials. Your tableware is so darn cute! Good tip to use the pine cones!

  3. Love this S’more bar idea! It sounds like so much fun! There’s a family gathering for fifteen coming up and this would be perfect! I don’t have a fire pit but I know they are for sale in lots of places.
    Any suggestions for what to look for? I would probably look for one with a screen for fire safety.
    Also, do you have a favorite suggestion for a dinner before the s’mores?

  4. This is wonderful, Yvonne! My friend and I are hosting a s’mores at the fire pit night out this weekend for the young women at our church and I’m definitely gonna try your tip using various chocolate minis instead of just traditional Hershey bars! Fun 🙂

  5. Oh! I want to come eat S’Mores at your house! Love this idea. And I like to scorch my marshmallow too! Now if it would just get chilly here!

  6. Went camping with the grandkids and did s’mores but there was a minor glitch- there was a state wide burn ban. So we did the next best thing and used the propane burner! They loved the s’mores but now that the ban is off will try it with a backyard campfire!

  7. Magical Yvonne. So perfectly homespun! Just wait until your grandbabies can join in and partake…merriment and memory-making?

  8. I sure wish we were neighbors!! You made this s’more bar so sweet & cozy!! Love the dishes and cups too!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Love the red and white dishes! Will you share where you got them from? The whole fire pit and s’more bar looks so inviting!

  10. I love your s’mores bar! What a delightful idea. We enjoy spending as much time as possible outside around our fireplace, especially around Christmas.

    I will definitely borrow many of your ideas you’ve shared here!

  11. Yvonne, I have been admiring your glass jars for a while. I noticed that you use the same kind on your counters for flour and sugar. Do they have seals? Does it matter?

  12. Yeah flaming marshmallows the best! Some people just don’t know what’s good for them. I love the blog and the pod cast today. always so much information. F.U.N. please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  13. Delighted by your post S’mores at the Fire Pit.We are planning a Halloween party and will use our fire pit AND your cute idea for s’mores with smaller candy bars and big marshmallows threaded on twigs! All doable. Which I appreciate greatly! The red checked dishes are adorable. I may ask Santa for those. Looking forward to to your future creative posts. Please enter me in the contest.